March 10, 2014

“Though I can see no way to defend the economy, I recognize the need to be concerned for the suffering that would be produced by its failure. But I ask if it is necessary for it to fail in order to change: I am assuming that if it does not change it must sooner or later fail, and that a great deal that is more valuable will fail with it. As a deity the economy is a sort of egotistical French monarch, for it apparently can see no alternative to itself except chaos, and perhaps that is its chief weakness. For, of course, chaos is not the only alternative to it. A better alternative is a better  economy. But we will not conceive the possibility of a better  economy, and therefore will not begin to change, until we quit  deifying the present one.”
— Wendell Berry in “A Continuous Harmony”
Author Wendell Berry at his home in Port Royal,  Kentucky.

Father of Small Farm Organic Ag; Wendell Berry: ‘for Americans to talk about sustainability is a bit of a joke’

Influence of local food effort is tiny but industrial agriculture is blasting ahead at a great rate, says author, farmer and activist

In an interview with Yale Environment 360 editor Roger Cohn, Berry talked about his Kentucky farm and why he has remained there, why he would risk arrest to protest mountaintop removal mining, why the sustainable agriculture movement faces an uphill battle, and why strong rural communities are important. “A deep familiarity between a local community and a local landscape is a dear thing, just in human terms,” Berry said. “It’s also, down the line, money in the bank, because it helps you to preserve the working capital of the place.”

Yale Environment 360: You’ve been writing about and practicing what is now known as sustainable agriculture since before that term was widely used. In recent years, there’s been a movement among some people toward sustainable agriculture. Do you feel sustainable agriculture is gaining ground in a significant way that could slow the growth of industrial agriculture, or is it more of a boutique type of thing?Wendell Berry: Well, we are a young country. By the time settlement reached Kentucky it was 1775, and the industrial revolution was already underway. So we’ve been 238 years in Kentucky, we Old World people. And what we have done there in that time has not been sustainable. In fact, it has been the opposite. There’s less now of everything in the way of natural gifts, less of everything than what was there when we came. Sometimes we have radically reduced the original gift. And so for Americans to talk about sustainability is a bit of a joke, because we haven’t sustained anything very long — and a lot of things we haven’t sustained at all.

The acreage that is now under the influence of the local food effort or the sustainable agriculture effort is at present tiny, and industrial agriculture is blasting ahead at a great rate. For instance, in the last two years, the high price of corn and soybeans has driven that kind of agriculture into the highly vulnerable uplands of my home country. I can show you farms that in my lifetime have been mostly in grass that are now suddenly covered, line fence to line fence, with monocultures of corn or beans….

So we have these two things, a promising start on what we call, loosely, sustainable land use, and we have a still far larger industrial extractive agriculture operating, really, against the land.


10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical World

Arjun Walia
Activist Post

Nikola Tesla said it best, “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Swami Vivekananda was Tesla’s mentor, an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th century saint Ramakrishna.

Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them, like free energy.

I want to make it clear that my intention of presenting this information is to demonstrate that thoughts, intentions, prayer and other units of consciousness can directly influence our physical well being.


FT-140219-polar vortex
What it the overwhelming trend?  Cooling or Warming?

Climate Engineering, Media Deception, And Hard Facts

Is The Whole World As Cold As The Eastern US?

by Dane Wigington |

The climate engineering corporate media/military/industrial complex is doing their best to create a very deceptive picture for much of the American population. They want the public to believe the whole world is as cold as the “engineered cool down” areas of the US and Canada, but this is a lie.

First, how “balanced” is the NOAA map below? Does this map look “unusual”? It should, meteorologically speaking. This map is quite profound, and it gets worse throughout the year as the maps continue through this article. The totally unbalanced temperatures from west to east are the telltale signs of massive climate engineering.



Take note of the only blue areas on the NOAA global temperature “departure from normal” map below. This map shows deviations from the “30 year average” temperatures.  Something that must also be considered when looking at this map, we have just passed the 37th year in a row of above average global temperatures. This fact skews the “average” temperatures to the warm side. Even with this consideration, the ongoing temperatures are still far above the warmer than average last 30 years of temperature readings used as a baseline.



R.I.P., psychiatry: the “chemical imbalance” theory is dead

by Jon Rappoport |

This one is big.

Dr. Ronald Pies, the editor-in-chief emeritus of the Psychiatric Times, laid the theory to rest in the July 11, 2011, issue of the Times with this staggering admission:

“In truth, the ‘chemical imbalance’ notion was always a kind of urban legend — never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.”



The point is, for decades the whole basis of psychiatric drug research, drug prescription, and drug sales has been: “we’re correcting a chemical imbalance in the brain.”

The problem was, researchers had never established a normal baseline for chemical balance. So they were shooting in the dark. Worse, they were faking a theory. Pretending they knew something when they didn’t.

In his 2011 piece in Psychiatric Times, Dr. Pies tries to cover his colleagues in the psychiatric profession with this fatuous remark:



Global Debt Exceeds $100 Trillion as Governments Binge

There IS no such thing as endless debt. This will end very badly for all, very quickly.

TSA Orders Over Half-Ton Of High Powered Explosive

Oakland Forced to Dial Back Full-Spectrum Surveillance

Weathering the Economic Collapse: Can You Reduce Any of These 10 Fixed Expenses?

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Equity Markets: Nowhere to Go But Down; Way, Way Down


Ukraine, Russia and the nonexistent U.S. oil and natural gas “weapon”

Not mentioned by any of the commentators touting the U.S. natural gas “weapon” is that U.S. natural gas imports for 2013 were about 2.88 tcf or about 11 percent of U.S. consumption. So, let me see if I understand this: The plan seems to be to import more so we can export more. And this would change exactly what in the worldwide supply picture?

Certainly, it is true that low U.S. natural gas prices have reduced drilling and exploration dramatically. But prices will likely have to rise above $6 and trend higher as time passes as the easy-to-get shale gas is used up and only the more costly and difficult reservoirs remain. Drillers don’t keep drilling unless they can make money and that will require significantly higher prices.

And, here’s the kicker. In order to ship U.S. natural gas to Europe or Asia, it has to be liquefied at -260 degrees F, shipped on special tankers and then regasified. The cost of doing this is about $6 per thousand cubic feet (mcf). So, the total cost of delivering $6 U.S. natural gas to Europe is around $12 per mcf. With European liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices mostly below this level for the last five years, it’s hard to see Europe as a logical market. Japan would be a better target for such exports with prices moving between $15 and $18 per mcf in the last five years. But a U.S. entry into the LNG market could conceivably depress world prices and make even Japan a doubtful destination for U.S. LNG. And, what if U.S. prices rise significantly above $6?

But all this presupposes that the United States will have excess natural gas to export. As my colleague Jeffrey Brown has pointed out, “Citi Research [an arm of Citigroup] puts the decline rate for existing U.S. natural gas production at about 24%/year, which would require the industry to replace about 100% of current U.S. natural gas production in four years, just to maintain current production.”

Has Blackwater been deployed to Ukraine? Notorious U.S. mercenaries ‘seen on the streets of flashpoint city’ as Russia claims 300 hired guns have arrived in country

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Cerberus Capital Management; The Big Dog that Hunts and Preys

Richard Heinberg: The Oil ‘Revolution’ Story Is Dead Wrong

The data tell a vastly different tale than the media

“So you know, on a net basis, taking all those things into account, I think we are probably pretty likely to see global oil production start to head south in the next year or two.

But this change in capital expenditure by the majors, that is a new story. You know, just a couple of years ago, they needed oil prices around $100 a barrel in order to justify upstream investments. That is no longer true. Now they need something like $120 a barrel but the economy cannot stand prices that high. So you know, if the price starts to go up a little bit, then demand just falls back. People start driving less. And so the economy is unable to deliver oil prices to the industry that the industry needs. I think Gail Tverberg is saying this is the beginning of the end. I think she’s right.

If we [continue along with our current policies and dependence on petroleum] then everything will eventually change — as a result of the economy coming apart, the debt bubble bursts, you know, agriculture declines because of the expense of oil and because of depletion of topsoil and because you cannot trust the weather anymore. And we have a very dystopian future if we do not do anything.

So it has never been more important for the average person to understand energy issues than it is right now. But I doubt if there has ever been a time when energy issues have been so deliberately confused by the people who should be explaining it to us.”


Wi-fi in schools

Click here to download a fact sheet on wi-fi in schools
Click here to download simple steps to reduce exposures from wi-fi
A classroom fitted with wi-fi means that the children and staff are exposed to constant low-level microwave radiation. A small number of people are likely to suffer symptoms like headaches as a result.Everyone is affected cumulatively by this exposure and current evidence suggests that children may be more likely to develop medical problems during childhood, as well as cancers and other serious illnesses later in life.

Low-level microwave radiation has also been linked to problems with cognitive skills, particularly memory, concentration and reaction time. Read more about the health effects…

Of particular significance for children are studies which indicate that children absorb more radiation in the brain than adults which may indicate a greater risk of brain tumours.

When WiFi was put into my classroom I began to suffer headaches,
nausea, pains around the body and heart palpitations. These
disappeared each evening away from the wi-fi but returned the
following day when I was again exposed to it. After eight days it became so bad that the school head agreed to switch off the wi-fi in my area. My symptoms stopped immediately.
Michael Bevington, teacher, Stowe School, Buckingham


A wired network must … be used as the main network in an institution….Wireless networking can provide an additional layer of flexibility to enhance traditional wired networks, allowing access to the
network from previously inaccessible locations.

Becta advice

governments and public bodies advise against wireless networks in schoolsWhen a number of wireless laptops are in use together they and the nodes can emit high levels of radiation, sometimes greater than close to a phone mast. Read about the radiation exposures from wi-fi in schools…

The school’s duty of care means that wi-fi is generally inappropriate in school, where pupils and teachers are unable to choose to avoid this radiation. A wired network should be used instead; this can be practically as easy and is usually faster and more secure. BECTA, the government’s educational technology advisory agency highlights some technical problems with wireless networks, such as cost, security, speed and coverage. Read more…

The chair of the UK Health Protection Agency, Sir William Stewart, expressed concern about the use of wi-fi networks in schools in a BBC Panorama programme, saying the World Health Organisation guidelines needed to be reviewed. Watch the programme here… Read the transcript…

An HPA investigation into wi-fi in schools failed even to consider the health effects, only going as far as to take readings from wi-fi installations.

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U.S. Geological Survey Calls Oklahoma Quake the Largest “Human-Induced” Earthquake on Record

6.9 earthquake in Northern California felt as long and slow

(I felt nothing in Mendonesia)

A magnitude 6.9 earthquake off the coast of Eureka in Northern California on Sunday night was felt as long and slow by residents from San Francisco to southern Oregon.

Eureka police have told several Northern California media outlets that the department has no immediate reports of injuries or major damage. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department also said it had no reports of injuries.

“This lasted longer than any earthquake I’ve ever felt,” Raquel Maytorena, 52, who lives about a mile from the coast in Ferndale near Eureka, told The Times. “It just kept going and going, very slowly and softly. It was not violent. It almost felt like you were in a boat that was rocking.”


Mammograms Kill!

Study of 1.8 Million: Breast Screening Increases ‘Lethal’ Breast Cancer Incidence

by Sayer Ji

A powerful new study on the failure of mammograms to protect women against breast cancer, curiously absent from mainstream news health reporting, was published this month in The European Journal of Public Health, and is forcing the scientific and medical community, policy makers and the public at large to ask the question: can the now worldwide practice of mass breast screenings in healthy (asymptomatic) populations be justified when they increase the incidence of localized stage ‘cancers’ without reducing the incidence of advanced cancers?

Titled, “Trends in breast cancer stage distribution before, during and after introduction of a screening programme in Norway,” the study found that based on a population sample of 1.8 million Norwegian women, diagnosed with breast cancer 1987-2010,

Chemotherapy for People with End Stage Cancer

March 9th, 2014 Is this the most egregious scam in the world?

Via: CBS:

More than half of end-stage cancer patients receive chemotherapy during the last few months of their life, and those who received such treatment were more likely to die in a hospital intensive care unit, hooked to a ventilator, rather than at home as they would have preferred, says a new study.

Patients were also less likely to have discussed their end of life wishes with their oncologist compared to other end-stage cancer patients who opted not to continue chemotherapy.

Georgia House of Rep. Passes Medical Cannabis for Children Bill

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What Most People Don’t Know About The Father of Vaccination and Why History is Repeating Itself

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

For centuries, medical practitioners we have tried to find ways of inducing immunity in order to escape the consequences of disease, but vaccination itself is relatively new and a mere blip on our historical timeline. It embraces a noble intention, which is why so … More


“Truly an operational nightmare” at New Mexico Nuke Plant, WIPP — Radiation level doubles at location far from leak; Carlsbad monitor jumps around 40% — Residents plead for more info, concerns over safety

The 17 Countries Generating The Most Nuclear Power

1. United States of America

Workers build the pit that will house a new nuclear reactor at the Plant Vogtle nuclear power plant in Augusta, Ga.

770,719 gigawatt-hours supplied by Nuclear electricity (#1)

100 total current reactors (#1)

19% of total electricity produced by nuclear (#16)

With 100 currently running reactors, the United States nearly doubles the next nation on this list.  Originally developed in response to the ballooning cost of the Manhattan Project — federal officials wanted researchers to find a civilian use for the technology — nuclear energy matured in the 1970s, as nearly every current reactor in the United States began construction by the middle of the decade. In 1979, the Three Mile Island accident halted further nuclear expansion and the only improvements in capacity for the next 30 years came by way of improved efficiency at existing plants. In 2013, nuclear moved back to the forefront, when work began on the first of five newly approved reactors at existing power plants. Planned additions to the nuclear grid could supply an additional 7,700 MW of power in the coming years. 


The following are 20 facts about the great U.S. retail apocalypse that will blow your mind…

#1 As you read this article, approximately a billion square feet of retail space is sitting vacant in the United States.

#2 Last week, Radio Shack announced that it was going to close more than a thousand stores.

#3 Last week, Staples announced that it was going to close 225 stores.

#4 Same-store sales at Office Depot have declined for 13 quarters in a row.

#5 J.C. Penney has been dying for years, and it recently announced plans to close 33 more stores.

#6 J.C. Penney lost 586 million dollars during the second quarter of 2013 alone.

#7 Sears has closed about 300 stores since 2010, and CNN is reporting that Sears is “expected to shutter another 500 Sears and Kmart locations soon”.

#8 Overall, sales numbers have declined at Sears for 27 quarters in a row.

#9 Target has announced that it is going to eliminate 475 jobs and not fill 700 positions that are currently empty.

#10 It is being projected that Aéropostale will close about 175 stores over the next couple of years.

#11 Macy’s has announced that it is going to be closing five stores and eliminating 2,500 jobs.

#12 The Children’s Place has announced that it will be closing down 125 of its “weakest” stores by 2016.

#13 Best Buy recently shut down about 50 stores up in Canada.

#14 Video rental giant Blockbuster has completely shut down all of their stores.


Disney Bets $1 Billion on Technology to Track Theme-Park Visitors



Meet CUPID: The Drone That Will Shoot You With an 80,000 Volt Taser

Are drones not scary enough for you yet? How about this? A drone helicopter that spots you and identifies you as an intruder. It tells you to stop and put your hands behind your head. Instead, you keep coming. The drone then shoots you with barbed Taser darts that pump 80,000 volts into you. If you try to get up, it will continue pumping voltage into you until you submit and the authorities arrive.

This isn’t some dystopian theory. It’s very real already, and I just saw it in action. Yes, it is terrifying.

At Chaotic Moon in Austin, Texas, amazing things are being made. It’s a bleeding-edge design and development firm that has created apps, games, systems, and websites for the likes of GM, Chevrolet, Fox, Pixar, Marvel, American Idol, Intel, The Daily, and Whole Foods to name just a few. But when they’re not doing that, they’re trying crazy stuff.

CUPID, which stands for Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, is meant to be a conversation-starter. As of now, there are no plans to sell it or release it (at least not that they would disclose). It’s more to get us talking about what these machines are capable of, and what we want to do about it.


This World Bank Insider Will Blow You Away: “There Is A Huge Global Conspiracy”

by Mac Slavo |

Former Senior Counselor at the World Bank Karen Hudes has spent the last several years of her life working closely with whistle blowers from around the world to shed light on what she calls a “global conspiracy.”

While working for the World Bank as a member of their legal team Hudes uncovered so much corruption that she could no longer keep quiet. She followed the proper channels to report her findings, going first to the organization’s Evaluation Department and country directors, and then to the U.S. Treasury Department and even the United States Congress. All of her requests were ignored, and in some cases, completely covered up. So she did what any honest person would do. She went public. Suffice it to say, she received the typical treatment you’d expect for a whistle blower.

Hudes is no longer with the World Bank, but that didn’t stop her from continuing her investigation by joining an organization of other whistle blowers.

What she found once she started connecting the dots will blow you away. The corruption, as most of us know, isn’t just at the World Bank, but is woven throughout the fabric of the entirety of the global financial and political systems.

Her interview with Future Money Trends will absolutely blow you away.


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