July 9, 2014

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off ~ Joan Baez



Incredible sight of the elephant that cried: Raju was held in chains, beaten and abused for fifty years and on the day he was released tears rolled down his face


Every day, the majestic animal was forced to hold out his trunk and beg for coins from passers-by - surviving only on plastic and paper for food

Every day, the majestic animal was forced to hold out his trunk and beg for coins from passers-by – surviving only on plastic and paper for food


Homeless are more generous to others than the Average Joe in the U.S.


The Gift Economy Cometh…

Customers Decide Store’s Prices in This System

In this video Alec Cope interviews Rafi a revolutionary spearheading the growing Contributionism movement. Rafi describes how he operates as business owner and how Contributionism has made an impact to him and his community so far.


Lake Mead To Reach Record Low This Week

Nearby Las Vegas gets 90 percent of its water from the lake. With one of the city’s two intake pipes at risk of being exposed, the city is hard at work drilling an expensive three-mile-long tunnel to access deeper reserves. The dropping water levels, at up to two feet per month, are not only impacting recreation and water supply for millions, including California’s already parched agricultural industry, but also putting hydropower in jeopardy. With less pressure as the water enters turbines that run the electricity generators, the current capacity is about 1,592 MW — down from the 2,074 MW that’s achievable. This could drop to about 1,120 MW by May 2016 if predictions hold.


Report: Virtually All Food Imported Into U.S. Not Inspected By FDA

Agency allows nearly all food imports to enter the country without undergoing visual examination


Northern CA has Become A For Profit Police State

Cop Who Shot and Killed 13-Yr-Old Carrying Toy Gun Will Not Face Charges

That’s right.

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office has officially concluded that deputy Erick Gelhaus “honestly and reasonably” felt his life was in imminent danger from a 13-year-old boy carrying a plastic assault rifle replica when he shot the kid eight times, killing him instantly. Gelhaus will not face any charges, as his use of lethal force has been deemed “reasonable”.

Here’s what happened:

The eighth-grader [Andy Lopez], clad in a hooded sweatshirt, was walking near his home on the way to a friend’s house in the wine-country town of Santa Rosa when Gelhaus and his partner spotted the boy from their patrol car carrying what appeared to be an AK-47.

The deputies stopped their car and ordered Andy to drop the gun, but as the youth turned toward the officers, Gelhaus saw the rifle barrel rise upward and he fired eight shots at the boy, according to police accounts of an incident that unfolded in a matter of seconds. (source)

And that’s that. The kid didn’t even get a chance to fully turn around to know what he was in trouble for, or really to even utter a word. Eight shots. Dead.

Seizures by Sonoma County law enforcements bring cash, controversy

“They were intending to commit a criminal act,” McMahon said.

So police arrested them and took their money. Trafficking charges were never filed, but authorities kept most of the cash under civil asset forfeiture laws that allow government confiscation, even without a criminal conviction.

Over the past five years, the scene has repeated itself countless times as county agencies scooped up nearly $8 million, most of it in cash, from people suspected of a range of unlawful activity, including marijuana trafficking on Highway 101.

Sixty-five percent of all assets are handed over to the seizing agency, which must spend a portion of the money on drug and gang prevention programs. The District Attorney’s Office collects 10 percent, the state gets 24 percent and the statewide prosecutors’ association gets 1 percent, McMahon said.

So far this fiscal year, local agencies have taken $1.5 million. The district attorney’s share is $120,000.

“For the past few years it’s been paying salaries so we didn’t have to lay people off,” McMahon said.

But the windfall for law enforcement brings considerable controversy.

Critics say asset forfeiture creates a financial incentive for the government to take private property with little or no evidence that a crime has occurred.

The ACLU said it’s led to “policing for profit,” in which the focus becomes filling budget coffers instead of seeking justice, and racial profiling as officers target those they believe are most likely to be breaking the law.

Santa Rosa attorney Joe Rogoway said many clients are unable to get their money back even after charges are dropped. Those who try are charged with stiffer crimes, while those who give up the cash have their cases reduced or dismissed, he said.

He called it a subtle form of extortion.

45,000 SWAT Raids Are Terrorizing Families Every Year in the US


Babylon Is Fallen

4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: The ORIGINAL SIN CONTRACT. The NAME you think/claim as yours is NOT your creation. Your “assumed NAME” was created by your parents/family members/adoptive kin, NOT YOU. This is an ORIGINAL CREATION manifested by another that is, in turn, REGISTERED thus rendering it CROWN CORPORATION PROPERTY as previously stated. It is upon this deception that YOUR literal soul was and is enslaved and upon which ALL MONEY/DEBT is created. A DEBT BOND “value” was placed in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE based on the assumed accruement of TAXES, LOANS, DEBTS a child is expected to pay as long as they are part of this FRAUD upon humanity.
ex: If someone is expected to pay a certain amount of taxes etc. in their lifetime, the BOND is given a DEBT “VALUE”. A child born into a wealthy family will have a higher debt bond value than someone who is of a lesser perceived “income bracket” rating. This is slave trading at its finest which divides and conquers humanity in the SERF/CASTE/HIERARCHY system that encompasses the planet.

5. COMMAND AND CONTROL: The courts and governments are the system slaves within, bought and paid for where the true command and control aspects are the POLICE/MILITARY as the front line dogs and fear contractors for those above the courts and governments such as the BANKS/RELIGIONS and those that control them. The courts and governments are merely the filler for this “sandwich” of deception and illusion. Without the ability to CONTRACT via any/all NAMES at the front line level, the whole system of control is destroyed, most importantly those at the very top of this spiritual slavery pyramid. Without the NAME, all levels above are ultimately annihilated completely.

6. THE TRIPLE CROWN: This consists of ROME, CITY OF LONDON CROWN CORPORATION and WASHINGTON D.C. They are the unholy trinity of the 3 in 1, 1 in 3 as illustrated clearly in the Papal Crown: Religion, to control the beliefs, minds and spirituality of humanity, the Courts and Banks to control the money/bonds and the world Police/ Military to quash rebellion and act as frontline contractors of soul extractions.


Owners of Empire: the Vatican, the Crown and the District of Columbia


All Wars Are Banker Wars and no one was more critical over decades in empowering the wealth elite than John. J. Mcloy. He was a Rockefeller product and head CEO for the Shadow Government that still rules all today.

John J. McCloy - Project Gutenberg etext 20587.jpg

John Jay McCloy (March 31, 1895 – March 11, 1989, was a Wall Street lawyer and banker who served as Assistant Secretary of War during World War II, where he made many major decisions. After the war he served as president of the World Bank, U.S. High Commissioner for Germany, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, and chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. He later became a prominent United States presidential advisor, served on the Warren Commission, and was a member of the foreign policy establishment group of elders called “The Wise Men.”

He did a great deal of work for corporations in Nazi Germany and was a legal counselor to the major German chemical combine I. G. Farben

Secretary of War Henry Stimson hired McCloy as a consultant in September 1940, and he became immersed in war planning, even though he was a Republican and voted against Roosevelt in the November 1940 presidential election.[5] He was made Assistant Secretary of War, reporting to Secretary of War Henry Stimson. He had only civilian responsibilities, especially the purchase of war materials for the Army, Lend Lease, the draft, and issues of intelligence and sabotage.[6]

In the 1930s, PE agent McCloy’s law firm of Cravath, de Gersdorff, Swaine & Wood were attorneys for I.G. Farben. This is perhaps one reason McCloy sat in Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin (because the PE is neither right nor left politically, McCloy in late July 1961 went swimming with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev in the Black Sea).
SS General Hans Kammler, who as an engineer had constructed several concentration camps including Auschwitz, had a reputation for brutality and had originated the idea of using concentration camp prisoners as slave laborers in the rocket program. Arthur Rudolph, chief engineer of the V-2 rocket factory at Peenemünde, endorsed this idea in April 1943 when a labor shortage developed. More people died building the V-2 rockets than were killed by it as a weapon.[2] Von Braun admitted visiting the plant at Mittelwerk on many occasions, and called conditions at the plant “repulsive”, but claimed never to have witnessed first-hand any deaths or beatings, although it became clear to him that deaths had occurred by 1944 [2]. He denied ever visiting the Mittelbau-Dora concentration camp itself.

Four years later, Skull & Bones member Henry Stimson went to Washington to become President Franklin Roosevelt’s Secretary of War, and he brought McCloy with him as Assistant Secretary of War. To demonstrate the importance of McCloy, Stimson would later question “whether anyone in the Administration ever acted without having a word with McCloy.”

McCloy’s lawfirm had as one of its clients the Rockefeller family, and during WWII McCloy was a senior member of John D. Rockefeller III’s intelligence group, the State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee (SWNCC). With this background, McCloy established the highly secret U.S. Army’s Psychological Warfare Division at the time of D-Day in 1944. It was also during this time from 1940 to 1946 that American Thomas Harrington McKittrick (an associate of J.P. Morgan Banking) was president of the Nazi-controlled Bank for International Settlements (BIS) where $378 million of the Nazis’ looted gold had been sent

In 1951, John Jay McCloy, the American High Commissioner for Germany, issued an amnesty for industrialists convicted of war crimes.”

The basis for this plan had been developed years earlier, as on September 11, 1940 Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels delivered a speech, “The Europe of the Future” to Czech intellectual workers and journalists stating: “I am convinced that in 50 years, people will no longer think in terms of countries…. In those days people will think in terms of continents…. No single European nation can in the long run be allowed to stand in the way of the general process of organization.”

In the same year (1940) as Goebbels’ speech, Nazi Minister of Economic Affairs (1937-1945) Walther Funk wrote a 16-page booklet, The Economic Future of Europe, and called for a “Central European Union” and “European Economic Area.” In 1942, Funk co-authored The European Economic Community, in which he declared, “There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the EC].”

Later John J. McCloy, head of the Council of Foreign Relations, and a member of the Illuminati, was given the job of High Commissioner over Occupied Germany. He overturned the Nuremberg Trial decisions, stepping out of line with legalities and freed Alfred Krupp from prison and exonerated him of “war guilt”. The trial of Alfred Krupp’s W.W.II war crimes had taken 5 years, and took 330,000 pages of court transcripts. All that work was swept aside by John J. McCloy–a

During World War II, as Assistant Secretary of War, John J. McCloy was a crucial voice in setting U.S. military priorities. The War Department was petitioned throughout late 1944 to help save Nazi prisoners by ordering the bombing of the railroad lines leading to Auschwitz and the gas chambers in the camp. McCloy responded that only heavy bombers would be able to reach the sites from England, and that those bombers would be too vulnerable and were needed elsewhere. McCloy had no authority over the Air Force and could not overrule its choice of targets; the Air Force was adamantly opposed to any outside civilian group choosing its targets. Roosevelt himself rejected any such proposals.[7] Air Force historians point out a bombing campaign against the camp would have taken months of planning by which time it would be too late to save many Jews.[8]

In his role in fighting sabotage, McCloy became largely responsible for Roosevelt’s decision to intern Japanese-American citizens in relocation camps in 1942 –

And indefatigable committee member, McCloy during the war served on the government task forces that built the Pentagon, created the Office of Strategic Services (it eventually became the Central Intelligence Agency), and proposed the United Nations, and the war crimes tribunals. He chaired the predecessor to the National Security Council. As chairman of the army’s Advisory Committee on Negro Troop Policy, he at first opposed the civil rights spokesman who wanted the Army to end segregation. However, he changed his mind and in late 1945, just before leaving the government to return to Wall Street, he proposed ending segregation in the military. In 1945, he and Stimson convinced President Truman to reject the Morgenthau Plan and not strip Germany of its industrial capacity.[18]
From March 1947 to June 1949, McCloy was president of the World Bank.

In 1949 he replaced Lucius D. Clay as military governor for the U.S. Zone in Germany as the U.S. High Commissioner for Germany and held this position until 1952, during which time he oversaw the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany. At the strong urging of the German government, he approved recommendations for pardoning and commutation of sentences of Nazi criminals, including those of the prominent industrialists Friedrich Flick, Alfried Krupp, and Martin Sandberger.[19] McCloy also granted the restitution of Krupp’s and Flick’s entire property. McCloy also pardoned Ernst von Weizsäcker as well as Josef Dietrich and Joachim Peiper, convicted of mass murder for their roles in the Malmedy massacre.

Following this, he served as chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank from 1953 to 1960, and as chairman of the Ford Foundation from 1958 to 1965; he was also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1946 to 1949, and then again from 1953 to 1958, before he took up the position at Ford.

From 1954 to 1970, he was chairman of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations in New York, to be succeeded by David Rockefeller, who had worked closely with him at the Chase Bank. McCloy had a long association with the Rockefeller family, going back to his early Harvard days when he taught the young Rockefeller brothers how to sail. He was also a member of the Draper Committee, formed in 1958 by Eisenhower.

He later served as advisor to John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan,

He was selected by LBJ to serve on the Warren Commission in 1963. Notably, he was initially skeptical of the lone gunman theory, but a trip to Dallas with CIA veteran Allen Dulles, an old friend also serving on the Commission, convinced him of the case against Oswald. McCloy brokered the final consensus — avoiding a minority dissenting report — and the crucial wording of the primary conclusion of the final report.

Originally a partner of the Cravath firm in New York, after the war McCloy became a name partner in the Rockefeller-associated prominent New York law firm Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. In this capacity he acted for the “Seven Sisters“, the leading multinational oil companies, including Exxon, in their initial confrontations with the nationalisation movement in Libya—as well as negotiations with Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Because of his stature in the legal world and his long association with the Rockefellers, and as a presidential adviser, he was sometimes referred to as the “Chairman of the American Establishment”.




In the same year (1942) the Nazi agent Paul Dickoff went underground into Switzerland and the U.S. was already in the war, “Standard Oil of New Jersey managers shipped the enemy’s fuel through neutral Switzerland and the enemy was shipping Allied fuel. The Chase Bank in Nazi-occupied Paris after Pearl Harbor was doing millions of dollars worth of business with the enemy with the full knowledge of the heard office in Manhattan. Ford trucks were being built for the German occupation troops in France with authorization from Dearborn, Michigan. Col. Sosthenes Behn, head of ITT, flew from New York to Madrid to Berne during the war to help improve Hitler’s communications systems and improve the robot bombs that devastated London. And ITT built the Focke-Wulfs that dropped bombs on British and American troops.” (Charles Higham’s Trading With the Enemy, p. xv)

All Wars Are Well Planned Banker Wars, including WWIII



Kennedys : The Elite dynasty that got decimated

The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 will always remain one of the most tragic days in American history. It can be pinpointed as the day where the American public “lost its innocence” and got a glimpse of the dark and morbid shadow government working behind the scenes. In 2000, over 81% of Americans believed that JFK’s assassination was planned by more than just a lone gunman, making it one of the most widely accepted conspiracy theories in US history. However, as the years go by, countless theories and hypothesis about JFK’s assassination keep appearing in the form of “tell-all books” or “shocking documentaries”, contradicting previous theories and muddying the waters of truth instead of clarifying them. One can wonder if some of these “revelations” are actually attempts at disinformation in order to keep the truth from ever emerging.

But to understand the Kennedys and what lead them to power, one must go deeper than JFK’s presidency and his assassination. We must look at those who preceded him, especially his father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr., who gained an incredible amount of wealth and became close with the most powerful families in the world. While these connections ultimately sent the family to the White House, the Kennedys did not remain in power for long. The same “hidden hand” that lead them to the top apparently sought to completely eradicate them. Was the curse actually a series of hits aiming at removing the Kennedys from power? Studying the story of the Kennedys is essentially studying at the inner-workings of the occult elite. We’ll first look at the origins of the Kennedy dynasty.


Governments from Around the World – Including Western, Islamic, Asian and African Nations – ADMIT They Carry Out False Flag Terror

by Washingtons Blog

Painting by Anthony Freda

Governments from Around the World Admit They Carry Out False Flag Terror

Governments from around the world admit they carry out false flag terror:

  • A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that – under orders from the chief of the Gestapo – he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. Nazi general Franz Halder also testified at the Nuremberg trials that Nazi leader Hermann Goering admitted to setting fire to the German parliament building, and then falsely blaming the communists for the arson
  • Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev admitted in writing that the Soviet Union’s Red Army shelled the Russian village of Mainila in 1939, and declared that the fire originated from Finland as a basis launching the Winter War four days later
  • Israel admits that an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers, and several of the Israelis later confessed) (and see this and this)



Are Actors Used to Manipulate the Masses?

“Crisis Actors” at Sandy Hook

The following is presented with the caveat that since a good deal of forthrightly misleading digital image comparisons have circulated regarding Sandy Hook, researchers should exercise care when presenting and analyzing photographic evidence. These image comparisons are by no means posted as conclusive proof of a connection between CrisisActors and Sandy Hook and are for research and discussion purposes only.

The Internet Archive presently retrieves pages from CrisisActors.org only for Dec. 23, 2012 and thereafter.

Crisis Actor Caught During Explosion – Boston Bombing – Must See


Counter-Intelligence: Beyond the Deep State

This is the continuation of an interview (see Part 1) with filmmaker Scott Noble based on his documentary series Counter-Intelligence. Noble’s films can be viewed for free online at metanoia-films.org.

 Kim Petersen: Part III of the series, “Strategy of Tension” gives an extensive listing of false flags from Israel’s Susannah, Gladio in Italy, and Phoenix in Viet Nam. False flags serve the function of allowing aggressor states to portray themselves as victims. Explain the false flag.

Scott Noble: “False flag” has basically come to mean any event in which group A poses as group B in order to affect policy. However, in cases not involving direct conflict between states (flags), the military literature tends to use the term “pseudo operation” (or if it just involves media, “black propaganda”). Doppleganger operations are a related subset, and involve the impersonation of specific individuals. Regardless of the words we use, it is encouraging that more and more people are becoming aware of these tactics.

The most well known form of false flag is when a government stages an attack and blames it on a designated enemy to justify a military invasion. For example, before the Nazis invaded Poland, they dressed up a number of concentration camp victims in Polish uniforms, took them to a German radio station in Gleiwitz, and executed them; the radio station was then vandalized by the Gestapo with the goal of creating the illusion of an attack by Polish soldiers and subsequent firefight. The “Gleiwitz incident” created a casus belli(or war pretext) for the Nazis to invade Poland.


1/3 of All Americans Already Implanted with RFID Chip

In a shocking study it was recently revealed that 1 in 3 individuals tested had an active RFID in them, and they were unaware of it

In a publication from the Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) “Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States Populations“, it has been reported that doctors tested 2955 Americans from different geographic locations and walks of life.

The test subjects were stripped down and scanned bodily to see if RFID chips could be detected.

From the abstract: (emphasis ours)

“Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chips have been used extensively in wildlife ecology and conservation to identify and track individual specimens in a population. It has been unknown, however, how often RFID chips have been implanted in human populations for the tracking and identification of individuals. This study analyzed the prevalence of RFID Chips in 3 geographically discrete populations and found that, on average, 1 in 3 individuals carried an RFID Chip. Interestingly, there was a strong correlation with RFID Chip presence and previous dental work.”

Far from knowingly implanting the RFID chips in their hands as is often reported in the media, the majority detected by the researchers were from dental work – fillings, bridges, crowns, etc. The chips are often inserted during the manufacturing process, and the patient is never aware of its existence.

Being implanted without knowledge or giving permission is not a new phenomenon. For years people have claimed to have inexplicable implants, but are often ridiculed or dismissed. Anthony Gucciardi from Activist Post writes about a man who took legal action against a government hospital for microchip implant:


Bill Gates-funded birth control microchip

( If we are hearing about it, it is probably already being done)
Here’s one more for the coming “Internet of Things” — an implantable birth control microchip could hit the U.S. market by 2018 thanks to funding by globalist billionaire and population control enthusiast Bill Gates.The new microchip implant reportedly lasts up to 16 years and can be controlled via wireless remote device, but don’t worry; researchers are quick to reassure that each microchip comes with “secure encryption” (you know, the kind that’s even being hacked and exploited in the new smart light bulbs).


Unveiled: New £200 ‘smart’ meters every household must pay for (but may not work)

 (Coming to a state and community near you soon.)

A Government plan to put ‘smart meters’ into every British home – costing households £200 each – will be launched this week despite fears they will not work and that they pose a security risk to power supplies.

The £11 billion project, introduced to meet EU green targets, is supposed to cut down energy consumption and reduce bills.

But official reports seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that: trials show consumers with smart meters save far less energy than predicted; five countries considering such a plan have decided it would cost more money than it saves; the meters do not work in a third of British homes, including high-rise flats, basements and those in rural areas: hackers and cyber-terrorists could break into the system causing chaos in the national grid, or carry out large-scale fraud by fiddling bills.

Energy companies will begin the mass installation of smart meters next year at a cost of at least £200 per home, and have admitted the expense will be passed on to customers.


What could go wrong when banks marry the NSA?

Century of Enslavement: History of The Federal Reserve

 What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money? Why is the public kept in the dark about these important matters? In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important question and pulls back the curtain on America’s central bank.


Memo Justifying al Awlaki Assassination Does End-Run Around the US Constitution

Janet Phelan
Activist PostIn response to a Freedom of Information Request filed by the ACLU, the Department of Justice this week released the memo providing legal analysis in support of justification for the 2011 assassination of Anwar al Awlaki, a US national living in Yemen.Al Awlaki, who was born in New Mexico, was a Muslim cleric considered to be in a leadership position in Al Qaeda. He was killed in a targeted drone strike in Yemen, after Obama placed him on the targeted assassination list in 2010. The fact that President Obama had taken the unprecedented step of ordering the assassination of a US citizen was repeatedly highlighted in the press. The ACLU went to court to attempt to inhibit the assassination, albeit unsuccessfully.The DOJ memo, authored by David Barron, is a compelling study in government double speak. Large chunks of the memo were redacted before its release, with approximately ¼ removed from public purview.

As the stories mounted about disease and famine in many parts of the world, and as millions died due to the “unknown”  contaminants dropped on them every single day which government would regularly rule out as “conspiracy theories”. The reports from mainstream media about the different colored sprayings, assuring viewers of the “safety” in all of the spraying seen. One TV network could be heard in the distance explaining that brown spray is the best kind of rain making spray and if you see it in the sky you should be thankful. Typical stories like these would circulate all the time, some media coverage assuring the audiences with full panels of “experts” that the purple rain-making sprays are the ones that clean the air. Younger generations not surrounded by the suffering and agony but by the riches of their parents, would adopt styles of art that would glorify the lines in the sky. These ideas would be engrained into them from an early age by watching TV commercials and magazines and reading about it in the government educational system textbooks.

This would turn out to be the full story behind those “chemtrails” activists that the masses had been warned about. Those so-called “conspiracy theorist” who would never shut up about chemtrails were now part of the distant past. Sadly, humanity never really figured out what hit them. Remaining small pockets of critical thinkers would speak to deaf ears. The new era of arrested consciousness had officially begun.

The enslavement of humanity that would last for several hundred years would be arguably attributed to by many historians to the geoengineering of the planet. Some historians would argue that it was more related to the mind control technology the controllers were able to achieve. While others would attribute this coined “second dark ages” to a combination of factors. With human genome now radically different, consciousness lost, and purpose of life completely obliterated, segments of human consciousness would wonder for an eternity over who humans really are, while other segments would wonder where we came from, what our original purpose is and was and where we are going.


How T-Mobile Made Hundreds Of Millions Charging Customers For “Bogus” Services

In yet another case of corporate malfeasance (which we are sure will see heavy jail sentences and sever punishments), the Federal Trade Commission is charging T-Mobile with making hundreds of millions of dollars by placing charges on mobile phone bills for purported “premium” SMS subscriptions that, in many cases, were bogus charges that were never authorized by its customers.

Starting Today Interest On New Student Loans Rises By 20%

While the new quarter has started with a bang for the capital markets and those 1% who actually benefit from one after another record high courtesy of the Fed’s “fairy dust”, July 1 is an important date for another group of Americans: students. However, instead of more wealth, America’s aspiring intelligentsia has something far less pleasant to look forward to, namely more debt, because today is when higher interest rates for education loans kick in. Starting July 1 all new loans for the 2013/2014 student year will increase from 3.86% to 4.66%, a 20% increase.

ISIS is a Creation of the Israeli Mossad

Regarding the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham or Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) it can be no coincidence that through its brutality it is creating a great black mark against Islaam. Nor can its direct relationship to Zionist plots. that the realm of Israeli spy agencies, be a coincidence. The family of Israeli spy agencies is also known as ISIS. For the Zionists ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.


So it is, the primary name of the Israeli spy agencies is now revealed, Israeli Secret Intelligent Service or ISIS. It could be no coincidence that the terrorist group which is furthering Zionist plots, that is the carving up of Iraq into multiple enclaves, has the same namesake.


Google Car: You Have Arrived At Your Destination Camp FEMA

by Video Rebel’s Blog

Twenty minutes into the future Sam Jones gets into the Google Car he ordered online. It was a Driverless Car and was the cheapest way to get to where he was going. He was on a tight budget because his hours and his wages had been cut several times. But he had to say something. The government can’t just repeal the entire Bill of Rights. He had decided to go to a major protest at the State Capitol. He normally took the bus to work and to shop ever since the over priced car he bought 3 jobs ago had died. This was his very first trip by Google Car.

He had studied the very simple procedures. All he had to do was to enter his identification card and then his credit card. Then he would receive the Welcome Screen. He had made sure the company that provided his Google Car did not use Microsoft Windows 10. That system was a piece of work even though reviewers said it was an improvement over Windows 9. His Google Car used Linux. No Blue Screen of Death for him.

Now all he had to do was either to say or to enter his Destination. He typed in the address of the State Capitol building. The car talked. It said, “The address you entered is the State Capitol building. If that is where you want to go, press 1. If not, press 2.” He pressed 1.



Another giant nail in the coffin of psychiatry

Jon Rappoport
Activist PostAs my readers know, I’ve assembled a wide-ranging case against psychiatry.It isn’t a science. It isn’t even close. It’s a hoax.The bible of the profession, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM), lists some 300 separate and distinct mental disorders.However, none of the 300 has a defining physical test for diagnosis. No blood test, no urine test, no hair test, no brain scan, no genetic assay.Here’s another huge nail in the coffin. It was hammered by exactly the kind of establishment honcho people like to quote when they defend the establishment. Only this time…

OBombya, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner says….”War is Peace: US State Department says Kiev has right to use airstrikes against civilians

Asked by the RT reporter Gayane Chichakyan of civilians who are suffering from the bombing, which is conducted exclusively by the Ukrainian army, and not by the anti-Kiev militia, Jen Psaki said that Kiev had the right to do it, so it protects the integrity of the country. “The Ukrainian authorities are protecting the country. I think they have to have every right to do it, it is the same way to act in the international community,” she said.


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