June 30, 2014

“The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles. On this subject the great Paracelsus has written: ‘No doubt many will scoff at the seals, their characters and their uses, which are described in these books, because it seems incredible to them that metals and characters [symbols] which are dead should have any power and effect. Yet no one has ever proved that the metals and also the characters as we know them are dead, for the salts, sulphur, and quintessences of metals are the highest preservatives of human life and are far superior to all other simples.’”
~ Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages


Supermodel Kate Moss looking demonic and posing with an inverted crucifix, whilst dressed as the bride of Christ.

Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us

(the smartest of us only use less than 15% of our brain. Subliminal symbology access’ the unconscious and sub-conscious mind without most knowing.  Once you recognize the dark symbolism being used, the spell is broken. That is why it is imperative to know and understand this most important knowledge.)

The destruction of the knowledge of how to awaken consciousness is absolutely central to the work of darkness. The smear campaign that has been waged by demonic entities and their initiates in the physical world against those with the knowledge of how to awaken spiritually has been fought since recorded history. On one hand initiates of light struggle to bring peace, freedom and enlightenment to the world. On the other, initiates of darkness seek to destroy their efforts and instead enslave humanity. To this end, schools of light and knowledge have been infiltrated, smeared, persecuted, and destroyed from within, their symbols inverted, distorted and demonized, and texts outlawed and suppressed.

That’s why today we are witnessing black rituals at music awards, the perversion and distortion of spiritual symbols in pop culture, the erosion of the values that came to society from spirituality, the utter emphasis on raising generations absorbed in materialism from birth, and the move to a humanist one world religion that is stripped of any esoteric (empowering) knowledge.

We can however, take back the ancient heritage of knowledge from the hands of darkness. Spiritual symbols are by their nature an intuitive and universal language that can be understood once more. And at this point we have an important choice to make: we can either gain the knowledge of the cosmic principles that these symbols contain, or remain unaware and influenced by those who use this knowledge for dark purposes.

(this is an excellent way to show even the biggest deniers.  It is ez to learn how to fold the bills correctly, then ask others to supply the currency, fold it in front of them and wailoi!, unquestionable evidence. Watch your friends and family members mumble, stumble and bumble to try and deny or explain.  Then teach them how to fold them so they can show others and then send them the link above an below, so they can understand how long this false flag, that killed thousands of Americans was in the planning.)

Revisionist History # 11; Rethink 9/11 ’cause it’s right on the money!

Part I

Part II


Having Spiritual Knowledge Brings a Responsibility to Assist Others

Esoteric knowledge is not well known in the mainstream. Although aspects of it are to a certain degree, its more complex message of enlightenment is not. That’s a real pity, because an opportunity to experience many of the wonders of life are lost.

A world without esoteric knowledge is a poorer place and we as a humanity pay the price for the loss of its principles.

We can see the loss of these principles around us every day in our lives and throughout the world. Societies everywhere are in a fundamentally dire situation, people are starving, dying in wars and being exploited, freedoms and basic rights are being removed, nature is being ripped apart for greed and profit and the beauty of the planet is being destroyed.

Overall, humanity lacks a sense of care and beauty, and it is beauty which allows us to perceive the things of nature and to feel them within us in a spiritual way, as what perceives beauty is consciousness.

Those who are ripping down the trees and turning the earth into a wasteland have very little consciousness manifesting within, it’s almost completely smothered by the subconscious. That’s why some take pleasure in slaughter and destruction, while those that have some awareness wonder how they could do such things. It’s because the egos are strong and are dominant. In nature animals kill each other, some even for pleasure. But as human beings, taking pleasure in death, destruction and suffering is not a way to live.

We could live in harmony on this planet, in peace. There could be love between us all, in a wider sense. Instead, we suffer wars, arguments, exploitation, injustice, suppression and fights. This is due to the lack of love amongst humanity as consciousness and spiritual values are so weak.

Having esoteric knowledge brings a responsibility to live it and pass on its principles to others too, especially from what we have personally understood and experienced. If someone is only receiving information and practicing it themselves, but is not helping others, then they break the flow of the inter-connectedness of nature and of the cosmos, of give and take, and become isolated and weak, spirit



(During the Great Depression I, 4500 local currencies were created.0

A different kind of currency system; Time credit Banking

Instead of a paycheck, they’re earning fresh organic vegetables and credit toward a multitude of services available through the Lake County time bank, where its 420 members trade their time instead of money.

The Geares and other time bank members are part of an expanding, worldwide phenomenon that has put a new twist on the ancient art of bartering, a practice that tends to rise during economic downturns.

Time banks typically revolve around the ideas of community support and egalitarianism.

“It says everybody has needs. Everybody has something to give,” said Merith Weisman, coordinator of Sonoma State University’s Center for Community Engagement. The Lake County time bank, like most, calculates everyone’s time equally. One hour contributed by a babysitter is equal to one hour of a doctor’s time.

Time banks are different from bartering. Rather than two parties being tied to trading for each other’s services or goods, time bank members can spend their earned time “dollars” on services offered by any of its members.


(thanx for the donations folks, our board of Directors needed new upgrades for their estates. I ask, “What Trade does the Red Cross do, that could be secret???”)

Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is a ‘Trade Secret’

 The charity is fighting a public records request for information on how it raised and spent money after the superstorm. Just how badly does the American Red Cross want to keep secret how it raised and spent over $300 million after Hurricane Sandy?

The charity has hired a fancy law firm to fight a public request we filed with New York state, arguing that information about its Sandy activities is a “trade secret.”

The Red Cross’ “trade secret” argument has persuaded the state to redact some material, though it’s not clear yet how much since the documents haven’t yet been released.

As we’ve reported, the Red Cross releases few details about how it spends money after big disasters. That makes it difficult to figure out whether donor dollars are well spent.

Skull & Bones and the American National Red Cross

(Red Cross was set up to move goods and cash across borders without being inspected.  Rothschild means “Red Cross”.  Columbus sailed with the “Red Cross” across the Atlantic to land in Haiti.  Get it?)

“Up to about 1915 the most influential person in the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, D.C. was Miss Mabel Boardman. An active and energetic promoter, Miss Boardman had been the moving force behind the Red Cross enterprise, although its endowment came from wealthy and prominent persons including J.P. Morgan, Mrs. E.H. Harriman, Cleveland H. Dodge, and Mrs. Russell Sage. The 1910 fund-raising campaign for $2 million, for example, was successful only because it was supported by these wealthy residents of New York City. In fact, most of the money came from New York City. J.P. Morgan himself contributed $100,000 and seven other contributors in New York City amassed $300,000. Only one person outside New York City contributed over $10,000 and that was William J. Boardman, Miss Boardman’s father. Henry P. Davison was chairman of the 1910 New York Fund-Raising Committee and later became chairman of the War Council of the American Red Cross.”

The American Red Cross Mission to Russia in 1917 was headed by Frank Billings. “Poor Mr. Billings believed he was in charge of a scientific mission for the relief of Russia… He was in reality nothing but a mask — the Red Cross complexion of the mission was nothing but a mask,” admitted Cornelius Kelleher, assistant to William Boyce Thompson, head of the US Federal Reserve Bank, who funded the charade. “Dr. Frank Billings, nominal head of the mission and professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, was reported to be disgusted with the overtly political activities of the majority of the mission. The other medical men were William S. Thayer, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University; D. J. McCarthy, Fellow of Phipps Institute for Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis, at Philadelphia; Henry C. Sherman, professor of food chemistry at Columbia University; C. E. A. Winslow, professor of bacteriology and hygiene at Yale Medical School; Wilbur E. Post, professor of medicine at Rush Medical College; Dr. Malcolm Grow, of the Medical Officers Reserve Corps of the U.S. Army; and Orrin Wightman, professor of clinical medicine, New York Polyclinic Hospital. George C. Whipple was listed as professor of sanitary engineering at Harvard University but in fact was partner of the New York firm of Hazen, Whipple & Fuller, engineering consultants. This is significant because Malcolm Pirnie — of whom more later — was listed as an assistant sanitary engineer and employed as an engineer by Hazen, Whipple & Fuller.” The seven medical members quit and returned to the US. Other participants included lawyer Thomas Day Thacher, Skull & Bones 1904, member of the advisory committee of Yale’s Institute of Human Relations (and son of Thomas Thacher S&B 1871); George W. Hill, President of the American Tobacco Company; James W. Andrews, then the auditor of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.; and Harry L. Hopkins, who was assistant to the general manager of the Red Cross in Washington, DC. (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony C. Sutton. Chapter V – The American Red Cross Mission in Russia – 1917.)

British Flag

Rothschild Family Crest

Columbus ships

The ships of Christopher Columbus' fleet on his first voyage of exploration across the Atlantic to discover the New World in 1492, the Nina, the PInta, and the Santa Maria.













Revisionist History # 9; Christopher Columbus Never Set Foot in America


(for the past three years i have been pulled over 4X by these guys because I live out a dirt road and my truck is dirty, so they are profiling anyone that might have “stash” so they can take and keep any cash they might find. Police state Amerika is here in N. CA. They have a special, plainclothes patrol that go up and down 101 in Sonoma to profile and patrol for the bounty they get to keep because “the police budget cannot pay”.)


  • Authorities seized $47,000 from the trunk of William Bush’s car after he was pulled over for a traffic stop and dogs found the smell of marijuana. Authorities returned Bush’s Mercedes but kept the cash.

Outrageous Seizures by Sonoma County, CA law enforcements bring cash, controversy

“They were intending to commit a criminal act,” McMahon said.

So police arrested them and took their money. Trafficking charges were never filed, but authorities kept most of the cash under civil asset forfeiture laws that allow government confiscation, even without a criminal conviction.

Over the past five years, the scene has repeated itself countless times as county agencies scooped up nearly $8 million, most of it in cash, from people suspected of a range of unlawful activity, including marijuana trafficking on Highway 101.

Critics say asset forfeiture creates a financial incentive for the government to take private property with little or no evidence that a crime has occurred.

The ACLU said it’s led to “policing for profit,” in which the focus becomes filling budget coffers instead of seeking justice, and racial profiling as officers target those they believe are most likely to be breaking the law.

Santa Rosa attorney Joe Rogoway said many clients are unable to get their money back even after charges are dropped. Those who try are charged with stiffer crimes, while those who give up the cash have their cases reduced or dismissed, he said.

He called it a subtle form of extortion.

“They get to keep the lion’s share,” Rogoway said. “So essentially, it’s a mechanism to transfer money from the medical cannabis world to law enforcement.”Others said police incorrectly assume anyone with cash is involved in the marijuana trade. They take money earned by legitimate means, requiring defendants to pay costly attorney fees to get it back.

“We’re getting to a place where if you have a lot of cash, that’s probable cause that you’re in the marijuana business,” Santa Rosa attorney Steve Gallenson said. “It’s disgusting.”


Extortion II, Mendocino County

Drug seizures benefit Mendocino County

One of his most novel and controversial moves has been to allow people charged with felony marijuana cultivation to plead guilty to misdemeanor possession if they agree to pay a $50-per-plant eradication fee to law enforcement agencies. The defendants also are placed on probation for two years and sentenced to 100 to 200 hours of community service, depending on the number of plants they were growing.

The program is being hailed as progress by some and reviled as an extortion by others.

“There are a lot of mixed feelings,” said Jim Hill, a member of the Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. He believes the new program is a good compromise.

So far, at least 31 people — all involved in cases that have lagged from years prior — have taken the deal and paid the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office more than $117,000.

If those defendants later want to grow medical marijuana, they will be required to buy medical marijuana zip ties from the Sheriff’s Office at $50 per plant. The ties — optional for everyone else — prove the plants are certified for medical use.

It’s a boon to the cash-strapped Sheriff’s Office, which increasingly is relying on drug-related funds to balance its budget. It’s hoping to raise more than $500,000 next year through a medical marijuana permitting program. This year it used about $450,000 in drug-related asset forfeiture funds to pay for overtime.


Privacy, accuracy concerns as licenseplate readers expand around Northern California

Denise Green had just dropped off her sister at the 24th Street Mission BART Station when a San Francisco police car with its lights on pulled up behind her and officers yelled, “Put your hands up!”

Sgt. Ja Han Kim ordered her to step out of the car, and as Green complied, she turned and saw several officers with their guns trained on her.

They forced her to her knees, handcuffed her and searched her 1992 Lexus. Green overheard officers standing near her license plate shouting numbers to each other.

“It’s not a seven?” one said.

“No, three five zero,” another officer replied.

Green, a Muni driver and 50-year-old San Francisco resident, had been detained because an automatic license-plate reader the city had installed on its police cars mistakenly identified her vehicle as stolen. The officers did not confirm her license plate with their dispatcher.

“It was a nightmare,” Green said. “I had no idea what was going on or why they were treating me like a criminal.”

Five years later, as Green’s lawsuit over the incident nears a trial, the use of license-plate readers has emerged as one of the biggest concerns among privacy advocates. Car-tracking technology is becoming ubiquitous in cities around the United States, and the types of data collected and analyzed with the help of license-plate readers is expanding into other realms of personal information.

Documents obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting show that a leading maker of license-plate readers wants to merge the vehicle identification technology with other sources of identifying information. Vigilant Solutions is pushing a system that eventually could help fuse public records, license plates and facial recognition databases for police in the field.

The technology uses algorithms to determine whether a person’s face matches that of someone in a law enforcement database. Like license-plate readers, privacy advocates say, the technology can make incorrect identifications that ensnare innocent people.

Vigilant also is the market leader in license-plate data collection. The company runs the Law Enforcement Archive and Reporting Network database, which stores more than 2.5 billion records and adds 70 million new license-plate scans monthly.

Vigilant sells license-plate readers to more than a dozen California agencies, including the California Highway Patrol, sheriff’s departments in Orange and Sacramento counties, and police departments in Alameda, Union City, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Rafael, Novato and Sacramento.

Peek into future

A company PowerPoint presentation about its products, obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting, contains a section on the company’s “near-future” that includes a fusion of public records, license-plate data and facial recognition. Other technology will help law enforcement find cars using a “probabilistic assessment” of a vehicle’s location based on historical data and public records, according to the presentation.

Another PowerPoint slide prepared for Texas law enforcement shows how a combined data program could work. It would pull mug shots from a Department of Motor Vehicles database and notify law enforcement if “a vehicle is associated with someone with a known criminal history.” The slide also describes “facial images embedded into” the license-plate record.

‘Sneak & peek’ warrants allow police to secretly enter homes without notice

Police raid man’s home, violate his civil liberties in Columbia, MO. Under the cover of darkness, a team of militarized SWAT agents enter a family home and immediately engage in gunfire — killing one of two family dogs (wounding the other), and likely inflicting lifelong trauma to the familys seven-year-old son. The end result of SWAT teams action? Police seized a small amount of marijuana (a few grams), and associated paraphernalia (a grinder). The man in the video ultimately pled guilty to misdemeanor drug charges and paid a $300 fine.

11 Shocking Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces

4 Ways That Mass Surveillance Destroys The Economy


Fukushima: No End in Sight for Nuclear Meltdown

(the gift that will be giving and giving, even as it kills and kills, for generations and generations…..and no one says ‘boo’ about it still.)

Abby speaks with Paul Gunter, reactor oversight director at Beyond Nuclear, discussing the many unanswered questions surrounding the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima Japan, including the construction of a massive underground ‘ice wall’ and the rate at which contaminated water continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean.


Obama Asks Congress for $500 Million for Rebels

(58 million people on Food Stamps in the U.S. with $ 4.5 Billion in cuts coming, thanx to Michele Obama and all this Nobel Prize winning  man can do is sponsor more terror, more war and more sales for the military/industrial/propganda/corporate complex. Additionally due to the U.S. illegal, immoral and invalided reasons for invading and killing over 1.5 million Iraqi’s is never, ever mentioned. If there is Karma, we in the U.S. will pay a heavy, heavy toll for what we are doing to others without protest or effort to halt this madness)

The ink is hardly dry on this one: Militants in Iraq Take Over Four Cities, Make Off with Arms Cache and Nearly Half a Billion Dollars.

So they are backing the good terrorists and the bad terrorists. The amount needed for the good terrorists is interesting, wouldn’t you say? The bad terrorists make off with about a half billion dollars, and now the Obombya regime wants about a half billion dollars to arm and train the good terrorists.

You do the hokey pokey
and you turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about.

Via: BBC:

President Barack Obama has asked the US Congress to approve $500m (£294m) to train and equip what he described as “moderate” Syrian opposition forces. The funds would help Syrians defend against forces aligned with President Bashar al-Assad, the White House said.

The aid would also counter Islamist militants such as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis), it added. Isis’s advance in neighbouring Iraq has led some in Congress to press Mr Obama to take action. Tens of thousands of people have died and millions more have been displaced in three years of civil war in Syria, as rebels fight troops loyal to Mr Assad.


(Coming to a neighborhood near you!?!.  Your car will be followed by drone officers, fed to metabank computers and relayed to drones for legal assassinations based on Presidential whims….think this is far out, think again!)

Armed U.S. Drones Over Baghdad

Seven Iraqi soldiers were killed and 29 others were wounded on Saturday in clashes between Iraqi security forces and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Iraqi security officials said.

ISIS fighters attacked a military base in the town of Jurf al-Sakhar, about 85 kilometers (53 miles) south of Baghdad on Saturday morning, the officials said.

The military has requested air and ground support. ISIS has taken over swaths of northern and western Iraq in its quest to create an Islamic state stretching from Syria to Iraq. And the crisis has embroiled countries around the world.

U.S. drones over Baghdad Armed U.S. drones have started flying over Baghdad to provide additional protection for 180 U.S. military advisers in the area, a U.S. official told CNN on Friday.



Will Detroit’s Water Be Privatized Or Recognized As Commons?

the key thing is that Detroit went to the UN to solve the problem. this is part of the AGenda 21 to get the UN to be the law and the police for the planet.


Study finds rise in suicide attempts after FDA warning

“There was a lot of concern that drug companies had manipulated data and underplayed adverse effects,” said Fritz, who is academic director of Bradley Hospital, a children’s psychiatric hospital in East Providence, R.I. “The FDA at that time was not purely doing science. They were responding to a national anxiety. It really points to the fact that you’ve got to be cautious, and there may be unintended consequences.”



. For example, 32,000 jobs were added in “leisure and hospitality” bringing the annual total of jobs added to 311,000. Another 21,000 jobs were added in social assistance which pay very little but will grow as demand for health support grows by an aging population. The system at least in the eyes of Wall Street and the government is working perfectly fine. We have a plentiful supply of low wage labor while laws and bailout mechanisms are in place for the financially and politically connected. The middle class continues to fall off the bandwagon one by one and enters a labor force of permanent low wage labor with very little prospect of a decent retirement. In fact, most will be working until all the wheels come flying off. We also find that 1 out of 4 Americans are working in jobs that pay $10 or less per hour. How about trying to earn the Americans Dream on that McJob salary?

McDonald’s Testing Order-Ahead and Payments App

See: Seattle Hikes Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour:

Cashiers and food service workers: You’re pretty much screwed.…

Notice how companies in Seattle have between three and seven years to start paying the $15/hour rate? *wink*

Will this be a ready-the-robots phase? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what happens, at least to some extent in fast food.

Via: Business Insider:

McDonald’s is quietly testing an order-ahead and mobile payment app at a tiny handful of its more than 14,000 U.S. locations.

The pilot is limited to 22 locations in the Columbus, Georgia area. Called “McD Ordering,” the app links to a credit or debit card, which is automatically charged when a customer arrives and scans a QR code displayed at the restaurant.

The phone then displays the customer’s order number. Once everything’s ready, the customer picks up food and drinks — without waiting in a line or interacting with a cashier.




Is college worth the money and debt? The cost of college has increased by 11x since 1980 while inflation overall has increased by 3x. Diluting education with for-profits. and saddling millions with debt.


Amazon Monster Wants To Control All Book Publishing – Extraordinary Arrogance And Confirmation of the Game Plan All Along

Friday 27th June 2014 at 08:18 By David Icke

‘The web giant wants the right to print books itself if publishers fail to provide adequate stock, and wants publishers to match any pricing deals it offers to other distributers. One mid-sized firm accused Amazon of “bullying,” and warned that the company was destroying the industry.

Amazon has not commented on the issue.Trade magazine the Bookseller was first to report that Amazon had introduced a number of new clauses in its recent contract proposals to independent UK publishers.’



US Man Rows Across Atlantic, Reaches Caribbean

Three times, Victor Mooney tried to row across the Atlantic. Three times he failed. One boat sank. Another lost its freshwater system. A third sprang a leak and left him drifting on a life raft for two weeks. As he planned for a fourth attempt, his wife made it clear it would be the last.

“I’m going to give you all the support you need, but this is it. We have to close the book on this one,'” Mooney recalled her telling him.

Now the 48-year-old Brooklyn native has finally completed the roughly 3,000-mile (4,800 kilometer) journey.

Mooney was recovering Saturday in the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten, a day after reaching shore and ending a 128-day ordeal during which he lost 80 pounds (36 kilograms).



Photo of a diver ringed by a group of rotating barracuda.

Save us from the humans who are out to kill us, Please!

Photo of a polar bear swimming underwater.

Photo of sea pens and a blue cod appear in shallow waters in Long Sound.

Photo of a diver encountering a southern right whale.

Photo of a school of spadefish.



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