“the same idiots who created this global disaster cannot be the same idiots who are going to fix it”

Japan intends to move forward with an ambitious plan to freeze the ground around its damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, creating a so-called underground ice wall to prevent water that’s been contaminated with radioactive materials from escaping and entering the broader water supply. Japan adopted the plan in September of last year, and the AFP reports that its nuclear regulator has now approved it, with construction scheduled to start next month.

Experts are still questioning whether an ice wall will actually work. The project intends to freeze the ground around four reactors, as well as other related buildings, at Fukushima down to a depth of nearly 100 feet. In total, the frozen wall of earth will stretch for nearly nine-tenths of a mile and is meant to reach temperatures of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 degrees Celsius). A series of pipes carrying coolant will be used to freeze the land. Beyond preventing water from escaping the area, the AFP reports that the hope is that it will also prevent water from flowing into the plant from nearby hillsides. Construction is expected to finish in March of 2015 and cost about 32 billion yen ($314 million).