July 31, 2014

“Some of you find it difficult to think of yourselves as destroyers, because you have a belief system about it.

It is a paradigm.

Those who get stuck within that vibration, if you do not smash those ideas,you will become very confined and restricted in experiencing reality.

Yes, you are destroyers.

You are definitely destroyers.

You destroy systems where the Dark Team prevails, where ignorance prevails.

Light goes in to destroy all systems.”    Barbara Marciniak


Military Meteorologist/Biologist Speaks Out About Geoengineering

Allan Buckmann has the most ideal credentials for addressing the critical issue of climate engineering. Allan is a former military meteorologist, and a former California Fish and Game biologist of 38 years. The short interview in this video is an exchange between Allan and myself just after the presentation in Northern California on July 15th, 2014.

Scientist Show Weather Modification Results—Spraying To Induce Snow, Rain


Tokyo should no longer be inhabited,’ Japanese doctor warns residents regarding radiation


World Health Org.: Cancer Rates Expected To Increase 75% By 2030 – Medical News

According to French researchers, the incidence of cancer is expected to increase by more than 75% by the year 2030 in developed countries, and over 90% in developing nations. The study is published Online First in the Lancet Oncology.

The researchers, led by Dr Freddie Bray of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France, set out to determine how the current and future patterns of incidence and mortality of different types of cancer vary between nations with different levels of development, as measured by their Human Development Index (HDI).

In nations transitioning towards higher levels of human development, there appears to be a reduction in incidence rates of some types of cancer, such as stomach cancer and cervical cancer. However, the incidence of breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer is expected to increase substantially in higher-HDI countries.

Dr Bray explained:

“Cancer is already the leading cause of death in many high-income countries and is set to become a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the next decades in every region of the world; this study serves as an important reference point in drawing attention to the need for global action to reduce the increasing burden of cancer.”


Ebola, the Killer Virus Coming to U.S. to kick start Mandatory Vaccinations for All come this Fall?

Could Ebola Spread To US?

My comment:  I watched CNN spend a half hour on this, this morning. CNN is a propaganda machine for the CIA and the Pentagon. I am very concerned about why CNN and other corporate media are spending so much time on this issue. I’m wondering if they are trying to prepare us psychologically for a pandemic they already know is here or coming soon. I really don’t know, but as critical thinkers, we should wonder. And no, neither Ebola nor any other disease has been brought here by child migrants from Central America.

CNN – The CIA‘s News Network?


(Science proves what isn’t to find out what “Is”.  Science cannot prove love, soul. wisdom or Spirit, yet we all acknowledge it’s existince. It can only prove what can be measured against something else and never, ever can see the Greater Whole of Everything. )

“Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked

Russian Geneticists Disprove Out of Africa ClaimScientific evidence refuting the theory of modern humanity’s African genesis is common knowledge among those familiar with the most recent scientific papers on the human Genome, Mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosomes. Regrettably, within mainstream press and academia circles, there seems to be a conspicuous – and dare we say it – deliberate vacuum when it comes to reporting news of these recent studies and their obvious implications.

Australian historian Greg Jefferys explains that, “The whole ‘Out of Africa’ myth has its roots in the mainstream academic campaign in the 1990′s to remove the concept of Race. When I did my degree they all spent a lot of time on the ‘Out of Africa’ thing but it’s been completely disproved by genetics. Mainstream still hold on to it.”

It did begin the early 90’s. And the academics most responsible for cementing both the Out-of Africa theory and the complementary common ancestral African mother – given the name of “Eve” – in the public arena and nearly every curriculum, were Professors Alan C. Wilson and Rebecca L. Cann.



The End of the Natural Human???

Scientists accuse government of dishonesty over GM babies in its regulation of new IVF technique

 The Government has been accused of misleading the public over the introduction of a new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique that some experts believe will result in the birth of “genetically modified babies”.
Lord Winston and other scientists accuse the Government of acting by stealth as the Department of Health buries redefinition of ‘genetically modified babies’ in treatment of mitochondrial donationLord Winston and other scientists accuse the Government of acting by stealth as the Department of Health buries redefinition of ‘genetically modified babies’ in treatment of mitochondrial donation

Leading scientists, including Lord Winston, an early pioneer of fertility treatment, have criticised the Department of Health for trying to play down a process that will for the first time allow the alteration of the DNA of future generations.

They argue that the Government has redefined the term “genetic modification” (GM) to exclude specifically a controversial technique that will result in babies inheriting genetic material from three individuals.

The move, buried within a Department of Health document published last week, is designed to take the sting out of hostility towards mitochondrial donation – a process that aims to avoid the certain inherited diseases being passed on by using healthy mitochondria (microscopic structures in the cell) taken from a donor egg or embryo. Opponents believe that using the healthy donor mitochondria will result in “three-parent embryos” and could usher in an era of “designer babies” and “genetically modified children”.



U.S. Consumers Avoiding GMOs, Buying Organics More than Ever


organic_parents_gmo_babThe number of people actively seeking out non-genetically modified foods is higher than ever. A new report from the Organic Trade Association (OTA) says bypassing GMOs is the number one motivating factor when it comes to Americans seeking out and purchasing organic foods. And as aversion to GMO foods grow, organics are growing in popularity.

The paper, U.S. Families’ Organic Attitudes and Beliefs 2014 Tracking Study, surveyed more than 1,200 households across the country, all with at least one child. Among their findings was that avoiding genetically modified foods is a top concern for parents.

“Each year we see an increase in parents’ self-described knowledge of organic topics,” said OTA CEO and Executive Director Laura Batcha. “Parents have become more informed about the benefits of organic, and they have also become more aware of the questions surrounding GMOs. That heightened awareness is being reflected in their buying decisions.”

About 25 percent of those surveyed said that avoiding GMO foods is one of their top reasons for purchasing organics. This is higher than the last four years that the survey has been taken. In 2013, it was only 16 percent. Between the two years, avoiding GMOs experienced the greatest growth among the other reasons for buying organic.



Babylon Is Fallen

1. NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical materials we collect. It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER. For PROOF of this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will see the measure of control the system has over you.

2. REGISTER/REGISTRATION etc. : Any/all things registered are FULLY SURRENDERED with consent to the CROWN CORPORATION with NO legal recourse until such things are removed by exposing the INTENT by those who serve the CROWN CORPORATION to commit fraud knowingly/unknowingly.
ex: A child that is REGISTERED is CROWN PROPERTY by ignorant consent where the truth of REGISTERING was not brought forth which is the original INTENT by CROWN CORPORATION SERVANT’S OWNERS to have people offer their children unknowingly into slavery of soul, and thus, body. It’s the soul they’re really after, so keep that in mind.

3. MONEY, GOLD, SILVER, ASSETS, BITCOIN etc. are ALL illusions of value where YOU are the true creator of all physical manifestations. Money, external value, has been the tool as the third party interloper “middle man” that has made draining your power possible. Money or the like only has value if one has been duped into thinking it does. This illusion is the ultimate distraction and destroyer of creator souls, literally. ALL money is based on the soul CONTRACT commonly known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: The ORIGINAL SIN CONTRACT. The NAME you think/claim as yours is NOT your creation. Your “assumed NAME” was created by your parents/family members/adoptive kin, NOT YOU. This is an ORIGINAL CREATION manifested by another that is, in turn, REGISTERED thus rendering it CROWN CORPORATION PROPERTY as previously stated. It is upon this deception that YOUR literal soul was and is enslaved and upon which ALL MONEY/DEBT is created. A DEBT BOND “value” was placed in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE based on the assumed accruement of TAXES, LOANS, DEBTS a child is expected to pay as long as they are part of this FRAUD upon humanity.
ex: If someone is expected to pay a certain amount of taxes etc. in their lifetime, the BOND is given a DEBT “VALUE”. A child born into a wealthy family will have a higher debt bond value than someone who is of a lesser perceived “income bracket” rating. This is slave trading at its finest which divides and conquers humanity in the SERF/CASTE/HIERARCHY system that encompasses the planet.

5. COMMAND AND CONTROL: The courts and governments are the system slaves within, bought and paid for where the true command and control aspects are the POLICE/MILITARY as the front line dogs and fear contractors for those above the courts and governments such as the BANKS/RELIGIONS and those that control them. The courts and governments are merely the filler for this “sandwich” of deception and illusion. Without the ability to CONTRACT via any/all NAMES at the front line level, the whole system of control is destroyed, most importantly those at the very top of this spiritual slavery pyramid. Without the NAME, all levels above are ultimately annihilated completely.

6. THE TRIPLE CROWN: This consists of ROME, CITY OF LONDON CROWN CORPORATION and WASHINGTON D.C. They are the unholy trinity of the 3 in 1, 1 in 3 as illustrated clearly in the Papal Crown: Religion, to control the beliefs, minds and spirituality of humanity, the Courts and Banks to control the money/bonds and the world Police/ Military to quash rebellion and act as frontline contractors of soul extractions.

7. PRINCIPALITIES OF DARKNESS: This is the true nature of the game that the vastness of humanity is blind to. Religions have been used to separate you from source by making one believe “god” is external and use the “savior” program to reinforce this. Money is the tool that is used to keep people in the physical-only realm by getting them to equate an external “value” on everything where nothing would exist without the people and their creativity. Physical death and harm is the tool used to clamp down your true essence which is all creation itself. The tools employed are languages with the corruption of pure frequency intent with multiple meanings of the same sounds/frequencies, using WORDS and SPELLINGS (literally), thus dividing and conquering us and redirecting our energy into THEIR creations and control. These entities CANNOT create anything since they are soulless and thus, utterly powerless. They know this and are absolutely terrified because this spells their doom, once and for all. We are life with consciousness where these entities are consciousness without life/soul/spirit. They are COMPLETELY AND SOLELY DEPENDENT on getting our CONSENT or spiritual contract agreement and this is easily achieved through the NAME deception, buying people off, ego comforts etc. Their whole house of cards/pyramid is BASED on this FACT. We are the fuel for their system/vehicle. Without spiritual fuel, they are destroyed.

The biggest program that we run into with the masses is the sheer disbelief of their own power and who they truly are. A masterful job has been done to get humanity to this level of spiritual weakness and complete ignorance. This was the intent of corrupting the ancient truths, re-writing our past and presenting this in schools, churches and all levels of ego academia. Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. It is far easier selling a giant lie to the masses than selling us one by one. The media is the main tool of thought direction and manipulation to reinforce the lies we were filled with as children and up to our current state.


Where is that illusive US Treasury? Can you say Puerto Rico??

(have you ever wondered why you send your tax check to one address and your federal return to another?  Have you ever wondered why it is call as State “Franchise Tax” you pay?)

Note:  This article originally appeared 4-28-10.  In the brief time that has passed,27  CFR 250.11, cited as the legal definition of the Treasury Secretary has somehow mysteriously and without explanantion, been wiped from the Code of Federal Regulations.  It has also been wiped from all legal websites carrying copies of CFR and USC.  250.11 was titled “definitions” and described the Secretary of the Treasury as one in Puerto Rico, and the IRS as an enforcement arm of the IMF>>>>>>>

See also: Treasury Secretary does not work for the United States

THERE IS NO US TREASURY! The US Treasury office, the enforcement agency of the IMF/World Bank, is actually located in Puerto Rico and is not a US agency.

Looking in 27 CFR 250.11 again for the definition of “Secretary” as found in all the above. The defining term for “Secretary” is, “The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.” That man is, not Timothy Geithner.

Who does timothy Geithner work for ?

“The Chief Financial Officer of the government, the Secretary serves as Chairman Pro Tempore of the President’s Economic Policy Council, Chairman of the Boards and Managing Trustee of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, and as U.S. Governor (note: they do not refer to him as the US secretary or as his position being that of a cabinet secretary to the president) of the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.”

The identity of the Secretary is not found in title 26 U.S.C. The only reference to the identity of the Secretary of the Treasury is in 27 C.F.R. at section 250.11 (definitions) which specifically states: The defining term for secretary is: “Secretary means Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico”.

Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner, and every treasury secretary since 1913 are appointed but not as cabinet members.  The Secretary of the Treasury is as a corporate “governor” of what is known as “The Fund” or “The Bank” and several other international organizations.  The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury is not sworn in and speaks no oath of loyalty or defense of the United States.  The obligation of this secretary (governor) is to the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank.  All employees of the IMF governor are paid by the Fund directly, or out of funds supplied to the Governor of the Fund specifically for that purpose.  The IMF governor is not paid by the US government as he/she is not employed by that government.

The so-called treasury secretary is actually a governor of the IMF/ World Bank.  He is appointed to a term of five years during which time he must expatriate himself as a US citizen to be sworn in as the legal representative of the Fund, and acting liaison between the Fund and the federal government.  His first and only fiduciary duty is to protect the Fund at all costs.


Agenda 21 Micro Apartments: Stack ‘Em and Pack ‘Em to Save the Earth (HD)

Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 (paperback) by Rosa Koire is 172 pages of truth. It contains all the information you need to understand what is happening in your town, why it’s happening, who is behind it, and what you can do to stop it. Part history, part current events, part hand-to-hand combat, and part blueprint for keeping your freedom, this is one book that you’ll put to work immediately. Boots on the ground and all hands on deck is the order of the day. Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.


Call it what you will—taxes, penalties, fees, fines, regulations, tariffs, tickets, permits, surcharges, tolls, asset forfeitures, foreclosures, etc.—but the only word that truly describes the constant bilking of the American taxpayer by the government and its corporate partners is theft.

We’re operating in a topsy-turvy Sherwood Forest where instead of Robin Hood and his merry band of thieves stealing from the rich to feed the poor, you’ve got the government and its merry band of corporate thieves stealing from the poor to fatten the wallets of the rich. In this way, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. All the while, the American Dream of peace, prosperity, and liberty has turned into a nightmare of endless wars, debilitating debt, and outright tyranny.

What Americans don’t seem to comprehend is that if the government can arbitrarily take away your property, without your having much say about it, you have no true rights. You’re nothing more than a serf or a slave.

In this way, the police state with all of its trappings—from surveillance cameras, militarized police, SWAT team raids, truancy and zero tolerance policies, asset forfeiture laws, privatized prisons and red light cameras to Sting Ray guns, fusion centers, drones, black boxes, hollow-point bullets, detention centers, speed traps and abundance of laws criminalizing otherwise legitimate conduct—is little more than a front for a high-dollar covert operation aimed at laundering as much money as possible through government agencies and into the bank accounts of corporations.

The rationalizations for the American police state are many. There’s the so-called threat of terrorism, the ongoing Drug War, the influx of illegal immigrants, the threat of civil unrest in the face of economic collapse, etc. However, these rationalizations are merely excuses for the growth of a government behemoth, one which works hand in hand with corporations to profit from a society kept under lockdown and in fear at all times.

Indeed, as I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, the real motivating factor behind erecting a police state is not to protect the people, but to further enrich the powerful. Consider the following costly line items, all part of the government’s so-called quest to keep us safe and fight terrorism while entrenching the police state, enriching the elite, and further shredding our constitutional rights:

$4.2 billion for militarized police. Almost 13,000 agencies in all 50 states and four U.S. territories participate in a military “recycling” program which allows the Defense Department to transfer surplus military hardware to local and state police. In 2012 alone, $546 million worth of military equipment was distributed to law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

$34 billion for police departments to add to their arsenals of weapons and equipment. Since President Obama took office, police departments across the country “have received tens of thousands of machine guns; nearly 200,000 ammunition magazines; thousands of pieces of camouflage and night-vision equipment; and hundreds of silencers, armored cars and aircraft.” While police departments like to frame the acquisition of military surplus as a money-saving method, in a twisted sort of double jeopardy, the taxpayer ends up footing a bigger bill. First, taxpayers are forced to pay millions of dollars for equipment which the Defense Department purchases from megacorporations only to abandon after a few years. Then taxpayers find themselves footing the bill to maintain the costly equipment once it has been acquired by the local police….


 Jack Jew, Secretary of the Department of the US Treasury told the press at a conference called the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha (IIDA) that hundreds of cyber-attacks on the financial system (i.e. banks and other monetary institutions) hold,

“the potential to cause massive economic damage if ‘core operational functions’ of major financial institutions were compromised.”

Lew emphasized that utilities corporations have been victims of cyber-attacks as well and this,

“incursion at a strategic point along the network could lead to market disruption and massive harm.”

The Treasury Secretary said:

“Far too many hedge funds, asset managers, insurance providers, exchanges, financial market utilities, and banks should and could be doing more. In particular, it is imperative that firms collaborate with government agencies and with other firms.

 Disclosing security breaches is often perceived as something that could harm a firm’s reputation. This has made many businesses reluctant to reveal information about cyber incidents.”

The warning included threats that,

“the consequences of cyber incidents are serious. When credit card data is stolen, it disturbs lives and damages consumer confidence. When trade secrets are robbed, it undercuts America’s businesses and undermines U.S. competitiveness.”

Earlier this month the,

  • American Bankers Association (ABA)

  • Financial Services Roundtable (FSR)

  • Bank of America (BoA),

called for the passage of a proposed cybersecurity bill through the Senate that would save banking customer’s account balances from hackers.

 Wall Street and technocratic corporations are decrying a need for,

“a government-industry cyberwar council to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances.”

In 2012, Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based computer security firm has found a cyber surveillance virus that was,

  • spying on banking transactions

  • stealing login information for social networks, email and instant messaging in the Middle East,

…specifically targeting Lebanon’s,

  • BlomBank

  • ByblosBank

  • Credit Libanais,

…and infected computers also include,

  • CitiGroup Inc.’s Citibank

  • eBay’s Paypal online payment system

The virus’ focus on online banking makes it a potential threat to banking systems worldwide.

 Researchers warned that this virus was conducting surveillance on banking transactions and being used to steal money out of targeted accounts. The virus called called Gauss was a new virus; related to Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu, yet a more sophisticated, state-sponsored cyber-espionage tool.

 Researchers from the security software manufacturer Symantec Corp, confirm Kaspersky Lab’s summation that Gauss is related to previous government-created cyber warfare viruses. Gauss is capable of being used as a weapon to attack industrial control systems, just like Stuxnet which was used to go after Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant facility in 2010.

 Gauss can encrypt programs that are compressed onto a USB drive and decompress them once the virus is able to contact to a targeted computer.

Kapersky Lab stated:

“After looking at Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame, we can say with a high degree of certainty that Gauss comes from the same ‘factory’ or ‘factories.’ All these attack toolkits represent the high end of nation-state-sponsored cyber-espionage and cyber war operations.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) analyzed Gauss’ potential threat to the US.Peter Boogaard, DHS spokesperson commented:

“The department’s cyber security analysts are working with organizations that could potentially be affected to detect, mitigate and prevent such threats.”

Because of the fiasco in mortgage-backed securities that begun in 2008, the international banks have been propping up the American financial system to stave off a complete monetary collapse in the US.If the intention is to cause another upset in the global monetary system, Gauss may be the mode in which they are able to carry this out.

 Just like during the MF Global scandal where Jon Corzine ordered segregated customer funds to be secretly redirected into accounts in JPMorgan, Gauss could redirect funds from bank accounts to undisclosed places.

Guass, which is an online banking surveillance virus, has the capability of electronically transferring information out of customer accounts to be redirected to another location. The banking industry, who is now threatening the wipe-out of customer accounts, would be dramatically affected by Gauss were this virus to cause every banking customer to become insolvent overnight.

Imagine the call for a banking holiday because Gauss has infected the all domestic financial computer systems. In order to purge the virus, all banks would need to shut down for a specified amount of time in order to reconfigure their computers.

Perhaps on a Friday afternoon, the major banks will all announce that they will shut down to customer activity so they can “get rid of” Gauss from their system. The banks might say that they will reopen to the public on Monday morning only to find that customer funds were electronically transferred from private checking accounts out to off-shore banks where they could not be touched.

Two years ago, Trusteer, the Israeli-based security firm, discovered a banking virus that will steal funds from customers and cover its tracks in the process.This new creation from the SpyEye Trojan will,

“swap out banking Web pages… preventing customers from realizing that their money is gone.”

This Trojan waits patiently for the user to visit their online banking site, copies their login and password, then divulges the personal data surveyed; such as debit/credit card information. When the user inputs their credit/debit card information in to conduct a purchase, the Trojan will swap web pages and siphon out the funds. According to Truseeter, this is a “post transaction attack”.

The cover-up capability of this Trojan is remarkable. It will edit balance amounts, line by line transactions, and all activity that would trigger suspicion by the owner of the account. In 2011, SpyEye Trojan attacked Android mobile online banking by siphoning out data from the customer to be used by the hacker.

SpyEye also changes while circumventing mobile SMS which is a security measure taken by banks when a customer is conducting online account transactions to certify that the correct user is conducting the business. SpyEye was victimizing Verizon customers with fake billing pages that require the customer to log in which reveals personal financial data to the virus concerning the user.

This Trojan can deter anti-virus software, jumping over firewalls and sit undetected between the browser and the computer redirecting the user to pages without ever being caught.


The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

The Obama administration has quietly approved a substantial expansion of the terrorist watchlist system, authorizing a secret process that requires neither “concrete facts” nor “irrefutable evidence” to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist, according to a key government document obtained by The Intercept.

The “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance,” a 166-page document issued last year by the National Counterterrorism Center, spells out the government’s secret rules for putting individuals on its main terrorist database, as well as the no fly list and the selectee list, which triggers enhanced screening at airports and border crossings. The new guidelines allow individuals to be designated as representatives of terror organizations without any evidence they are actually connected to such organizations, and it gives a single White House official the unilateral authority to place entire “categories” of people the government is tracking onto the no fly and selectee lists. It broadens the authority of government officials to “nominate” people to the watchlists based on what is vaguely described as “fragmentary information.” It also allows for dead people to be watchlisted.

Over the years, the Obama and Bush Administrations have fiercely resisted disclosing the criteria for placing names on the databases—though the guidelines are officially labeled as unclassified. In May, Attorney General Eric Holder even invoked the state secrets privilege to prevent watchlisting guidelines from being disclosed in litigation launched by an American who was on the no fly list. In an affidavit, Holder called them a “clear roadmap” to the government’s terrorist-tracking apparatus, adding: “The Watchlisting Guidance, although unclassified, contains national security information that, if disclosed … could cause significant harm to national security.”

The Evolution of Project MKULTRA
(Nazi Doctors of the worst kind were brought into the U.S through Operation Paperclip and installed in NASA, Gov’t Medical Agencies and Black OPS like MK-Ultra.  This is must know knowledge to understand how successful they are at Mind Kontrol for Decades and decades now)

With the CIA and National Security Council firmly established, the first in a series of covert brain-washing programs was initiated by the Navy in the fall of 1947.

Project CHATTER was developed in response to the Soviet’s “successes” through the use of “truth drugs.” This rationale, however was simply a cover story if the program were to be exposed. The research focused on the identification and testing of such drugs for use in interrogations and the recruitment of agents.[5]

The project was officially terminated in 1953.

The CIA decided to expand their efforts in the area of behavior modification, with the advent of Project BLUEBIRD, approved by director Allen Dulles in 1950.

Its objectives were to:

(1)   discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means

(2)   investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques

(3)   investigate memory enhancement

(4)   establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel

In August 1951, Project BLUE BIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE, which evaluated offensive uses of interrogation techniques, including hypnosis and drugs.The program ceased in 1956. Three years prior to the halt of Project ARTICHOKE, Project MK-ULTRA came into existence on April 13, 1953 along the lines proposed by Richard Helms, Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) with the rationale of establishing a “special funding mechanism of extreme sensitivity.”[6]

The hypothetical etymology of “MK” may possibly stand for “Mind Kontrolle.” The obvious translation of the German word “Kontrolle” into English is “control.”[7]A host of German doctors, procured from the post war Nazi talent pool, were an invaluable asset toward the development of MKULTRA. The correlation between the concentration camp experiments and the numerous sub-projects of MKULTRA are clearly evident.

The various avenues used to control human behavior under MKULTRA included:

  • radiation
  • electroshock
  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • sociology
  • anthropology
  • graphology
  • harassment substances
  • paramilitary devices
  • materials “LSD” being the most widely dispensed “material”

A special procedure, designated MKDELTA, was established to govern the use of MKULTRA abroad. MKULTRA/DELTA materials were used for harassment, discrediting or disabling purposes.[8]

There were 149 subprojects listed under the umbrella of MKULTRA. Project MONARCH has not been officially identified by any government documentation as one of the corresponding subprojects, but is used rather, as a descriptive “catch phrase” by survivors, therapists, and possible “insiders”.

MONARCH may in fact, have culminated from MKSEARCH subprojects such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was set up to create “sleeper” assassins (ie. “Manchurian candidates”) who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance.

Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH.

Definition and Description

The name MONARCH is not necessarily defined within the context of royal nobility, but rather refers to the monarch butterfly.

When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.

Occultic symbolism may give additional insight into the true meaning Psyche is the word for both “soul” and “butterfly” coming from the belief that human souls become butterflies while searching for a new reincarnation. [9]Some ancient mystical groups, such as the Gnostics, saw the butterfly as a symbol of corrupt flesh. The “Angel of Death” (remember Mengele?) in Gnostic art was portrayed crushing the butterfly.[10]

A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence MONARCH programming is also referred to as the “Marionette Syndrome.” “Imperial Conditioning” is another term used, while some mental health therapists know it as “Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences.”

Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s).


State Of Maine Launching Measure To Make People Work For Food Stamps

Thousands of Tent Cities Across America While Obama Pays Millions to Keep Illegals

Wednesday 23rd July 2014 at 05:09 By david-icke

‘Doug Hardman wakes up every morning with a song in his head—a vague memory of his days on stage.
Inside his tepee in the woods outside Lakewood, NJ, at the homeless Tent City, the roosters wake early and the mornings are already cooler. A musician who lost his Florida home in the housing crisis, Hardman says he floats in and out of Tent City, that he’s proud of his kids, and mis

The Internet Sales Tax is Back – And this time it might pass

When the Senate passed legislation last year allowing states broader latitude to collect sales on online purchases, the proposal was immediately cast aside in the House — and there is has remained, stuck on a shelf. Until now.

Banker Deaths Climb to 15, as Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

Melissa Melton
Activist PostAnother high level banker has been found dead.Nicholas Valtz, a 39-year old managing director at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in New York, was found dead Sunday afternoon in Napeague Harbor where he had reportedly gone earlier that day to kiteboard. Valtz’ body was found still tied to his kite.*****Government Reports Big, Big Decline In Alaskan Caribou—Mortality Very High After Fukushima Releases Began


Pesticide Exposure Linked to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Based on the sheer amount of research studies available dating back to the 1950s on the association between industrial chemicals and neurobehavioral disorders – it makes sense that more recent studies are finally starting to emphasize the chemical/neurodevelopmental disorder connection. That is, additional links to keynotes seen in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD symptomology.

Many agricultural pesticides are, after all, neurotoxic – that’s how they work on eradicating the intended pest. While regulatory and corporate entities continue to espouse their safety, and while farmers are encouraged to wear protective gear – how are levels of chemical plume to be regulated for individuals oowho live right near application sites? What about the effects on the developing fetus?

UC Davis researchers in tandem with MIND Institute found a connection between pregnant women living in close proximity of California pesticide applications and later diagnoses of ASD and other developmental delay


Who Bled Detroit Dry?

(not to mention we lost over $18 Billion on the bailout as well in stock decline!)

“…the same banks who suckered the city into interest-rate swap deals created a housing crisis through subprime loans. These were bundled and sold to investors with bullshit triple-A ratings. When homeowners couldn’t make mortgage payments and were shown the curb, it sent global markets plummeting and interest rates on the city’s swaps through the roof. Automation and globalization had already been gradually shrinking the workforce of the big auto giants and the population of Detroit, which reached a height of 1.85 million people in 1950 but has now dwindled to approximately 700,000. The 2008 financial crisis, however, proved to be a knockout blow to Motor City’s staple employers. Chrysler and General Motors (currently immersed in litigation surrounding faulty ignition switches that led to at least 16 deaths) filed for bankruptcy, and a fresh round of layoffs ensued. The federal government bailed out the automakers and the big banks, but Detroit and its “economically abused” citizens, as Vanessa describes them, have gotten no relief.”


Freedom Flotilla II To Sail To Gaza soon, This Time With Turkish Army Protection


Bulent Yildirim, head of the Turkish Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH), revealed that a second Freedom Flotilla is to set sail soon loaded with tons of humanitarian aid to break the siege on Gaza.

Yildirim told Alkhaleej Online that the foundation started on Thursday the legal procedures to organize the convoy, saying that once it is approved numerous international humanitarian organizations would take part in the convoy.

Boats from Gaza welcoming the 2010 Freedom Flotilla to Gaza. Image source

He said that the convoy would be organized under Turkish army protection, adding that IHH had submitted a request to the Turkish government to provide them, as Turkish citizens, with the needed protection.



New York proposes regulations for companies trading Bitcoin, virtual currencies

(paypal now accepts Bitcoin..on to the cashless society we a g0-g0)

The state is the first to propose issuing separate regulations for virtual currencies, demonstrating the importance regulators attach to the fledgling field. The proposal would establish a so-called ‘BitLicense,’ which would be needed for those that buy and sell the currency as a business.

Amazon’s Fire TV could be the CIA’s perfect home spying device

Amazon.com is building the CIA’s new $600 million data center, click here to read more. At the same time Amazon.com is building this massive cloud computing infrastructure for the CIA, the company is also shipping millions of Fire TV set-top devices to customers who are placing them in their private homes.


You’ve Got Mail: Judge Grants Feds Unrestricted Access To Gmail Account

Privacy advocates were dealt a major blow on July 18, when a federal judge in New York ruled that law enforcement has the legal authority to search the entire email account of an unnamed individual who police believe was involved in a money laundering scheme.


A government oversight agency says the Pentagon has lost track of more than 40 percent of the $626 million in firearms it has provided to Afghanistan’s security forces, prompting officials to contemplate a “carrot and stick” approach to arming the fledgling military.

Upgrade Your Brain: Liquid Hard Drive Implants Could Increase Intellect

Storing photos, documents and other files in brain-implantable liquid could one day be a reality after researchers discovered a new method of storing data in microscopic particles suspended in a solution.

Company In Which Joe Biden’s Son Is Director Prepares To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine

Ukraine (or rather its puppetmasters) has decided to let no crisis (staged or otherwise) or rather civil war, go to waste..

America’s Lost Decade: Typical Household Wealth Has Plunged 36% Since 2003

Does it feel like you’re poorer? There is a simple reason why – you are! According to a new study by the Russell Sage Foundation, the inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992 in 2003. Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36% decline… Welcome to America’s Lost Decade.

Britain: Government Accused of Hiding Truth Over GM Babies

The Government has been accused of misleading the public over the introduction of a new in vitro fertilisation (IVF) technique that some experts believe will result in the birth of “genetically modified babies”.

‘Pocket drones’: U.S. Army developing tiny surveillance tools for the next big war


Israel’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’–Barbaric human sacrifice taking place in Gaza’s real-life Apocalypto

Monday 28th July 2014 at 08:06 By david-icke

‘And while it is true that many of the ‘enlightened’ countries of the West such as America, Great Britain and others who worship at the altar of money, power and empire and who therefore engage in this modern-day form of human sacrifice known as serial warfare in appeasing these dark gods, there is one country in particular whose involvement in the grisly, gory business of human sacrifice operates on a very different, personal, primal, and primitive level, and that country of course is Israel.

Whereas the aforementioned countries deal in death not necessarily for death’s sake but rather as an unavoidable consequence of attaining the blessings that the aforementioned gods of money and power bring, when it comes to Israel however, the shedding of blood–innocent, defenseless blood–holds particular ‘sentimental’ significance.

More personal than just business, when it comes to the trappings, teachings and traditions of Judaism, blood is as intrinsic to its identity as bread and wine are within some Christian ceremonies. It is, after all, that ‘old time religion’ that functions as the beating heart of the Jewish state and which sustains and maintains who it is, what it is, what it does, and how it lives.’

How Israel Uses Twitter, Facebook & Tinder to Legitimize Murder


Instant Karma  ~~ John Lennon

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right in the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon your gonna be dead

What in the world you thinking of?
Laughing in the face of love
What on Earth you tryna do?
It’s up to you, yeah, you

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you right in the face
You better get yourself together darling
Join the human race

How in the world you gonna see?
Laughing at fools like me
Who on Earth do you think you are?
A superstar? Well, right you are

And we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well, we all shine on
Everyone, c’mon

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Everyone you meet

Why in the world are we here?
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on Earth are you there
When you’re everywhere
Gonna get your share

Well, we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yeah, we all shine on
C’mon and on and on, on, on

Yeah, yeah, alright

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