July 13, 2014

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Photo of Supertyphoon Neoguri from space.

The path we walk is a narrow one. The roads around it are wide and colourfully distracting.

You will find most of the people out there on those roads and very few that can manage the narrows.Scylla and Charybdis, the devil and the deep blue sea will be on each side of you in the age old, damned if you do, damned if you don’t dichotomy.

It takes a steady helmsman to steer any ship through these treacherous waters and few survive the journey. The temptations will be vast, varied and many to distract you and force you onto the rocks at the first slip of sweaty hands on the rudder.

You will be tested at every turn to measure the mettle of your stamina, endurance and tolerances of spirit. Such is the quest you are on. You are awake now and there is work to be done, some more than others and that depends on previous lessons and previous lives’ experiences. Your road, your choice.

During the moment of every decision, you have two paths, one choice of which one to follow. The carnal aspect of your left mind seeks the pleasure of the easy road that leads to the satiation of desires.
The spiritual aspect of the right mind remains closed if the wrong paths are taken. Only in the left mind can you be led by emotion and in the right mind, you hold the helm of the heart where the truth steers you through the rapids.

These waters we travel on have all manner of weather with clear sailing and storms that many shall succumb to. This game only offers one life per level and it is up to you to ensure the lesson you seek is learned lest you lose that life and have to start anew with a new game piece called the human body.
Collection Of Essays by Kate Of Gaia 


Change is All There Is to Revolve to Evolve

For those who do not care for, or like change, consider the following reality for all:

Daily Motion

To make one complete rotation in 24 hours, a point near the equator of the Earth must move at close to 1000 miles per hour (1600 km/hr). The speed gets less as you move north, but it’s still a good clip throughout the United States. Because gravity holds us tight to the surface of our planet, we move with the Earth and don’t notice its rotation1 in everyday life.

Yearly Motion

In addition to spinning on its axis, the Earth also revolves around the Sun. We are approximately 93 million miles (150 million km) from the Sun, and at that distance, it takes us one year (365 days) to go around once. The full path of the Earth’s orbit is close to 600 million miles (970 million km). To go around this immense circle in one year takes a speed of 66,000 miles per hour (107,000 km/hr)3. At this speed, you could get from San Francisco to Washington DC in 3 minutes. As they say on TV, please don’t try going this fast without serious adult supervision.

The Sun’s Motion

Our Sun is just one star among several hundred billion others that together make up the Milky Way Galaxy. This is our immense “island of stars” and within it, each star is itself moving. Any planet orbiting a star will share its motion through the Galaxy with it.

Relative to the local standard of rest, our Sun and the Earth are moving at about 43,000 miles per hour (70,000 km/hr) roughly in the direction of the bright star Vega in the constellation of Lyra. This speed is not unusual for the stars around us and is our “milling around” speed in our suburban part of the Galaxy.

Orbiting the Galaxy

In addition to the individual motions of the stars within it, the entire Galaxy is in spinning motion like an enormous pinwheel. Although the details of the Galaxy’s spin are complicated (stars at different distances move at different speeds), we can focus on the speed of the Sun around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy5.

It takes our Sun approximately 225 million years to make the trip around our Galaxy. This is sometimes called our “galactic year”. Since the Sun and the Earth first formed, about 20 galactic years have passed; we have been around the Galaxy 20 times. On the other hand, in all of recorded human history, we have barely moved in our long path around the Milky Way.

How fast do we have to move to make it around the Milky Way in one galactic year? It’s a huge circle, and the speed with which the Sun has to move is an astounding 483,000 miles per hour (792,000 km/hr)! The Earth, anchored to the Sun by gravity, follows along at the same fantastic speed.

This video offers explanations how, besides spinning on its axis and rotating as if going ‘Around’ the Sun, the Earth is shown to ‘Follow’ the Sun’s movement through the Milky Way galaxy, in a continuous Spiral, not a Flat elliptical plane, thus we find a 3D universe as opposed to the accepted 2D.


expenses c              c

What Inflation???

(When the government reports the Consumer Price Index (CPI), it excludes food and energy from its reports on inflation.

When the government reports the Gross Domestic Product, it includes military army sales, cigarettes, nuclear materials made, clear cut foresting, mountain top removal coal mining, etc.

When the government reports its jobs numbers, it excludes those who stopped looking for work and those who have not worked for 99 months. If all were unemployed for over 99 months, the government would be reporting zero unemployment.)


Our leaders are traitos and must be held for Treason against its own people

imagesby John Kaminski

9/11 is a chicken bone in the American throat

How long will it take you to wake up? Will you ever wake up? Is it no longer possible for the world to awaken?

Calculate this. The band of outlaws known as ISIS, which had formerly ravaged Syria and is now threatening to conquer Iraq, is funded by the United States through its Jewish sycophants Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Got it? The U.S. and its master Israel are funding the ISIS rebels taking over Iraq. And at the same time, the U.S. is sending troops to fight ISIS. Which means, the Jew-run USA is funding both sides of the same struggle, not only fulfilling the Israeli strategy of keeping all its geographic neighbors in a state of permanent war and dishevelment, but also mimicking the treasonous conditions of the Vietnam war when the U.S. sent money and armaments to the USSR which were then funneled to Vietnam at the same time America was sending its young men to die in the rice paddies of southeast Asia.

OK, now for your second test question. Six months ago, the federal government advertised for people to chaperone unaccompanied children from Central America to the United States. Then, six months later, we have a massive operation dumping thousands of Latino children and teenage gang members at the Texas border. Our government claims this is an unanticipated humanitarian crisis, and magically furnishes bus and plane tickets to disperse these thousands of young illegal alien refugees throughout the nation, raising the specter that the parents of these suspicious waifs will join them in the U.S. in the very near future. What this augurs for an already overstressed social services infrastructure is nothing but catastrophe and breakdown, a disaster which also means the loss of social services for Americans waiting in long lines for their own much-needed assistance.



Asian Slave Labor Producing Seafood for Supermarkets in US, UK

Slaves forced to work for no pay for years at a time under threat of extreme violence are being used in Asia in the production of seafood sold by major US, British and other European retailers, the Guardian can reveal.

A six-month investigation has established that large numbers of men bought and sold like animals and held against their will on fishing boats off Thailand are integral to the production of prawns (commonly called shrimp in the US) sold in leading supermarkets around the world, including the top four global retailers: Walmart, Carrefour, Costco and Tesco.

The investigation found that the world’s largest prawn farmer, the Thailand-based Charoen Pokphand (CP) Foods, buys fishmeal, which it feeds to its farmed prawns, from some suppliers that own, operate or buy from fishing boats manned with slaves.


China Imposes First-Ever West Coast Shellfish Ban

(from a year ago, but still in effect.  It seems the government of China cares more about their people than we do.)


How to Join the Grocery Store Rebellion

Recently I wrote about how to break up with your supermarket and it really got me thinking. I like to say that I avoid shopping at the supermarket as much as possible, but is that really true?  “As much as possible” is pretty vague.  A better way to put it would be “as much as is convenient.”I went through my pantry and realized, darn it, that we still purchase about 25% of our food at the supermarket. Another 25% or so comes from bulk vendors.  The rest is stuff we grow or buy from local farmers.  So really, as humbling as it is to say this, that can hardly be considered “as much as possible.”The issue with the stuff sold at the grocery stores is that most of it isn’t even actually food.  It’s a hoax, perpetrated on people who go in expecting to nourish themselves.



Anthrax Scare: CDC Announces Closure Of Two Labs, Halts Shipment Of Samples From High-Security Labs

Following a series of potentially fatal accidents in recent weeks involving anthrax and avian flu viruses, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the temporary closure of the two labs involved.

The agency reported in June that dozens of its scientists may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria after potentially infectious bacteria were sent out from one its secure labs, the BBC reported Friday. The bacteria, which were supposed to have been inactivated, were sent to labs that lacked the adequate equipments needed to handle live bacteria.

In an earlier incident that was only disclosed Friday, it came to light that a CDC lab had accidentally contaminated a benign flu sample with a highly virulent strain of the H5N1 bird flu virus and sent it to a government lab.

In a report on the mishandling of the anthrax samples, published Friday, the agency said that the “overriding factor” that contributed to the incident was “the lack of an approved study plan reviewed by senior staff or scientific leadership to ensure that the research design was appropriate and met all laboratory safety requirements.”

“This is not the first time an event of this nature has occurred at CDC,” the report added.

CDC officials said that no one potentially exposed to anthrax had shown any signs of illness and that there had been no reported infections from the previous lapses.

The agency also announced an immediate moratorium on all shipments of biological samples from high-security labs.

Stating that such events “should never have happened,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said he was “astonished” that such lapses had taken place. “I am disappointed, and frankly I am angry about it,” he told reporters in an hour-long press conference on Friday.

Killer flu samples shipped via FedEx, DHL

Accidental’ Virus Mailing Scandal Grows From Gary Jacobucci 4-16-5



Facts All US Citizens Need to Know About Israel and Palestine

Gaza (along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem) is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, determined by the vast majority of the world, as well as the highest court in the world, the UN’s International Court of Justice. Gaza cannot commit aggression against Israel, since Israel is in constant and continual commission of illegal aggression against Palestine by occupying it (illegally and sadistically blockading it and frequently committing terrorism against its civilians, including by targeting them with chemical weapons provided by US taxpayers – see “Rain of Fire” by Human Rights Watch). As documented by Amnesty Int’l, Human Rights Watch, and many others, Israel intentionally targets and murders civilians, including children, en masse.

“Why Did They Kill My Entire Family?” asks Gaza Bombing Survivor

The number of victims of Israel’s merciless bombing of Gaza reached ninety fatalities as of this writing, several members of individual families among the dead. One such family is that of 75-year-old Muhammad Hamad of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. Six members of his family were killed when Israel bombed the home of his thirty-year-old son.


Right now Israel is bombing Gaza into oblivion… again. It doesn’t really matter when you read this. Two years from now you will probably be able to overlay the gist of the story over the headlines of the day, and it will still be relevant.

What was the excuse this time? Oh right… three Jewish teenagers were killed by some unknown person or persons. Most assume that someone was a Palestinian, but there was no trial. Israel of course decided that they would be handling this like any civilized country handles a murder case: by bombing an entire city.

Obviously the fact that a Palestinian boy was burned alive by Israelis the following week would have no bearing on the collective punishment that was to be doled out. It was payback time, and this wasn’t going to be a light tit-for-tat airstrike. No, they were going to do this right: full out bombardment and ground troops. Time to reduce the rubble of Gaza down to a more manageable patch of sand (or better yet smear it off the map completely).

So Tuesday it began, and so far forty or so Palestinians have been killed, at least eight of them children, but anyone who knows Israeli math understands that we still have a long way to go until the death of those three teenagers is balanced out. I can never remember how many brown skinned corpses a single white corpse is worth (algebra was never my strongest subject).


Palestinians flee north Gaza after Israel warning

(Israel has the largest and latest of U.S. made military hardware. Palestinians can only defend with rocks… Where is the outrage???  Where is the Nobel Prize Winner in all this???)

Israel briefly deployed troops inside the Gaza Strip for the first time early Sunday as some 4,000 people fled southward from the northern part of the territory in the face of Israeli threats to step up attacks there.

US gives weapons to Israel to attack Gaza: Iran

Hundreds of anti-Israeli demonstrators bring London traffic to a standstill after scaling a double decker bus as they protest outside embassy over Gaza strikes



False Flags-a-flying???

Iraq Tells U.N. that ‘Terrorist Groups’ Seized Nuclear Materials

Insurgents in Iraq have seized nuclear materials used for scientific research at a university in the country’s north, Iraq told the United Nations in a letter appealing for help to “stave off the threat of their use by terrorists in Iraq or abroad.”

Nearly 40 kilograms (88 pounds) of uranium compounds were kept at Mosul University, Iraq’s U.N. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the July 8 letter obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

“Terrorist groups have seized control of nuclear material at the sites that came out of the control of the state,” Alhakim wrote, adding that such materials “can be used in manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.”


A day in the Life of headlines on Reuters..

Editors’ Picks



Dark Secrets of Westminster: Challenging British Elite Paedophile ‘Ring of Silence’

images21st Century Wire says…

It is one of the most heinous and nasty crimes imaginable, yet, it’s been sanctioned and protected at the highest levels of the police, judiciary, corporations and in politics. It is also one of the most effective methods used to control politicians and bureaucrats through institutionalised blackmail and coercion. Children are the first casualty in this seedy game, followed by the public – who suffer from dysfunctional political decision-making done under duress.

It’s what we’ve feared all along, only now it’s confirmed. This story ran across all mainstream British press today:

‘BRITISH security services infiltrated and funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange in a covert operation to identify and possibly blackmail establishment figures, a Home Office whistleblower alleges.’






A Student Debt Documentarian Explains How Things Got So Bad

The numbers say it all: Since 1985, the price of college has increased a staggering 538%. Average student loan debt is approaching$30,000 per grad. And more than 50% of recent grads are either jobless or underemployed.To many observers — not to mention debt-wracked, struggling graduates — these statistics suggest one thing: Higher education in the U.S. is broken. So how did we get here, and what can be done to remedy the situation?To try and glean some possible answers, we chatted with Andrew Rossi, the director behind the new documentary “Ivory Tower.” The film’s premise is certainly apropos: It’s an in-depth investigation into whether a four-year college degree is still worth the cost.


A Shortage of Scientists and Techies? Think Again

A common refrain among corporate and political leaders is that the U.S. needs more engineers, scientists and other workers with the kind of specialized expertise needed to boost economic growth. And that assessment plays a part in a range of public policy debates, from how to change the nation’s immigration laws to how to energize job-creation.

But new federal data suggest that idea is largely a myth, and it raises questions for students who are planning their careers. Roughly three-quarters of people who have a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering and math — or so-called STEM fields — aren’t working in those professions, the U.S. Census Bureau said Thursday.


Problem; Reaction; Solution

Banks Dreading Computer Hacks Call for Cyber War Council

Wall Street’s biggest trade group has proposed a government-industry cyber war council to stave off terrorist attacks that could trigger financial panic by temporarily wiping out account balances, according to an internal document.

The proposal by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, known as Sifma, calls for a committee of executives and deputy-level representatives from at least eight U.S. agencies including the Treasury Department, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, all led by a senior White House official.


Sandy Hook’s Disappearing Witnesses

No famiies were allowed to “allegedly” see their dead children in the school.  If your child was in that school, would you do everything and anything to see your child one last time, no matter what. Sandy Hook was all staged. All of it!

No injuries or witnesses from Sandy Hook shooting?

Close to nineteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many ‘conspiracy theories’ that have evolved from the event. In fact, new mysteries seem to expose themselves even more as time passes by.

From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept 29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age 27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth ? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories?


Cause two days is just not good enough for the Uber-Consumer

Amazon Quietly Rolling Out Sunday Delivery

After starting in selected cities around the country, Amazon and the U.S. Postal Service are closer to rolling out Sunday parcel delivery on a nationwide scale.

In recent weeks, Sunday delivery has launched in Seattle and Portland, and various other cities are potentially only weeks from going live — including the Boston area and a huge swath of California, including San Francisco and Silicon Valley.



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