January 26, 2014

What Are They Doing to Our Only Home?

Oh Beans!!


HSBC Bank on Verge of Collapse: Second Major Banking Crash Imminent

Concerns about an imminent bank crash were further fueled today at news that HSBC are restricting the amount of cash that customers can withdraw from their own bank accounts. Customers were told that without proof of the intended use of their own money, HSBC would refuse to release it. This, and other worrying signs point to a possible financial crash in the near future.

HSBC is scrambling to manage a seemingly terminal liquidity crisis (a lack of hard cash) that could see the bank become the next Northern Rock – and trigger a bank crash.  The analyst’s advice is for shareholders to sell HSBC investments, and customers to move their accounts elsewhere before the crash.

This from the Telegraph:

Forensic Asia on Tuesday began its coverage of Britain’s largest banking group with a ‘sell’ recommendation, warning the lender had between $63.6bn (£38.7bn) and $92.3bn of “questionable assets” on its balance sheet, ranging from loan loss reserves and accrued interest to deferred tax assets, defined benefit pension schemes and opaque Level 3 assets.

According a report by the BBC’s MoneyBox Programme, HSBC customers have gone to withdraw cash from their accounts, only to find HSBC would not release the funds.  Customers were told to make a bank transfer instead, unless they provided documentation proving the intended use of the money. Stephen Cotton attempted a withdrawal and told the programme:

“When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for. They wanted a letter from the person involved.”

Mr Cotton says the staff refused to tell him how much he could have: “So I wrote out a few slips. I said, ‘Can I have £5,000?’ They said no. I said, ‘Can I have £4,000?’ They said no. And then I wrote one out for £3,000 and they said, ‘OK, we’ll give you that.’ “

He asked if he could return later that day to withdraw another £3,000, but he was told he could not do the same thing twice in one day.

As this was not a change to the Terms and Conditions of your bank account we had no need to pre-notify customers of the change”

He wrote to complain to HSBC about the new rules and also that he had not been informed of any change.

The bank said it did not have to tell him. “As this was not a change to the Terms and Conditions of your bank account, we had no need to pre-notify customers of the change,” HSBC wrote.

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Bank Run Fears: Customers Being Forced to Provide Evidence For Why They Need Cash

Mac Slavo
Activist Post

In early 2013 the country of Cyprus locked down private banking accounts and restricted access to depositor funds. It was the first widely documented instance of a “bail-in,” as bank officials and European regulators determined that bad loans taken on by the banks were now the responsibility of the banks’ customers. This led to a country-wide confiscation of 10% or more of all customer funds. In the heat of the Cyprian financial panic banks limited cash withdrawals to around $300 and ramped up security to prevent angry Cypriots from breaking down the doors.

Public Funds At Risk


For -Give


The act of forgiveness is a strategy to become neutral, to reset the game, to start fresh.

Forgiveness is a decision, an intention to get out of guilt, to clear all the debt and baggage that keeps us stuck in self-destructive patterns.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone Flickr - Flower - CJ Schmit1the bad behavior nor does it mean that you accept that the insult be repeated. Forgiveness merely takes the charge off and neutralizes it so it does not drain your energy anymore.

From a shamanic perspective, the act of forgiveness is a frequency, not the emotion that accompanies the act of forgiveness.  When we forgive, we can feel an incredibly sense of relief or cry tears of happiness, but the emotion is not the forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice we make.

The act of forgiveness raises our frequency, our energy. It’s one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal!


In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” ~  Tom Bodett

9 Truths You Should Know by Now


Programming for the Future; How Star Trek Knew;  Tasers, Flat Screens, Tasers, Cell Phones, etc..

(Gene Rodenberry was a 33rd Degree Freemason)

Captain Kirk’s Predecessor: Star Trek Was RAND Corporation Predictive Programming




U.S Economy: Forever Blowing Bubbles on Bubbles on Bubbles


But in recent years, bubbles have taken on a new significance. It would not be exaggeration to say that the American economy has been running on bubbles for two decades now. The dotcom bubble of the 90s gave way to the housing bubble of the Bush era and now the Bond bubble of Chairman Ben’s QE insanity. This is not an isolated occurrence of hysteria, but a prolonged period of financial illusion. As fast as one bubble deflates, a new one is inflated. It gives the impression of a steadily growing economy subject to the occasional setback, but in reality the economy is being supported by a string of carefully crafted fictions.

Sadly, as with every other fiction, the story has to end at some point. And when this era of bubble creation ends, vast swathes of the public stand to lose everything they have. That’s why it’s important to identify, understand and avoid the bubble trap. Because as hard as it is to believe, it’s not always possible to see the bubble while you’re inside of it. In fact, this is one of the ways that a bubble economy operates: by convincing you that this time it isn’t a bubble at all, it’s a “new normal” that’s rewriting the laws of economics.

In that spirit, I offer you three of the bubbles of our present era, and the best way to position yourself for their inevitable popping.


The Federal Reserve is no more Federal than Federal Express.  It was created in 1913 as a private corporation who made profits of $77 Billion for its shareholders in 2012.  It answers to no one and makes its money by printing, at interest, for the U.S. Government.

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

#2 Person Now in Charge of Federal Reserve was former Head Governor of Bank of Israel for 8 years.


It’s obvious who’s still in control of the economy: the Fed. Every pronouncement of every member of the board of governors and every president of every reserve bank is being scrutinized and parsed for any potential impact on the future of the QE liquidity injections for the precise reason that everyone who’s anyone know that this is precisely what is keeping the already wildly-inflated markets afloat. Musings about the unprecedented P/E ratios in equities are also beginning to make investors skittish, so any upsetting of the apple cart at this point (no matter how slight) may be enough to halt the gravy train altogether.
But if the Fed is so firmly in control of the economy, the real question is “Who’s in control of the Fed?” The nominal answer is the Fed chair, of course. At this point all eyes are on Janet Yellen as Bernanke’s right hand woman who is about to step up to the plate and take over the reins from the Bernanke, but those eyes might be better employed by scrutinizing her Vice Chair, Stanley Fischer. His career in banking has been long and chequered, having supervised the Ph.D. thesis of both Ben Bernanke and Mario Draghi. He was former Chief Economist of the World Bank and First Deputy Managing Director at the IMF before becoming the Governor of the Bank of Israel in 2005, where he served for the last 8 years. And now, in one of these unusual cross-country banking moves that seem to be becoming more common (think Mark Carney going from the Bank of Canada to the Bank of England last year), he’s coming to take over the number two position at the Fed.
Don’t let that number two fool you, though. The powers that shouldn’t be love to put the real people of power and influence in the number two role, much as they did with installing their willing accomplice Ayman al-Zawahiri as second-in-command of Al Qaeda to control the Osama bin Laden pawn/dupe’s purse strings and operations. Do you think that Fischer, the person who literally supervised the former Fed Governor and many others who are now coming up the central banking hierarchy, is really going to be taking orders from Janet Yellen? Neither do I.

Israel’s Security Elite don’t Want Peace

Saturday 25th January 2014 at 03:30 By David Icke

Ghosts of Baghdad: America’s army of contractors hasn’t gone anywhere they just work for Iraqi government


Penatagon Cannot Account for $8.3 TRILLION of Our Money

With its efforts to build reliable accounting systems in disarray, the Pentagon isn’t likely to meet a congressionally mandated 2017 deadline to be audit-ready. All other federal agencies are audited annually, in accordance with a 1990 law, and with rare exceptions, they pass every year. The Pentagon alone has never been audited, leaving roughly $8.5 trillion in taxpayer dollars unaccounted for since 1996, the first year it was supposed to be audited.


Michaels Stores May Have Been Latest Victim Of Data Breach


Bank of America Investigated for Front Running

January 25th, 2014

Via: Reuters:

The U.S. Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission have both held investigations into whether Bank of America (BAC) engaged in improper trading by doing its own futures trades ahead of executing large orders for clients, according to a regulatory filing.


Between 1980 and 2000, the share of late-twenty-somethings owning homes had declined from 43% to 38%. The share of early-thirty-something home owners slipped from 61% to 55% in that time. After the boom and bust were over, both rates kept falling. The rate of young people getting their first mortgage between 2009 and 2011 was chopped in half from just 10 years ago, according to a recent study from the Federal Reserve. Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 11.39.22 AM.png One headwind is student debt. “Close to $1 trillion, America’s mounting pile of outstanding student debt is a growing drag on the housing recovery, keeping first-time home buyers on the sidelines and limiting the effectiveness of record-low interest rates,” Bob Willis reported in Bloomberg Businessweek.

“Life in 2014 is very much different from life 100 years ago and it demands something more for our students. It is time to lengthen both the school day and the school year in New Jersey,” Christie announced during his state of the state address.

Christie wants to establish an after-school dinner program, starting with six inner-city schools. The New Jersey Education Association showed support, but noted that about a third of New Jersey’s school districts have already “negotiated longer days and/or years.”

– See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/chris-christie-weighs-in-on-schools-serving-kids-dinner_012014#comments

Adjunct University Professors Being Exploited by Major Universities

About half of today’s 27-year-olds borrowed students loans.

The math: About 84 percent of this group started college. About 60 percent of the college goers took out loans.

What about other debt? About 79 percent of today’s 27-year-olds owe some money, whether that’s on a credit card or mortgage. About 55 percent owe more than $10,000.

Highly Educated, Highly Indebted: The Lives of Today’s 27-Year-Olds, In Charts

Why Young Adults Aren’t Buying Houses ~ (hint: jobless, broke, in debt)



Homeland Security to Establish TSA Checkpoints at Baseball Games

‘Officials are citing the Boston Bombing as a pretense to establish TSA checkpoints in sporting stadiums across the country. It has been announced that a standardization process was recently enacted which will place checkpoints at every single major league baseball game by 2015.

The Seattle Mariners announced Tuesday that fans entering Safeco Field will have to walk through metal detectors starting with this year’s opening game.

TSA rolls out ‘detention pods‘ that trap passengers inside at U.S. Airports

Not content with the tight security in place at many of the nations airports, the TSA is now funding the roll-out of exit pods at major airport terminals across the country.

The pods temporarily detain passengers before they are allowed to leave.

Travelers are forced through the pods as the leave the airport terminal before a robotic voice gives instructions to wait inside the pod until a green light is shown and the door opens.

Scroll down for video…

Beam me up! These new exit 'pods' have been put in place for passengers to pass through as they leave the baggage claim at Syracuse airport

Beam me up! These new exit ‘pods’ have been put in place for passengers to pass through as they leave the baggage claim at Syracuse airport


“A Foolish Faith In Authority Is The Worst Enemy Of The Truth” A. Einstein



After 9/11, Congress gave the Department of Homeland Security the right to use some of its powers deeper within the country, and now DHS has set up at least 33 internal checkpoints where they stop people, question them and ask them to prove citizenship, according to the ACLU.

“It is a classic example of law enforcement powers expanding far beyond their proper boundaries – in this case, literally,” said Caroline Fredrickson, who heads the ACLU’s Washington, D.C., Legislative Office.

The ACLU says it has scores of complaints from citizens and wants Congress to investigate and roll back the buffer zone. According to a map the rights group released Wednesday, some 190 million citizens live within what the ACLU dubs the “Constitution-free Zone.”

DHS spokesman Jason Ciliberti says the ACLU’s description of the zone as “Constitution-Free” couldn’t be further from the truth and that the check points follow rules set by Supreme Court rulings.

“We don’t have the abilitty to just set up checkpoints willy-nilly,” Ciliberti said. “The Supreme Court has determined that brief investigative encontuers do not constitute a serach or seizure.”

When citizens or visa holders encounter a checkpoint, most are waived on after showing identification, but if an agent suspects the person is not lawfully in the country, the agent can detain the person until the agent’s investigation is satisfied.


Pa. police pull people over for random DNA tests for feds …

North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood …

Madonna appoints a DNA team to sterilise her dressing room after …


in Europe as well 

Speeding drivers face DNA swabs under new Big Brother powers …

DNA testing done at birth without parents consent or knowledge

What government can and may do with your DNA

Maniac Fascism: Court Rules No Suspicion Needed for Laptop Searches at Border

January 1st, 2014 :

A federal court today dismissed a lawsuit arguing that the government should not be able to search and copy people’s laptops, cell phones, and other devices at border checkpoints without reasonable suspicion. An appeal is being considered. Government documents show that thousands of innocent American citizens are searched when they return from trips abroad.

More Law Enforcement Agencies Turning To “Pre-Crime” Policing .

23andme; A Son of Google Corporation

(my mom got this as a gift from my sister. My mother did not know her family history on her father’s side and was excited to take the test and submit her DNA which would give 23and me all my families genetic dispositions.)


“This becomes a particularly acute problem once you realize that every one of your relatives who spits in a 23andMe vial is giving the company a not-inconsiderable bit of your own genetic information to the company along with their own. If you have several close relatives who are already in 23andMe’s database, the company already essentially has all that it needs to know about you. It is doubtful that 23andMe would be able to protect that information even if it were so inclined.

While the FDA concentrates on the question of whether 23andMe’s kit is a safe and effective medical device, it is failing to address the real issue: what 23andMe should be allowed to do with the data it collects. For 23andMe’s Personal Genome Service is much more than a medical device; it is a one-way portal into a world where corporations have access to the innermost contents of your cells and where insurers and pharmaceutical firms and marketers might know more about your body than you know yourself. And as 23andMe warns

on its website, “Genetic Information that you share with others could be used against your interests. You should be careful about sharing your Genetic Information with others.”


Media ownership

2011 Media Ownership Chart

NPR is Owned By Big Business Corporations and Promote Their Propaganda

The sponsor lists, as provided by NPR, are full of high-profile, multi-national corporations and other powerful and influential entities. Following is a small sample from their 2008 Annual Reports and Donor Lists (edited list, does not include all sponsors):

$1 million+

  • General Motors Corporation
  • Northwestern Mutual Foundation
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
  • Prudential Financial
  • State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

$500,000 – $999,999

  • Citibank
  • Constellation Energy Group
  • LendingTree
  • Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation
  • Vanguard Group

$250,000 $499,999

  • Alliance for Climate Protection
  • CITGO Petroleum Corporation
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Overture Films
  • PBS
  • Universal Pictures
  • Warner Home Video

100,000 $249,999

  • 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
  • ABC
  • Caterpillar
  • FX Networks
  • HBO
  • HoMedics
  • Hyatt Corporation
  • Intel Corporation
  • Johnson Controls
  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Systems
  • MGM
  • Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Philips Healthcare
  • U.S. Bank

In the same document in the FY08 INSTITUTIONAL & CORPORATE FOUNDATIONS & PUBLIC SECTOR GRANTS section, we find (edited list, does not include all sponsors):

$500,000 $1 million

  • American Jewish World Service
  • The Annenberg Foundation
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting*

$250,000 $499,999

  • Carnegie Corporation of New York*
  • Department of Education
  • Skoll Foundation
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation*

$100,000 $249,000

  • Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • NASDAQ Educational Foundation
  • Public Telecommunications
  • Facilities Program – U.S. Department of Commerce

The (*) indicates a multi-year grant.

This is Why MSNBC Has Lost Half its Audience


YO_YO: West Virginia Governor Tells Residents They Have To Decide For Themselves If Water Is Safe Or Not

Your On Your Own: Our government has abandoned its people.  Katrina, Fukushima, Gulf of Mexico, West Virginia….


The world braces for revolution… Meanwhile in America, we are helpfully told that a constant state of stress and dissatisfaction is actually healthy!

It’s like something from Orwell. “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Anxiety is Good For You.”

Time Magazine, Why Anxiety Is Good For You, Revolution Redux


“Heroes Wanted; Sign Up At Your Closest Mirror”

The Real Story Behind Tiger Woods Many, Many Affairs


First, a pivotal 1996 confrontation between Tiger Woods’s father, Earl, and his early adviser John Merchant taught the young golfer the limits of trust. Then Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, and a posse of enablers showed him there were no limits—when it came to Vegas parties, high-stakes gambling, and beautiful women. Talking to an angry Merchant and to the mistresses who fed Woods’s massive appetite for extramarital sex, the author dissects the ruin of a champion.



“It wasn’t a bunch of lies, it was one big lie” Lance Armstrong

The Lance “Armstrong Lie” Documentary


Watching the movie, it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in Gibney’s autopsy of Armstrong’s confidence streak. So much of the footage finds Armstrong committed to his lies that the project transcends its roots in the sports genre as it becomes a larger investigation into the psychological motives behind Armstrong’s fabrications. The full weight of his dishonesty is reflected in his searing gaze, which Gibney captures so many times at the height of its power, before the whole enterprise came crashing down.

Aided by candid testimonies from several former teammates and industry professionals who worked with Armstrong over the years, Gibney comes up with a compelling diagnosis for Armstrong’s behavior by rooting it in both the competitive nature of his personality and, more generally, the history of the sport: Italian physician and cycling coach Michele Ferrari is positioned as the evil mastermind behind modern cycling’s clandestine doping schemes, several of which fueled Armstrong’s Tour de France wins (which were stripped of him last year).

O.J. Simpson Revisited: Evidence of a conspiracy was covered-up


History of Fluoride Everyone Should Know


The story begins in 1924, when Interessen Gemeinschaft Farben (I.G. Farben), a German chemical manufacturing company, began receiving loans from American bankers, gradually leading to the creation of the huge I.G. Farben cartel. In 1928 Henry Ford and American Standard Oil Company (The Rockefellers) merged their assets with I.G. Farben, and by the early thirties, there were more than a hundred American corporations which had subsidiaries and co-operative understandings in Germany. The I.G. Farben assets in America were controlled by a holding Company, American I.G. Farben, which listed on it’s board of directors: Edsel Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company, Chas. E. Mitchell, President of Rockerfeller’s National City Bank of New York, Walter Teagle, President of Standard Oil New York, Paul Warburg, Chairman of the federal reserve and brother of Max Warburg, financier of Germany’s War effort, Herman Metz, a director of the Bank of Manhattan, controlled by the Warburgs, and a number of other members, three of which were tried and convicted as German war criminals for their crimes against humanity. In 1939 under the Alted agreement, the American Aluminum Company (ALCOA), then the worlds largest producer of sodium fluoride, and the Dow Chemical Company transferred its technology to Germany. Colgate, Kellogg, Dupont and many other companies eventually signed cartel agreements with I.G. Farben, creating a powerful lobby group accurately dubbed “the fluoride mafia”(Stephen 1995).

At the end of World War II, the US government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany. The German chemists told Perkins of a scheme which they had devised during the war and had been adapted by the German General Staff. The German chemists explained of their attempt to control the population in any given area through the mass medication of drinking water with sodium fluoride, a tactic used in German and Russian prisoner of war camps to make the prisoners “stupid and docile”(Stephen 1995). Farben had developed plans during the war to fluoridate the occupied countries because it was found that fluoridation caused slight damage to a specific part of the brain, making it more difficult for the person affected to defend his freedom and causing the individual to become more docile towards authority. Fluoride remains one of the strongest anti-psychotic substances known, and is contained in twenty-five percent of the major tranquilizers. It may not seem surprising that Hitler’s regime practiced the concept of mind control through chemical means, but the American military continued Nazi research, exploring techniques to incapacitate an enemy or medicate an entire nation. As stated in the Rockerfeller Report, a Presidential briefing on CIA activities, “the drug program was part of a much larger CIA program to study possible means of controlling human behavior”(Stephen 1995).

The ‘dental caries prevention myth’ associated with fluoride, originated in the United States in 1939, when a scientist named Gerald J. Cox, employed by ALCOA, the largest producer of toxic fluoride waste and at the time being threatened by fluoride damage claims, fluoridated some lab rats, concluded that fluoride reduced cavities and claimed that it should be added to the nation’s water supplies. In 1947, Oscar R. Ewing, a long time ALCOA lawyer, was appointed head of the Federal Security Agency , a position that placed him in charge of the Public Health Service(PHS). Over the next three years, eighty-seven new American cities began fluoridating their water, including the control city in a water fluoridation study in Michigan, thus eliminating the most scientifically objective test of safety and benefit before it was ever completed.

American ‘education and research’ was funded by the Aluminum Manufacturing, Fertilizer and Weapons Industry looking for an outlet for the increasingly mounting fluoride industrial waste while attaining positive profit increase. The ‘discovery’ that fluoride benefited teeth, was paid for by industry that needed to be able to defend “lawsuits from workers and communities poisoned by industrial fluoride emissions” (Bryson 1995) and turn a liability into an asset. Fluoride, a waste constituent in the manufacturing processes of explosives, fertilizers and other ‘necessities’, was expensive to dispose of properly and until a ‘use’ was found for it in America’s water supplies, the substance was only considered a toxic, hazardous waste. Through sly public re-education, fluoride, once a waste product, became the active ingredient in fluorinated pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, anesthetics, tranquilizers, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, and a number of industrial and domestic products, fluorinated dental gels, rinses and toothpastes. Fluoride is so much a part of a multibillion-dollar industrial and pharmaceutical income, that any withdrawal of support from pro-fluoridationists is financially impossible, legally unthinkable and potentially devastating for their career and reputation.

Funded by US industrialists, in an attempt to encourage public acceptance of fluoride, Edward Bernays, known also as the father of PR, or the original spin doctor, began a campaign of deception to persuade public opinion. Barnays explained “you can get practically any idea accepted if doctors are in favour. The public is willing to accept it because a doctor is an authority to most people, regardless of how much he knows or doesn’t know”(Bryson 2004). Doctors who endorsed fluoridation didn’t know that research discrediting fluoride’s safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. Fluoride became equated with scientific progress and since it was introduced to the public as a health-enhancing substance, added to the environment for the children’s sake, those opposing fluoride were dismissed as cranks, quacks and lunatics. Fluoride became impervious to criticism because of a relentless PR offensive, but also because of it’s overall toxicity. Unlike chemicals that have a signature effect, fluoride, a systemic poison, produces a range of health problems, so it’s effects are more difficult to diagnose.

Recently declassified US Military documents such as Manhattan Project, shows how Fluoride is the key chemical in atomic bomb production and millions of tonnes of it were needed for the manufacture of bomb-grade uranium and plutonium. Fluoride poisoning, not radiation poisoning, emerged as the leading chemical health hazard for both workers and nearby communities. A-bomb scientists were ordered to provide evidence useful for defense in litigation, so they began secretly testing fluoride on unsuspecting hospital patients and indignant, mentally retarded children.. “The August 1948 Journal of the American Dental Association shows that evidence of adverse effects from fluoride was censored by the US Atomic Energy Commission for reasons of “national security” (Griffiths 1998). The only report released stated that fluoride was safe for humans in small doses.

Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP address with your name, social security number, bank accounts and web surfing habits

Vaccine fraud exposed: Measles and mumps making a huge comeback because vaccines are designed to fail, say Merck virologists

CDC Not Legally Required to Tell the Truth About Anything, Including Vaccines

12 Foods Most People Don’t Know Are Dyed or Adulterated


Former Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, Charged with Possessing and Distributing Child Pornography, Found Dead in His Home

January 25th, 2014

Via: Tennessean

Ryan Loskarn, the former chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander who was charged with possessing and distibuting child pornography last month, was found dead in his home in Maryland of an apparent suicide, law enforcement officials said Friday.

“At approximately 12 p.m. yesterday, Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a private residence in the 6900 block of Kenmar Lane for a report of an unconscious male, believed to be deceased,” the sheriff’s office reported Friday morning.


Fukushima: Expert: It Can’t Be Changed And It Can’t Be Stopped; West Coast Should Be Alarmed At Lack Of Testing



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