February 8, 2014

The Phoenix Firebird Arises

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act,

just once, with beauty and courage.

Perhaps everything that frightens us is,

in its deepest essence, something helpless

that wants our love.  

~Rainer Maria Rilke~

“Water of life am I, poured forth for those who thirst.”

Aquarian USA: America’s Dark Night of the Soul
There have been extensive commentaries on the United States of America in these newsletters, because her dharma and destiny are so important in this current world cycle.

The USA is a synthesis of old Europe and many other races and nations, representing a new branch-race of consciousness, a developing seed for the coming Sixth Rootrace. (See here for a broader explanation.) Furthermore, the USA is an Aquarian soul, hence its destiny to lead the world into the Aquarian Age. Only two other nations are given as an Aquarian soul – Russia and Holland.[9] Hence, these two nations will also play an important role, yet they are also part of old Europe – the USA is unique in its recent history.

As the Western races face their collective shadow in this cycle and at the culmination of the Fifth Rootrace, it appears that the choice for the battleground between the Dweller and the Angel is in the USA. All the current problems and global issues seem to be amplified and focussed there – indeed, it is where many current Western problems have their origin. USA is also the home for the confluence of nations at the United Nations in New York, the planetary ajna centre. (See here.) There are many issues, to name a few,

– Control of US Congress by corporate and special interest groups.
– The uncertainty of ongoing financial crises and the US debt.
– Huge wealth that resides in the hands of the 1%.
– Ongoing ‘business as usual’ by banks, not in the public interest.
– Radical weather patterns and other environmental issues.
– More disclosures about the NSA, global surveillance programs.
– Further revelations on 9/11 and the possibility of a new enquiry.
– Nuclear power and weaponry. The threat of global conflict.
– Concentrated media power by a few. Propaganda TV.
– Gun control – a re-education of the arms culture.
– The saturation ofaggression and violence in all forms of media.
– Crumbling infrastructure – highways, bridges, dams etc.
– Privatisation of the prison system as a money-making venture.
– The widespread culture of narcissism and entitlement.

As discussed in the Capricorn 2014 newsletter, the Grand Cross of 2014 will be making an impact on many nations and individuals with planets near the middle of cardinal signs. No less so in the exoteric horoscope of the USA, which is a useful chart to track the US psyche, even if it does not dovetail neatly with USA’s esoteric Aquarian soul and Gemini personality.

Nevertheless, we can look to the personality and soul rulers of Aquarius, Uranus and Jupiter, to see what impact they are making in the 1776 Declaration of Independence horoscope. Four planets line up at 14 degrees of cardinal signs, as a fitting finale to the long-running Uranus-Pluto square dance that finishes in 2015. In the quad-wheel for USA’s 1776 chart, the following can be found:

1. Jupiter conjunct USA Sun.
2. Pluto opposite USA Sun.
3. Uranus square USA Sun.
4. Mars square USA Sun.

This grand cross holds its formation from April 2229, 2014 – the date of a solar annular eclipse, creating an incredible tension in the body of the nation, that will most likely hold an unrelenting pressure for all of 2014.

Traditionally, the Sun square Saturn in Libra aspect concerns limitations to the sense of self or blocks to the expression of personal will, that can result in lack of self esteem. This can create many types of over-compensating behaviour, particularly excessive attempts to control one’s environment, resulting as a ‘control freak’.

Is the USA a global control freak? Most definitely! Its interference (a sixth ray glamour) in many political affairs, from South America, the Middle East, South East Asia, to Australia and New Zealand, are well documented.

The resolution of this square will come with maturity and the USA is still an adolescent when compared to the more mature nations of Europe. Amongst other things, Saturn here represents the ‘father’ or Britain, the authority figure from whom the USA departed, and which played a major role for the Western nations with regard to democracy and the law. (London is a Libra personality.)

Enter Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra, falling upon USA’s Saturn in Libra axis. This will create a lot of tension on the Sun square Saturn and has the potential to create a big breakthrough. Uranus is the soul ruler of Libra and Saturn is in the Aquarian eleventh house.

Uranus the revolutionary and reformer will have a powerful influence in overhauling laws that have become crystallised and outdated; it will stimulate the nation to further try and integrate this Saturn square Sun factor into the personality of the nation. To date, it has not been satisfactorily integrated and tends to work out in a heavy-handed and draconian approach to law, especially since 9/11.

This grand cross represents a tipping point for the USA, to use a Libran scales allegory. The next two years could well be one of the most momentous periods in USA’s history and, because of the tension generated in the grand cross, there may well be some explosive public revelations, startling events and natural cataclysms. As noted in other missives, it may well be the latter theme that brings USA to restoration, a sense of community and co-operation.

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.-Buddhist Quote

Exploring Soulmates & Twin Flames: What Are They And How Do We Find Them?


The question of twin flames and soulmates is a common question asked by many, as the idea of one or a few particular souls being intimately involved in our evolutionary journey can be fascinating. So do they exist? Let’s explore this topic further by starting from the basic understanding of life in the Universe.

We live in a universe that is all one. This means that the same energy, the united consciousness, is projecting itself forward as you. It is also projecting itself forward as your boyfriend or girlfriend, your dog, and your fridge.  So to say that one thing or expression in the universe is the most important thing is a misunderstanding, because ultimately it is all one thing. You are everything in existence. So at the highest level of existence, everything is your soulmate.


The individuality that we are experiencing is in essence an illusion created for the purpose of expansion. So when we discuss the idea of twin flames, we have to be talking from a different dimensional perspective than the ultimate universal truth, closer to a physical perspective that recognizes the individuality as a subjective truth.

When most speak about the twin flame or soulmate they are referring to the two halves of the same soul. The theory suggests that in the beginning of time, we were created as a perfect soul, which split into two halves. One of these halves contained the female energy, and the other comprised the male energy. The theory is that the two halves would be incarnated into human forms to live, experience, and expand until the day that the two experientially rich halves would meet again to ascend back to source.  However, this theory is flawed in that it attributes physical characteristics to a formless soul. A soul cannot truly be “split” in two because it is not a physical clump of energy.  In reality a soul is merely a stream of consciousness.


Deadly Vaccines, the Agenda and Your Children
This is a critical knowledge video that covers not only vaccinations but the deliberate toxifying of our air, water and foods by design.
She was literally a brain surgeon until a vaccination caused brain damage to her child.  She fought to inform the others in her profession about the dangers of inoculations and was subsequently disbarred.
She has offered a $10,000 reward for any vaccine promoter to come on her internet radio show and refute the documents she has authored. No one has stepped forward to do so. Dr. Carley has been qualified in court as an expert witness in VIDS, Legal Abuse Syndrome, Vaccinology, and child abuse.
Dr. Rebecca (Roczen) Carley received her Bachelor’s degree in Diagnostic Ultrasound, attended medical school (and received the Samuel L. Kountz award for clinical excellence in surgery at graduation), and trained to be a general surgeon at State University of New York at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Carley also worked as an attending Emergency Room physician at Kings County Medical Center in Brooklyn (which is the primary training affiliate for Downstate students), and is the largest hospital (and busiest trauma center) in the United States.
Dr. Carley left the practice of General Surgery and “allopathic” medicine after realizing that no one was actually being healed of their diseases, and she started researching “alternative” medicine while taking time off to start a family.After Dr. Carley’s only child was brain damaged as a result of inoculations he received, Dr. Carley learned how to reverse the damage with homeopathy and other natural supplements, and subsequently realized that inoculations of disease are causing the corruption in the immune system which leads to all autoimmune diseases and cancer. Dr. Carley has developed the Hippocrates Protocol which has successfully reversed all autoimmune diseases (including autism) and cancer in over 2,000 clients (including pets) over the past 9 years. She has written the definitive paper explaining the mechanism whereby inoculations with disease are causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases), which has been featured in multiple publications all over the world and is available under the title “Inoculations: the True Weapons of Mass Destruction” on her website at http://www.drcarley.com.

Keep this in mind when they try to sell you a pandemic

by Jon Rappoport | Activist Post

Researchers are making noises about a possible new pandemic. One or more variations of bird flu. And of course, in all these ramp-ups, the bottom line is: get vaccinated.

The so-called pandemics train you to obey, so you’ll take all the shots they recommend for every disease, like a good little muffin.

“Seasonal flu? Pandemic flu? Meningitis? Hepatitis? Whooping cough? Measles? Polio? Martian Traveler’s Disease? Venusian Restless Leg? Gimme everything you’ve got. Inject me! Protect me!”

Here are few items to consider when the pandemic professionals start grinding out media warnings.

How many confirmed cases of the disease in question are there, at that moment? Ten? Fifty? A thousand? Out of a population of eight billion?

For example, as Peter Doshi pointed out in BMJ online, when the big push on Swine Flu started, in the spring of 2009, there were only 20 purported cases of Swine Flu. Twenty. (BMJ Online, v.339, b3471)




check out the thousands and thousands of citizen photographs of chemtrail spraying across the U.S.


I am down in LA and watched the full presentation of this very important documentary last night on aerosol spraying and the geo-engineering of our weather on a massive scale.  The producer has spent $ 350,000 of his own money to make this documentary and it needs to be seen by all.  Please order and share. Our, and our children’s lives, are being chemically altered by the spraying and it is critical that we get critical mass to stop this madness.


Exposed: Big Pharma Hides $450 Million of Influenza Drugs & Research from Public

The UK government was caught stockpiling over 450 million worth of an influenza drug called Tamiflu. This was pejorative enough, but the stockpile discovery itself has brought attention to an even shadier practice, and a problem which contaminates the US FDA and UK regulatory bodies’ reports on pharmaceuticals even more completely. In a phrase – they just keep lying.

If you haven’t heard, Tamiflu has been found to be just as deadly as the influenza virus itself. It was promoted as a way to keep the ‘avian flu pandemic’ at bay, a pandemic which never happened, but guess what – Tamiful sales went through the roof. Thanks to the UN and the CDC’s promotion of the product, it couldn’t be restocked on store shelves fast enough. A physician pointed out that 8 out of 10 of the studies done on the drug hadn’t been published, but oops – that wasn’t supposed to get out!

Many people are aware that the true results of clinical trials are often shielded from public view, and even legally withheld from doctors, researchers, and patients who might want to make informed decisions about their health. But Tamiflu may or may not reduce your chance of getting pneumonia (a secondary problem that sometimes develops with influenza) or lessening your chance of dying from the virus since the true results are kept under lock and key. In fact, it could kill you, but these results were never made public.’


TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, ‘food as medicine’ or natural healing


AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

ObamaCare Part Of ‘Unprecedented’ Bounty For Insurers


American Anthrax; Everything You Were Told About the Attacks is a Lie


Dear America, I Saw You Naked

And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

I quickly discovered I was working for an agency whose morale was among the lowest in the U.S. government. In private, most TSA officers I talked to told me they felt the agency’s day-to-day operations represented an abuse of public trust and funds.

Charges of racial profiling by the TSA made headlines every few months, and working from behind the scenes we knew what was prompting those claims. Until 2010 (not long after the TSA standard operating procedure manual was accidentially leaked to the public), all TSA officers worked with a secret list printed on small slips of paper that many of us taped to the back of our TSA badges for easy reference: the Selectee Passport List. It consisted of 12 nations that automatically triggered enhanced passenger screening. The training department drilled us on the selectee countries so regularly that I had memorized them, like a little poem:

Syria, Algeria, Afghanistan
Iraq, Iran, Yemen
and Cuba,
Lebanon-Libya, Somalia-Sudan
People’s Republic of North Korea.

People holding passports from the selectee countries were automatically pulled aside for full-body pat-downs and had their luggage examined with a fine-toothed comb. The selectee list was purely political, of course, with diplomacy playing its role as always: There was no Saudi Arabia or Pakistan on a list of states historically known to harbor, aid and abet terrorists. Besides, my co-workers at the airport didn’t know Algeria from a medical condition, we rarely came across Cubanos and no one’s ever seen a North Korean passport that didn’t include the words “Kim-Jong.” So it was mostly the Middle Easterners who got the special screening.

Each day I had to look into the eyes of passengers in niqabs and thawbs undergoing full-body pat-downs, having been guilty of nothing besides holding passports from the wrong nations


Meet Justice Monsanto

The  Amazing  Revolving  Door – MonsantoFDA  And  EPA

As an instance, Ferrara noted the FDA’s approval of Monsanto’s genetically engineered cattle drug rBGH which failed to gain approval in either Europe or Canada despite intense lobbying and accusations of malpractice:

“Michael R. Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for policy, wrote the FDA’s rBGH labelling guidelines. The guidelines, announced in February 1994, virtually prohibited dairy corporations from making any real distinction between products produced with and without rBGH. To keep rBGH-milk from being “stigmatized” in the marketplace, the FDA announced that labels on non-rBGH products must state that there is no difference between rBGH and the naturally occurring hormone.

 In March 1994, Taylor was publicly exposed as a former lawyer for the Monsanto corporation for seven years. While working for Monsanto, Taylor had prepared a memo for the company as to whether or not it would be constitutional for states to erect labelling laws concerning rBGH dairy products. In other words Taylor helped Monsanto figure out whether or not the corporation could sue states or companies that wanted to tell the public that their products were free of Monsanto’s drug.

 Taylor wasn’t the only FDA official involved in rBGI-1 policy who had worked for Monsanto. Margaret Miller, deputy director of the FDA’s Office of New Animal Drugs was a former Monsanto research scientist who had worked on Monsanto’s rBGH safety studies up until 1989. Suzanne Sechen was a primary reviewer for rBGH in the Office of New Animal Drugs between 1988 and 1990. Before coming to the FDA, she had done research for several Monsanto-funded rBGH studies as a graduate student at Cornell University. Her professor was one of Monsanto’s university consultants and a known rBGH promoter.

 Remarkably. the GAO determined in a 1994 investigation that these officials’ former association with the Monsanto corporation did not pose a conflict of interest. But for those concerned about the health and environmental hazards of genetic engineering, the revolving door between the biotechnology industry and federal regulating agencies is a serious cause for concern.”


FDA Approves Cloned Meat


ABC News sued for broadcasting news about pink slime beef byproducts

A new method against genetically modified salmon: Get retailers to refuse to sell it

Consumer and environmental activists, facing likely defeat in their bid to block government approval of the first genetically engineered salmon, are trying a different tack to keep the fish off America’s dinner plates: Getting retailers not to sell it.


6 Nasty Drugs Most Of Our Meat Is On


Food and biotech groups banding together to influence GMO labeling efforts

Powerful farming and biotechnology interest groups announced Thursday they are banding together to push a federal voluntary labeling standard for genetically engineered food in an effort to stem the tide of state legislation seeking to mandate labeling.

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food consists of 29 formidable trade groups that say they plan to lobby on Capitol Hill for a national standard that would allow manufacturers to voluntarily label food and beverage products made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In recent years, voters in states such as California and Washington have narrowly defeated ballot initiatives proposing mandatory GMO labeling, though not without dragging members of the new Coalition into expensive campaigns to defeat the measures.

The group says it will seek to empower the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) “to establish federal standards for companies that want to voluntarily label their product for the absence-of or presence-of GMO food ingredients.” In addition, the Coalition proposes the FDA mandate labels for GMO food or ingredients that the agency deems a “health, safety or nutrition issue,” though no consumables currently fall in such a category.’


Is An Internet Shutdown Inevitable?

by Zen Gardner

We’ve all been acutely aware of this ploy. What strikes me about the timing of such a move, pulling the plug on the internet and otherwise, is how important communications are to crises. With so many looming potential devastating scenarios and the survival of our loved ones and each other so important, this is something to be very conscious of as well as prepared for.

Personally, I have no doubt this will either herald or accompany whatever nefarious major move is next.

When you think about a supreme court justice in a deliberately high profile statement warning of a renewed approval of internment camps, the existence of which we’ve followed for a very long time with the plethora of FEMA camps being erected in addition to the existing arenas and stadiums said to be ready for similar uses, …it stands to reason that a communications black out would be their best way to work freely under the cover of informational darkness.

Not that anyone in authority is listening to our protests, but it’s clear the awakening is shining a very uncomfortable light on their ramped-up intrusions on the freedoms, protection, health and well being of the US and world populations while massively empowering untold millions of awakening souls.



NSA collects data on a fraction of call volume, officials say

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency’s once-secret program that is collecting bulk records of Americans’ domestic phone calls is taking in a relatively small fraction of the total volume of such calls each day, officials familiar with the program said Friday.

While the NSA is collecting a large amount of landline phone data, it has struggled to take in cellphone data, which has undergone explosive growth in recent years and presents additional technological hurdles, the officials said.


California bill proposes mandatory kill-switch on phones and tablets


Biometric Vein Scan Payment System Launched


BP’s PR Machine & Toxic Enterprise of Criminal Negligence

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill dumped 172 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico and caused a holocaust of sea creatures. As a result, tens of thousands of Gulf residents are suffering, due to a loss of their livelihoods and contamination, both from the oil and the toxic dispersant BP sprayed in the aftermath of the disaster.

Earlier this month, Gulf victims won a major battle against BP concerning the access to compensation funds. For over a year, the oil company had claimed that the settlement process was unfair, because individuals that suffered no harm were allegedly scamming the company out of billions of dollars. Thankfully, the 5th Circuit Court rejected the corporation’s appeal, but BP’s moral bankruptcy goes far beyond blocking compensation payouts.

Investigative journalist Dahr Jamail cites former BP officials who are disgusted with how the company has reneged on its pension promises to employees and warn Deepwater Horizon oil spill victims to expect the same kind of treatment.

Russell Stauffer, a former BP head of finance for the Gulf of Mexico, says that the company has cut hundreds of employee pensions by up to 75% from what they were originally promised back in 1987. Another former employee, Kirk Wardlaw, compared the pension situation to the plight of the Gulf oil spill victims, saying:

“Those depending on BP to do the right thing in the Gulf of Mexico should be aware of BP’s unfair and callous treatment of…employees, failure to adhere to their own Code of Conduct and the willingness to hide behind a standard of ‘we did what was technically legal.’”

It would be one thing if this was a struggling mom and pop business failing to compensate its employees and victims of its own gross incompetence – but this is a multinational money hoarding machine. The corporation rakes in billions of dollars per year and remains one of Pentagon’s premiere oil and gas providers.

Even more frustrating is how BP hasn’t felt prompted to step up its safety standards after causing one of the worst environmental crisis in US history. Only nine months ago, the Petroleum Safety Authority in Norway said that the lack of maintenance and management of BP’s oil platform in the North Sea lead to a leak of about 125 barrels of oil. This after the same agency had already discovered that the platform had inadequate fire and explosion protection which could have caused another major accident.

One would think that bad press would have cut into BP’s profits by now, but the company posted record profits last year of $20 billion in just the first quarter


Top Adviser To The Chinese Government Calls For A “Global Currency” To Replace The U.S. Dollar

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