December 7, 2014

Let food be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food  

~ Hippocrates,  Father of Western Medicine


Ceres Community Project
Increases Healthy Eating Among Clients & Teen Volunteers

Participating in Ceres’ Healing Meals for Healthy Communities program leads to significant increases in fruit and vegetable consumption for clients and teen volunteers according to a 2 ½ year program evaluation study released by the nonprofit based in Sonoma County, California. Funded by a California Specialty Crop Block Grant through the California Department of Food & Agriculture, the study estimates that the 740 clients and 465 youth who were engaged in the program during the grant period will eat an additional 3,962,400 servings of fruits and vegetables over the next ten years thanks to new habits they adopted. The added benefit to the local food economy comes to at least $200,000 annually.


A Salad Chain’s Surprise Ingredient: Tech Money

Why is a venture capital firm led by online pioneers backing a farm-to-table salad chain? That is the question some tech industry watchers asked themselves two weeks ago, after Sweetgreen, a fast-casual salad restaurant with outlets on the East Coast, announced that it had raised $18.5 million in financing.

But he says he believes Sweetgreen is tapping into a large, underserved market: wellness-minded consumers who want to eat healthier food in casual settings with quick service. “There’s clearly a revolution in food underway,” he said.


Anita M’s Near Death Experience From Beyond

I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body.  I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked husband.  Then I actually “crossed over” to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love.  I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works.  The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable.  Words seem to limit the experience – I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our 3-dimensional world.  I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.  

The amount of love I felt was overwhelming, and from this perspective, I knew how powerful I am, and saw the amazing possibilities we as humans are capable of achieving during a physical life.  I found out that my purpose now would be to live “heaven on earth” using this new understanding, and also to share this knowledge with other people.  However I had the choice of whether to come back into life, or go towards death.  I was made to understand that it was not my time, but I always had the choice, and if I chose death, I would not be experiencing a lot of the gifts that the rest of my life still held in store.  One of the things I wanted to know was that if I chose life, would I have to come back to this sick body, because my body was very, very sick and the organs had stopped functioning.  I was then made to understand that if I chose life, my body would heal very quickly.  I would see a difference in not months or weeks, but days!  

I was shown how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical.  If I chose to go into life, the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly.  I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy so the illness returns.  I realized if I went back, it would be with a very healthy energy.  Then the physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently.  I was given the understanding that this applies to anything, not only illnesses – physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc.  I was “shown” that everything going on in our lives was dependant on this energy around us, created by us.  Nothing was solid – we created our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending where this “energy” was at.  The clarity I received around how we get what we do was phenomenal!  It’s all about where we are energetically.  I was made to feel that I was going to see “proof” of this first hand if I returned back to my body. 

I know I was drifting in and out between the two worlds, but every time I drifted into the “other side”, I was shown more and more scenes.



Are you a Free Sovereign Being?   Or Are You Owned, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually by The Powers Behind the Matrix?


Education Programming 101: Destroy The Trivium of Critical Thinking; Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

Once upon a time, in medieval universities, new students enrolled in the Trivium. It was the foundation curriculum. It was required. Its parts were: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Grammar: the interior construction of language.

Logic: the valid and invalid connections in the course of a formal argument; the method of proper reasoning; the deductive links in a chain, at the end of which appears a conclusion.

Rhetoric: oral and written presentation; the use of language to make a case; the capacity to persuade, even in the face of counter-argument.

Today, the subject matter of the Trivium is not only downplayed. It has been shattered.

This article focuses on the death of logic in schools.When the intensive handling of ideas is seen as a laughable goal for education, indoctrination is plugged in as the only alternative. The mind of the student shifts from being an active force to being a container.

The destruction of logic perverts rational thought at its core and inserts ideology masked as insight. The actual meaning of an idea is firmly placed on the back burner. Instead? Praise or attack the people who forward ideas.

This strategy has gained great prominence.

“The revered Founders of the Republic? Shysters, con men, slaveholders, monopolists who saw rebellion from England as the way to win greater power for themselves, at the expense of everyone else living on American soil.”

Therefore, the argument continues, and this is crucial, the Founders’ IDEAS, as expressed in the Declaration and the Constitution, were rotten to the core. The ideas can be dismissed out of hand as coming from “a bad source.”

Ideas no longer need to be judged on their sense, merit, and alignment with basic principles. Nor are they judged by their position in a well-formed argument. All that is out. Now, you only have to “look to the source” and make ALL your decisions based on “who these people really were who expressed the ideas.”

And since that’s the case, learning to think or reason is unnecessary.In logic, this used to be called the fallacious ad hominem argument. Now it’s not called anything. It’s praised as the insightful way to do intellectual business.

You might be surprised by the number of people who believe that the value of an idea depends entirely on who expressed the idea. If the wrong person first expressed it, it was never worthy.Students with a vast sense of self-entitlement and meaningless self-esteem love this strategy. It allows them to parade around and call the shots and decide which ideas are important and which aren’t, without reflection. They have a scorecard of good guys and bad guys and that’s all they need.


‘As hemp makes a comeback in the U.S. after a decades-long ban on its cultivation, scientists are reporting that fibers from the plant can pack as much energy and power as graphene, long-touted as the model material for supercapacitors. They’re presenting their research, which a Canadian start-up company is working on scaling up, at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society.

Although hemp (cannabis sativa) and marijuana (cannabis sativa var. indica) come from a similar species of plant, they are very different and confusion has been caused by deliberate misinformation with far reaching effects on socioeconomics as well as on environmental matters.

Hemp is the most universally useful plant we have at our disposal. The history of mankind’s use of hemp can be traced way back in time to between about 5000 – 7000 BC.’

VIDEO: Minnesota Mom Facing 2 Years In Jail For Treating Sons Seizures With Cannabis Oil

Madison, MN — A mother of two is facing jail time for seeking out life saving cannabis oil to treat her son’s horrifying seizures.

This nightmare for the Brown family started 3 years ago, when their son Trey, then 12, was hit in the head with a baseball causing a traumatic brain injury. The brain injury has caused severe tremors and episodes in which he causes himself harm.

“We chose to treat him with medicinal cannabis oil, which saved his life, after all doctors failed him,”explains Angela Brown. Eventually a doctor advised the family to seek out cannabis oil in Boulder, CO. What Angela and her husband David Brown found when they went to Boulder was a miracle drug; the cannabis oil actually treated their son’s debilitating condition.

They were extremely relieved. However, thanks to the state, this relief would be short lived. Shortly after returning to Minnesota, Trey’s school found out about the cannabis oil treatments and reported Angela Brown to authorities. Apparently there are still some people in society who possess a certain level of criminal ignorance who would turn in a mother to the police for trying to help her son.

Cure All Cancers with Medical Hemp Oil


When San Francisco Stopped Prosecuting Drug Users, Violent Crime Went Down: Police Chief Greg Suhr Talks Narcotics Enforcement

 But regardless of the questionable nature of Suhr’s underlying logic, San Franciso offers an enticing glimpse at what American cities might begin to look like if drugs were legalized or decriminalized. Suhr’s department still makes arrests for drug dealing, but only on a complaint-driven basis. They don’t go out of their way to set up stings or raids. And while causation does not equal correlation, Suhr believes that the drop in violent crime since the shift in policy began indicates that his department has its priorities straight.


“I’ve really gotten to be friends with a lot of these people. All of my friends at work are murderers or rapists,” he said with a chuckle. “You have to laugh or you’ll go insane.”

Insane Practices Inside the Napa, CA Hospital for the Criminally Insane

(Since this is the only asylum for criminally insane, they go right back into the cells with the victims who they just beat up.  Again, and again.)

Napa State Hospital was originally built in 1875 and, like the five other facilities in California’s state hospital system, served as a traditional psychiatric hospital until it started taking court referrals in 1990s. Today, about 90 percent of the patient population is funneled into these hospitals through the criminal justice system. But despite being filled with perpetrators of violent, often heinous crimes, facilities like Napa State are still hospitals, not prisons. Their patients are committed, but not locked up. There are police officers at hospital entrances, and others stationed nearby on call to respond quickly to staffers’ wearable alarms when a fight breaks out. But uniformed guards do not patrol the halls of even the highest-risk units. So the most violent patients are left to terrorize the others freely, with only doctors and nurses to stop them.

But, according to the Los Angeles Times, Napa State still reported about 3,000 assaults on patients and staff in 2012, the year following the funding increase and changes prompted by Gross’ murder.

“Imagine at Microsoft if there were 1,000 employees and 3,000 assaults a year. What would CNN’s response be? The governor’s response. They deny it,” Seager said. “People are getting punched, kicked, teeth knocked out. There are five-star restaurants in Napa where you can hear the alarms.”

The forensic facility, the second-largest in the country, houses “the school shooters, the James Holmeses, and Jeffrey Dahmers of the world,” as Seager puts it. Nor did he warn the hospital that the book is being published this week.

“I want their honest response,” he told me over the phone from his home in northwest California. “We’re getting the shit kicked out of us and no one cares. Not just the staff, the patients. And they can’t leave at the end of the day—they have to live there. If this stops one of them from getting beaten, it was all worth it.”



New U.S. Torture report on decade long Torture by U.S., Won’t use the word “Torture” in its report on the CIA Illegal, Immoral Practices.

The summary is expected to reignite the debate over whether the CIA’s coercive interrogation techniques in the first years of the war on terror amounted to torture. Although the summary report is said to not use the word “torture,” officials said it would describe practices that any layman would understand as torture.

“We tortured some folks,” President Barack Obama said in July. “We did some things that are contrary to our values.”


Stop Hiding Images of American Torture

A hooded man standing on a box, electrodes wired to his fingers. A naked prisoner lying on a cement floor, a leash around his neck held casually by an American soldier. The bloody bodies of dead inmates with their heads bashed in.

Ten years later, the photos leaked from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq remain seared into the American consciousness. But while the United States government was unable to prevent their release, more than 2,000 other photos taken at various American military facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan have remained hidden under a 2009 law. By one account, the images — which officials say are a mix of snapshots by soldiers and photos by military investigators documenting allegations of abuse — are “worse than Abu Ghraib.”

President Obama agreed to the photos’ release after taking office in 2009 but changed his mind after pleas from military officials and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. The 2009 law — the Protected National Security Documents Act — created a three-year exemption from the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.


New Secretary of Offense Means More Nukes, Much More War on All.

Mr. Carter’s specialty as an academic was the control of nuclear weapons, and in posts in and out of government he devoted much of his time to thinking about how to control their numbers and how to prepare the United States if they were used. In 1994, under Defense Secretary William J. Perry, Mr. Carter was a central player in a nuclear crisis with North Korea, when the country threw out international inspectors and began what turned out to be a long, and successful, race to develop nuclear weapons.

And OBOmb-ya-all says we must have “War on War so we can have Peace on Peace”. The leader of our “free” country said this to the world at the UN.

United Nations Panel Slams U.S. Record on Police Brutality, Torture, Child Migrants & Guantánamo


Crisis Actors Used in U.S. False Flags.  Here’s all the proof you need.


It’s all Theater Folks.  Look at the girls right hand signalling for the pepper spray to begin!


CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year’s vaccine doesn’t work!

‘For the first time we can remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are going on the record, saying the flu vaccine won’t work this year. The warning comes just before the busiest part of flu season, in January and February. Unfortunately, there won’t be any refund for any of the patients or insurance companies who spent money on flu shots earlier this fall.
Influenza viral characterization data indicates that 48% of the influenza A (H3N2) viruses collected and analyzed in the United States from October 1 through November 22, 2014 were antigenically “like” the 2014-2015 influenza A (H3N2) vaccine component, but that 52% were antigenically different (drifted) from the H3N2 vaccine virus . In past seasons during which predominant circulating influenza viruses have been antigenically drifted, decreased vaccine effectiveness has been observed. However, vaccination has been found to provide some protection against drifted viruses. Though reduced, this cross-protection might reduce the likelihood of severe outcomes such as hospitalization and death. In addition, vaccination will offer protection against circulating influenza strains that have not undergone significant antigenic drift from the vaccine viruses (such as influenza A (H1N1) and B viruses). (source)

But don’t worry. Just when you thought perhaps the CDC could boost their credibility, they found a way to put a sales pitch on the end of their warning. The CDC says if you do come down with the flu, there’s a cure. It’s just going to cost more money. Money that will end up profiting pharmaceutical giants, GlaxoSmithKline and Roche. CDC officials are urging doctors to prescribe two specific antiviral medications for any patients who come in with flu symptoms.’


HAARP Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX) platform

HAARP is the largest ionospheric heater in the world. Capable of heating a 1000 square kilometer area of the ionosphere to over 50,000 degrees. It’s also a phased array. Which means it’s steer-able and those waves can be directed to a selected target area. What they have found is that by sending radio frequency energy up and focusing it, as they do with these kinds of instruments, it causes a heating effect.

And that heating literally lifts the ionosphere within a 30 mile diameter area therein changing localized pressure systems or perhaps the route of jet streams. Moving a jet stream is a phenomenal event in terms of man being able to do this and their is no precedent for this huge attempt to play God with weather around the world.

This weapon of mass weather manipulation was brought into the world over a hundred years ago by Nikola Tesla and patented by Bernard Eastlund. (US PATENT #4,686,605 )

Geo-engineering is being offered as classes at major colleges. To believe it is NOT happening is simply naivety and ignorance.

Here we clearly see manipulation of weather to keep snow of the Sierra Mountains. The Sierra snowpack provides water for the Central Valley Farmers each year, except this year when the Fed and State cut off all water.

….And again plan to keep snow pack low but allow the lowlands to get warmer rains, thereby building the State’s announced plans to spend some $500 billion to build massive dams and tunnels in CA over the next few decades.

This video shows Haarp downbursts breaking up a powerful low pressure, off the coast of California, between Nov 30 to Dec 3rd, 2014. Absolute proof is shown, of descending air, being pressed down (clockwise rotation), on top of a powerful, Pacific Low pressure.
Also, this video shows proof of dry air, being pressed down, over the Sierras, to reduce, or prevent any snowfall. The snowpack in the Sierras will become irrigation, and drinking water, next spring and summer.
So, these Haarp operations are a criminal act of fraud, treason, and genocide, against the people of California.
Also, this video shows the locations of two California SBX Haarp transmitters.



Wake up! Look Up!


Monsanto purchased “The Climate Corporation” in 2013, why? Because those who are connected to the climate engineering insanity (and the decimation it is causing) need to control the flow of information in order to better capitalize from the ever increasing engineered disasters. Controlling the message makes for better manipulation of the farmers struggling from the geoengineered destruction. The post below was sent to me from activist Melody Meachum, my gratitude to her for this. It is a summary of statements made by Monsanto and the Climate Corporation just prior to the purchase being completed, the message is sickening for those that know the truth of the matter.

Is Monsanto About to Unleash GMO Marijuana?

It has supposedly been in the works for years now, but you’ve likely not heard of it – Monsanto Marijuana. Is that the big push to legalize in the US? Allegations abound that Monsanto and George Soros have been planning to unveil GMO cannabis in Uruguay, the first country to legalize the sale, cultivation, and possession of marijuana earlier this year. Could Monsanto have the same plans for the US?



American lawmakers pass bill to deepen US bonds with Israel; You Cannot Be in Congress Unless Your a Whore or This Foreign Country!!!

The legislation passed the Senate unanimously in September and now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature.’


And here is how our money is spent by Israel on innocent, defenseless people.

Israeli Police Caught On Video Hosing ‘Skunk Spray’ on Palestinian Elementary Schools and Protesters

 ‘Israeli police in Jerusalem have been caught on video recently spraying East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhoods with a concoction they call “skunk spray”. The liquid is a mixture of sewage and rotting animal roadkill.

The result of the police hosing down neighborhoods, elementary schools and protesters with the mix is a putrid smell that seems almost impossible to get off or be around without inducing nausea. As a result, thousands of East Jerusalem children have been forced to stay home from school.’

Read more: Israeli Police Caught On Video Hosing ‘Sku


Overseas Chinese buying up mass Real Estate in U.S., Converting our debt to their ownership, and our new Landlords.



Since Obama took office our national debt has gone up 70% while Wall Street DJI hits new highs.  Our children have a future of debt servitude in store for them.


The Outstanding Public Debt as of 22 Nov 2014 at 05:38:40 PM GMT is:

$ 1 7 , 9 7 0 , 8 1 4 , 4 5 1 , 7 5 2 . 9 3

The estimated population of the United States is 319,461,665
so each citizen’s share of this debt is $56,253.43.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$2.43 billion per day since September 30, 2012!




Right out of V for Vendetta

DVLA pockets £25m in five years selling personal details of millions of motorists to parking enforcement firms

 ‘The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency has pocketed nearly £25million in five years selling sensitive personal details of millions of motorists to controversial parking enforcement firms.

The government quango passed on the private information of 8.7million drivers to dozens of companies so they could be pursued relentlessly over alleged unpaid fines.

The latest twist in the ‘cowboy’ parking scandal shows the agency even divulged names and addresses of innocent people to ‘rogue firms’ that they knew had been convicted of criminal offences.


The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy

(Anthrax. Made in America, used on Americans, by Americans. FACT!  Cheney used it on top Democrat leaders Daschle and Leahy because they would not originally sign off on the Patriot Act)

With The 2001 Anthrax Deception, Professor Graeme MacQueen, founding Director of the Center for Peace Studies at McMaster University, calls us back to a careful reconsideration of the anthrax attacks. It is an eloquent and pellucid lesson in inductive reasoning and deserves to stand with David Ray Griffin’s brilliant multi-volume dissection of the truth of that tragic September 11th. MacQueen makes a powerful case for the linkage of both events, a tie that binds both to insider elements deep within the U.S. government, perhaps in coordination with foreign elements.


how English Parliament works


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