December 16, 2014

’The most merciful thing in the world … is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents… The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality… That we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.’

– H. P. Lovecraft


Sight for sore eyes: ‘Maverick’ doctor who restored the vision of 100,000 people

It takes Sanduk Ruit about five minutes to change someone’s life. In that time, the Nepalese doctor can make a small incision in his patient’s eye, remove the cloudy cataract impairing her vision and replace it with an inexpensive artificial lens.

“Some of our younger surgeons even do it faster than that,” Ruit told CNN.For many patients, it’s the first time they’ve seen in years, if not decades.

In the past 30 years, Ruit has personally restored the sight of more than 100,000 people across Asia and Africa, and taught his rapid-fire technique to countless other eye surgeons in parts of the world as isolated as North Korea.


Here’s What Happens Now That American Farming’s Fat Years Are Over

This year, thanks to the taxpayers who were held down and fleeced by the latest farm bill, farmers will receive up to $5 billion in subsidies through a new model of crop insurance.

No matter how rich they are, they get paid if their crops fail or prices fall too far. The payouts “will certainly be much higher than the $2 billion in direct payments that farmers received last year”, says Vincent Smith of Montana University, who thinks crop farmers should buy their own insurance without subsidies.

Crop insurers will adjust rates to the new crop prices, so the crop-insurance bonanza won’t last for ever. Happily for farmers, they will still get subsidies through the commodity-insurance programme, another provision of the farm bill that protects farmers against “multi-year risk”.

Plenty of farmers also built up reserves during the boom years. The average wealth of a farm household is four to five times that of a non-farm household. At least 50 billionaires received farm subsidies between 1995 and 2002, according to the Environmental Working Group, a watchdog.



Only a few years ago, standard textbooks on astronomy and astrophysics gave no credence to this idea. The words “electricity,” “electric fields,” and “electric currents” will not be found in textbooks just a decade or two old. More recently such words began to enter the astronomers’ lexicon, largely through the back door, with the discovery of pervasive magnetic fields in space.

Magnetic fields in the severe vacuum of space are the signature of hidden electric currents, though this fact often remains obscure. The future holds promise of a much more balanced view of celestial mechanics that takes into account the electricity of space.

In January 2010, Erik Verlinde, professor ofTheoretical Physics and world-renowned string theorist, caused a worldwide stir with the publication of On the Origin of Gravity and the Laws of Newton, in which he challenged commonly held perceptions on gravity, going so far as to state ‘for me gravity doesn’t exist’. If he is proved correct, the consequences for our understanding of the universe and its origins in a Big Bang will be far-reaching.

“We think we understand gravity in most situations,” he says “but when we look at galaxies and, on much larger scales, at galaxy clusters, we see things happening that we don’t understand using our familiar equations, like Newton’s equation of gravity or even Einstein’s gravity.

So we have to assume there’s this mysterious form of matter, which we call dark matter, which we cannot see. Now dark energy is even weirder, in the sense that we don’t even know what it consists of. It’s something we can put in our equations to make things work, but there’s really a big puzzle to be solved in terms of why it’s there and what it’s made of. At present, we have not really found the right equations to describe it. There’s clearly progress to be made in terms of finding a better theory of gravity, and understanding what’s happening in our universe.”


A Conventional View of Forces in Physics

1. Nuclear forces keep the nucleons (protons and neutrons) together in the atomic nucleus. They are the dominating forces in the nucleus, but of no importance at large distances from it.

2a. Electric forces. A positive charge and negative charge attract each other, but similar charges repel. Electric forces keep the atoms together (“bind” the electrons to the nucleus). They are of a certain importance in the nucleus. At large distances electric forces are usually not so important because of a screening effect. For example, a positive charge attracts negative charges to its neighborhood so that they screen off the field from the positive charge.

2b. Magnetic forces are closely related to the electric forces. Because they cannot be screened very easily, they are efficient at larger distances than electric forces. Example: the Earth’s magnetic field.

3. Gravitation is much weaker than electric forces and therefore of no importance in the atom. As the gravitation cannot be screened, it is the dominating force at large distances. The orbits of the planets and the motions of stars and galaxies are ruled by gravitation.   – H. Alfvén

The consequences and possibilities in an Electric Universe are far-reaching. First we must acknowledge our profound ignorance!

  • We know nothing of the origin of the universe.
  • There was no Big Bang.
  • The visible universe is static and much smaller than we thought.
  • We have no idea of the age or extent of the universe.
  • We don’t know the ultimate source of the electrical energy or matter that forms the universe.
  • Galaxies are shaped by electrical forces and form plasma focuses at their centers, which periodically eject quasars and jets of electrons.
  • Quasars evolve into companion galaxies.
  • Galaxies form families with identifiable “parents” and “children”.
  • Stars are electrical ’transformers’ not thermonuclear devices.
  • There are no neutron stars or Black Holes.
  • We don’t know the age of stars because the thermonuclear evolution theory does not apply to them.
  • Supernovae are totally inadequate as a source of heavy elements.
  • We do not know the age of the Earth because radioactive clocks can be upset by powerful electric discharges. The powerful electric discharges that form a stellar photosphere create the heavy elements that appear in their spectra.
  • Stars “give birth” electrically to companion stars and gas giant planets.
  • Life is most likely to form inside the radiant plasma envelope of a brown dwarf star!
  • Our Sun has gained new planets, including the Earth. That accounts for the ’fruit-salad’ of their characteristics. It is not the most hospitable place for life since small changes in the distant Sun could freeze or sterilize the Earth.
  • Planetary surfaces and atmospheres are deposited during their birth from a larger body and during electrical encounters with other planets.
  • Planetary surfaces bear the electrical scars of such cosmic events.
  • The speed of light is not a barrier.
  • Real-time communication over galactic distances may be possible. Therefore time is universal and time travel is impossible.
  • Anti-gravity is possible.
  • Space has no extra dimensions in which to warp or where parallel universes may exist.
  • There is no “zero-point” vacuum energy.
  • The invisible energy source in space is electrical.
  • Clean nuclear power is available from resonant catalytic nuclear systems.
  • Higher energy is available from resonant catalytic chemical systems than in the usual chemical reactions.
  • Biological enzymes are capable of utilizing resonant nuclear catalysis to transmute elements.
  • Biological systems show evidence of communicating via resonant chemical systems, which may lend a physical explanation to the work of Rupert Sheldrake.
  • DNA does not hold the key to life but is more like a blueprint for a set of components and tools in a factory.
  • We may never be able to read the human genome and tell whether it represents a creature with two legs or six because the information that controls the assembly line is external to the DNA.
  • There is more to life than chemistry.

We are not hopelessly isolated in time and space on a tiny rock, orbiting an insignificant star in an insignificant galaxy. We are hopefully connected with the power and intelligence of the universe.

The future in an Electric Universe looks very exciting indeed!


Do you know anyone speaking to this truth about the decades, and centuries long, toxic future of our planet occurring each and everyday from this ongoing nightmare?

Deadly Fukushima radiation up 50,000% as elevated radiation levels seen across North America

Monday 15th December 2014 at 07:28 By David Icke

 ‘Beta radiation levels are off the charts at monitoring sites all across North America, according to new reports. But experts are blaming these radiation spikes on practically everything except for Fukushima.

Data gathered from tracking units in California, Arizona, Illinois and elsewhere reveal radiation levels up to 50,000 percent higher than what was observed at the same time last year, and in some cases compared to levels seen this past summer.’


Bank of America World Corporate HQ

Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

Like most elitist art, the frescoes on display at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, tell a story intended to be decoded by those in the know. The frescoes seem to depict three stages of world transformation – planning, chaos and achievement – and are color-coded to be analogous to the three stages of hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo (redness).  The frescoes beare many resemblances to the murals of the Denver International Airport, which also depict progressive phases of a profound transformation of society after a period of intense turmoil.

The first fresco displays a wide array of occult symbols, some directly referring to Freemasonry. This is quite astonishing as the painting is in the lobby of the headquarters of the United States’ most predominant bank and not in a Masonic lodge … but perhaps there is some overlap. Those who are “in the know” and initiated to the Mysteries are those who are qualified to accomplishing the planning process, which in this painting seem to be the men in suits, whose ties match the red and white checker-board floor, and who make plans for the future generation, represented by the blond Masonic boy.


Creepy UN Security Council Room Mural of Phoenix Rising From Its Ashes

The essence of the idea is to give an impression of light, security and joy. The world we see in the foreground is collapsing, while the new world based on based on clarity and harmony can be built up,’ explained Krogh himself in 1950, before adding;

‘Thus must the work of the UN and the Security Council provide the seeds for a new and more valuable life’.



United Nations Peacekeeper Soldiers Open Fire on Protesters in Haiti

Haitian police and UN peacekeepers have attacked protesters with live ammo and chemical agents as several thousand opposition supporters tried to march on the presidential palace, demanding new leadership. Clearly, UN peacekeepers aren’t used to protecting human rights.


The UN flag has an earth divided into 33 sectors, the number of the highest degree in Scottish freemasonry. Here’s my post on 33.


“Own the Weather, Own the Planet”

The Cast Of Criminals Who Purchased “The Weather Channel” For  $ 3.5 Billion

The Weather Channel Networks, the third-most-distributed cable network, seen in more than 97% of cable television homes in the U.S.; The Weather Channel Interactive, which includes, the nation’s leading weather website, with nearly 40 million unique visitors per month, and a leading mobile business; and Weather Services International, a global leader in weather forecasting, with more than 5,500 clients worldwide.



In order to hide the crimes of ecocide and genocide that are a direct result of the climate engineering assault on our planet, the globalists also needed to control the flow of information to the public that relates to the climate. Thus the purchase of “The Weather Channel” was necessary.

The Weather Channel and their cast of paid disinformation actors are tasked with covering up the completely engineered and unnatural climate anomalies that are now occurring constantly as the geoengineering programs are fully unleashed.

The “experts” from the Weather Channel engage in constant theater to paint whatever picture they told to paint (all of this theater is done between the constant stream of reality shows on “Weather Channel” that encompasses 60% of their current programing).

The WC “meteorologists” constantly explain away an endless list of climate engineered events and occurrences as if completely natural. Many of the Weather Channel’s background photos are actually skies filled with geoengineering aerosol clouds, this is part of their disinformation and conditioning campaign. So who are those behind the acquisition of “The Weather Channel”?


Conditioning the Herd…Chemtrails In Advertisement and Media Everywhere



I'm terrified of my new TV: Why I'm scared to turn this thing on -- and you'd be, too

I’m terrified of my new TV: Why I’m scared to turn this thing on —From facial recognition to personal data collection, this thing is downright scary — and so are the implications

I am now the owner of a new “smart” TV, which promises to deliver streaming multimedia content, games, apps, social media and Internet browsing. Oh, and TV too. The only problem is that I’m now afraid to use it. You would be too — if you read through the 46-page privacy policy.

The amount of data this thing collects is staggering. It logs where, when, how and for how long you use the TV. It sets tracking cookies and beacons designed to detect “when you have viewed particular content or a particular email message.” It records “the apps you use, the websites you visit, and how you interact with content.” It ignores “do-not-track” requests as a considered matter of policy.

It also has a built-in camera — with facial recognition. The purpose is to provide “gesture control” for the TV and enable you to log in to a personalized account using your face. On the upside, the images are saved on the TV instead of uploaded to a corporate server. On the downside, the Internet connection makes the whole TV vulnerable to hackers who have demonstrated the ability to take complete control of the machine.

More troubling is the microphone. The TV boasts a “voice recognition” feature that allows viewers to control the screen with voice commands. But the service comes with a rather ominous warning: “Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party.” Got that? Don’t say personal or sensitive stuff in front of the TV.

You may not be watching, but the telescreen is listening.



Afghanistan War: One Trillion Dollars

Hope + Change we can believe in = Priceless

Via: Financial Times:

The Afghanistan war, the longest overseas conflict in American history, has cost the US taxpayer nearly $1tn and will require spending several hundred billion dollars more after it officially ends this month, according to FT calculations and independent researchers.

Around 80 per cent of that spending on the Afghanistan conflict has taken place during the presidency of Barack Obama, who sharply increased the US military presence in the country after taking office in 2009.

The enormous bill for the 13-year conflict, which has never been detailed by the government, will add to the pervasive scepticism about the war in the US where opinion polls show a majority of Americans believe it was a bad idea



Remember these people we invaded and bombed and killed???

‘The US-NATO invasion of Libya in 2011 to remove Muammar Gaddafi for a government that would be subservient to Western interests has proven to be a disaster for North Africa and Europe. They have managed to destroy one of Africa’s wealthiest nations with the highest GDP per capita and less people living below the poverty line.

Libya also had the highest life expectancy than any other nation in the African continent before the US-NATO invasion which leads to my next point. There were more than 30,000 deaths, 50,000 injured and 4,000 missing in Libya during the 2011 civil war that lasted several months.

The West conveniently called it a “humanitarian intervention” for public relations, but the invasion was a “humanitarian disaster”. Manlio Dinucci’s article ‘The “Humanitarian War” against Libya: How the West Destroys Countries and Creates “Failed States’which can be found at Global Research explains the role played by Italy (a member state of NATO) in Libya. He wrote:’



The Day Israel Attacked America and our Leaders Stood Down

….and they did it with planes made in the U.S.A.~

In 1967, at the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, the Israeli Air Force launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean.

Israeli jet fighters hit the vessel with rockets, cannon fire and napalm, before three Israeli torpedo boats moved in to launch a second more devastating attack. Though she did not sink, the Liberty was badly damaged. Thirty-four US servicemen and civilian analysts were killed, another 171 were wounded.

Later Israel apologized for what it claimed to be a tragic case of mistaken identity. It said that it had believed the ship to be hostile Egyptian naval vessel. US President Lyndon Johnson was privately furious but publicly the White House chose not to challenge the word of its closest Middle East ally and accepted that the attack had been a catastrophic accident.


The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen


An interesting article comparing Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing was published by A.J. MacDonald, “Sandy Hook: Hoax or Truth?” He observed that, “The Boston bombing had everything Sandy Hook didn’t: video footage of the bombing, photos of the bombing, photos and videos of the wounded, and lots of blood.” But studies of the Boston bombing reveal the use of actors, fake blood and a staged sequence of events.

“The claim that Sandy Hook was a hoax”, he continues, “is founded upon the fact that we have no video of the shooter, no photos of the shooter, no video or photos of the victims, and no blood. And it seems to me that if lack of evidence is evidence of a hoax, then the Boston bombing isn’t a hoax. I’ve written on this subject before, and it boils down to epistemology, or answering the question: How do we know anything?”

But MacDonald only has it half-right: the absence of evidence counts as evidence only if the evidence that is absent should be present. And the presence of evidence only counts provided it is authentic rather than faked. When some evidence is on both sides, the challenge is to assess their respective weight on the basis of scientific principles of reasoning. Some cases, as we shall see, are easier to appraise than others.

Boston Bombing Hoax: Feds Admit No Evidence Tsarnaev Brothers Involved in the Slayings

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