Not Pretty and Nice News O’ Day; 11.19.16

The North Pole Is Now In A Death Spiral not good for humanity, not good at all. Empathy: Medicine for a Wounded World War on Cash Intensifies: Citibank to Stop Accepting Cash at Some Branches Less than a week after India’s surprise move to scrap its highest denomination cash notes, another front in the WarContinue reading “Not Pretty and Nice News O’ Day; 11.19.16”

Toxic World. Toxic Us. Mercury

Alarming Levels of Mercury Contamination Found Across Western North America ~ Asia is not to blame, it is the endless consumption of Americans, who use up more resources for their lifestyles than all others combined.  WE reap what we sow (and consume) Among the many disturbing findings are shocking accumulations of mercury in densely forestedContinue reading “Toxic World. Toxic Us. Mercury”

Toxic Algae Bloom Rapidily Taking Over Western States Water Supplies

toxic algae on beaches in China (2014) This is happening very, very fast and will only grow much worse as temperatures continue to soar. Distribution of HABs throughout the World Several decades ago relatively few countries appeared to be affected by HABs, but now most coastal countries are threatened, in many cases over large geographicContinue reading “Toxic Algae Bloom Rapidily Taking Over Western States Water Supplies”

One Day of News 6.22.16

May Marks 8th Consecutive Record Hot Month In NASA’s Global Temperature Measure May of 2016 was the warmest May since record keeping began for NASA 137 years ago. It is now the 8th record hot month in row. In other words, since October, every month has been the hottest such month ever recorded (October vsContinue reading “One Day of News 6.22.16”

The Diagram of Doom; Near Term Extinction Odds Just Greatly Increased

Record Temps everywhere and now due to mass methane releases, the 130X more toxic than C02 greenhouse methane gases has pushed up to 400 ppm.  A threshold that assures a continual feedback loop of melting Arctic and ever increasing greenhouse gas at the North Pole.  It generally takes 1 1/2 – 2 years before deadlyContinue reading “The Diagram of Doom; Near Term Extinction Odds Just Greatly Increased”

Bioengineered NanoFoods; A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry No One Know Anything About. For over 15 years dangerous and deadly bioengineered NanoFood has been taken over our commercial and corporate food supplies. Unregulated, untested, Nanotechnology was a $One Trillion dollar market in 2014 while Engineered NanoFoods was said to be at $5.8 Billion in 2012. The nanotechnology in foods has been found in studies to cause entryContinue reading “Bioengineered NanoFoods; A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry No One Know Anything About.”

Everything is Fake; It’s All A Lie

Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World Everything is fake in our society today – or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. The good thing though is that once youContinue reading “Everything is Fake; It’s All A Lie”

Die of Watch Daily; Another Huge Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Another Huge Spill in the Gulf of Mexico A leak from an undersea pipeline network operated by Royal Dutch Shell spilled nearly 90,000 gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico last week. The leak occurred about 90 miles off the Louisiana coast in the Glider Field near the company’s Brutus Tension-Leg Platform. The USContinue reading “Die of Watch Daily; Another Huge Spill in the Gulf of Mexico”

Let’s Be Honest; We’re All Screwed

  I seriously do not know what will wake up the sleeping sheeple.  I point out chemtrails to people and they simply say “I don’t believe it” or “they can’t control weather” or “they would never do this to us..” We are dying, our Earth is dying.  Being silent know is an act of CowardiceContinue reading “Let’s Be Honest; We’re All Screwed”

Sad News for All Fish in the Ocean, Sad News for Humanity, Truth Be Told

“Nearly Half Of The Great Barrier Reef To Die In The Next Month”, Abrupt Climate Shift Is Now Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the “7 wonders of the world”, nearly half of it is expected to die in the next month. Why? The 2 minute video below is a breaking news update from theContinue reading “Sad News for All Fish in the Ocean, Sad News for Humanity, Truth Be Told”