Who Founded and Owns Wash. D.C.?

Who Founded & Owns Washington D.C.? “Justitia Omnibus” =  “Just Us on the Bus”    “Columbia” is a name for the Goddess of Creation, War, Destruction, and the Underworld. She is also known as the goddess of death and pain, Persephone. She is the statue on top of the Capitol building called the Statue ofContinue reading “Who Founded and Owns Wash. D.C.?”

Bob Hope – Illuminati Pimp

https://web.archive.org/web/20120506055042/http://www.henrymakow.com:80/bob_hope_-_uso_mind_control_se.html Bob Hope’s work with the private “United Services Organization,” (USO) entertaining troops around the world, was part of the Illuminati’s MK-Ultra program. They used mind controlled sex slaves to convey messages, advance policies, and dispense sexual services to deserving generals. The bimbos that Hollywood has foisted on us as “stars” are largely mind-controlled playthings ofContinue reading “Bob Hope – Illuminati Pimp”

Baylor Football Team Gang Rapes at Christian University (Finally) Goes To Trial After Cover-Up; Penn State Cover up Gang Gets Wrist Slapped

Penn State Officials Get Slap on the Wrist for Covering Up Rampant Child Rape Published: June 3, 2017 Kenneth Starr, was the President of Christian Baylor University while systemic gang rapes, dogfights, academic fraud and sexual recruiting enticements occurred for years, is the same Republican high powered attorney who prosecuted in the Monica Lewinsky/ BillContinue reading “Baylor Football Team Gang Rapes at Christian University (Finally) Goes To Trial After Cover-Up; Penn State Cover up Gang Gets Wrist Slapped”

Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review

Hi Dear Readers who read this here and now. Thank you all who have supported this effort to alert, educate, and inform all to alternative thought and truths. It’s been quite the journey. I have been blessed to have just gone over 4 million views on my blogs and You Tube as to viewership numbers.Continue reading “Anniversary Thank You and a Favorable Review”

‘Project Walrus’ and the Murder of John Lennon

KILL THE MESSENGER: ‘Project Walrus’ and the Murder of John Lennon – By Alex Constantine “…Both the date of Lennon’s murder, and the careful selection of this particular victim are very important. Six weeks after Lennon’s death, Ronald Reagan would become President. Reagan and his soon-to-be appointed cabinet were prepared to build up the PentagonContinue reading “‘Project Walrus’ and the Murder of John Lennon”

Trump Nominates Pedo Pal for Labor Secretary

Alexander Acosta, Donald Trump’s Labor Nominee, Grilled on Secret Deal for Billionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein March 22, 2017, Newsweek http://www.newsweek.com/epstein-sex-offender-pedophile-acosta-trump-bill-clinton… A Florida mother first brought billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s peculiar caprices to the attention of Palm Beach police in 2005. Eventually, federal investigators and prosecutors built a case against Epstein … that involved 17 witnessesContinue reading “Trump Nominates Pedo Pal for Labor Secretary”

Jesuit Vows of Their Secret Societies

Revisionist History; The Jesuits founded America! As told by the Victors Clinton-Kaine’ Trump-Pence And The Jesuits Rulers Who Rule; Secret Societies, Freemasons and Knights of Malta The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church “When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel ofContinue reading “Jesuit Vows of Their Secret Societies”