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Ecophagy 101


Ecophagy is a term coined by Robert Freitas that means the literal consumption of an ecosystem. It derives from the Greek “οικος” (oikos) or Late Latin “oeco-“, which refers to a “house” or “household”, and Greek φᾰγεῖν phagein “to eat”

Freitas used the term to describe a scenario involving molecular nanotechnology gone awry. In this situation (called the grey goo scenario) out-of-control self-replicating nanorobots consume entire ecosystems, resulting in global ecophagy.
However, the word “ecophagy” is now applied more generally in reference to any event[dubious ] — nuclear war, the spread of monoculture, massive species extinctions — that might fundamentally alter the planet. Scholars suggest that these events might result in ecocide in that they would undermine the capacity of the Earth’s biological population to repair itself. Others suggest that more mundane and less spectacular events — the unrelenting growth of the human population, the steady transformation of the natural world by human beings — will eventually result in a planet that is considerably less vibrant, and one that is, apart from humans, essentially lifeless. These people believe that the current human trajectory puts us on a path that will eventually lead to ecophagy. In the paper in which Freitas coined the term he wrote:[1]

Perhaps the earliest-recognized and best-known danger of molecular nanotechnology is the risk that self-replicating nanorobots capable of functioning autonomously in the natural environment could quickly convert that natural environment (e.g., “biomass”) into replicas of themselves (e.g., “nanomass”) on a global basis, a scenario usually referred to as the “grey goo problem” but perhaps more properly termed “global ecophagy”.


History is a set of lies agreed upon.  Napoleon

“Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe” — Inscription on the Greek temple at Delphi

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ C.G. Jung

First, some good news….

“Our Water, Our Future”: Voters in Oregon Defeat Nestlé’s Attempt to Privatize Their Water

In Hood River County, Oregon, voters recently passed a precedent-setting ballot initiative that will protect the community’s water from industrial bottling operations. Organizers say they built a bipartisan campaign, resulting in nearly 70 percent of voters supporting the ban on commercial bottling in the county. Blue yard signs bearing the words “Yes on 14-55: Our Water, Our Future” dotted lawns throughout Hood River County, Oregon, in the run-up to the primary election held on May 17. Just as many of these signs appeared to share a lawn with a Cruz or Trump yard sign as with a Clinton or Sanders sign. The issue that brought conservatives and progressives together in this way was clear-cut: keeping Nestlé Waters North America from building a water bottling plant and extracting over 118 million gallons annually from a spring in a small, rural community 45 miles east of Portland.

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Mendocino County, CA. Makes History and Passes Law Establishing Local Self-Governance

College Students Win $10,000 Prize for Gloves that Translate Sign Language


Dagga Flower: “Wild Cannabis” of the East

Schisandra Vines

Schisandra is being used by western herbalists as an overall tonic and restorative herb for various deficient and weak conditions in the body. It can be used in combination with other herbs for chronic stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, poor memory, depression, night sweats and involuntary sweating. The berries help regulate blood sugar levels and improve overall stamina and endurance. They are helpful when used with milk thistle seed and turmeric root for preventing or treating liver damage caused by industrial solvents, pharmaceutical medications, recreational drugs, alcohol, and some viruses, including hepatitis B.

Some clinical studies done by Chinese researchers have shown that the berries improve brain efficiency while at the same time calming the central nervous system. When taken over several weeks as an adaptogen (a substance that helps the body adapt to stresses), Schisandra helps improve energy levels, reduces tiredness, and improves the immune system’s response, making it a valuable tonic for many people, particularly those coming into their 40s, 50s and sixties.


CDC says 157 pregnant women in U.S. test positive for Zika

Some 157 pregnant women in the United States and another 122 in U.S. territories have tested positive for infection with the Zika virus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday.


Yes, GMOs Are Safe (Another Major Study Confirms)

Record Heat Wave Set In India:  124 Degrees

The CFR Celebrity Globalist, Angelina Jolie appointed as professor at the London School of Economics

She is an Oscar winning actress, a political campaigner and now Angelina Jolie Pitt can add academic to her list of roles. The Hollywood star has been appointed a visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), one of Britain’s most prestigious universitie

World Famous Yale Ethics Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Actor Elijah Wood Blows the Whistle on Massive Hollywood Pedophile Scandal

Bill Cosby Admits to Sex with Teenagers, Paying Off Alleged Victims in

Judge finds officer not guilty on all charges related to Freddie Gray death

A judge delivered a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Baltimore, Maryland police officer for crimes related to the death of black arrestee Freddie Gray last year. Gray’s death triggered demonstrations and riots in the majority-black city. The verdict was delivered on Monday morning by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams.

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases in every age group except older adults. The rise was particularly steep for women. It was also substantial among middle-aged Americans, sending a signal of deep anguish from a group whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s. The suicide rate for middle-aged women, ages 45 to 64, jumped by 63 percent over the period of the study, while it rose by 43 percent for men in that age range, the sharpest increase for males of any age. The overall suicide rate rose by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the study on Friday.

Two-Thirds of U.S. Would Struggle to Cover $1,000 Crisis

Two-thirds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency, according to an exclusive poll released Thursday, a signal that despite years of recovery from the Great Recession, Americans’ financial conditions remain precarious as ever.

These financial difficulties span all income levels, according to the poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Seventy-five percent of people in households making less than $50,000 a year would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill. But when income rose to between $50,000 and $100,000, the difficulty decreased only modestly to 67 percent.

Even for the country’s wealthiest 20 percent — households making more than $100,000 a year — 38 percent say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.

“The more we learn about the balance sheets of Americans, it becomes quite alarming,” said Caroline Ratcliffe, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute focusing on poverty and emergency savings issues.

The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home

In 2015, the United States spent more on its war machine than the next six countries combined, with a total of $596 billion spent on military expenditures. This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with roughly $602 billion slated to be spent on military programs and armaments in the 2017 budget. To put this amount in perspective, the U.S. spent more on its military than the next six nations combined, with China coming in second at $215 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia at $87 billion, Russia at $66 billion, with the United Kingdom, India and France spending roughly $50 billion each on defense expenses.

And a new term is born

the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President, put forth by either party in the 2016 election year.

Techitis: Constantly Using Smartphones Causing Widespread Health Problems

Our relationships with our smartphones: for some, it’s attachment, for others, it’s addiction. Several new studies show how the devices might be impacting our health. Terms like ‘text-neck’ and ‘screen-sightedness’ didn’t exist several years ago. But, the lingo is becoming more commonplace among medical professionals.

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds – from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

Western Culture is built around ideals of individual choice and freedom. Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make “free” choices, while we ignore how we’re manipulated upstream by limited menus we didn’t choose.

This is exactly what magicians do. They give people the illusion of free choice while architecting the menu so that they win, no matter what you choose. I can’t emphasize how deep this insight is.

Microsoft Creates Smart Mirror That Reads Your Emotions, Shows the Weather

Microsoft has recently presented the company’s latest smart product, a mirror that can read your emotions and display content from the web, including the weather forecast and news

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And Now……Amazon Groceries Delivered by Drone!?!

screenshot-www bloomberg com 2016-04-08 11-25-17

Out on the Left Coast of California, Central Valley Farmers were told they once again, three years in a row, are only getting little to no water for their farmlands, even though there was decent snow off the mountains.

Two years ago, the truly evil Cerebus Captial Management bought Safeway.

Now Amazon is going hard core into online retail delivery, just as it rolls out its drones, as driveless cars are set to become mainstream in just a couple of years.

 So, will we be secluded in our homes and not traveling or going anywhere, with food and necessities being delivered by Amazon drone because we are all now ordered under Martial Law to be “Sheltered in Place”?



Just Wandering???

Why Monsanto’s 25% Fall in Profits is Not Good News at All

Monsanto Profit Falls 25% As Farmers Continue To Cut Back On Spending

The general public is lead to believe that Monsanto, along with Pioneer Hybrid, et. al, are the evil empire of food that causes illness to the many and must be stopped.

They could not be more mislead, as per usual.

What you see, hear and read about in the right hand is not what is critical to understand with the hidden, unknown left hand of the great deceptive practices of Big Marketing (mind control)

Please understand that you never hear about marketing companies. Why? Because it is all about mass mind control technologies.  For decades and decades and decades (see MKULTRA), billions and billions have been spent each and every year to study the space behind your eyes and between your ears. What do you think they have learned about how to  manipulate and control human behavior over such a long period of time.

(‘make them think that what they are doing is free will, but in reality they do exactly what we want them to do, say and act, truth be told.  baaaaaaaaa”)

 What most, if not all, do not realize, or are aware, that Agricultural commodity prices are falling not due to demand, but due to the abilities of Nano Technology, and their self replicating nano bots, to produce synthetic food in the labs much more cheaply.

With nano technology that can fool your taste buds to like something artificial, to extended life on food products, to the complete gene altering of foods, at much lower production costs than farmers can produce we are at the intersection of Orwell meets Brave New World.

The other very, very important point to note is that their is ZERO, as in NO, regulatory overstite on how ingrained (pun intended) nano technology is in our everyday consumption of not only conventional, but organic foods where the FDA and USDA have taken public stances of solely the “Advisory” kind.

Additionally, we cannot even get our food companies to label their foods with what is being done to them. Nanotechnology is a $1 Trillion + business, and has been in over 800 products since the year 2000!!!

Please share with all, we need to step up awareness or the Synthetic Human will/has become in all with completely unknown consequences to our future health and well being.  Only by growing your own food, or partnering with a local organic farmer can you be sure you are not being contaminated with Nanobot Foods.

Please understand that the invasive technology today is not seen, but inhaled through smart dust delivered from our skies to nanoengineered biofoods delivered orally. That is their transhuman agenda, along with getting all to be so self Narcissistic with “Selfies” and “Facebook” and “My Space” and being Twits (as in Tweets, like your a bird?). they got us focused on only ourselves, head down, tap, tap, tap while our lives are being destroyed by Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Nanotech and Big Brother.

What a friggin’ sick, sick world we live in today, what will it be for our children if we don’t change, post haste!?!

Foods to Purge Heavy Metal Toxins in Your Body


I would add to this list Kombucha and Hemp oil.

6 Potent Superfoods to Detox Heavy Metals from Your Body and Mind

With Geoengineering uptake of “smart dust” containing vast amount of heavy metals like aluminum, barium, self replicating nanobots and the like, it is imperative to purge our systems of heavy metal toxins, especially in our children, whose immune systems are so severely compromised these days.


Chipolte Restaurant Attacked for Going Non-GMO???

“Our perception of who we believe is in power makes all the difference. To the extent we believe the president and world’s political leaders are in power (or those secretly controlling them), we are then at their mercy. If, however, we know that the real power lies deep within each one of us, then we become unstoppable co-creators of the world in which we live.”  ~~  Fred Burks

They won’t even tell us what is in our foods and Bionengineered NanoFoods is so far off everyone’s radar that most don’t even know it has been in our foods since 2000. (see below). They do not want us healthy but sickly and in need of medical attention from cradle to grave.  It’s that simple.  Congress is even set to make it illegal to disclose GMO’s in our foods. All you that vote, please take note what your “representatives” that you can never see, never talk to, and never, ever know your POV is doing to our children to keep them sickly.

Federal investigation underway for Chipotle sabotage

You may remember that last year Chipotle was the first restaurant chain to announce that it would phase out the use of genetically modified foods, also known as “G.M.O.’s”. Shortly thereafter, and quite mysteriously, an E. coli outbreak was reported, across fourteen states, from Washington to Pennsylvania, and only in Chipotle restaurants. According the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (C.D.C.), the odds of an E. coli outbreak crossing a single state line is only three percent, as restaurants generally buy their produce and meat regionally for freshness. The likelihood of an E. coli outbreak crossing fourteen state lines, coast to coast, is probably a small fraction of one percent. Additionally, as many restaurant chains use produce and meat from the same sources, it is probably a fraction of a fraction of one percent that such a nationwide E. coli outbreak would only affect one restaurant and not any others.

After six months of thorough investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.), the C.D.C., fourteen state and local Health Departments, as well as scientists hired by Chipotle themselves, all have independently concluded that there is not a single traceable source of E. coli from any Chipotle restaurant, in any food ingredient, preparatory surface, or piece of equipment. Literally thousands of individual tests were conducted on the all the foods, on all the kitchen surfaces, and on all the appliances at the suspect Chipotles, and no trace whatsoever of E. coli was found in any restaurant or food ingredient. The C.D.C. being unable to trace the source of a restaurant’s food poisoning, after thousands of tests and half a year of effort, has never happened before in the entire history of the organization.

Monsanto Is Suing California For Telling People The Truth About Its Chemicals

Millions For GMO Propaganda: The Amount Of Money Spent To Keep You In The DARK Will Astound You

Please View:

Has Alt. Media Gone PC?

see no evil

Yesterday, I called out 30 Atl News websites as to why they will not/do not cover Flat Earth subject matter. The response was silence except for Zen Gardner, who has the balls and class to publish FE topics and wrote back personally.

All 30 websites i sent private emails to have published some of my work previously

And what about all the other very important subject matter that Alt news won’t “go there” as well???

These personal views are meant to provoke discussion as to how far down the rabbit hole much respected Alt News services are willing to cover subjects that most are unaware of and stretch the bounds of known credibility to most.

Yet, the subjects listed, and written/blogged about below largely remained severely under reported and/or ignored all together by such respected Alternative News websites.


Such as:

  1. Flat Earth

  2. Bioengineered Nano Foods; much worse than GMO’s

  3. Nano Bots, Smart Dust, Touchless Torture and Targeted Individuals

  4. U.S.A. A Private, for-profit, Corporation since 1871

  5. Child Pedophilia, Presidents, Popes, Priests and British Royalty

  6. U.S. Presidents All Related by Bloodlines

  7. Jesuits not Jews The True Rulers of Evil

  8. NASA; A Military Operation Began by the Dept. of Defense

  9. Geoengineering the Extinction of Sentient Life on Earth

NO Labeling for Grass Fed Beef Now

As if it is not enough that they will not disclose or label if GMO’s, chemicals, dyes, BioengineeredNano particules, aspartme, pink slime, cloned, irradiated and/or other lab created processes are in our foods, now they let the ranchers make up their own marketing as to how to label beef.

As well, as new rules/laws by USDA stating that other countries do not have tell what is in the food being brought into the U.S.

FIRE THE USDA. GROW YOUR OWN.  It’s the only way you will know what is in the food you eat.

Grass-Fed Label For Meat – Gone!

Last week, the USDA announced it would be withdrawing its standard for the grass-fed meat label. The agency is giving producers who used the grass-fed label thirty days to (1) convert the current “grass-fed” standard, in which 99% of the animal’s feed must be from grass or forage, into their own private standard; (2) use some other “recognized grass-fed standard,” or else (3) develop a new, voluntary, grass-fed standard—whatever the company decides is fine with the USDA.

All of this is being implemented through the USDA’s Process Verified Program (PVP). As others have pointed out, PVP is not an inspection program intended to hold producers accountable to their claims, but rather a marketing program that allows producers to make their own claims about their products and slap a USDA logo on the label.

This is the same program that allows Perdue Foods, for example, to market their chickenas being “Humanely Raised,” “Raised Cage Free,” on an “All-Vegetarian Diet,” or with “No Animal By-Products.” The “Humanely Raised” label was such a sham that it drove a Perdue chicken farmer to start a campaign to stop the USDA from putting their stamp of approval on the company’s meat because consumers were, in the farmer’s words, being “hoodwinked.”


So if producers can create their own standard and call their product “grass-fed,” and if there are no labeling regulations, it could contain 80%, or even 50%, and the rest grain-fed. There is just no way to know.


make sure to see how Bioengineered Nanofoods are in our foods as well.

More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret!

Touchless Torture. Target Humanity. Very Important

Full page photo

I will be breaking this new vid/doc down into 9 chapters of 20 min, or so, lenghts.  Please access show notes for further research and information. 

Published on Jan 17, 2016

What does Billions upon Billions spent by our government on brain mapping the human mind, psychotronic touchless torture, targeted individuals, self-replicating nano-bots, nano fibers, Morgellons disease, smart dust, geoengineering, scalar waves, GWEN towers, Dwave Quantum super computers, Black goo, Gray Goo, Goo-gle and Archons have in common?

They are all being used together for a mass mind control agenda using wireless remote brain mapping to be able to override one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions from anywhere in the world, anytime using smart dust released from geoengineering smart dust carrying planes released into the air to enter our bodies with sub atomic particulate matter. This is the ultimate mind control technology where machines are taking control of human minds around the world since at least the mid 1970’s to the point where we are all Phase I affected and many TI’s (targeted individuals) are Phase II where voices are inside your head, body functions are controlled remotely and lives are ruined to the pt. that some TI’s commit suicide to escape the torture.

Ch I Intro Touchless Techno Torture 3:14
Ch II Nano Bot Smart Dust Chips 27:29
Ch III Remote MInd Games 48:25
Ch IV AI 109:31
Ch V The Wine Test 130:13
Ch VI Remote Torture Devices 149:25
Ch VII Black Goo 208:20
Ch VIII The Archons 232:43
Ch IV Final Testament 246.12


US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust…

Rachel (Black Goo)…

NASA Future of War 2025…
Data Assylum TI’s

Researcher Links AI, Geoengineering, Smart Dust & Morgellons…

How Smart Dust Could Spy On Your Brain…

Microchips that mimic the brain: Novel microchips imitate the brain’s information processing in real time…

Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Duncan……

One Day of Alt News. 1.14.16

How White People Perverted the Swastika

Signified: the word swastika comes from Sanskrit and literally means ‘well-being’.

It describes a lucky object or a mark denoting good luck. The symbol appears in many ancient cultures with different meanings attributed to it: image of the supreme god, solar symbol, symbol of fire, union of the male and female sex, harmony. It is a historical sacred symbol in Eastern Religions. In Buddhism swastika represents eternity and it appears on the chest of some statues of Buddha. In Hinduism it represents Sun’s rays, upon which life depends. As well in Christianity swastika is used as a hooked version of a Christian Cross and appears in many ornaments and church decoration.

The swastika was adopted as a symbol of National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP or the Nazi Party) in 1920, and in the 1930s, after Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, it became a commonly used symbol of Nazi Germany. It was during the Second World War when in many cultures worldwide the connoted meaning of swastika changed. From the universal genuine sign it suddenly became a racist ‘Aryan’ emblem, a symbol of the Nazis and their atrocities. “The Nazi movement has become such a strong sign that many of the cultural signs to which it linked itself were retooled to be entirely identified with that movement. This re-purposing affected the swastika.”

while tens of millions in the U.S. are starving and lack healthy food in the country that funds them…

U.S. Pays Almost $5 Billion to Dead and AWOL Afghan Soldiers

Afghan forces are struggling to man the front lines against a resurgent Taliban, in part because of untold numbers of “ghost” troops who are paid salaries but only exist on paper. The nationwide problem has been particularly severe in the southern Helmand province, where the Taliban have seized vast tracts of territory in the 12 months since the U.S. and NATO formally ended their combat mission and switched to training and support.
~ Millions of laws, codes, statutes, violations, infractions, etc. with thousands added at the Fed, State and Local levels each year….and IGNORANCE of the law is no excuse in the eyes of the courts!….when did we learn theses laws?  in schools?  No way. So how are we supposed to know them???
New Effects felt of TPP passage….pink slime, antibiotics, steroids, inhumane animal treatment and slaughter, GMO alflafa and now foreign countries don’t have to disclose what is in the meat….Big Pharma is drooling at all the profits from all the diseases coming….….and the tens of billions of our tax money in the U.S. spent on unlabeled, unknown, irradiated, dyed, chemically altered, Bioengineered Nanofood where the the U.S. leads the world in child obesity and 1/4 children have allergies, ADHD, autism and/or asthma……

Mystery Meat: After WTO Ruling, U.S. Tosses Meat Origin Labeling Law, Leaving Consumers in the Dark

In December, Congress passed a spending bill that included a repeal of a law requiring meat to be labeled with its country of origin. The repeal of the legislation came after the World Trade Organization threatened to impose billion-dollar sanctions against the United States, saying the label law violated trade deals. According to Lori Wallach of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, this type of infringement is just the beginning if the Trans-Pacific Partnership is approved.

Earth Is Losing Farmland At An Alarming Rate

can you say Nano Bioengineered Nano “Food”

More Dangerous than GMO’s! ~ BioEngineered NanoFoods ~ but Shhh It’s a Secret!

Taiwan Bans GMOs in Schools, Mandates Strict Label Laws

January 13th, 2016

Via: EcoWatch:

Taiwan has banned schools across the nation from serving GMOs to students, citing health and safety concerns.

On Dec. 14, 2015, Taiwanese legislature passed amendments to the School Health Act to stamp out raw genetically modified ingredients as well as processed food containing GMOs.

The ban affects cafeterias and food stands in every elementary school, middle school and high school in Taiwan, The China Post reported. Schools have traditionally served food products such as soybeans, corn, salmon, tofu and soy milk that contain GMOs.


It’s a Selection, not an Election, besides voters do not “elect” Presidents, the Electoral College does (how many Americans know this?)

Who’s Funding the 2016 Election? Mostly, We’ll Never Know.

Dark money groups have spent $143 million on the 2016 U.S. presidential election since last July—nearly four times as much as the candidates’ own campaigns, Politico reported in a new analysis on Tuesday. The origins of most of that funding will never be revealed, while some of it will be made public at midnight on January 31, just hours before the Iowa caucuses, writes Politico‘s chief investigative reporter Kenneth P. Vogel.

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