Government Mind Control Techniques; Word Memes

The TV/Ipad/”Smart” Phone Broadcasts, the Sheeple intake, the Meme is implanted to command, control and guide the society in the direction that our Ovelord Enlsavers wish…..Look how they got the “Trump” meme in everyones daily conversation…read how Google search can influence “election” voting… Our controllers have spent billions and billions of dollars each year, ofContinue reading “Government Mind Control Techniques; Word Memes”

Origins of Our Deceptive & Deceiving Language

Did you notice that the term words is an anagram for the term sword? Switch the letter “s” in the term words to the front and you get the term sword. Words are like swords because they can be used to harm you. In a way, words are more powerful than swords for the reason that they can harm or healContinue reading “Origins of Our Deceptive & Deceiving Language”