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Bolshevik Revolution; 30 Million Murdered; Created in Bronx, NY

Did you know that both Lenin and Trotsky were groomed for the take over  coup of Russia in 1917 from the Czar backed by U.S. bankers, and $5 Million in gold, with full compliance with Britain, Germany, Austria, and  of course, The  Vatican?

In 1918 Fraina was responsible for the first post-revolutionary collection of the writings of V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky to be published in the United States.[11] The book, entitled The Proletarian Revolution in Russia, gave English-speaking readers their first glimpse at the ideas of the Russian Communist Party and spurred the desire for emulation on the part of many American radicals.[11]

Leon Trotsky[a] (/ˈtrɒtski/;[1] Russian: Лев Дави́дович Тро́цкий; pronounced [ˈlʲɛf ˈtrotskʲɪj] ( listen); born Lev Davidovich Bronstein;[b] 7 November [O.S. 26 October] 1879 – 21 August 1940) was a Marxist revolutionary and theorist, Soviet politician, and the founding leader of the Red Army.

Trotsky initially supported the Menshevik Internationalists faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party. He joined the Bolsheviks immediately prior to the 1917 October Revolution, and eventually became a leader within the Communist Party. He was, alongside Lenin, Zinovie

He arrived in New York City on 13 January 1917. He stayed for nearly three months at 1522 Vyse Avenue in The Bronx. In New York he wrote articles for the local Russian language socialist newspaper, Novy Mir, and the Yiddish-language daily, Der Forverts (The Jewish Daily Forward), in translation. He also made speeches to Russian émigrés. He was officially earning some $15 a week.[citation needed]

Trotsky was living in New York City when the February Revolution of 1917 overthrew Tsar Nicholas II. He left New York on 27 March, but his ship, the SS Kristianiafjord, was intercepted by British naval officials in Canada at Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was detained for a month at Amherst Internment Camp in Nova Scotia. After initial hesitation, the Russian foreign minister Pavel Milyukov demanded the release of Trotsky as a Russian citizen, and the British government freed him on 29 April.

…And that they were seeded with $5 Million in Gold to finance the coup that would lead to between 10-50 million Russians slaughtered over the next few decades.

WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION; The NY Times Reporter man who missed reporting on the murder of 20 million people
…that the Vatican had handlers for Joseph Lenin while he ruled over Russia

...where massive U.S. GM and Ford Factories were built in Gorksy, Russia in the 1930’s that made trucks and vehicles used to attack and kill allies during WWII while the auto makers profited handsomely?

Dancing under the Red Star: An American survivor of the Soviet gulag

..That President Bushes Grandfather, Prescott Bush, was charged by Congress with the “Trading with the Enemies” Act getting into WWII

How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power

…and financed by bankers blood related, named Warburg, who ran both the Federal Reserve Bank and Germany’s Reicthstag Bank

Who Financed Adolf Hitler?

…Where IBM provided computers to count Prisoners with during WWII

How IBM Helped Automate the Nazi Death Machine

…and Rockefellers Standard Oil of New Jersey provided the critical “anti-knock” additive for jet fuel to keep the German Nazi planes flying.

 “The Treason Of Rockefeller Standard Oil

…and Coca Cola changed their brand name to Fanta so that they could continue to sell product

The Truth in the Tale About Fanta and Nazis

..and than the Vatican was controlling both sides of the War in complete alliance controlling Hitler from the very beginning.

WWII “Hitlerism” and The Vatican/Jesuit Creation Thereof

…and at the wars end the U.S., with full compliance from Britian, allowed over 1 million war torn, homeless women, children and elderly to die in post war Germany death camps where General Eisenhower changed the POW status to DEF (Detained Enemy Force) so that RED Cross supplies of food, clothing and medical would not be required of the prisoners.

Holohoax & Hellstorm; Great Lies of WWII well as deliver over 4 million Russians who fled to Germany when WWII broke out, back to “Uncle Joe” Stalin in 1945, in sealed, locked car trains to meet certain death or imprisonment in Siberia.

Operation Keelhaul; Untold American/British Genocide

…and that the Vatican gave “Vatican Passports” to the Nazi High Command to escape Germany before the allies destoryed it through “Operation Paperclip”.

Operation Paperclip

…where the worst of the Nazi German scientists then came to run NASA,

Nazi Scientists Helped US Space Program

…establish MKULTRA Mind Kontrol programs and be installed as CEO of companies like Bayer Pharmaceuticals?

Project Paperclip: Mother of MK-ULTRA

And how the Vatican, and Society of Jesuits have Control of the Whole World

How the Roman Catholic Church Claimed Ownership of the Entire World

Nah, just all made up. Go back to sleep. History is in no need of revision. They got it right the first time…

A Woman Rides the Beast; Jesuitism and the Book of Revelation

Mind Control Slave Kate Perry Rides the Beast in Super Bowl 49

A Woman Rides the Beast; Revelations 17:4

Click to access A-Woman-Rides-the-Beast-by-Dave-Hunt.pdf

A woman rides the beast, and that woman is a city built on seven hills that reigns over the kings of the earth! Was ever in all of history such a statement made? John immediately equates the readers’ acceptance of this revelation with “wisdom.” We dare not pass over such a disclosure casually. It merits our careful and prayerful attention.

Here is no mystical or allegorical language but an unambiguous statement in plain words: “The woman … is that great city.” There is no justification for seeking some other hidden meaning. Yet books have been written and sermons preached insisting that “Mystery Babylon” is the United States. That is clearly not the case, for the United States is a country, not a city. One might justifiably refer to the United States as Sodom, considering the honor now given to homosexuals, but it is definitely not the Babylon that John sees in this vision. The woman is a city.

Furthermore, she is a city built on seven hills. That specification eliminates ancient Babylon. Only one city has for more than 2000 years been known as the city on seven hills. That city is Rome. The Catholic Encyclopedia states: “It is within the city of Rome, called the city of seven hills, that the entire area of Vatican State proper is now confined.”1


There are, of course, other cities, such as Rio de Janeiro, that were also built on seven hills. Therefore, John provides at least seven more characteristics to limit the identification to Rome alone. We will examine each one in detail in subsequent chapters. However, as a preview of where we are going, we will list them now and discuss each one briefly. As we shall see, there is only one city on the earth which, in both historical and contemporary perspectives, passes every test John gives, including its identification as Mystery Babylon. That city is Rome, and more specifically, Vatican City.

Even Catholic apologist Karl Keating admits that Rome has long been known as Babylon. Keating claims that Peter’s statement “The church here in Babylon … sends you her greeting” (from I Peter 5:13) proves that Peter was writing from Rome. He explains further:

“Babylon is a code word for Rome. It is used that way six times in the last book of the Bible [four of the six are in chapters 17 and 18 and in extrabiblical works such as Sibylling Oracles (5, 159f.), the Apocalypse of Baruch (ii, 1), and 4 Esdras (3:1).
Eusebius Pamphilius, writing about 303, noted that “it is said that Peter’s first epistle… was composed at Rome itself; and that he himself indicates this, referring to the city figuratively as Babylon.”2

As for “Mystery,” that name imprinted on the woman’s forehead is the perfect designation for Vatican City. Mystery is at the very heart of Roman Catholicism, from the words “Mysterium fide” pronounced at the alleged transformation of the bread and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ to the enigmatic apparitions of Mary around the world. Every sacrament, from baptism to extreme unction, manifests the mysterious power which the faithful must believe the priests wield, but for which there is no visible evidence. Rome’s new Catechism explains that liturgy “aims to initiate souls into the mystery of Christ (It is ‘mystagogy.’)” and that all of the Church’s liturgy is “mystery.”3

Who Is the Whore?

The first thing we are told about the woman is that she is a “whore” (Revelation 17:1), that earthly kings “have committed fornication” with her (verse 2), and that “all the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication” (verse 3). Why would a city be called a whore and be accused of having committed fornication with kings? Such an indictment would never be made of London or Moscow or Paris—or any other ordinary city. It wouldn’t make sense.

Fornication and adultery are used in the Bible in both the physical and the spiritual sense. Of Jerusalem God said, “How is the faithful city become a harlot!” (Isaiah 1:21). Israel, whom God had set apart from all other peoples to be holy for His purposes, had entered into unholy, adulterous alliances with the idol-worshiping nations about her. She had “committed adultery with stones and with stocks [idols]” (Jeremiah 3:9); “and with their idols have they committed adultery” (Ezekiel 23:37). The entire chapter of Ezekiel 16 explains lsrael’s spiritual adultery in detail, both with heathen nations and with their false gods, as do many other passages.

There is no way that a city could engage in literal, fleshly fornication. Thus we can only conclude that John, like the prophets in the Old Testament, is using the term in its spiritual sense. The city, therefore, must claim a spiritual relationship with God. Otherwise such an allegation would be meaningless.

Though it is built on seven hills, there would be no reason to accuse Rio de Janeiro of spiritual fornication. It makes no claim of having a special relationship with God. And though Jerusalem has that relationship, it cannot be the woman riding on the beast, for it is not built on seven hills. Nor does it meet the other criteria by which this woman is to be identified.

Against only one other city in history could a charge of fornication be leveled. That city is Rome, and more specifically Vatican City. She claims to have been the worldwide headquarters of Christianity since its beginning and maintains that claim to this day. Her pope enthroned in Rome claims to be the exclusive representative of God, the vicar of Christ. Rome is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, and in that too she is unique.

Numerous churches, of course, are headquartered in cities, but only one city is the headquarters of a church. The Mormon Church, for example, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, but there is much more to Salt Lake City than the Mormon Church. Not so with Vatican City. It is the heartbeat of the Roman Catholic Church and nothing else. She is a spiritual entity that could very well be accused of spiritual fornication if she did not remain true to Christ.

In Bed with the Rulers

Not only does Rome’s pope call himself the vicar of Christ, but the Church he heads claims to be the one true Church and the bride of Christ. Christ’s bride, whose hope is to join her Bridegroom in heaven, is to have no earthly ambitions. Yet the Vatican is obsessed with earthly enterprise, as history proves; and in furtherance of these goals it has been, exactly as John foresaw in his vision, engaged in adulterous relationships with the kings of the earth. That fact is acknowledged even by Catholic historians.

Continue reading A Woman Rides the Beast; Jesuitism and the Book of Revelation

The Anti-God Gene….Pentagon’s “FunVax”: Anti-Religion Vaccine; Documents, Video Reveal Aerial Vaccination Agenda/Plan

(~ Ed. Do not think for one second this decade old technology is NOT being used on Us as well to keep us from attaining higher consciousness and keeping the sheeple dumb, numb and mentally confined.

  It is the stated goal of the Society of Jesus, Jesuits, to annihilate all other religions but Roman Catholicism. Jesuit Priest Fr. Xavier created the word Vaccine, fyi. (here.)


God Gene

The God gene hypothesis proposes that a specific gene (VMAT2) predisposes humans towards spiritual or mystic experiences. 

The God gene hypothesis is based on a combination of behavioral genetic, neurobiological and psychological studies. The major arguments of the hypothesis are:

(1) spirituality can be quantified by psychometric measurements;

(2) the underlying tendency to spirituality is partially heritable;

(3) part of this heritability can be attributed to the gene VMAT2;[1]

(4) this gene acts by altering monoamine levels; and

(5) spiritual individuals are favored by natural selection because they are provided with an innate sense of optimism, the latter producing positive effects at either a physical or psychological level.

FunVax: Anti-Religion Vaccine
Pentagon Video, Document, Reveal Aerial Vaccination Plan

You cannot make up this shit. Truth is stranger than fiction. We are all under attack from so many known and unknown sources.  This aerial administered “Fun” vaccine courtesy of the Pentagon (using U.S. taxpayer dollars) is using aerial virus’ to keep all from accessing higher consciousness and connection to source.  They are literally spraying us from the skies with vaccines to keep us dumb, numb and unable to become what we truly are. …

Pure Enlightened Consciousness as Co-Creator’s of this one Uni-verse comprised of many, many verses. (think crystal diamond body form. Diamonds are formed through heat, time and tremendous pressure).

Additionally, the video above by Pentagon official states that food and water deliveries of the “Anti-God” Gene is also viable and usable on the unsuspecting masses.

“In non-conflict zones, effectiveness [of the fundamentalist vaccine] could be measured by a decrease in the people attending religious activities.”   — Quarterly Report on the Pentagon’s FunVax (Fundamentalist Vaccine), 6/1/07

The Pentagon may vaccinate large populations in the Middle East with what is being called FunVax – a fundamentalist vaccine. As explained by Pentagon researchers, the FunVax uses an airborne virus to indiscriminately infect populations considered high risk for religious fundamentalism. The virus in this vaccine purportedly has been tested and shown to reduce fundamentalism and religiosity in all who are infected by damaging what is called the “God gene.”

Though this may sound like some bizarre science fiction novel, the four-minute Pentagon video presentation and official FunVax report below show that this vaccine against fundamentalism is actively being tested for implementation. As it has been a few years since this date of this video and report, it is entirely possible this program has already been started.

Four-minute Pentagon video presentation of FunVax dated April 13, 2005

Government report on the fundamentalist vaccine: Quarterly FunVax Review, June 1, 2007

There is some possibility that the above video and document are faked. But if they are, it is very intelligent disinformation. Who would spend all of the time and money required to come up with such a sophisticated and coherent story? And why? Knowing how science and the military often work together, a program like this is all too possible. I once attended a lecture by Al Gore’s science advisor in which he said he had been invited to see some of the most secret biological research programs being undertaken by the U.S. military. He said it gave him nightmares for months.

The Pentagon report states that tests have been conducted on six different methods of dispersing the virus: “high altitude release, water supply release, insect transmission, diffusion by a ground level object such as a car, diffusion from a stationary object such as a bottle and infection of food supply such as cattle or produce.” You have to wonder where these tests were conducted and on whom. The minutes of the report also mention discussion of a “proposal for a suicide gene.”

Here’s a quote from the FunVax report’s recommendations section:

Of the 600 variants of Vesicular Stomatitiis Virus tested, VSV287 had the greatest decrease of VMAT2 within mice. However, this may not be the case for human subjects. All 600 strains of VSV should be retested on human subjects in the clinical group.

For a long list of secret government tests in which soldiers, prisoners, and even the general public were unknowingly treated like human guinea pigs, click here (links provided to verify each case)


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What Is Your Eugenics Universal Birth ID Number?

Once you have someone’s ID Number and their DNA samples science can alter, splice, modify and remotely change anyone’s DNA through wireless technology and nanobots that are in all of us (see here).

This has been going on since the early Eugenics programs of the Jesuit controlled Rockefeller’s since before the 1900’s and the Industrial Devolution. (here)

Now, we are learning a secret coding number for all have been recorded, as hospitals are mandatorally  legally binded, and paid thousands of dollars to register at Birth also used as registered stock traded on financial exchanges pledged to payment of U.S. debt from bankruptcy declared in 1934, that was never satisfied, which means the more debt the Treasury runs up (nearing $20 TRILLION!), the more each individual “ChatteL’ is owed to the Banksters still to this day.

Every child born is born into massive debt now. Every man, woman and child to be born’s current debt obligation is over $ 160,000 and will be paid back to the bankers in blood, flesh and tears.

Count on it.



What’s Your Eugenics ID Number???

But others have reported that a federal DNA database is quietly being kept on all Americans born (and has been for decades now) without their express permission, a system we get added to when our blood is taken at birth during the “routine” newborn screening examination hospitals give all newborn babies.

During this exam, the baby’s heel is pricked and the blood droplets are placed on a special card that is sent to a state government lab for testing. Parents are told this is being done to detect rare, life-threatening genetic disorders (if they are even explicitly told it is being done at all). The government authorizes millions of dollars to states for these screening programs (current legislation has authorized $20 million through 2019).

This screening is mandatory in 48 states (meaning parental permission is not required). As U.S. News reported,

While some states allow parents to opt out of government storage and use, this is not parental consent. It’s dissent. It gives government first dibs to the baby’s DNA. Consent requires a form with a signature before the sample can be stored or used for research. Surrounded by the ‘fog’ of a birth, most parents won’t opt out because they don’t even know their child’s DNA has been stored. [emphasis added]

As a parent, you aren’t asked for your consent before this sample is drawn. You can dissent, meaning after it is drawn you can opt out of the storage and use of your baby’s blood that has already been drawn by government mandate. You apparently aren’t allowed to opt out from the collecting and screening process itself.

In Carroll Quigley’s 1966 book Tragedy & Hope, he discusses bluntly how our freedom will continuously dwindle throughout the remainder of the 20th century and beyond under a type of neofeudalism imposed by the burgeoning scientific dictatorship:

Hopefully, the elements of choice and freedom may survive for the ordinary individual in that he may be free to make a choice between two opposing political groups (even if these groups have little policy choice within the parameters of policy established by the experts) and he may have the choice to switch his economic support from one large unit to another. But, in general, his freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that he will be numbered from birth and followed, as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, his tax contributions, his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits.

When we first read this statement, besides the oily revulsion we felt at how true his future predictions turned out to be, we couldn’t believe how accurate he was right down to our social security numbers.

But wait… was what Quigley meant by “numbered from birth” and followed “as a number” specifically referring to our SSN?

If you were not otherwise aware, there is another number assigned to each baby born in the U.S. under a separate  program that came about sometime in 1948 (not too long after the National Security Act was passed). It was known at the time as the “Uniform Birth Numbering System.” It’s not a number you are openly informed about as a parent filling out a birth certificate for your baby, a certificate you are told is just “for the record.”

In fact, the most in-depth information we could find on the Uniform Birth Numbering System came from an interesting source… the March 1951 edition of Eugenical News (Vol. 36, No. 1), published by the American Eugenics Society.

Here’s the editor’s note:

Some advocates of family eugenics who have had experience in tracing pedigrees of registered animals and also know the difficulties in trying to trace many relationships in human genealogy see in the uniform birth numbering system described below some ideas which may be interesting in the future to those who want to know more about their family lines… The suggestion of eugenic use of uniform birth registration is supplementary to the uses indicated in the third paragraph of the letter printed below.

The third paragraph:

The principal innovation introduced by the uniform numbering system is the fact that each certificate will have a unique number which cannot be duplicated until one hundred years have passed [note: the year 2051]. This makes the birth certificate number a potential identity number, a positive name, which may some day make it usable not only in birth record files but in all other file and record systems which keep track of persons, their rights or their documents.


Note, the social security number had already been around at this point since 1936.

The article goes on to say, “the possibility of its use to simplify all sorts of identification problems is very interesting to all sorts of people…”


Zika Virus Insecticide to be Sprayed on Airplane Flights Now!


Big Brother is Everywhere.

Big Brother wants to Depopulate the World by 94% according the the Georgia Guidestones.

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones –

Zika Virus used as depopulation tool?

Brazil warns against pregnancy due to spreading virus

Big Brother Cares NOTHING about you, your children or the environment that supports all Life.

V for Vendetta, A Jesuit Movie; Predictive Programming for Mass Virus Sterilization Program????


Bloomberg News, February 4, “U.K. to Spray Planes on Routes From Zika-Affected Countries”:

Step up and get your insecticides right in the face. Board a plane flying out of any “Zika-infected” country heading for the UK, and you can inhale toxic fumes in the comfort of your own enclosed cabin. Watch any disoriented mosquitoes who might be accompanying your flight drop to the carpet, squirm, and die. More entertaining than a movie on that annoying tiny screen. And you can experience the thrill of skin-rash, nausea, dizziness, fainting. Hey, pay the ticket, take the ride. It’s a party.

Who knows? Flights out of Texas (where they’ve “discovered” one Zika case) might be next. Never underestimate the American penchant for toxic chemicals.

Why not conduct flights over the whole country of Brazil and expel millions of tons of killer compounds, in order to wipe out the virus that doesn’t cause anything: Zika.

Just to give you a flavor of the passenger-plane experience, here’s a quick bite from a 2001 USA Today story, “Fliers fume over planes treated with pesticides” (published on 9/10/2001 to be exact). In that case, the spraying was “generic,” done to kill any stray insects that might be in the cabin:

As the United Airlines jet winged home from Sydney last year, Sharon Dorazio’s eyes started to burn and her stomach ached. The pain became unbearable. ‘I have never been so sick, so quick,’ she says. Her two grandsons, ages 13 and 14, complained of burning skin, itching eyes and loss of appetite. Sharon’s husband, Richard, a surgeon, was confounded.

Then a flight attendant confided in them. Others were ill on the flight, the attendant said, and the crew believed the cause was the spraying of long-lasting pesticides in the cabin interior before passengers boarded.

Delicious, and nutritious, too.

In this current and ever-expanding Zika hysteria, I’ve put to rest any evidence that the virus is causing microcephaly (babies born with small heads and brain damage). Researchers in Brazil have gone back in and examined the original reports. The result? They find, so far, only 404 confirmed cases of microcephaly in the whole country (not 4,180 as originally claimed), and of those 404, only 17 “have a relationship” to the Zika virus. They’ve got nothing. No epidemic, no viral cause.

But spray those plane cabins, by all means. Can’t be too cautious. Why not sell haz-mat suits to the passengers?

Again, watch for this to come to the US and other countries.

Part 2: robot reporters

Stories are beginning to appear in the semi-mainstream press about “conspiracists” who are “pushing alternative theories” to explain the “Zika epidemic.” This happens whenever a new dud epidemic arises. It’s becoming a cottage industry.

Of course, these so-called reporters wouldn’t recognize fake science if you buried them up to their necks in it. They would die for lies, if the lies came from the CDC or the World Health Organization. Some of these “journalists” live in mommy’s basement, which they consider outposts of public health and medical truth. (I omit their names for the moment—they can earn their own publicity.)

Their basic point is: mere (unwarranted) suspicion of an outbreak is sufficient to justify any action medical cops want to take. Don’t travel here. Don’t get pregnant. Don’t breastfeed. Consider an abortion. Spray yourself with a toxic chemical. Take this vaccine. Spend your vacation in a hotel room. Be afraid. Comply with any new orders coming down the pipeline. If you live in Brazil, feel free to walk the streets as agents of the State and fumigate the area with (more) toxic chemicals. Spray the inside of your house with (more) toxic chemicals 200,000 Brazilian troops are handing-out door-to-door. Whatever. The people in charge of the science and the research know what they’re doing.

Of course they do. That’s why the original 4,180 cases of microcephaly in Brazil are now 404, and that’s why the Zika virus as the cause is so far from established that it’s actually evidence that Zika doesn’t cause anything.




Theodor W. Adorno; Songwriter for All Beatles Songs; Director of Frankfurt/Tavistock Social Engineering School

“Truth is Truth and Has No Feelings One Way or Another”

Theodor W. Adorno (Tavistock Institute) was the brains behind the ‘Beatles’ as he held the rights to the music and eventually his estate sold those rights to Michael Jackson.

Adorno a classical musician wrote their music and it was all filtered down through Paul who could not read a note of music by the way. In fact the only half way real musician in the band was George Harrison. John was a poet who could strum a few chords and Ringo a hack drummer at best. George often wondered why they never wanted to use his songs. Oh and as an aside, Paul ended up being Knighted, and you don’t get Knighted unless you have done as you were told and made your masters proud.

The Beatles were introduced to the public as a means to spread youth culture which led to the spreading of the ‘New Age’ culture and this was all geared to setting up a nihilistic culture that is all to present today. It’s called divide and conquer but this gets into a whole different ‘Pandora’s Box’ if you will. Things are not what they seem.,1767100,1767100


Theodor Adorno left Germany in the spring of 1934. During the Nazi era he resided in Oxford, New York City, and southern California. There he wrote several books for which he later became famous, including Dialectic of Enlightenment (with Max Horkheimer), Philosophy of New Music, The Authoritarian Personality (a collaborative project), and Minima Moralia. From these years come his provocative critiques of mass culture and the culture industry.

Returning to Frankfurt in 1949 to take up a position in the philosophy department, Adorno quickly established himself as a leading German intellectual and a central figure in the Institute of Social Research. Founded as a free-standing center for Marxist scholarship in 1923, the Institute had been led by Max Horkheimer since 1930.

It provided the hub to what has come to be known as the Frankfurt School. Adorno became the Institute’s director in 1958.


Image result for theodor adorno, beatles

The phenomenon of the Beatles was not a spontaneous rebellion by youth against the old social system. Instead it was a carefully crafted plot to introduce by a conspiratorial body which could not be identified, a highly destructive and divisive element into a large population group targeted for change against its will.

New words and new phrases–prepared by Tavistock(1)– were introduced to America along with the Beatles. Words such as “rock” in relation to music sounds, “teenager,” “cool,” “discovered” and “pop music” were a lexicon of disguised code words signifying the acceptance of drugs and arrived with and accompanied the Beatles wherever they went, to be “discovered” by “teenagers.” Incidentally, the word “teenagers” was never used until just before the Beatles arrived on the scene, courtesy of the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations.

Tavistock and its Stanford Research Center created trigger words which then came into general usage around “rock music” and its fans. Trigger words created a distinct new break-away largely young population group which was persuaded by social engineering and conditioning to believe that the Beatles really were their favorite group. All trigger words devised in the context of “rock music” were designed for mass control of the new targeted group, the youth of America.

The Beatles did a perfect job, or perhaps it would be more correct to say that Tavistock and Stanford did a perfect job, the Beatles merely reacting like trained robots “with a little help from their friends”–code words for using drugs and making it “cool.” The Beatles became a highly visible “new type”– more Tavistock jargon–and as such it was not long before the group made new styles (fads in clothing, hairstyles and language usage) which upset the older generation, as was intended. This was part of the “fragmentation-maladaptation” process worked out by Willis Harmon and his team of social scientists and genetic engineering tinkerers and put into action. 

Following the Beatles, who incidentally were put together by the Tavistock Institute, came other “Made in England” rock groups, who, like the Beatles, had Theo Adorno write their cult lyrics and compose all the “music.”

Another interesting thing is that The Beatles were knighted by Queen Elisabeth in the 60’s for “good work”. Ringo told the press he’d been so nervous he had to smoke pot in the bathroom before he met the Queen. Recently Paul McCartney was knighted “again”…

There is a great online meme, suggesting that Theodor Adorno was the brains behind the Beatles. Picture the scene. It’s 1963 and Lennon and McCartney are struggling struggle with the composition of ‘She Loves You’. “She loves you,” says Lennon. “What comes next?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah?” chips in Adorno. “Brilliant, Teddie, just brilliant,” says McCartney. And , as a result, the song becomes a transatlantic smash, the Beatles’ all-time best-selling single. True story.   In fact, of course, Adorno, as you might expected, despised the mop-topped Scouse beat combo and everything they stood for. “What can be urged against the Beatles,” he said during a discussion in the magazine Akzente in 1965, ” is simply that what these people have to offer is something that is retarded in terms of its own objective content. It can be shown that the means of expression that are employed and preserved here are in reality no more than traditional techniques in a degraded form.”     Adorno was also scathing about 1960s protest music, arguing in this interview that it was corrupted by its association with commodified popular musical tropes as he explains. The high mindedness of Adorno’s critique loses its potency when you realise it was expressed by a philosopher who, during the 1960s, used to enjoy watching the safari drama Daktari, with its hero Clarence, the cross-eyed lion.


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R.I.P. Ziggy Stardust; Another Tavistock/Jesuit Creation

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Destroying the Programmed Parrots of Newtons’ 3rd Law of Gravity

Destroying the Programmed Parrots of Newtons’ 3rd Law of Gravity

Folks, Every-thing, I mean EVERYTHING about heliocentric theory, hinges upon Newtonian gravity “proof”, yet the premise in itself is absurd and ridiculous for anyone with a clear mind to think for themselves.

This has been ingrained in every school child since the early 1900’s with the exact same one-off example shown below that has been proven no where but in space..

….and according to ONLY ONE source NASA…

….which was started in 1958 by a Freemason and rocket builder from NAZI Germany! 

NASA is a Government Military Operation

Swinging a pail of water over your head

……. Programming this “theory” of Gravity to the schooled Masses since public schooling began.

Everyone was taught the exact same thing for the past 100 years using the same exact mind thought or physical demonstration, yet NO ONE questions the “scientific” method used.

A string tied to a bucket of water to prove centrifugal, not centripedal forces swung in a center point.

False Premise: Earth is not contained in Metal!

Earth is not inside a car

Earth is not inside and elevator

Earth is not inside a plane


False Premise: Water is on the inside of Earth

Earth is not attached by string to another object

Water should be on outside of bucket if wanting to replicate Earth NOT inside!

Water should be heaviest out outermost extremes, yet is not in experiment. In fact, when one goes deep sea diving, the pressure is GREATER than at surface!

And every school child is taught the exact same line of b.s. since the early 1920’s.


Gravity is NOT even included in Newtons’ Law of Gravity definition!!!

The name is derived from the Latin word “ gravis,” which means “ heavy,” “ having weight,” while the Law of Gravitation is defined as “ That mutual action between masses of matter by virtue of which every such mass tends toward every other with a force varying directly as the product of the masses, and inversely as the square of their distances apart.”

Empirical Research:
A way of gaining knowledge by means of direct and indirect observation or experience.  Much of Newton’s evidence was collected by observations,directly and indirectly, then with logical reasoning, he made informed decisions….


Did you know Newton’s body of work was edited heavily by the Jesuits?

Sir Isaac Newton’s Big Lie Mistake

Reduced to simplicity, gravitation is said to be “ That which attracts every thing toward every other thing.” That does not tell us much ; and yet the little it does tell us is not true ; for a thoughtful observer knows very well that everything is not attracted towards every other thing. . . The definition implies that it is a force ; but it does not say so, for that phrase “ mutual action ” is ambiguous, and not at all convincing.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica tells us that “ The Law of Gravitation is unique among the laws of nature, not only for its wide generality, taking the whole universe into its scope, but in the fact that, so far as is yet known, it is absolutely unmodified by any condition or cause whatever.”

There is not anything or force in the universe that is absolute! No thing that goes its own way and does what it will without regard to other forces or things. The thing is impossible; and it is not true; wherefore it has fallen to me to show where the inconsistency in it lies.

The name given to this mutual action means “ weight,” and weight is one of the attributes of all matter. Merely to say that anything is matter or material implies that it has weight, while to speak of weight implies matter. Matter and weight are inseparable, they are not laws, but elemental facts. They exist.

But it has been suggested that gravitation is a force, indeed we often hear it referred to as the force of gravitation ; but force is quite a different thing than weight, it is active energy expressed by certain conditions and combinations of matter. It acts.


Newton‘s supposed “law of gravity,” are what’s truly dubious. Heliocentrists cannot show us a single object massive enough that by virtue of its mass alone, causes other smaller masses to stick to or orbit it as they claim happens with the Sun, Moon, Earth, Stars and Planets. If you cannot give me a single practical example of “gravity” smaller than the Earth or the Sun, then it is merely heresay, not science!  ~ Eric Dubay   Flat Earth Conspiracy

Newton’s Major Body of Work Heavily Edited by Jesuits

“Newton’s Laws have been responsible for the discovery of planets, for the construction of safe bridges, roads and amusement park rides, for an understanding of the ocean’s tides, and for realistic computer animations and video games,” said Erlich, the Class of 2017 Associate Professor of Physics. “It would be difficult to overstate the importance of at least some of these things.”

After the first edition (hereafter referred to as Newton 1), two subsequent editions were published. The second edition (Newton 2) was published in 1713 and the third edition (Newton 3) in 1726. Then, just over a decade later, comes Newton 4, the so-called Jesuit edition, which was edited by two Minim friars. The Jesuit edition contains commentary that extends to roughly the same length as Newton’s text. The text for the Jesuit edition was, in fact, taken from the Newton 3 edition of the Principia—the last edition to be edited by Newton himself.(Source)


Newton Did Not discover Calculus but Passed on by Jesuits

Dr George Gheverghese Joseph from The University of Manchester says the ‘Kerala School’ identified the ‘infinite series’- one of the basic components of calculus – in about 1350.
The discovery is currently – and wrongly – attributed in books to Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibnitz at the end of the seventeenth centuries.

And there is strong circumstantial evidence that the Indians passed on their discoveries to mathematically knowledgeable Jesuit missionaries who visited India during the fifteenth century.   (source)


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How All Are Under Psychotronic Remote Mind Control

Jeff Rense interviews Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Topics discussed are The Lilly wave, mind control, social engineering, Smart Meters, microwave weapons, GWEN, electromagnetic wave pulses, cell phone radiation, and more.

In 1958, “Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone – an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain.  Flanagan received a patent for the device in 1968 – US Patent 3,393,279.

“It is an object of the present invention to provide a means of initiating controllable responses of the neuro senses without applying pressure waves or stress waves to the ears or bones. Another object of this invention is to provide a means of causing a person to receive an aural perception of the sound corresponding to the audio modulation of radio frequency electromagnetic waves that are coupled with the nervous system of the person. These and other objects of this invention will be understood from the following drawings and description of the invention, wherein:”

The invention of the Neurophone earned him a profile in Life magazine, which called him a “unique, mature and inquisitive scientist”. Flanagan has continued to develop the neurophone and it is currently being sold as an aid to speed learning.

At age eleven, Flanagan developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. Military, aged seventeen gained his air pilot’s license and was employed by a Think Tank at The Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare.” (More)

Read More at Dr. Flanagan’s PHISCIENCES website.

THE LILLY WAVE – Lilly’s Website on Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (Here)   (Here)


GSM Basestations

GSM Basestations

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