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Revisionist Deep State World History

~ Thanx to Return of Zeus: This was posted on my YT website and is an excellent source for further investigation and inquiry as to who owns the world, and has, for a very, very long time.

The United States is a corporation defined under US code 3002 section. The Virginia Company was issued by the British Crown from the City of London Corporation for North American settlements. The British Crown is a continuation of the English Crown which was given over to the Holy See in 1213 under the Golden Bull. In 1215 under direct papal ownership King John issued the Magna Carta (Latin for Great Charter) and that established the one mile square block in London called the City of London Corporation as a sovereign entity from England and London. Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin and translates to New Order of the Ages and is on the United States Great Seal and US dollar bill.
The Holy See uses Latin for official documents and as the official language of the Vatican City State which is a sovereign nation that was established under Benito Mussolini through the Lateran Treaty of 1929. The Holy See is a sovereign corporation headquartered at the Vatican which issues Papal Bulls which are corporate chartered contracts and laws. The City of London Corporation issues royal and private corporate charters and is the headquarters of the 110 Livery Companies and they represent every market in business. Corporations are considered “Legally a person” under law. A subsidiary means a company that is controlled by another company like a proxy.
The Jesuit Order is Roman intelligence controlled by the Massimo family from the Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome. Mario Draghi was born in Rome and went to the Massimo Institute and is the President of the European Central Bank, former Goldman sachs executive, and is a director at the Bank for International Settlements. The Massimo family claim to be the Fabii-Maximi dynasty which were known for using the scorched earth military tactic. The Roman Caesar used the title of Pontifex Maximus which means the “Greatest Bridge Builder” The Massimo’s recently married into the House of Osorio of Galicia Spain where Amancio Ortega “the second wealthiest billionaire in the world” lives and owns Inditex the largest fashion company in the world headquartered in Galicia with a major store chain called Massimo Dutti.

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News of the Day ~ 9/30/16


A Worldwide tragedy: why are millions of trees dying across the country?

Liquid precipitation can be chemically converted to frozen precipitation under a variety of conditions when there is enough moisture present and a large enough geoengineering operation deployed. The Chinese openly announced the fact that they were chemically nucleating snowstorms until they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing.


“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ~ Malcolm X, Born in 1925, assassinated in 1965

Introducing the Military-Industrial-Elementary School Complex

Today’s highlighted article was published last month, but I didn’t read it at the time and I’m guessing you didn’t either. What’s so uniquely tragic about the the intrusion of the police state into America’s schools, is it appears the parents themselves are the ones demanding it. This is in contrast to an overbearing surveillance state implemented by government in secret, as well as by private corporations via lengthy terms of service agreements nobody actually reads. What follows are excerpts from a very important article published at The Nation, The School-Security Industry Is Cashing In Big on Public Fears of Mass Shootings


McCain Amends Water Resource Bill To Expand FBI Surveillance

Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona introduced an amendment that would grant the FBI extensive surveillance powers during deliberations over a bill pertaining to American water supplies Monday. The legislation is intended to help solve water problems that have arisen from incidences like the one in Flint, Michigan, but McCain capitalized on the bill to amplify U.S. law enforcement’s spying capacity.

US Homeownership Rate Fall To Five-Decade Low

America’s rivers and streams are overflowing with microplastic pollution

For years, cosmetic, toothpaste, and body care product manufacturers added “microbeads,” microscopic balls of plastic, to their merchandise, touting their skin-exfoliating effects. A Congressional ban that goes into effect beginning in 2017 will put an end to the environmentally toxic practice, at least in the US.

Another Terrorist, Another Past Connection with the FBI

Another terrorist attack in a major American city, more frightening images and talk of pressure cookers and ball bearings, BBs and pipe bombs, “lone wolves” and Christmas tree lights. The latest alleged perpetrator is Ahmad Khan Rahami, a young Muslim man who grew up in America and likes souped-up cars. He became “self-radicalized” watching videos on the Internet that inspired him to blow up innocent Americans.

Police have shot and killed at least 2,195 people since Ferguson

A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist

Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

Canada to Allow Medical Marijuana Patients to Grow Cannabis

Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats are made in China

US Govt Just Legalized Operation Mockingbird — FBI Can Now Impersonate the Media

FBI agents conducting undercover investigations have now been given the green light to impersonate journalists, the Justice Department determined last week — effectively legalizing the government’s most notorious propaganda program, Operation Mockingbird. Last Thursday, the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General published what’s become the subject of outrage for journalists, civil and constitutional rights advocates, and legal experts — “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation of a Journalist in a Criminal Investigation.” Allowing agents to infiltrate media organizations for any reason threatens to utterly undermine public trust, kill the very concept of journalistic integrity, and throttle the flow of information from sources and whistleblowers concerned with the legitimacy of journalists they contact.

Medical Marijuana Seems To Reduce Deaths From Pharmaceuticals

‎Sep 22, 2016‎
In an article published last week by the American Journal of Public Health, Columbia University epidemiologist June Kim and her colleagues report that fatally injured drivers are less likely to test positive for opioids in states that allow medical use


Donald Trump Calls For ‘Nationwide Stop-And-Frisk’

As the nation reels from two recent fatal police shootings of black men, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday called for cities nationwide to adopt “stop-and-frisk”—a widely condemned police practice that New York City was forced to abandon after a federal judge struck it down as unconstitutional, finding that it disproportionately targeted minorities.

Trumps Third Wife Lesbian Pics..but Hey It’s Okay if She’s the First Lady….

Melania Trump’s girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed

Here’s the nation’s would-be first lady — and right beside her, a second lady.

Three years before she met husband Donald Trump, Melania Trump was snapped in a nude frolic with another female model, bombshell photos obtained exclusively by The Post show.

Modal Trigger

The lesbian-themed pics are from a two-day photo shoot in Manhattan in 1995, when Melania Knauss, as she was called, was 25 years old and modeling under the name “Melania K.”

(Photographer Alé de Basse­ville later told The Post that he misspoke, and the photo session actually took place in 1996 in Manhattan, and appeared in a 1997 issue of the magazine.)

Several were featured in Max Magazine, a now-defunct French men’s monthly, more than 20 years ago. Others have never been in print — until now.

The raciest of the photos shows Melania lying nude in a bed as Scandinavian model Emma Eriksson, also naked, embraces her from behind, just below her breasts, which are fully exposed.

In another photo, Eriksson wears sheer stockings, a low-cut bustier, high heels and a long robe — all designed by John Galliano — and raises a whip as if preparing to spank Melania, who pretends to recoil. Melania is more conservatively dressed in a skin-tight gown and high heels.

“I always loved women together, because I have been with a lot of women who desired the ménage à trois,” said Jarl Ale de Basseville, the French fashion photographer who snapped the pictures.

The Wells Fargo Scandal Was by Design

Zen Gardner aka Don Ferguson’s Sorted Pedo Past Exposed

Another one bites the dust in the Alt News truther movement.  No wonder he never posted any of the child pedo articles i sent to him!

I was honored to have been originally published on Zen’s (Don or whomever) website a couple years back. He was even posting on FE when no one else in Alt media (Activist Post, Waking times, Blacklisted News, etc. etc.)  still won’t touch it. Then i spoke out about the alleged Alt media non disclosures that censor completely FE news and views and got ripped by Zen in an article that Activist Post DID post about FE’ers being on the lunatic fringe. hmmmm.

The Dangerous Mind – Flat Earth Fundamentalism and the Archon Agenda

This communication and outing by former Philosophers Stone is revealing in that they used to share daily posts with one another and now true truthers are doing what they should be doing, policing our won.


To me, there is a difference between fighting for what’s right and being a ‘right fighter’.

Fighting for what’s right is a spiritual thing. It comes from the Heart.
( Meaning – Not focused on Winning – Truth)

Being a ‘right fighter’ is an entirely different thing; it comes out of Ego.
( Meaning – Focused on Winning – Controlling)

When it comes to pedophilia, the Cult Zen was in and advanced in, was all about pedophilia and even Zen admits that (under severe pressure), but he claims to be the innocent bystander, which is not even a tiny bit  convincing. And I do not give sociopaths the benefit of doubt, since that is what they thrive on.
I have always put on my armor, saddled the horse, drawn my sword and gone into battle when kids get in harms way.

The Zen Gardner Revelations: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff

We had a friendly internet camaraderie, it was only when I found out about your 27 year dance with an evil pedophilia cult that I had to stand up and say something – or I would be complicit in the cover-up, a cover-up that you played a big part in. You seriously scared our mutual friend with your confession and she was physically upset that she could have been so mislead by you over the time you had known each other.

You were a leader Zen – a leader in the Pedophile cult with a doctrine of separating children from their parents and teaching them to “service” their surrogate “nanny”.

There are so many accounts detailing the abuses suffered by children, teens and adults – all during the time when you were a leader, spokesperson, publicist and responsible for damage limitation when child abuse accusations started to damage the cult.

This post by Lynn – about dealing with the guilt – she was in the cult at the same time you were – perhaps you know her ?

How does one get over the guilt?
Well, my question is, how do you as a parent get over the guilt of allowing your children to be abused by other members of the family. Point in question is when I was in the Miami home with Dominique & Lily, Lily made it her personal goal to abuse my daughter Esther, 8 y/o, and Jonathan, 2 y/o. The home was trying to copy the Jumbo style where all the kids were herded like cattle into age grouping, so you only saw your kids for maybe 2 hours a day and @ meal time. My daughter was told not to tell me what she was doing. On one occasion she threw my 2 year old son into a wall because he was crying and on a daily basis would beat my daughter until she was black & blue on her butt and backs of her legs. Because I was in the main house and Lily was in her special house for leadership. Her actions drove my daughter Esther to going to the medicine cabinet and drinking isopropyl alcohol and taking entire bottles of aspirin & tylenol in hopes of being able to get sick so that she could be with me. When children got sick they would have their mother take care of them & Esther knew this. the really sad thing about it is that Esther didn’t tell me that this abuse was occurring until she was much older & we were no longer in the family. She said that the relief of being out of the family was enough to satisfy her, but the emotional scars that were left didn’t heal until much later, if at all.
Many folks say that abuse didn’t occur, but I personally witnessed horrible abuse in the form of corporal punishment with hangers, belts, switches, you name it, and also the verbal & emotional abuse. A child placed on silent restriction for 2 weeks cuz he has a devil because he talked back to an Auntie or Uncle, that’s a bit extreme. Or what about when my husband had sex with a 12 year old girl, Miracle, when we were in Puerto Rico in 1980. She’s the daughter of Rain & Rejoice. It’s positively disgusting that the family denies these abuses and tries to villify all of those that aren’t in the family any more. I’ve spent 13 years in christian counselling, etc. to try & recover from the 18 yrs. of abuse and brainwashing. The sad thing about those still in the family is they are totally oblivious to their demise and mental states.


My motive was, and is, 100% clean and it was extremely difficult to have to be the one that revealed this hideous revelation. Now you want to attack me – I guess I can understand that – you’ve been outed and we know you can get nasty when you’ve come up against people that don’t see things your way. Perhaps its a remnant of the cult brainwashing that you dealt out and no doubt received.

But I did give you the opportunity to expose this in your own words, but you chose to water it down and paint yourself out to be the victim, just as people said you would – brush it away as just a thing in the past. If you were a victim and had escaped, then why did you return after getting out for a year? You were a leader Zen – a fucking leader – you had to enforce the rules and regulations – but now you are just a victim?…. sorry I don’t buy that. Have as much sex as you like between consenting adults – knock yourself out – but who looked out for the children Zen? Even your own son reveals more than he probably meant to in the very first line of his comment on your site.

You say I’m covering my tracks ? to what do you refer ? You said  I’m “hoist by my own petard”. Do you mean my post defending David Icke’s and others position’s after it was intimated at guilt by association by the retard that runs ? I don’t make shit up, tell lies or half truths, lie by omission, cover up or defend pedophilia. So – here’s how it played out Zen – so stop making shit up about me.

Here is our email exchange. I haven’t included your emails to XXXXX, because I was shown them in confidence after I’d discovered some information for myself. I am honorable – I always do the right thing – you yourself asked if I could find out who you were – don’t forget and I joked – that you’re not going to tell me you’re CIA are you. Well I found out – and I wished it wasn’t true.

My Original email to Zen after being contacted by my source…

Whats goung on with You and XXXXX  ? – she’s in a right state.

She’s got something to tell me but its breaking her apart…. WTF

What have you said to her – she said she’d tell me when she feel capable.

Zen’s reply…

Nor sure what to say to you Steve. I was 22 years old, wanted to change the world in the best way possible. 10’s of thousands like me experimented with alternative lifestyles, this one seemed to me to be the right thing at the time. It morphed, the worst part at the beginning was the hierarchical structure and control after some years, later it kept morphing but my intention was pure and it was very hard to break out. If you haven’t been there you’d never know. When it went totally weird I protested and got kicked out as a result. I suffered terribly, as did my family, but we survived. That you hold this against me like you are is quite startling, not allowing someone to change. What about Mark Passio being a witch? What about whistleblowers? Why I didn’t talk about this is self evident by your visceral reaction. All I can say is I’m a new person, and I thought you knew me.

My reply…

Have you any comprehension how sick the news made me feel – and poor XXXXX
You not a whistle blower – you have continued to cover it up until you dumped it on
XXXXX with instructions not to tell me.

At this point I sent him an ultimatum…

After seeing private emails to my source from Zen and other information which I cannot disclose at this time

And followed it up with…

Leave XXXXX out of this – its now between me and you.
So, you worked your way up through the ranks and became a leader in a notorious
religio kiddy fiddling and torture outfit The Family or Children of God.
You were there for 27 years – and yet you now claim you never did the fiddling despite gloating over some of the “Sharing the Love”. You witnessed torture and did nothing – and continued up the ranks You know my task is to flush this sort of shit out.

Hiding, covering up and whitewashing the filth and abuse will never sit with me – ever.  You were actually part of the “damage limitation” control.

So it comes down to this Zen or Don or what ever your name really is. You publicly reveal the full extent of you “working the way up through the ranks” to become a leader, you stop posting your fake “love and light” bullshit on the web, disappear never to be seen or heard of again in the alternative media.

Failing to do this will result in me doing it for you with a copy of the email that you unloaded on X – how dare you put that shit on X. All your email contacts that I have will receive the same information. It will be broadcast across the web, on all website that I have a hand in or know the webmasters. Facebook and Twitter.

I am not threatening any physical harm – I cannot be bought, waved off or threatened.

The one offer I am giving you is that you do this yourself so that you have at least some control over the content and how it is revealed. I have already put steps in motion so that if you fail to do this – all will be revealed to the whole “alternative media” in one hit.

You may reply to this email – either in agreement or refusal. That is the only contact I want.

Failing to reply to this email will result in a copy of this email being sent to your contacts and any others I know.

Your choice.


Obama Will Not Abdicate!

It has been my contention for awhile that Obama will not abdicate his throne. We see the theater of “candidates” of the extreme left and extreme right with EMAIL Hilary in the middle, leaving no one happy with their alleged “choice” for President. For Jim Tracy at Memory Hole to post this on his website is significant. We are seeing the long set up of divide and conquer (black vs. white, cop vs. citizens, blue vs. red, flat earth vs. round ball, gun owners vs. gun pacifists, etc. etc., etc.)

It appears that gun confiscation is a ruse to get all to arm up and then then we could see the fake President Democrat and Republican (only two choices, coke or pepsi, paper or plastic, red or blue) conventions heavily disrupted so Obama declares martial law, and the public is happy, the “nice black guy” (he’s half white by the way) stays in office and then the water, power and food is shut off and all go nuts on each other while they go into their D.U.M.B (Deep Underground Military Bunkers) homes for awhile, monitoring all with drones, until the carnage is over….these evil entities feed of the blood and carnage, and would expect the apex of it all be during the Rites of Spring blood sacrifices in the Spring of 2017.

Sound crazy? Well look around, its a friggin’ crazy world where no one knows how to grow food, we are not even told what is in our food, where we are sprayed daily with smart dust and chemicals, where no one protests millions being killed by our military and we are some $20 TRILLION in debt ($169,000 per man, woman and child)..oh yea and the Arctic is melting releasing Earthling killing methane that will burn up all who stand bipodal.

Have a nice day.


Hacked Messages of #BlackLivesMatter Leader Reveal Obama Admin’s Plan for ‘Summer of Chaos’ and Martial Law

[This post originally appeared at Fellowship of the Minds on July 5. The information imparted takes on added significance in the wake of the widely-reported targeting of Dallas police officers on July 7 by black assailant Micah Xavier Johnson, who “‘said he was upset about the recent police shootings’” and ‘”at white people,’” according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. ‘”He said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.’” -Ed.]

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is coordinating with Democratic activists to so disrupt the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions that martial law will be declared.

That’s the stunning discovery revealed in a series of direct messages between three activists.

On Friday, June 10, 2016, someone hacked into the Twitter account of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) leader and former Baltimore mayoral candidate DeRay McKesson. McKesson later confirmed the hack to The Baltimore Sun.

On June 11, 2016, a Twitterer who calls himself The Saint (@TheSaintNegro) tweeted a direct-message conversation on June 10 between KcKesson and another BLM leader Johnetta Elzie (Netta), in which the two discussed talking with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about plans to bring on martial law by causing chaos at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, so as to keep Obama in office.

Deray Mckesson & Johnetta ElzieHere’s the conversation over the course of several days between black activists DeRay McKesson (DM) and Johnetta Elzie (JE), and between McKesson and a “white ally” named Sam (S):

JE: “Have you spoken with Mrs. Lynch [Attorney General Loretta Lynch] recently about the plan for the summer and fall leading up to the elections.

DM: “We spoke two weeks [ago] and they want us to start really pushing how racist Trump is now instead of waiting so the others can start getting the protesters ready to shut both conventions down.

DM: “If we can get both conventions shut down for messing over Bernie and for having racist Trump, then get martial law declared so Obama can stay in office we will win. Call you soon when I get to my dads so I can use his landline and we can talk more on this.”

DM: “We have to make sure that we use our voices to keep people disrupting Trump all summer and through the fall so martial law can be declared….”

S: “I wanted to touch base with you about the summer of chaos. So far we have over 2,000 people bused in from different cities and another 6,000 to 8,000 expected to drive into Cleveland for the Convention.”

S: “They will not be ready for the crowds we are bringing and they will blame Trump for it, especially if we shut it down. The GOP will have to replace him at that point or we will continue the disruptions nationwide.

DM: “I will pass the info along. Good work, Sam. You never let us down. It’s so important we stop Trump. He can not be president. He will destroy everything we worked so hard for and we can’t trust….”

DM: “…today and he [Sam?] confirmed that there will be around 10,000 protesters disrupting the [Republican] convention. Plans are being made for other cities as well for upcoming Trump events. Ads have already been placed looking for people to help. I know you don’t care for them [white people] but this is the time we need our white allies doing a lot of the work for us. They are the ones who listen the best.”

JE: “That will put fear into the GOP and the country when they can’t have their convention for all their racist supporting Trump. We’ve worked too hard and closely with the Obama administration to have that racist ass take it all away and Hillary…. You know I can’t stand those white allies, but yo right this is the best to use them. They hang on every word you say and will do whatever is asked. I just hate all that kiss ass they try to do. Like that changes who they are.”

DM: “We have a lot of white allies volunteering for Trump’s campaign to pass along information to us before it’s made public so we know when rallies are coming up before they are announced. That way we can plan major disruptions in those cities in advance. We just have to keep our names out of this and let these [white] people do the work for us by pushing how Trump’s racist ways will destroy….”

JE: “That’s all those white people are good for in my eyes. I couldn’t imagine even pretending to like that racist ass Trump even to get info on his events. I’ll be glad when we shut his ass down.”

DM: “With the support we have from Mrs. Lynch and the help we’ve got from Sam and others it won’t be hard to cause enough….”

Here are screenshots of The Saint‘s series of tweets:

DeRay DM1c

Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

This is an excellent, excellent video to initiate all into how long our rulers have ruled over All. The Vatican, Paris, New York, Washington D.C, London, San Francisco….all laid out in Geocentric (note Mr. Onstott never adjusts for curvature in any calculations!) lines that show the Jesuits deliberate calculations when they set up the cities.  America was their “New Jerusalem” as they set their “New Bi(e)rthing” in Wash. D.C., between VIRGINia and MARYland, get it?

WE are told we must follow “The Rules” made by our RULERS, who use a ruler to measure how much they are in control of all. This ends now. Enjoy.

Ecophagy 101


Ecophagy is a term coined by Robert Freitas that means the literal consumption of an ecosystem. It derives from the Greek “οικος” (oikos) or Late Latin “oeco-“, which refers to a “house” or “household”, and Greek φᾰγεῖν phagein “to eat”

Freitas used the term to describe a scenario involving molecular nanotechnology gone awry. In this situation (called the grey goo scenario) out-of-control self-replicating nanorobots consume entire ecosystems, resulting in global ecophagy.
However, the word “ecophagy” is now applied more generally in reference to any event[dubious ] — nuclear war, the spread of monoculture, massive species extinctions — that might fundamentally alter the planet. Scholars suggest that these events might result in ecocide in that they would undermine the capacity of the Earth’s biological population to repair itself. Others suggest that more mundane and less spectacular events — the unrelenting growth of the human population, the steady transformation of the natural world by human beings — will eventually result in a planet that is considerably less vibrant, and one that is, apart from humans, essentially lifeless. These people believe that the current human trajectory puts us on a path that will eventually lead to ecophagy. In the paper in which Freitas coined the term he wrote:[1]

Perhaps the earliest-recognized and best-known danger of molecular nanotechnology is the risk that self-replicating nanorobots capable of functioning autonomously in the natural environment could quickly convert that natural environment (e.g., “biomass”) into replicas of themselves (e.g., “nanomass”) on a global basis, a scenario usually referred to as the “grey goo problem” but perhaps more properly termed “global ecophagy”.


History is a set of lies agreed upon.  Napoleon

“Know thyself and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe” — Inscription on the Greek temple at Delphi

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ~ C.G. Jung

First, some good news….

“Our Water, Our Future”: Voters in Oregon Defeat Nestlé’s Attempt to Privatize Their Water

In Hood River County, Oregon, voters recently passed a precedent-setting ballot initiative that will protect the community’s water from industrial bottling operations. Organizers say they built a bipartisan campaign, resulting in nearly 70 percent of voters supporting the ban on commercial bottling in the county. Blue yard signs bearing the words “Yes on 14-55: Our Water, Our Future” dotted lawns throughout Hood River County, Oregon, in the run-up to the primary election held on May 17. Just as many of these signs appeared to share a lawn with a Cruz or Trump yard sign as with a Clinton or Sanders sign. The issue that brought conservatives and progressives together in this way was clear-cut: keeping Nestlé Waters North America from building a water bottling plant and extracting over 118 million gallons annually from a spring in a small, rural community 45 miles east of Portland.

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Mendocino County, CA. Makes History and Passes Law Establishing Local Self-Governance

College Students Win $10,000 Prize for Gloves that Translate Sign Language


Dagga Flower: “Wild Cannabis” of the East

Schisandra Vines

Schisandra is being used by western herbalists as an overall tonic and restorative herb for various deficient and weak conditions in the body. It can be used in combination with other herbs for chronic stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, poor memory, depression, night sweats and involuntary sweating. The berries help regulate blood sugar levels and improve overall stamina and endurance. They are helpful when used with milk thistle seed and turmeric root for preventing or treating liver damage caused by industrial solvents, pharmaceutical medications, recreational drugs, alcohol, and some viruses, including hepatitis B.

Some clinical studies done by Chinese researchers have shown that the berries improve brain efficiency while at the same time calming the central nervous system. When taken over several weeks as an adaptogen (a substance that helps the body adapt to stresses), Schisandra helps improve energy levels, reduces tiredness, and improves the immune system’s response, making it a valuable tonic for many people, particularly those coming into their 40s, 50s and sixties.


CDC says 157 pregnant women in U.S. test positive for Zika

Some 157 pregnant women in the United States and another 122 in U.S. territories have tested positive for infection with the Zika virus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday.


Yes, GMOs Are Safe (Another Major Study Confirms)

Record Heat Wave Set In India:  124 Degrees

The CFR Celebrity Globalist, Angelina Jolie appointed as professor at the London School of Economics

She is an Oscar winning actress, a political campaigner and now Angelina Jolie Pitt can add academic to her list of roles. The Hollywood star has been appointed a visiting professor at the London School of Economics (LSE), one of Britain’s most prestigious universitie

World Famous Yale Ethics Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Actor Elijah Wood Blows the Whistle on Massive Hollywood Pedophile Scandal

Bill Cosby Admits to Sex with Teenagers, Paying Off Alleged Victims in

Judge finds officer not guilty on all charges related to Freddie Gray death

A judge delivered a not guilty verdict in the trial of a Baltimore, Maryland police officer for crimes related to the death of black arrestee Freddie Gray last year. Gray’s death triggered demonstrations and riots in the majority-black city. The verdict was delivered on Monday morning by Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams.

U.S. Suicide Rate Surges to a 30-Year High

Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases in every age group except older adults. The rise was particularly steep for women. It was also substantial among middle-aged Americans, sending a signal of deep anguish from a group whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s. The suicide rate for middle-aged women, ages 45 to 64, jumped by 63 percent over the period of the study, while it rose by 43 percent for men in that age range, the sharpest increase for males of any age. The overall suicide rate rose by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the study on Friday.

Two-Thirds of U.S. Would Struggle to Cover $1,000 Crisis

Two-thirds of Americans would have difficulty coming up with the money to cover a $1,000 emergency, according to an exclusive poll released Thursday, a signal that despite years of recovery from the Great Recession, Americans’ financial conditions remain precarious as ever.

These financial difficulties span all income levels, according to the poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Seventy-five percent of people in households making less than $50,000 a year would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill. But when income rose to between $50,000 and $100,000, the difficulty decreased only modestly to 67 percent.

Even for the country’s wealthiest 20 percent — households making more than $100,000 a year — 38 percent say they would have at least some difficulty coming up with $1,000.

“The more we learn about the balance sheets of Americans, it becomes quite alarming,” said Caroline Ratcliffe, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute focusing on poverty and emergency savings issues.

The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home

In 2015, the United States spent more on its war machine than the next six countries combined, with a total of $596 billion spent on military expenditures. This week the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with roughly $602 billion slated to be spent on military programs and armaments in the 2017 budget. To put this amount in perspective, the U.S. spent more on its military than the next six nations combined, with China coming in second at $215 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia at $87 billion, Russia at $66 billion, with the United Kingdom, India and France spending roughly $50 billion each on defense expenses.

And a new term is born

the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President, put forth by either party in the 2016 election year.

Techitis: Constantly Using Smartphones Causing Widespread Health Problems

Our relationships with our smartphones: for some, it’s attachment, for others, it’s addiction. Several new studies show how the devices might be impacting our health. Terms like ‘text-neck’ and ‘screen-sightedness’ didn’t exist several years ago. But, the lingo is becoming more commonplace among medical professionals.

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds – from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

Western Culture is built around ideals of individual choice and freedom. Millions of us fiercely defend our right to make “free” choices, while we ignore how we’re manipulated upstream by limited menus we didn’t choose.

This is exactly what magicians do. They give people the illusion of free choice while architecting the menu so that they win, no matter what you choose. I can’t emphasize how deep this insight is.

Microsoft Creates Smart Mirror That Reads Your Emotions, Shows the Weather

Microsoft has recently presented the company’s latest smart product, a mirror that can read your emotions and display content from the web, including the weather forecast and news

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