Satan, BAAL, and the Sacrifice of a Prince

Purple Niagra Falls for the Queens Birthday~ BAAL structure in London bathed in Red along with the Empire State Building Prince/the Purple court jester dies a strange mysterious death? All during the 13 days of Blood Ritual Sacrifice… Strange Details Behind PRINCE Blood Sacrifice To Baal!! thinks they are just co-incidents? think again?  See RobinContinue reading “Satan, BAAL, and the Sacrifice of a Prince”

Mandatory Euthanasia Coming Soon to California for Donor Harvesting Profits

In immunology, organ harvesting is a surgical procedure that removes organs or tissues for reuse, such as in organ transplantation. It is mired in ethical debate and heavily regulated, but has largely become an accepted medical practice. Mandatory euthanasia coming soon to California so that medical industry can harvest organs from everyone right before killingContinue reading “Mandatory Euthanasia Coming Soon to California for Donor Harvesting Profits”

Heavy Spraying Continues 24/7 in CA and Beyond

Something Very Big is going on in the skies above us with Geonegineering now.  The spraying in N. CA, as well as reports from around the world, are showing heavy, heavy spraying and resulting respiratory & stomach flu symptoms (headache, diarrhea, naueau, etc.). Thanks for helping get the word out and sounding the alarm toContinue reading “Heavy Spraying Continues 24/7 in CA and Beyond”