August 26, 2014


I am NOT a Buddhist. I live by the principles found in many of the great spiritual traditions” and “We can live without religion and meditation. This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy or theology. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple.” Dali Lama


“Teachers of religion must have the stature and integrity to give up the archaic and superstitious concept of a ‘personal’ God that has brought fear and monumental harm to individual human beings.” “I believe in a ‘cosmic’ religion that has no creeds, dogmas, doctrines or churches.”

“Man’s ethical behavior should be effectively gro nded on compassion, nurture and social bonds. What is moral is not divine, but a purely human matter.”  Albert Einstein




Colgate toothpaste could cause cancer

Millions of Americans may be putting a cancer-causing ingredient in their mouths every day. It’s called triclosan, and it’s in Colgate Total, Colgate-Palmolive’s (CL) top-selling toothpaste. Triclosan has reportedly been linked to cancer in animals. Many consumer companies have phased it out, and Minnesota has banned it.

Colgate says triclosan helps fight gum disease, and the FDA approved it 17 years ago.


. “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”. Kurt Cobain

If the medications and vaccines work the way that mainstream media claims why is it every year we have more and more sick people? Perhaps the rabbit hole goes deeper than we think maybe these vaccines and medications are designed to create a deliberate trickle of new customers. Bewildered by their exotic and expensive medical conditions they seek out specialists whom only prescribe more death and disease. The predictive programming tools and media pundits seek only to distract you from reality replacing happiness with a pill and being alive with being prescribed. How many toxic injections will the next generation receive on a daily basis in order to exist in this brave new world?

Recent studies indicate that an increase in the fetal death rates of pregnant women has gone up 4,250% in the last two years. These results come from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Creation and Proliferation (CDC) and the Fear and Death Administration (FDA). A study published in the National Library of Medicine stated that there is a substantial connection between the H1N1 vaccination and the increase in fetal deaths. Fetal death was defined as any recorded miscarriage or stillbirth after the first trimester.


details in the above video

Inclusion Criteria:

  • To be a health care worker from one of the three Canadian Hospitals participating in the Public Health Agency of Canada/Canadian Institutes for Health Research- Influenza Research Network (PCIRN): Quebec City, Toronto, and Halifax.
  • To have been immunized with the pH1N1 vaccine

(multiply all these numbers by 310 million people to get an idea of how many people get sick in the U.S. from this one alone vaccine.)

Total, serious adverse events  from Vaccination
# participants affected / at risk   35/3064 (1.14%)
Cardiac disorders
Chronic pericarditis
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Endocrine disorders
pancreas cancer
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Eye disorders
Eye problem
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Gastrointestinal disorders
# participants affected / at risk   4/3064 (0.13%)
# events   4
abdominal problems
# participants affected / at risk   4/3064 (0.13%)
# events   4
General disorders
severe headaches
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Immune system disorders
Anaphylactic shock
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Infections and infestations
Respiratory infection
# participants affected / at risk   3/3064 (0.10%)
# events   3
cutaneous infection
# participants affected / at risk   2/3064 (0.07%)
# events   2
toxic shock syndrome
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Injury, poisoning and procedural complications
no diagnosis [1]
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders
Musculoskeletal problems
# participants affected / at risk   2/3064 (0.07%)
# events   2
Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions
gynecologic problems/obstetrical
# participants affected / at risk   3/3064 (0.10%)
# events   3
Psychiatric disorders
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Reproductive system and breast disorders
Breast cancer
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
cervix precancerous cells
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
gynecologic problems
# participants affected / at risk   3/3064 (0.10%)
# events   3
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders
lung cancer
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
Surgical and medical procedures
ear surgery
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events   1
# participants affected / at risk   1/3064 (0.03%)
# events

Other Adverse Events

  Health Care Workers From CHUQ Hospitals
Total, other (not including serious) adverse events
# participants affected / at risk   383/4984
Gastrointestinal disorders
# participants affected / at risk   73/4984 (1.46%)
# events   73
General disorders
# participants affected / at risk   70/4984 (1.40%)
# events   70
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders
respiratory problems  
# participants affected / at risk   201/4984 (4.03%)
# events   201
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders
Local reaction
# participants affected / at risk   39/4984 (0.78%)
# events   39

Asthma Statistics

Note the above statistics where 4% get Asthma from the vaccinations…4 x 310 million is over 12 MILLION people!!

United States

• The number of people with asthma continues to grow. One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the U.S. population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001.2
• More than half (53%) of people with asthma had an asthma attack in 2008. More children (57%) than adults (51%) had an attack. 185 children and 3,262 adults died from asthma in 2007.2
• About 1 in 10 children (10%) had asthma and 1 in 12 adults (8%) had asthma in 2009. Women were more likely than men and boys more likely than girls to have asthma.2
• In 2010, 3 out of 5 children who have asthma had one or more asthma attacks in the previous 12 months.6
• For the period 2008–2010, asthma prevalence was higher among children than adults.5


All Pregnant Women Need Flu Shot: Ob/Gyn Group

from the National Institute of Health Website!!!

Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons: was there a synergistic fetal toxicity associated with the two-vaccine 2009/2010 season?

The unadjusted fetal-loss report rates for the three consecutive influenza seasons beginning 2008/2009 were 6.8 (95% CI: 0.1-13.1), 77.8 (95% CI: 66.3-89.4), and 12.6 (95% CI: 7.2-18.0) cases per million pregnant women vaccinated, respectively. The observed reporting bias was too low to explain the magnitude increase in fetal-demise reporting rates in the VAERS database relative to the reported annual trends. Thus, a synergistic fetal toxicity likely resulted from the administration of both the pandemic (A-H1N1) and seasonal influenza vaccines during the 2009/2010 season.

Flu shots during pregnancy lead to 4,250 percent increase in fetal deaths



Whistleblower: CDC Hid Data Showing MMR Vaccine 3X More Likely to Cause Autism in Black Males

The CDC whistleblower who has come forward with proof that the CDC knowingly covered up scientific evidence linking the MMR vaccine to autism has now been revealed as William W. Thompson, PhD.

Natural News has acquired a letter from William Thompson to former CDC head Dr. Julie Gerberding, dated February 2nd, 2004. The date of this letter is important because a pivotal Institute of Medicine (IoM) meeting on vaccine safety took place just one week later on February 9th. (See the full letter below.)

In this letter, William Thompson says he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study,” and he laments that the data will show MMR vaccines cause an increased risk of autism in youth African-American babies. He explains “I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.”

In response to this letter, the CDC took deliberate action to retroactively alter the outcome of the autism study by arbitrarily eliminating most subjects from the study, thereby shrinking the sample size to a small data set which would not achieve statistical significance. This is a clear and irrefutable case of scientific fraud. This fraud allowed CDC scientists such as Colleen Boyle to testify before Congress that there was “no credible link” between MMR vaccines and autism.


Flulaval Flu Vaccine: 25,000 Times Higher Mercury Level than EPA Limit for Water

Mercury tests conducted on vaccines at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab have revealed a shockingly high level of toxic mercury in an influenza vaccine (flu shot) made by GlaxoSmithKline (lot #9H2GX). Tests conducted via ICP-MS document mercury in the Flulaval vaccine at a shocking 51 parts per million, or over 25,000 times higher than the maximum contaminant level of inorganic mercury in drinking water set by the EPA.(1)

The tests were conducted via ICP-MS using a 4-point mercury calibration curve for accuracy. Even then, the extremely high level of mercury found in this flu shot was higher than anything we’ve ever tested, including tuna and ocean fish which are known for high mercury contamination.

Shockingly, the package insert for this flu shot readily admits the vaccine has never been subjected to scientific clinical trials:

“There have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with Flulaval,” the package insert claims in tiny text (that no one reads).

Vaccine Nation ~ Selling Fear, Making Bank


Medical dilemma of ‘three-parent babies’: Fertility clinic investigates health of teenagers it helped to be conceived through controversial IVF technique

A private fertility clinic in the United States has launched an investigation into the health of 17 teenagers who were born as a result of a controversial IVF technique that produced the world’s first “three-parent” embryos more than 15 years ago, The Independent can reveal.

The technique – which the US government halted in 2002 – involved mixing the eggs of two women so that the resulting IVF babies inherited genetic material from three individuals in a similar process to that planned in Britain for women carrying maternally inherited mitochondrial disorders.

About 30 IVF babies worldwide are believed to have been born by the technique, known as “cytoplasmic transfer”, including 17 infants at the Saint Barnabas Medical Centre in New Jersey who, until now, have not been checked for any long-term health problems resulting from the technique.

How cytoplasmic transfer and mitochondrial donation work
Cytoplasmic transfer and mitochondrial donation
Click the image to view the full graphic

The findings of the follow-up will be keenly scrutinised by Britain’s fertility watchdog, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which is charged with making sure that a similar technique called mitochondrial donation is safe.

“We do not know of any follow-up of children born as a result of cytoplasmic transfer but we would certainly want to know the results of such a follow-up,” said an HFEA spokesman.

Expert warns of IVF timebomb

Professor Robert Winston said test-tube babies could suffer terrible health problems because clinics were using IVF techniques which had not been properly tested.The risks could include birth defects, genetic damage which may not emerge until adulthood and an increased chance of cancer.

Yet couples desperate for a baby were not being told of the danger, he said, and the medical profession was ignoring evidence of problems. Asked if he meant IVF patients were being experimented on, Lord Winston said: “That is exactly what I am saying”.

His devastating attack comes amid mounting concern about the long-term health effects of IVF, and follows a growing body of evidence that test tube babies are less healthy than naturally conceived children. The fact that the warning comes from a man who was one of the world’s leading IVF pioneers gives it extra power.



Sperm problems tied to death in near future, study finds

Among men who seek help for infertility, those who are found to have problems with their sperm – such as a low count or poor motility – are more likely to die in the relatively near future than men with normal sperm, according to a new Stanford study.

The findings, published Thursday in the journal Human Reproduction, suggest that the health of a man’s sperm may be tied in important, and hopefully treatable, ways to his overall health. The scientists looked at records of nearly 12,000 men in California and Texas and found that those with sperm defects were twice as likely to die over an eight-year period after being seen for infertility.

The study supports earlier findings that have connected male infertility with long-term health problems such as cancer. But it’s among the first to demonstrate an increased risk of death in relatively young men – all of them were between ages 20 and 50 – over a short period of time.

“We’ve seen other data that there’s a link between fertility and long-term health, but the guys I see in my clinic, they’re pretty young,” said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, director of male reproductive medicine and surgery at Stanford University and lead author of the paper.

“The endpoint, death, usually happens much later in life,” Eisenberg said. “It’s important to identify this group that’s at risk and hopefully prevent these deaths moving forward.”

In Eisenberg’s study, men who had two or more sperm abnormalities – including low semen volume, low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility and low sperm count – were 2.3 times more likely to die over the study period than men with no abnormalities.


Widepread Chemicals Affecting Human Sperm, Infertility

  New study finds “direct link between exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals from industrial products and adverse effects on human sperm function.”

by Andrea Germanos


New research has linked hormone-altering chemicals found in everyday products including soap, sunscreen and toys to male infertility.

A team of German and Danish researchers studied nearly 100 of these chemicals, called endocrine-disruptors, and found that about one-third of them interfered with human sperm function in ways that could impair egg fertilization.

These chemicals include the antibacterial Triclosan, used in some toothpastes and other personal care products, and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC), found in some sunscreens and deodorants.

Endocrine disruptors have previously been linkedto a range of other health problems including cancer, neurodevelopmental delays and other altered reproductive functions.



In 2001 scientists at the Epicyte bio-lab in San Diego created the ultimate GM crop—’contraceptive corn’—after researchers discovered a rare class of human antibodies that attack sperm. By isolating the genes that regulate the manufacture of these antibodies, and by putting them in corn plants, the company has created tiny horticultural factories that make contraceptives.Announcing his success at a press conference, the president of Epicyte, Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants and announced, “We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”Shortly after the 2001 Epicyte press release, all discussion of the breakthrough vanished. The company itself was taken over in 2004 by Biolex and nothing more was heard in any media about the development of spermicidal corn.Did it to go underground? Are your taco shells safe? What of your cornmeal or cornflakes? Is this killer cereal already turning up on our breakfast tables..?


In ten years, the Colorado River Basin has lost the equivalent of two Lake Meads, the largest reservoir in the U.S., pictured here at dusk with Las Vegas in the background.

If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained;We’re pumping irreplaceable groundwater to counter the drought. When it’s gone, the real crisis begins.


The Best Reporting on California’s Drought

After a decade of relatively little rain, California is facing its third year of debilitating drought, and 2014 may be the driest in 500 years. The drought has placed a $44.7-billion-a-year agriculture industry, drinking water for millions of people, and some 204 cities located in high-risk fire zones in jeopardy. In January, California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency and in July the California Department of Public Health said at least eightcommunities could run out of drinking water without state action. The State Water Project also shut off its supply to major urban and agricultural water districts for the first time in its history.California is the nation’s largest state economy and agricultural producer, and so the state’s well-being affects the entire country. ProPublica has rounded up some of the best reporting on California’s drought, from fallowed farms to “zombie” water projects.


Targeting Political Ads to Individuals

Like it or not, another US election is almost upon us — and this time around, the incessant political advertising may cut a little too close to home. Both Democrats and Republicans are using a new TV ad targeting system from DirecTV and Dish that takes advantage of voter records to put personalized campaign ads on your DVR. If you tend to swing between both parties, you may get different commercials than lifelong supporters. You may also get reminders to vote early if you frequently cast absentee ballots. And unlike conventional targeting methods, which run ads on shows they believe certain demographics will watch, these promos will automatically appear on any show you record as long as there’s a free slot.


Republicans and the fine art of fake news

Let’s say you’re a voter in central California and you go online to look for information about a competitive congressional race. You stumble upon a website with a generic sounding name, “Central Valley Update,” and find some news coverage that casts the Democrat in a very negative light. It looks like a news story; it’s presented as a news story; and you might well be tempted to perceive it as a news story.
Except, it isn’t. Down at the very bottom of the page, in a small font, readers can learn that the “Central Valley Update,” is actually “paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee.”
Yes, as Shane Goldmacher reported yesterday, the Republicans’ House campaign arm “is now in the faux-news game.”


L.A. Unified halts contract for iPads

L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy suspended future use of a contract with Apple on Monday that was to provide iPads to all students in the nation’s second-largest school system amid mounting scrutiny of the $1-billion-plus effort.

The suspension comes days after disclosures that the superintendent and his top deputy had especially close ties to executives of Apple, maker of the iPad, and Pearson, the company that is providing the curriculum on the devices. And an internal report that examined the technology effort showed major problems with the process and the implementation.

In one email, from May 24, 2012, Aquino seems to strategize with higher-ups from Pearson on how to ensure that it got the job. “I believe we would have to make sure that your bid is the lowest one,” wrote Aquino, who was an executive with a Pearson affiliate before joining L.A. Unified.

Deasy was one of the last to participate in that email exchange and made his comments after Aquino’s, which covered several topics. “Understand your points and we need to work together on this quickly,” Deasy wrote. “I want to not loose [sic] an amazing opportunity and fully recognize our current limits.


c 2

DHS Says Target, UPS, Over 1000 Others Were Hacked By ‘Backoff’ Point of Sale Malware

Life certainly has become complicated ever since we stopped bartering goods and services with our neighbors in favor of using cash and credit. Think you’re safe to go shopping with your debit card at a major retailer? You’d be mistaken — according to an advisory put out by the Department of Homeland Security, over 1,000 American businesses have been infected by a cash register malware intended to steal your personal information.

The Point of Sale (PoS) malware is called “Backoff” and so far it’s given remote attackers the ability to harvest data from millions of credit and debit cards from consumers without the companies knowing of its existence. At first, Backoff was thought to have only affected a few businesses, but it turns out the malware is much more widespread than that.
Last last month, Homeland Security, the Secret Service, the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, and various partners in the security sector issued a warning to companies to check in-store cash register systems for the Backoff malware, which is named after a word that appears in its code. Prior to that point, Backoff went undetected by antivirus software, The New York Times reports.

Seven companies that sell and manage in-store cash registers have since confirmed that multiple clients have been affected. Only a few of the clients have come forward, including UPS and Supervalu, though the total list is over 1,000 long.

So, what can you do as a consumer? Unfortunately, not much.


Despite Google’s dictum of “Don’t Be Evil,” the company has suspiciously aligned itself with the grand ambitions of American imperialism, with its executive chairman Eric Schmidt  attending the infamous Bilderberg conference in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013. Schmidt  also has a listed membership with the Trilateral Commission.

Far more disturbing, however, is Google participation in what appears to be a totalitarian ambition to create a New World Order under a superconscious computer likened to God. While it may sound like science fiction, Google execs have been advancing the cause of “technological singularity,” and the advent of superhuman intelligence, known as “transhumanism.”

These delusional ambitions have their origin in the CIA-sponsored Cybernetics Group, formed about the Macy Conferences of the 40s and 50s. They were inheritors of the mad scientists of the Frankfurt School, a group of neo-Freudians who manufactured the foundations of American popular culture. Beginning with the 60s counterculture, it fostered the rise of the “personal computer,” which grew out of the CIA”s MK-Ultra program for the proliferation of LSD.


‘Robo Brain’ Will Teach Robots Everything from the Internet

Robo Brain – a large-scale computational system that learns from publicly available Internet resources – is currently downloading and processing about 1 billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos, and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals. The information is being translated and stored in a robot-friendly format that robots will be able to draw on when they need it.

To serve as helpers in our homes, offices and factories, robots will need to understand how the world works and how the humans around them behave. Robotics researchers have been teaching them these things one at a time: How to find your keys, pour a drink, put away dishes, and when not to interrupt two people having a conversation. This will all come in one package with Robo Brain.

“Our laptops and cell phones have access to all the information we want. If a robot encounters a situation it hasn’t seen before it can query Robo Brain in the cloud,” said Ashutosh Saxena, assistant professor of computer science at Cornell University. Saxena and colleagues at Cornell, Stanford and Brown universities and the University of California, Berkeley, say Robo Brain will process images to pick out the objects in them, and by connecting images and video with text, it will learn to recognize objects and how they are used, along with human language and behavior.


The Agenda and You ~ Part III; Transhumanism and You in the Age of Transitions



The Great Hypocrisy of most United Statesian’s is that its all okay when it happens abroad but now tht it it is coming home to roost….

(Answer: D)****



10 George Orwell Quotes That Predicted Life In 2014 America

The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.”

Haditha. Panjwai. Maywand District. Mahmudiyah. These names probably don’t ring a bell, but it is almost a certainty that the reader is aware of the brutality that occurred in Benghazi. The main difference is that in the first four incidents, those committing the acts of brutality were wearing an American flag on their shoulder.


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