August 23, 2014

If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we would know the mind of God.    ~ Stephen Hawkins ~ A Brief History of Time

Yuga Cycle Diagram

Ancient Vedic Indian Age of the Cosmic Universe

This Universe has existed for 155.522 trillion years and this is just in the current cycle of creation and annihilation. Before this cycle there were countless other cycles and after this cycle which will end in 155.518 trillion years time. There will be countless other cycles. The cycle of creation and annihilation is based on the life of Brahma, the engineer of the Universe. At the beginning of each day of Brahma, he creates everything in this Universe and then at the end of each day, there is partial annihilation Each day (12 hours) of Brahma is 4.32 billion years. Brahma lives for 311 trillion and 40 billion years, after this time there is complete annihilation of this Universe and the current Brahma dies. Then there is another Brahma and cycle repeats itself. This Universe is the smallest in Gods creation. There are other Universes, which are thousands and even millions of times bigger than this Universe.



Today, there are many chronologies, much older than the Christian chronology, extant in the world, as shown below:

Chronology Antiquity in years
Roman 2,753
Greek 3,576
Turkish (new) 4,294
Chinese (new) 4,360
Hindu (Kalyabda) 5,106
Jewish 5,764
Iran (new) 6,008
Turkish (old) 7,610
Egyptian 28,667
Iran (old) 189,971
Chinese (old) 96,002,301
Hindu (Kalpābda) 1,971,221,106
Hindu (Sŗşābda) 155,521,971,221,106

Ancient Mysteries ~ Alternative Time/Age Narratives of our ‘Pre’ His-story.
Is life and time and space much greater than we have been told and taught.  Could life be a circle of continual existence(s) where consciousness rises and falls over vast periods of times based on the interplay activities of the Cosmos?  This is what the Ancients taught in many different cultures covering vast periods of time.

Sri Yukteswar’s dating of the yugas is calculated astronomically, as described by him in The Holy Science with elegant efficiency:

“We learn from the Oriental astronomy that moons revolve round their planets and planets turning on their axes revolve with their moons round the sun, and the sun again with its planets and moons taking some star for its dual revolve round each other in about 24000 years of our earth which causes the backward movement of the equinoxal points round the Zodiac.”4

Precession is a change in the orientation of the rotation axis of a rotating of our planet Earth at the poles.  In astronomy, “precession” refers to any of several slow changes in an astronomical body’s rotational or orbital parameters, and especially to the Earth’s precession of the equinoxes

  The oldest recorded records found of Ancient Indian, the four Veda’s, told of periods of time frames of what Plato called ‘Great Years’ lasting one zodiacal cycle of 25,920 (or 24,000) years divided into three periods each of consciousness ascension and descension in periods of 2,160 year time frames around a zodiacal archetype. This is also called the Precession of the Equinox which is what astrology is based upon. here

Many ancient civilizations understood the cycles of time…


Though this seems like large periods of time, it is nothing compared to the time frame of the Rig Veda’s teaching of one life of Brahma here:     Yet Ancient Chinese, Babylonians, Chaldeans and Egyptians all had similar systems of time measurement and belief.

We are currently in the Age of Pisces (the two fish)  since the time of Christ with another 300 years or so until we transition into the Age of Aquarius.  This is why the symbolism in Christianity is the fish.  It was based upon astrology and the Cosmos which the Roman Catholic Church revised history to bury the astrological connection between the heavens and Man, while destroying all ancient knowledge so they could write a new narrative based on old teachings….


The Four Yuga Cycles ~ The Ages of Man

A wonderful primer is a new book out called ‘The Yugas’ by Joseph Selbie.  (I cannot help connect John Lennon’s song “Imagine’ to the description of the Golden age of Satya Yuga …..”Imagine no possesions, it’s easy if you try….”)

The yugas describe a cycle of human development that not only predicts highly advanced ages in the future, but indicates that they have occurred in the past as well. The yuga cycle includes ages less advanced than our own, ages full of ignorance and darkness, and ages so much more advanced than our own present age that we cannot fully comprehend them. And, as is implicit in the meaning of the word “cycle,” we learn that once mankind’s peak is reached, there is inevitable decline; and once mankind’s darkest point is reached, there is inevitable advancement.

People lived very simply in the golden age. There were no wars and discord because they had no possessions to fight over. There was no agriculture but the land produced food of itself, the climate being agreeable.”

Satya Yuga (11,500 BC – 6700 BC):

The age of the truth and true religion. Everyone in the world is truthful and follower of the only religion in the world, the Vedic religion. The yuga (age) lasts 1.728 million years and the lifespan of humans is up to 100,000 years.   Characterized by virtue, wisdom, religion, and practically no vice or ignorance. Humans do not hate or envy each other, nor do they ever feel anxious, fearful or threatened. They solely worship the one Supreme Personality of Godhead, hear the one Veda, obey the one law, and practice the one religious process — meditation on the Supreme

Treta Yuga: (6700 Bc – 3100 BC)

The introduction of ignorance takes place in this age. The Vedic religion is the only one in the world. The yuga (age) lasts 1.296 million years and the lifespan of humans is up to 10,000 years.    Vice is introduced. The good qualities that humans had in Satya-yuga reduce by one third. People introduce religious rites, sacrifices, and ceremonies. They start to act with fruitive desires, expecting a reward for their work and religious activities

Dvapara Yuga: (3100 BC – 700 BC)

Increased decline in the truth and religious values takes effect in this age. The Vedic religion is the only one in the world. The yuga lasts 864,000 years and the lifespan of humans is 1,000 years.  Uprightness is only half of what it was in Satya-yuga. The Vedas are divided into four parts, and only a few people study them. Sensual desires and diseases begin to well up, and injustice spreads in human civilization

It is not perhaps true to say that the world became miserable in these ‘dark ages’ to which we have now come; much nearer the truth is to say that the world collapsed into a sea of misery that was already there. Our histories of these times are very imperfect; there were few places where men could write, and little encouragement to write at all….But we know enough to tell that this age was an age not merely of war and robbery, but of famine and pestilence…. To many in those dark days it seemed that all learning and all that made life seemly and desirable was perishing.”

Kali Yuga (770 BC. – 1700 AD):

The age of irreligion and ignorance. There is complete decline in religious principles. In the first few thousand years there are many religions, which will gradually completely disappear from the face of the Earth one by one. The yuga lasts 432,000 years and the life span of humans is up to 100 years.

only one fourth of human uprightness remains and gradually reduces to nil as the age progresses, the most degraded of the four ages (kali literally means “quarrel and hypocrisy”).

In this age men are short lived and have less intelligence. They are especially lazy in performing their spiritual duties and exceedingly slow to surrender to the Lord. They are misled, frustrated and, above all, always disturbed. The qualities of religion (truthfulness, cleanliness, forbearance and mercy) and the qualities of life (intelligence, duration of life and bodily strength and beauty) all diminish.

We are currently 5000 years into Kali Yuga.


...And Many Other Ancients Followed these Cycles as well

(and our Western his-story teaches that these cultures never communicated at all and came from primitive savagery bloodlines of  the Animal Kingdom. Yet, they all came to the same Cosmic truths, built Great Pyramids and stone structures paralleling the heavens above and spent lifetimes honoring the Great Spirit.)

There are many more examples from other cultures: among them, Norse, Celtic, Hopi, Lakota, Persian and ancient Egyptian.

In ancient Persia, the Zoroastrian tradition, which existed around 500 B.C. in the area of present-day Iran, spoke of Zurvan daregho-chvadhata, or the time of the long dominion. This was a cosmic year that spanned 12,000 years, divided into four periods of 3000 years. The four ages were symbolized by a tree with four branches of gold, silver, steel, and iron.

Norse myths describe a succession of ages: an age of peace, an age of the development of social orders, an age of increasing violence, and a degraded age of cruel winters and moral chaos, ending in an annihilation called the Ragnarok after which the world is restored.

The tradition of four ages appears also in the Celtic mythology of Ireland. The first Celtic age, Partholon, is associated with the white color of silver. The second age, Nemed’s, is associated with the red color of bronze and is followed by the Tuatna de Denann, the Golden (yellow) age. The fourth age, Milesians, is black. Interestingly, the Mahabharata, India’s great epic scripture, identifies the same colors, in the same order, as the “colors of god” during the corresponding yugas.

Manetho, an Egyptian priest of circa 300 B.C., wrote a history of Egypt in the Greek language, of which only fragments have survived, mostly lists of kings. But Manetho also tells of an age when gods ruled humanity, which was followed by a period of rule by demigods and heroes, then an age of rule by ordinary men. The sequence once again clearly reflects a progression of descending ages.

The Hopi of the American Southwest speak of four worlds. Author Frank Waters, himself a Hopi, describes them in Book of the Hopi. In the firstworld the people were pure, happy and healthy. The people felt one with each other and with nature. By the third world, people lived in big cities and there was corruption and war, and by the fourth world people lived in a hard world marked by duality, “heat and cold, beauty and barrenness.”

Ancient Hindu traditions speak of the Bull of Dharma. The tradition involves a Sanskrit play on words; the term ‘Vrisha’ means both ‘bull’ and ‘virtue’ or dharma in Sanskrit. As you may recall from earlier in this chapter, dharma increases and then decreases as the yugas go through the cycle of 24,000 years.

In the myth of the Bull of Dharma, in Satya Yuga, the highest age, Indian tradition records that the Bull of Dharma stood on four legs, while in the next age, Treta Yuga, the Bull stood on only three legs, in Dwapara Yuga, two legs and in Kali Yuga, one leg.

In the myths described above, we find many parallels, and several remarkable parallels stand out especially:

  1. All of these myths reached their current form sometime in Kali Yuga (700 B.C to 1700 A.D.). Kali is the lowest of the yugas in the cycle of the yugas.
  2. All of these myths express the belief that the myth tellers lived in the lowest of the ages they describe.
  3. All of these myths describe a process in which mankind has descended from higher ages, in a succession from a highest age, through less evolved ages, and finally into the lowest age.
  4. All of these myths describe the highest age as a time of spiritual harmony, physical plenty and greatly expanded awareness.

These parallels, we are told by mainstream historians, anthropologists and archeologists, are only unremarkable coincidences, the result of shared archetypes in the human psyche. Many of these myths are considered by scholars to be origin myths; stories that primitive people told to explain how the world came to be. Yet the recurring theme of higher ages, and the remarkable similarities in their descriptions, suggests more than just a coincidence of archetypal

As we develop, we increasingly manifest our higher potentials. We express dharma more and more completely. So too does mankind as a whole. In any age there are those whose degree of development is greater than the norm. And there are also those whose degree of development is less than the norm. Today we have wise men and sages among us, as well as those who are considerably less aware. In describing the yugas, Sri Yukteswar makes the distinction that, “mankind as a whole,” shares a level of awareness, a degree of development of dharma or mental virtue, during each age or yuga. Yet there will always be men and women, in any yuga, who rise above the general awareness of mankind, who find their connection to Brahma, the universal magnetism, by other means.

The cycle of the yugas is profoundly reassuring in our tense and troubling times. Sri Yukteswar offers a vision of our times as a natural process of growth and development – not an apocalyptic powder keg. It is more like the teenage years before one settles into a mature adulthood. The cycle of the yugas also offers a very high vision of our own inner potential—far greater than you find in your average history text book!


Great Mysteries ~ The Great Pyramid

 …yet the biggest of Ancient elephants remains the Great Pyramid.  One of the first pyramids built that engineers and scientists still could not duplicate today with modern day machine, much less copper hammers, rope and tee logs.  It should be not lost on anyone that the rebellious uprisings have become in Egypt and Greece. 

epyramid.jpg (20677 bytes)

The Great Pyramid of Giza; Khufu (Cheops in Greek), is by far the best-known and most impressive of all the Egyptian Pyramids.   Its original height was 481 feet.   The Pyramid contains approximately 2.3 million limestone blocks, the average weight of each about 2.5 tons, the heaviest weighing over 15 tons.    What secrets do these monoliths hold?

Like 20th century bridge designs, the Pyramid’s cornerstones have balls and sockets built into them.    Several football fields long, the Pyramid is subject to expansion and contraction movements from heat and cold, as well as earthquakes, settling, and other such phenomena. After 4,600 years it’s structure would have been significantly damaged without such construction.
While the bulk of the Pyramid’s core was constructed of 4,000- to 40,000-pound blocks of soft limestone, the outer layer of the Pyramid was made of a beautifully bright, protective layer of polished stone. These outer “casing stones” are missing today because about 600 years ago they were stolen by Arabs, (This accounts for the very worn appearance of the Pyramid today, since the inner limestone blocks are not immune to attack by the elements-wind, rain, and sandstorms.) This protective covering was made up of 100-inch-thick, 20-ton blocks of hard, white limestone, similar to marble but superior in hardness and in durability against the elements.

The casing stones, 144,000 in all, were so brilliant that they could literally be seen from the mountains of Israel hundreds of miles away. On bright mornings and late afternoons, sunlight reflected by this vast mirrored surface of 5-1/4 acres distinguished the Pyramid as being visible from the moon.

Amazingly, the outside surface stones are cut within 0.01 (1/100th) inch of perfectly straight and at nearly perfect right angles for all six sides. And they were placed together with an intentional gap between them of 0.02 inch. Modern technology cannot place such 20-ton stones with greater accuracy than those in the Pyramid.

We know from geometry that there is a universal relationship between the diameter of a circle and its circumference. Consider this: The height of the Pyramid’s apex is 5,812.98 inches, and each side is 9,131 inches from corner to corner (in a straight line).    If the circumference of the Pyramid is divided by twice its height (the diameter of a circle is twice the radius), the result is 3.14159, which just happens to be mathematical pi.   Incredibly, this calculation is accurate to six digits.   So the Pyramid is a square circle, and thus pi was designed into it 4,600 years ago.   Pi is demonstrated many times throughout the Pyramid.

All four sides of the Pyramid are very slightly and evenly bowed in, or concave. This effect, which cannot be detected by looking at the Pyramid from the ground, was discovered around 1940 by a pilot taking aerial photos to check certain measurements. As measured by today’s laser instruments, all of these perfectly cut and intentionally bowed stone blocks duplicate exactly the curvature of the earth. The radius of this bow is equal to the radius of the Earth. This radius of curvature is what Newton had long been seeking.

The average height of land above sea level (Miami being low and the Himalayas being high), as can be measured only by modern-day satellites and computers, happens to be 5,449 inches. That is the exact height of the Pyramid.

So far the message indicates that whoever built the Pyramid knew the Earth well: the length of the year, the radius of curvature, the standard measurement techniques, the average height of the continents, and the center of the land mass. They were able to consruct something that we still cannot construct today, and they were able to tie all these things together in this single structure. Were they extraterrestrial, or perhaps even supernatural? The answer is not yet clear.


REAL angel caught on tape saving mans life

Freeze frame at 23 seconds. Incredible


Motorcyclist Crashes Into Car, Flips Onto The Roof, And Lands On His Feet


Religion Defined by George Carlin


Now Back to our current un-realities….

California Drought; Less Honey Bees = Less Food for All

California’s extreme drought is taking its toll on honeybees and honey producers in the state.

Lack of rainfall has made the state’s native flowering plants less abundant, and it’s also taken its toll on the state’s farmers, forcing some of them to decrease the amount of land they keep productive as water prices soar. That means that honeybees in California — a state that’s one of the largest in terms of honey production — don’t have as much to forage on as they usually do.

 That’s made it harder than usual for California’s honey producers to keep up with production. Since the drought began three years ago, California’s honey crop has fallen from 27.5 million pounds in 2010 to 10.9 million pounds in 2013, the AP reports. The drought is also contributing to rising honey prices — a pound of honey has increased from $3.83 to $6.32 over the last eight years.

The lack of foraging plants in California has prompted some beekeepers to take their bees to other states to forage. Others are feeding their bees more sugar syrup than they typically would in order to keep them fed — but that practice is expensive, as one beekeeper told the AP.

“Not only are you feeding as an expense, but you aren’t gaining any income.” beekeeper Mike Brandi said. “If this would persist, you’d see higher food costs, higher pollination fees and unfortunately higher prices for the commodity of honey.”

The drought is just the latest thing to pose a threat to managed honeybee populations. Across the globe, commercial honeybee populations have been declining for more than a decade. The decline is largely attributed to Colony Collapse Disorder, a phenomenon in which adult bees in a colony simply disappear from their hives. A federal report this year found that losses last winter in the U.S. were less steep than the winter before, but bee populations are still struggling — as one entomologist told the New York Times, the new report shows that bee losses have gone “from horrible to bad.”




Mass  Cloud Of Jelly Creatures of West Coast As Sea Temps. Rise

Global Warming’s “Missing Heat” Is Being Stored In The Oceans


The United States Inc.

England, Canada, Australia and many other countries are led politically by “Prime Ministers” to the Queen.  In fact she is the official head of 123 commonwealth countries.  America, Russia, and other countries, however, have a “President” and “Vice-President.”  Usually corporations have Presidents and Vice-Presidents.  What does this mean?  The US Presidents rule from the “White House.”  The Russian Presidents also rule from the White House.  The Jesuits, a large force behind the Illuminati, have their own White House as well.  England is ruled from “Whitehall.”
“The United States government is being ruled from the ‘White House,’ the government of England is being ruled from what is called ‘Whitehall,’ and Whitehall, like our White House, is the symbol of power because the hall is like the Masonic hall, the lodge hall, the union hall.”  -Jordan Maxwell, “Matrix of Power”

“For those who think America controls the roost it would do well to consider that the Queen of England is still the official head of Commonwealth (123 countries) and the official monarch of Australia and Canada along with the United Kingdom … add to that the fact that all Bush Sr. got for his two terms as president of USA is a mere knighthood of the British Empire.”  -Prash Trivedi

International Maritime Admiralty law, the law of the high seas, began in Sumeria, was perfected in Rome and continues to this day.  Jordan Maxwell has explained that the way we trade commerce today is modeled after the Masons’/Templar Knights’ 1000 year old system.  Notice how regardless of whether you send a product by air, water, or land – you “ship” it.  The ship pulls into its “berth” and ties to the “dock.”  The Captain has to provide the port authorities with a “certificate of manifest” declaring the products he has brought.  Through a legal loophole the royals have created, US citizens are considered property of the queen under British Maritime law.  Since we are born of our mother’s water, from her “birth canal,” we are thereby a maritime product, a “shipped” commodity.  Our mothers were delivering a product under maritime law and that’s why we are born in a “delivery room.”  That’s why the “doc” signs your “berth” certificate, your “certificate of manifest.”  You’re kept in the Maternity “Ward.”  Why a ward?  No other hospital areas are called wards.  Prisons have wards and wardens.

There is not one person in ten thousand in this country that can tell you what the Washington D.C. or “District of Columbia” represents in our Federal Government. Not one!  Yet it rules our lives each and every day and sowe don’t know what THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in Washington, D.C. is, or what it means.

The Corporation of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Divided We Stand, Together We Rise

Image1by Ida Lawrence

The sins of Babylon have reached to heaven… it’s kind of a contest as to which country in the world is the worst, but the US wins the Babylon crown hands down. We live here, but we’re not the ones pulling the strings. We are the ones in a daze, waking up and wondering… how did this happen? We thought we were in the land of the free… land of opportunity! And here we are… enslaved!

I just heard somebody say, “The game is chess and we’re playing checkers.” I had to smile at that, because it’s an interesting picture of our situation. Divide and conquer has worked for oh so long that it seems to be what humans are meant to do: be separate, adversarial, frightened, poor in spirit, self-centered, and always right. The wrongs that ‘right’ people do to each other, just as a matter of course, just because they want to or can; it can make you heartsick if you let it.

Keep your head up and don’t let it make you heartsick. There’s more light here now, causing us to see more of what is… the light of Truth is for us, not against us. We’ve incarnated for this time when wrongs are to be made right, and that means revelations, revolutions, and a lot of courage needed. Truth clears the way.


(note how many white folks are also protesting…this is the coming together time…and where the F is Obama, the Great Black Hope in all this????)


“I’ve done my fair share of killing. Now either you’re going to go to the ballot box or your going to go to the bullet box in the next 18 months.”  Sgt Page continues, “If you’ve got that time. The new Constitution is already to go, they only need the right incident to bring it down”

MUST VIEW! Crisis Actor/Provocateur Exposed!  St. Louis Cop Suspended After Radical Views Are Exposed by YouTuber

(note how CNN is staged with black reporter (in white shirt) and says he “will not resist and officer”. We are being continually set up folks. Wake up!)

Sergeant Dan Page of the St. Louis County Police Department was caught earlier this week participating in what seemed like a staged CNN broadcast in Ferguson where he shoved reporter Don Lemon while standing with peaceful protesters.

YouTube activist The Black Child noticed the encounter on CNN and quickly identified Page and exposed his radical views in the video below. The Black Child pulled clips from a 2012 lecture given by Sergeant Page where he gives detailed plans of a military police state takeover of the United States.

Dan Page of the St.Louis County Police Department participating in a CNN Psychological Operation mainly targeting black Americans. What is more interesting is a lecture Page gave in 2012, where he gave in good detail plans of the NWO takeover. Obviously he is STILL involved in Military Intelligence/Psychological Warfare, but now, within the St.Louis Police Department. Once again the Most High reveals all that’s done in the dark. The Matrix continues to unravel.

St. Louis Cop On Tape:  “If I Have To, I’ll Kill A Bunch More”



US considers air strikes in Syria after murder of James Foley

ISIS = CR-ISIS or Cry for Isis.

Air strikes? Talk of God? Barack Obama is following the jihadists’ script after James Foley beheading

Yes, Barack Obama – before he headed back to the golf links – informed the world that “No just God would stand for what they [Isis] did yesterday, and for what they do every single day.” So there you have it: Obama turned the “caliphate’s” savagery into an inter-religious battle of rival Gods, “ours” [ie the West’s] against “theirs” [the Muslim God, of course]. This was the nearest Obama has yet come in rivalling George W Bush’s gormless reaction to 9/11 in which he said that “we” are going to go on a “Crusade”.

Now of course, Obama didn’t mean the Muslim God, any more than Bush intended to send thousands of horse-mounted Christian warriors to the Biblical lands of the Middle East: indeed, Bush only sent tank-mounted and helicopter-borne warriors to those lands. No, Obama was also announcing that the “caliphate’s” victims are “overwhelmingly Muslim” – ie that the “Caliphate” wasn’t Muslim at all – although his enthusiasm to intervene earlier this month was not caused by his sympathy for these thousands of poor Muslims, but by the persecution of Christians and Yazidis. And of course the danger to potential American victims – a fact which Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s men understood all too well.

That’s why they slaughtered poor James Foley. Not because he was a journalist , but because he was an American, indeed one of the Americans Obama was promising to defend in Iraq. Whether or not Obama forgot about US hostages in Syria – the US military’s attempt to rescue them at least proved they knew Foley was in Syria. But why is Isis in Syria? To overthrow the Assad regime, of course, which is what we too are trying to do, is it not?

What on earth made Obama believe he could tell Muslims about what a “just God” would or would not do? For a President who regrets the Bush war in Iraq, does he not realise that millions of Muslims in Iraq believe that “no just God” would stand for the American invasion of Iraq in 2003, nor for the tens of thousands of Iraqis massacred because of the lies of Bush and Blair? I was amazed to hear Obama announce that “one thing we [sic] can all agree on” was that “a group like Isil has no place in the 21st century”.

UK joins US military offensive in Iraq !!

After days of denials and prevarication, the UK’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition led by Prime Minister David Cameron has once again assumed a military role in Iraq.

Cameron has pledged that Britain would “use all the assets that we have,” including “military prowess” to defeat the Islamic State (IS) Sunni jihadist group.

Eight Tornado bomber jets have already been sent from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, supposedly to carry out surveillance along with Chinook helicopters. Cameron’s promise that “Britain is not going to get involved in another war in Iraq” and will not be “putting boots on the ground” is worthless. Indeed, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, speaking from Cyprus, said that the UK’s military involvement in Iraq could last for “months.”


Desmond Tutu: My Plea To The People Of Israel: Liberate Yourselves By Liberating Palestine


Thought Implants – Is This the Future of the Mind?

 by Anna Hunt, Staff Writer | Waking Times


With incredible technology at our fingertips, scientists are now more than ever before striving to understand the mind, looking to answers questions such as: “How quickly can the brain think?” and “How does the mind work?” Are we getting any closer to having these questions answered?

The basic structure and function of neurons – brain cells that process and transmit information through electrical and chemical signals – were discovered by Santiago Ramón y Cajal in Spain in the late 19th century. From that point forth, humanity has made amazing strides in creating and using technologies to record brain activity and understand its patterns – from magnetic resonance scanners to recording neural communication using electrodes on the scalp and the brain.

The mystery of what brain patterns really mean – often referred to as the “neural code” – continues to bewilder neuroscientists, although they have made considerable progress, particularly over the last couple of decades. We now understand which parts of the brain are responsible for some specific tasks, for example the hippocampus is known to be important for spatial navigation. Now, some researchers are realizing the challenge in decoding the “neural code”, so they are writing their own by studying which patterns correspond to which actions. Albert Lee and Matthew Wilson, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) established this approach in 2002, analyzing patterns in the brain of a rat as it runs through a maze:




48 Suspicious Banking Deaths


Raytheon & the NSA will now be recording everyone’s license plate in Massachusetts

Technology and defense giant Raytheon was recently awarded a $130 million contract to install all-electronic tolling systems on the Massachusetts Turnpike and at several local tunnels. A unit of the company’s Integrated Defense Systems business will install the system over the next year and a half.

Sears has lost nearly $1 billion so far this year and it’s just getting started

Sears is an icon of American retail. It’s been around since 1893 and served as a staple for many consumers for much of that time. But in recent years, under the stewardship of CEO Eddie Lampert, it’s turned into a money pit. Today, it announced a quarterly loss of more than $500 million. Last quarter, it lost more than $400 million. And the long-running decline is accelerating.

Michigan Welcomes Radioactive Fracking Waste Rejected by other States

Michigan is now getting waste from drillers in the Marcellus Shale deposits in western Pennsylvania because the waste from their fracking operations can’t be disposed of there. The shipment consists of fluids and sludge that had built up in a storage container. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection received one complaint from a nearby resident about a strong odor emanating from the waste.

California Supreme Court: Prosecutors May Use The Silence Of A Defendant As Proof Of Guilt

The California Supreme Court has handed down a major 4-3 decision in a vehicular manslaughter case that further erodes the rights of citizens to remain silent after being placed into custody

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