August 21, 2014



June 21, Marocchi, Italy- 
Concentric rings with a compass??
3 3 3

“If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, 

                                           then you would have a key to the Universe.”                                                                 ~ Nicola Tesla

2014 Crop Circle Gallery

(as related directly to me by a very spiritual individual, crop circles not only are bringing symbolic messaging to those of us who wish to understand more deeply the workings of the universe, but also is acupuncture being applied from the heavens to heal a sickly earth. The vast power of the cosmos is beyond most comprehensions at this time.)

In keeping with recent years; this season’s crop circle activity has taken a marked departure from the formations we’ve grown accustomed to seeing in past seasons.  Rather than 3D crop circles with jaw-dropping sophisticated geometry; we are instead seeing repetitive patterns and variations on a theme.  In total we find five types of repeated patterns in this years formations; the most frequent being the seed of life ellipses, and concentric rings.  Based in sacred geometry and the Vesica Piscis, the seed of life is the basic mathematical foundation of the Flower of Life; and is a familiar crop circle pattern.  The other repetitive patterns this season are the crescent moon, star design, and spirals.

Another change is the increased instances of farmers cutting out crop circles on their property as soon as they are discovered.  This is primarily done to prevent even further crop damage done by dozens or even hundreds of people flocking to visit the latest event.




Diamonds in the Sky

A “diamond planet” was discovered in late 2012 and I’ve been fascinated by it ever since I heard about it – but didn’t really know why. As with most things recently, I wonder why these things stick out in my mind and therefore, what it was offering me on my spiritual journey. Then I put it together when I read an article from Forbes magazine about the diamond planet and the monetary “value” that was placed on it – $26.9 Nonillion (which is 26.9 followed by 30 zeros).

Here is a quote from the article I’m referring to “There is no doubt in my mind that it would be quite valuable for those of us on earth to be able to mine The Diamond Planet and sell its raw diamonds. Naturally, there is a question of whether all that supply could be absorbed by the market.”

It led me to wonder about our values: Is humanity so disconnected that we speculate about the potential mining value of a newly discovered planet rather than marvel at its creation? Isn’t there an inherent problem with this kind of thinking?

The concept that humanity has any right to consider mining this far off planet for diamonds and selling them here on Earth is not only arrogant, it demonstrates our skewed priorities and the extent of the illusions that make up our disintegrating reality. Diamonds are only considered “valuable” because our society attributes a specific value to them. The perceived monetary value of the ‘diamond planet’ serves as a distraction from our true nature – curiosity and scientific enquiry about this amazing discovery.



Enter the Rightful Role of the Truth Warrior

It’s amazing how people have been backed into a corner by this barrage of social programming and outright intimidation. People actually feel apologetic about speaking the truth when it counters the politically correct entrained mass mindset of the world today. It’s not always obvious and can manifest in many subtle yet powerfully debilitating ways.

I’m in the midst of answering older sibling’s responses to my understanding of America’s participation in the Zionist phenomenon. I’ve only sent select information in the hopes of at least cracking their eyes open even a little bit as to the obvious results of this militarized American mindset and what they’ve been bamboozled into supporting.

While we communicate freely on other subjects and our discourse is not belligerent, on this one I was met with not just the usual irrational justifications and indoctrinated responses, but there soon appeared a patronizing and condescending tone, an indication of the degree of entrenchment I was touching on.

It was as if entirely different people were suddenly speaking to me, resorting to addressing perceived underlying weaknesses in my thinking, delivery and temperament while at the same time basically reflecting the profoundly deep culture of religio-political tainted western programming. It was a perfect illustration of the tough contest many are up against and brought to mind some of the more subtle aspects of why many are often reluctant to share the naked truth.




(On the high plateau’s of Tibet, there are vast lakes. Yet Tibetans are not fish eaters. They instead eat Yak.  The Yak plows their fields. Yak poop is dried and used in winter for fuel to heat their homes while the yak lives underneath the home to provide additional warmth.

When they kill a yak it feeds the many whereas eating a fish is one lie for one life.

This is how sacred they consider all life to be.)

The Austerity Diaries: The “Whole Buffalo” Theory of Food Economics

Daisy Luther
Activist PostIn Native American lore, it is often said that hunters made use of the entire animal that they had killed in order to respect the sacrifice that sustained them. They considered the buffalo to be sacred, and felt it was an offense to be wasteful. They ate anything edible; used the hides for shelters, shoes, and clothing; they strung bows with the sinews, they used the stomachs as water canteens, and they used the horns for weapons and tools.The other day when I was preserving some peaches, my daughter pointed out that I was letting some parts go to waste. She said, “Mom, you need to use the whole buffalo!”

So, I began to do some reading. I broke out all of my vintage cookbooks and began scouring the Internet and discovered that in this day and age, we sure do waste a lot of our buffaloes.


AMERIKA, my country ’tis of thee…we’ve lost out land of liberty

..of thee I sing.

Land where my Father died, land of my children’s lost pride..

…of thee I sing.

Ferguson: Cop Pointing a Rifle at Protesters Says He Will “Fucking Kill” Them, Tells Them to Go Fuck Themselves When Asked His Name

Published on Aug 20, 2014

At roughly 11:55 PM CDT, a Ferguson police officer was spotted randomly pointing an assault rifle at protesters. This event was captured by the citizen journalist Rebelutionary_Z. The officer pointed his rifle at Rebelutionary_Z’s companion, identified as Josiah (an African-American), and said “I will fucking kill you, get back.” When asked for his name by Rebelutionary_Z, the officer responded “Go fuck yourself.”

The full video is here:
The clip begins at around the 20 minute mark. The video quality is better on the original; my apologies. I don’t really know what I’m doing.


Controlled Order Out of Chaos Comes Home

Another week, another contrived crisis.  Never let a good one of those go to waste.  No, it’s not Kony hijacking a Malaysian Plane for Bowe Bergdahl, this week’s psy op is “race riots” in Nowhere, MO, where choosing the correct side of a polarized media dialectic only feeds the soon-to-be-forgotten pseudo-hysteria of Trayvon, the Sequel.  In Trayvon 2, it’s the Empire Strikes Back, as the Washington establishment ramps up its disaster and COG (continuity of government) test runs.  While talking heads yammer on about everything but what is relevant, this week’s circus is reminiscent of the Katrina scenario, where martial law was enacted due to a huge natural disaster resulted in gun confiscations and martial law.

It is important to keep fresh in one’s mind the mainstream media’s number one job as psy ops central – keep everyone in fear.  Unrest, disintegration and controlled chaos is essentially the only purpose of mass media, with the result being brief temporal passing interest in some inane story, utterly unconnected to 99.9999% of the population.  To sum it all up, the same programs of psy ops, destabilization, controlled chaos and subversion/inversion that we have seen the establishment concoct in the Middle East and Ukraine of late are now becoming the game plan on the home front.

Those of us in alternative media who actually know what planet we’re on have been pointing to documents like the 2007 British Ministry of Defense’s projection of civil unrest, flash mobs and technological slavery for several years now.  The report was detailed in the Guardian as follows:  “Information chips implanted in the brain. Electromagnetic pulse weapons. The middle classes becoming revolutionary, taking on the role of Marx’s proletariat. The population of countries in the Middle East increasing by 132%, while Europe’s drops as fertility falls. “Flashmobs” – groups rapidly mobilised by criminal gangs or terrorists groups.”

30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed


“If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?”

—Sunil Dutta, an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department for 17 years.

Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy


Russia Forces Its Popular Bloggers to Register — Or Else

(coming to the Amerika very soon.)
Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking names. Potentially thousands.

The former KGB colonel, concerned with how social media can be used to undermine his authority, this month expanded his regulation of media to the blogosphere, requiring those with at least 3,000 daily readers to register their real names and contact information. So far, about 580 bloggers in Russia have applied to register with the country’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor.

The government says this is needed so it can remove inaccurate or defamatory information on the Internet. But some bloggers fear it will limit free speech, allow Putin to close down blogs he doesn’t like and give him an excuse to block sites such as Twitter in the future.

The total number of bloggers who are required to register may be several thousand. Roskomnadzor may shut down the accounts of those who don’t follow the new rule.


More War, More War, More War…but with no troops, no one culpable and only the programming to kill by computer decision.

Navy Conducts First Series of Drone and Manned Fighter Jet Operations

Combat drones used by the Air Force and CIA are controlled remotely by a human pilot, often sitting thousands of miles away. The Navy drone is designed to carry out a combat mission controlled almost entirely by a computer.

A human pilot would design its flight path and send it on its way. A computer program would guide it from a ship to the target and back. Unlike the Predator and other propeller-driven combat drones, the X-47B is stealthy and jet-powered. Built by Northrop Grumman Corp., it looks like a mini-B-2 stealth bomber.


Cyborg Moth “Biobots” Preparing For Flight

Photo credit: Alper Bozkurt

Nicholas West
Activist Post

The military-science industrial complex continues its pursuit of modeling drones after nature in order to hide in plain sight. While there have been some successes in this area with systems like RoboBee, nature’s flight pattern is proving to be difficult to perfectly replicate, as well as providing steep challenges in energy consumption.

Enter cyborgs. While mice have long been tested upon in the areas of direct mind control, it is cyborg insects that are currently leading the way. In October of last year, I wrote about a pet cyborg project called RoboRoach that was essentially open source, mail order neurosurgery for kids. While few people seem to have ethical concerns over insects, we would do well to take a look at how the mechanization of living beings is starting, and where it ultimately might be heading.


If the picture below disturbs us, then we need to stop the truth be told with this picture, worth 10,000 words along.  The same people causing the genocide are not the people that will stop it.


The U.S. Congress: a Metonym for AIPAC

The majority of the American people believe — due to a corporate mass media-induced blinkered naivety — that they are governed by their elected representatives in which in reality is more akin to a serving the interests of war criminal Israeli rather than the interests of the God, peace, and gun-loving American people. While it is sometimes alleged that the the , or NRA — supported by smaller groups such as the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership — is the most powerful lobbying group in the U.S., it is nowhere near as influential as the American Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) whose leverage extends over far more areas of U.S. government policy.

’s headquarters is located several blocks from Capitol Hill in a nondescript but secure and heavily guarded building whose occupants work closely with the office in Jerusalem and oversee the activities of a further seven U.S. regional offices. By working closely with their Washington Headquarters, each regional office maintains a year-round hands-on involvement for its members who are kept informed with seminars on Israeli issues and encouraged to become effectively involved on Israel’s behalf in both local and national .

The seeds of AIPAC’S creation were sowed soon after Israel’s establishment as a state in 1948 when it became apparent that in order to cope with the influx of some 600,000 immigrants — room was made for them by killing palestinians and expropriating their homes — Israel would require the assistance of U.S. Jews. But even before then, U.S. money was being raised under the deceitful name of American Friends of the Fighters for Freedom of Israel. The money was for two brutal groups — including the savage Lohamei Herut Yisrael also known as the LEHI or Stern Gang after its founder Avraham Stern — who were murdering innocent civilians as a matter of course to cleanse of its British occupiers and its indigenous inhabitants. Mr. Shepard Rifkin who was the executive director after the UN Partition of and prior to the creation of Israel in May 1948, solicited to help the Stern Gang raise American money for arms to drive out the Arabs and help create a state. On April 10th, the day after the infamous of Arabs at Deir Yassin, Einstein replied with the following letter and again with another to the in December of that same year:

April 10, 1948

Mr. Shepard Rifkin
Exec. Director
American Friends of the Fighters For the Freedom of Israel
149 Second Ave.
New York 3, N.Y.

Dear Sir:

When a real and final catastrophe should befall in Palestine the first responsible for it would be the British and the second responsible for it the terrorist organisations build up from our own ranks.

I am not willing to see anybody associated with those misled and criminal people.

Sincerely yours,

Albert Einstein



child pedophilia drives the powers that should not be in England, in the Vatican, and to the highest of office in the U.S. government.  The evidence is overwhelming and must be exposed and known.

Savile and the 9th Circle – A Must See Film

“The Paedophile Ring” within The British Establishment, these evil and vulgar people are the privileged ones who rule our lives steal our wealth, labour and health!


Sex, Lies, and Mind Control in the U.S. Government

I’d like to thank each and every one of you for coming out here tonight to learn about a tool that’s being covertly used to usher in what Adolph Hitler and George Bush termed “New World Order”. That’s mind control.

I’d like to give you an understanding of mind control through my own experience. If you use the information on mind control to analyze different aspects of society like the erosion of morality, the Constitution, and justice in our courts, suddenly all can be attributed to New World Order controls.

Those perpetrators in control of our country are manipulating all of us based on the belief that, secret knowledge equals power. You have a right and a need to know these secrets since knowledge is our only defense against mind control. By telling their secrets, we can erode their power.

I feel extremely fortunate to have survived my CIA “M K Ultras” mind control abuses. I’m extremely fortunate to have survived the White House/Pentagon level that I was forced to operate under. Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be “deprogrammed” to remember those things that I was supposed to forget.

They were wrong.

They never counted on the strength of the human spirit. They never imagined what would happen when a good man like Mark Phillips got hold of their secrets and used them for restoring the mind rather than controlling one. As a White House//Pentagon level mind controlled slave, I heard perpetrators behind the New World Order (NWO) say that they were counting on good people to do nothing because good people don’t have criminal minds.

The people in control of our country are extremely intelligent but they’re limited in their thinking by their own immorality. They don’t think deep enough or they would have realized that one — and then many — of their mind control slaves would survive and tell their secrets.

Now that I’m in control of my own mind and ultimately my free will, I am dedicated to telling those things that I have witnessed behind this New World Order because I know that when the people lead, the leaders follow.



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