August 17, 2014


Happy Ending? Or Happy Now

No matter where I turn the awakening is screaming out at me. Every event and announcement of intention by the dark side, no matter how destructive and disturbing, is only precipitating more conscious awareness and very present, personal involvement by humanity. It’s a thrilling time. If it weren’t for what we consider to be terrible and tragic events being perpetrated on humanity, our tidal wave of awakening would not have the momentum it has gathered and continues to gain.

I’m not saying to bring on the madness, but I am saying they can’t do anything against the truth, only for it. They can only rage against it and thus give themselves away to the very people they’ve tried so hard to put to sleep. The joke’s on them.

I had a thought tonight as I was watching the night clouds pass in front of the huge super moon. I was thinking how true inner happiness is not contingent on circumstances. It’s born of a deep spiritual knowledge of our eternal nature and its connectivity to our glorious multiverse. While we’ve been entrained to think happiness comes after something transpires as in “happy endings”, we are entitled to live in an ever present “happy now” way of life, despite the difficulties we pass through, even the eventuality of death from this life and the intended demise of our planet.


The Scent of Foul Play: Robin Williams and Predictive Programming


I rarely cry upon hearing about the death of celebrities, but I was truly dismayed when I learned of the alleged suicide of Robin Williams. You could see the beauty of his soul twinkle through his eyes. He dedicated his life toward making people happy. Like him, I’ve battled crippling depression all my life and you’d have to be a real thick-headed dunce not to be seriously depressed at the way the world is today. That’s why I was shocked to learn that the “Family Guy” episode “Fatman and Robin” (featuring a suicide attempt and Robin Williams) aired on the BBC three minutes before his death was announced.


Los Angeles Looks Into Making Ballot Bankable [BRIBING PEOPLE )

(The system is corrupt and completely broken.  Time to abolish this no longer serving govern (mind) ment (mental) system of ownership of the many by the few and take back what is rightfully our collective wish to set the type of cooperative, all inclusive systems that serve all…all we need is ideas and the will.)

Los Angeles is considering turning voting ballots into lottery tickets. With fewer than a fourth of voters showing up for recent local elections, the city’s Ethics Commission voted unanimously Thursday to recommend that the City Council consider a cash-prize drawing as an incentive to vote.

Commission President Nathan Hochman suggests the prizes could be $25,000 or $50,000, saying a pilot program should be used first to find out the number and size of prizes that would bump up turnout.



Government Weather Manipulation Exposed


Humans Are to Blame for Rapidly Melting Glaciers

(One would think that this report would jump start a power down, global awareness/action campaign…if the PTB truly cared about our one common home that supports all life)

Humans have caused roughly a quarter of the globe’s glacial loss between 1851 and 2010, and about 69 percent of glacial melting between 1991 and 2010, the study suggests.

“In a sense, we got a confirmation that by now, it is really mostly humans that are responsible for the melting glaciers,” said lead researcher Ben Marzeion, an associate professor of meteorology and geophysics at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

The research team relied on 12 climate models, most of them from the latest reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international group of climate-change experts convened by the United Nations. By combining the models, along with data from the Randolph Glacier Inventory (a catalog of nearly 200,000 glaciers), the researchers created a computer model that included only natural contributions to glacier melt, such as volcanic eruptions and solar variability, and another model with both human and natural factors.

Using data from 1851 to 2010, the researchers compared the two models with real measurements of glaciers to determine which one better represented reality. The study did not include glaciers in Antarctica, because not enough data on the region was available during the 159 years covered by the study.

Heat Wave To Hit Greenland

The Ongoing Demise Of Yosemite

UN Expert:  We Might Have To Migrate People Out Of California If The Drought Continues


Canadians Can’t Drink Their Water After 1.3 Billion Gallons Of Mining Waste Flows Into Rivers

Guardians Of The Plains: One Lakota Family’s Plan To Fend Off South Dakota’s Epic Drought


PG&E bill is set to rise continually for regular customers through 2016

PG&E wants to lower electricity rates for high-use customers



2007 SARS; 2008 Bird Flu; 2009 H1N1; 2010 HPV; 2011 Whooping Cough; 2012 Return of the H1N1; 2013 Measles and now folks……note how it always comes around right as school is starting up again!

Is The Ebola Outbreak US Sponsored Bio-Terror?

We can now be extraordinarily confident that the U.S. government is lying, in key material respects, about the latest Ebola outbreak—and not just because it lies about nearly everything of political consequence.  This article shows that there are compelling reasons to believe we are being told three big lies about Ebola.  It also offers a simple, rational, yet disturbing, explanation that very tidily accounts for all three lies.  The explanation supposes that the current Ebola outbreak consists in an act of U.S.-linked bioterror.


CDC Scientist Kept Quiet About Deadly Flu Blunder, Investigation Finds

Center for Disease Creation!

(Why does anyone still trust our regulatory agencies that do not serve but only cause more danger to society by their existence??…)

The accident happened in January at the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. A lab scientist accidently mixed a deadly strain of bird flu with a tamer strain, and sent the mix to another CDC lab and to an outside lab in Athens, Georgia.

No one was sickened by bird flu. But unsuspecting scientists worked with the viral mix for months before it was discovered.

CDC officials have called the incident the most worrisome in a series of lab safety problems at the government agency, long regarded as one of the most respected public health agencies in the world. Earlier this summer, a lab mishandled anthrax samples and both the bird flu and anthrax labs were shut down.

“We all feel horrible this happened,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, who oversees the CDC’s Influenza Division — which includes the lab where the bird flu accident took place.

HPV Vaccine Insert Lists Death as Adverse Event


Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency, Curfew in Ferguson

(Martial Law coming next??…and where is the GREAT BLACK HOPIUM that everyone voted for in 2008 with such great promises as liberating the oppression of the blacks, closing Gitmo, and ‘having the most transparent presidency EVER…remember??..where is the Outrage?)

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson, Mo., on Saturday, following nights of protests after 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer.






The Dangers and Hidden Agenda of Hospital Births

Hospital birth trauma and how the protocols of hospital birth mirror the techniques of trauma-based mind-control. Hospital birth is a fundamental part of how the elite have been manipulating and modifying the human species. The people who create the protocols of hospital birth are the same people behind the pharmaceutical industry.

Jeanice Barcelo joined us this morning for a spooky look into having babies in the hospital and presents the following:

-Induced labors make up 30% of hospital births and imprint the Soul that they are not in control of their reality.

-Natural contractions and time produce love binding hormones critical to bonding

-Hospital births are contraindicative of neurobiological love built into the natural birthing process

-The dangers of C Sections are many

-The inducement drug alters DNA and causes Spiritual distress

-The dangers of internal fetal monitors and sonograms

-Clamping the umbilical chord is a barbaric practice that Dad’s are coached into doing

-The relationship of the placenta, Mom and the baby. Hospitals claim they own the placenta as it is a medical waste product.

-Hospital vaccines, Vitamin K shots and goop in the eyes are standard operating procedure

-Janice also argues why allowing an epideral is very troubling for Mom and baby

-Swaddling the baby tightly, standard practice, puts the baby into super parasympathetic mode that is dangerous.

-Why it is necessary to look the baby into the eyes, have contact with skin and Mom and baby smell one another, all not encouraged in hospital births.


Fukushima Studies Are Beginning To Reveal The Severe Legacy Of Radiation Leaks

And few still speak of this ongoing extinction event that will affect our children’s children if they should be so lucky.


Severe genetic mutations found in pale grass blue butterflies (Zizeeria maha) found in 2012 near the Fukushima disaster, with so-called eclosion failure (left) in which the butterfly can’t fight its way out of its cocoon, and bent wings (left).

A series of research that began just a few months after the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan in 2011 has been published in the Journal of Heredity, and it’s revealing some serious fallout from the radiation leak.

The studies looked at a range of non-human organisms and show that genetic damage, mutations and populations declines have all resulted from the disaster.

“A growing body of empirical results from studies of birds, monkeys, butterflies, and other insects suggests that some species have been significantly impacted by the radioactive releases related to the Fukushima disaster,” Timothy Mousseau from the University of South Carolina in the US, who led one of the studies, explained in a press release.

One thing that all of the published studies have in common is that they hypothesise that low-dose exposure to ionising radiation, like the kind that followed Fukushima, causes genetic damage and increases mutation rates in both reproductive and non-reproductive cells.


Mystery Illness Hitting California Horses—Skin Falling Off Their Bodies

As Radioactive Water Accumulates TEPCO Eyes Pacific Ocean As Dumping Ground


Man teaches 4 cops about their law





Wages In US Down 23% Since 2008


Parents responsible for $200,000 debt after daughter’s death

Lisa Mason had taken out a private loan with her parents as co-signers. After passing away from liver failure her parents inherited both her children and her debt.

Steve and Darnelle Mason signed off on a $100,000 loan which ballooned into $200,000 after missed payments. After their daughter died they took in her three kids, ages 4, 7 and 9. Loans amounted to around $2,000 a month and Steve only receives around $75,000 a year as a pastor. His wife makes less than that at the same church according to a FOX 13 report.

In the American legal system private loans — which these were since federal loans cannot be inherited — are a fully legal practice. Responsibility for the loan exists as long as any cosigners are still alive. In cases such as these companies are within their rights, if they so choose, to hold even grieving parents responsible.


Why he killed all those folks: Mel Gibson conveys some emotional complexity. Photo: Phil Bray, Associated Press

Why he killed all those folks: Mel Gibson conveys some emotional complexity

Murder, murder, murder…go to the movies…desensitizing the masses with Hollywoods top Box Office “heroes” .. how can we stop the endless wars’, stop it in the movies, stop it in the video games, stop it in the home…just stop it all.

Expendables 3′ review: A good shot at setting a body-count record

“The Expendables 3” begins with a violent gunbattle, something involving Sylvester Stallone flying a helicopter and Dolph Lundgren shooting at a passenger train with a machine gun. We don’t know why they are doing this, but it looks like they’re enjoying themselves. About 10 or 15 people are killed, and then Wesley Snipes appears, playing a knife expert, and he starts cutting people’s throats. All this happens before the opening credits.

If the weirdness of this opening isn’t immediately obvious, let’s just spell it out: We have no rooting interest here. We’re simply presented with the spectacle of guys slaughtering other guys, and we’re expected to get on board with it, as though the sight were akin to puppies or young love, something everyone likes. Forget about making us accept violence as a necessary evil. “The Expendables 3” expects us to embrace violence as something good in itself.


Cornell West: Obama Is A War Criminal For Supporting Israel’s Treatment Of Palestine

(They are all war criminals.)

Jeremy Scahill:  Barack Obama’s Secret Terrorist-Tracking System, By The Numbers


Evidence Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter Jets Shot Down Malaysian Flight MH17


Police search Sir Cliff Richard’s UK home in relation to alleged historical sex offence

imagesSir Cliff Richard (Picture:Tim Scrivener/REX)

Police are searching the Berkshire home of Sir Cliff Richard as part of an investigation regarding an alleged historical sex offence.

The pop star has not been arrested and was not present at the property.

A police spokesperson has stated that the allegation involves a boy under 16 dating back to the 1980s in South Yorkshire.

The spokesperson has been clear that the investigation has no relation to Operation Yewtree, which surrounded the sexual abuse instigated by deceased radio DJ, Jimmy Savile.

Detective Superintendent Matt Fenwick of South Yorkshire Police made a statement regarding today’s search: ‘South Yorkshire Police has gained entry to a property in the Sunningdale area of Berkshire.

‘A search warrant was granted after police received an allegation of a sexual nature dating back to the 1980s involving a boy who was under the age of 16 at the time.



[image source]


Gyroscopes in Your Phone Could Let Apps Eavesdrop on Conversations

In the age of surveillance paranoia, most smartphone users know better than to give a random app or website permission to use their device’s microphone. But researchers have found there’s another, little-considered sensor in modern phones that can also listen in on their conversations. And it doesn’t even need to ask.

In a presentation at the Usenix security conference next week, researchers from Stanford University and Israel’s defense research group Rafael plan to present a technique for using a smartphone to surreptitiously eavesdrop on conversations in a room—not with a gadget’s microphone, but with its gyroscopes, the sensors designed measure the phone’s orientation. Those sensors enable everything from motion-based games like DoodleJump to cameras’ image stabilization to the phones’ displays toggling between vertical and horizontal orientations. But with a piece of software the researchers built called Gyrophone, they found that the gyroscopes were also sensitive enough to allow them to pick up some sound waves, turning them into crude microphones. And unlike the actual mics built into phones, there’s no way for users of the Android phones they tested to deny an app or website access to those sensors’ data.


DARPA Uses Preteen Gamers to Beta Test Tomorrow’s Military Software


Sieg Hall doesn’t look like much from the outside. Located at the University of Washington, the building was constructed in the 1960s, when it was a focal point for Vietnam-era antiwar protests. Before renovations were carried out it had become so dilapidated that students had a tradition of taking home chunks of rock off its façade. If I didn’t know better, Sieg is just another nondescript computer science building, not a front line in military research and development.

But it’s here, tucked away on the third floor, that you’ll find precisely that: the Center for Game Science, a research lab that makes educational video games for children, and that received the bulk of its funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the wing of the US Department of Defense that supports research into experimental military technology.

Why is DARPA the original primary funder of the CGS? According to written and recorded statements from current and former DARPA program managers, as well as other government documents, the DARPA-funded educational video games developed at the CGS have a purpose beyond the pretense of teaching elementary school children STEM skills.

Instead, the games developed at CGS have had the primary purpose of using grade-school children as test subjects to develop and improve “adaptive learning” training technology for the military.


9/11 Dust Cloud Caused Widespread Pregnancy Issues

Activist Post

Pregnant women living near the World Trade Center during 9/11 experienced higher-than-normal negative birth outcomes, according to a new working paper by Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

These mothers were more likely to give birth prematurely and deliver babies with low birth weights. Their babies – especially baby boys – were also more likely to be admitted to neonatal intensive care units after birth. The study, led by the Wilson School’s Janet Currie and Hannes Schwandt, was released by the National Bureau of Labor Economics in August.

“Previous research into the health impacts of in utero exposure to the 9/11 dust cloud on birth outcomes has shown little evidence of consistent effects. This is a puzzle given that 9/11 was one of the worst environmental catastrophes to have ever befallen New York City,” said Currie, Henry Putnam Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, director of the economics department and director of the Wilson School’s Center for Health and Wellbeing. “Our work suggests a simple resolution of this puzzle, which is that the women who lived in neighborhoods exposed to the 9/11 dust cloud had very different experiences than women in other parts of New York City.”


‘Drone-vertising’: Great, Now UAVs Are Going to be Flying around Selling Us Stuff

Am I the only one who feels like I’ve been born in the wrong time period?
Or maybe we just permanently live in 1984 year after year after year…
Apparently the next trendy new thing will be drones flying around everywhere trying to sell you stuff.
That’s right. Tagline? “Advertising has never been so high.”

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