April 5, 2015


Where Will meets Necessity.


Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse..Balance and Grounding

Happy Libra Full Moon! Happy lunar eclipse! This is the time of the year when relationships are in the spotlight. Libra is the sign that teaches us about one-on-one connections as well as compromise, balance, negotiation, diplomacy, beauty, and design. Since this is a lunar eclipse as well, we have a major decision to make. The full moon will be exact on April 4, 2015 at 8:06 am EDT, 14 degrees Libra/Aries. For those in other parts of the world that’s 5:06 am Los Angeles, 1:06 pm London, and 12:06 am Sydney on April 5.

But the key difference between this lunar eclipse and the one last year, apart from the signs, is the ruler. The ruler of Libra is Venus and we find her over in Taurus. Further, the ruler of the Aries Sun — Mars — is in Taurus as well. That’s a lot of emphasis on the sign of earth, stability, security, resource, and fertility. I think this eclipse is a gentle reminder that whatever change may come, we must stay grounded, feet planted firmly on the earth. Taurus is about the body as well. How do we take care of it, how do we anchor in our body — something I know is hard for many of us who have strong, active 6th and 7th chakras, but have a hard time rooting into the 1st. And let us not forget that Jupiter, the planet of growth and optimism, is harmonizing with the Sun and Uranus. There’s an opportunity with this eclipse, but it requires a leap of faith.



Easter is determined by the first Sunday after a full moon after the first day of Spring.  Totally Pagan! Why do Christians celebrate and worship on SUN-day???

Easter Mythology


It’s YOUR World, by Bob Seger

Let’s talk about acid in the ocean
Let’s look at all the dying coral reefs
Let’s talk about shorter growing seasons
Let’s talk about what we’re gonna eat

Say a prayer for the victims of extinction
Say another for the redwood trees
Say another for arctic and the tundra
Let’s talk about who we’re tryin’ to please

It’s your world

The rich keep bitchin’ and the rest keep wishin’ it away
All these children have to face our mess someday

Let’s talk about mining in Wisconsin
Let’s talk about breathing in Beijing
Let’s talk about chemicals in rivers
Let’s talk about cash as king

Let’s talk about runoff from the mountains
Check the levels on Lake Mead
Let’s talk about mortgaging the future
We borrow and we borrow and we borrow, borrow, borrow

It’s your world

Let’s Talk about our Hearts breaking, Let’s talk about the silence, especially in the United States.


FILE- This Aug. 11, 2009 file image provided by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography shows a patch of sea garbage at sea in the Pacific Ocean. A study released by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday, June 30, 2014, estimated the total amount of floating plastic debris in open ocean at 7,000 to 35,000 tons. The results of the study showed fewer very small pieces than expected. (AP Photo/ Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Mario Aguilera, File) NO SALES Photo: Mario Aguilera, Associated Press

Plastics’ plague on ocean life continues unchecked


TEPCO: Nearly all the fuel in Fukushima No. 1 reactor has melted !!

(Hello! Anybody care the entire Pacific Ocean and air is radioactive. Hello! Anybody listening??? Hello?)

New tests show almost all of the fuel inside one of the Fukushima nuclear plant’s reactors has melted, its operator said Thursday, the latest step in the clean-up after Japan’s worst ever nuclear crisis


“One of largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded” now underway on West Coast — Gov’t: “I’ve never seen anything like this, ever” — Experts: “Just massive, massive, unprecedented” … “Strong possibility of it escalating to affect other species” — “Significant uptick in mass-mortality events in marine world”


Okay to frack, using millions of gallons per well, okay for car washes, lawns must have drip systems, new biz as well, wineries….your fine..yet homeowners we’re going to jack your water bills…in the greatest crisis CA has ever faced….thanx Jerry!
“He’s scratching the surface and not addressing the elephant in the room,” said Adam Scow, director of the advocacy group Food & Water Watch.
FILE - In this Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, file photo, houseboats float in the drought-lowered waters of Oroville Lake near Oroville, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday April 1, 2015 ordered sweeping and unprecedented measures to save water in California. Surveyors on Wednesday found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snowpack in 65 years of record-keeping, marking a fourth consecutive year of vanishing snow that California depends on to melt into rivers and replenish reservoirs. Photo: Rich Pedroncelli, AP / AP

Brown is “putting restrictions on everyone except oil and agriculture… it seems like the powerful industries have gotten a pass,” Orr continued.

Adam Scow, California director of Food & Water Watch, also said Wednesday, “It is disappointing that Governor Brown’s executive order to reduce California water use does not address the state’s most egregious corporate water abuses. In the midst of a severe drought, the Governor continues to allow corporate farms and oil interests to deplete and pollute our precious groundwater resources that are crucial for saving water.”

California’s oil and gas industry uses more than 2 million gallons of fresh water a day to produce oil through fracking, acidizing, and steam injections, according to environmental estimates. In 2014, California oil producers used up nearly 70 million gallons of water on fracking alone, state officials told Reuters on Thursday.

While that number is lower than projected, fracking and toxic injection wells must not be given “a continuing license to break the law and poison our water,” Zack Malitz, an organizer with environmental group Credo, told Reuters.


Report Finds Gerber Baby Food Filled With GMOs

What kind of person, even as the head of a major food retailer, would want to feed developing children pesticides and questionable genetically modified ingredients? That’s a question to consider when you find out that one of Gerber’s popular baby food items has been found to be full of insecticidal GMOs.

Do these executives not realize they are feeding these to our children or do they just not care?

Lab tests have confirmed that Gerber’s Lil’ Crunchies snacks are full of Roundup Ready, insecticidal GMO ingredients. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued a policy statement recommending that children’s exposure to pesticides be reduced. How can this company put them in a snack that little ones are meant to munch on?


“There are no safe levels of radiation” Barrie Trower, Physicist and former M16 Military expert on Microwave Radiation

International Public Health Coalition Says Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Human Life and Health

Google, Facebook, and three other companies (here, here, here, here, and here) are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare, according to a recently-formed international coalition: the Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space (GUARDS).

WIFI, The Invisible Killing Fields

The mass rollout of Wifi over the past decade has been phenomenal as to how integrated it has become in all facets of our society and our personal lives.  Yet few have asked the most important of all questions, ‘Is it Safe?’At what levels does ever increasing Wifi become dangerous to human health? Can or is it affecting our electronic bodies, our well being and our abilities to think? And to what degree, if any, does invisible radio and microwave frequencies begin to affect our own DNA structures?
 Over the past few years, and secretly for decades, scientific and medical evidence shows conclusively that the low frequency pulsed radio and microwave frequencies are causing significant damage to our cells resulting in extreme increases in autism, heart irregularities, brain wave changes, cancer and generational fertility destruction in males but even more significantly in females. The most prominent changes due to WiFi radiation though is with our children and teenagers due to their developing immune systems and thinner skeletal structures:

   “As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.”                                                                                                                              (source)
How is this guy still in office? Where is the outrage?

Obama trip: 39th holiday, 222nd golf outing, $843,508 airfare, 3 beers

The Golfer In Chief is in Florida this weekend for his 222nd round as president.

President Obama left Andrews about 9:30 a.m. Saturday for the two hour flight from Joint Base Andrews to St. Lucie County International Airport and will stay in Palm City, Fla. Staying just one night, he is expected to leave Sunday afternoon.



US Led ‘War on Terror’ Has Killed 1,300,000 People

The U.S.-led “war on terror” which began Sept. 11, 2001, has left at least 1.3 million people dead – mostly civilians – in 12 years in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, a 101-page report revealed.

The report, called “Body Count,” written by 1985 Nobel Peace Prize winners Physicians for Social Responsibility and by Physicians for Global Survival and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, criticizes the mainstream media and the United States and its allies for grossly and intentionally underestimating death tolls in the three countries.

“ There is probably no other war that has seen such a fierce and drawn-out controversy surrounding the number of its victims. One main reason for this is the lack of legitimacy for the U.S.-led attack on Iraq – even in the U.S. itself,” the report states.



Dictators R US; Obama to Sisi: I don’t like your repression, but never mind, we’re resuming your military aid. we’re bringing our own brand of repression to our country and we can learn from you.”

US lifts Egypt arms ban..sends $1.3 billion in weapons

Thailand junta replaces martial law with absolute power


“Your either with us or with the Terrorists”  President G.W. Bush

Which side are we on again??

CIA cash fund used to refill al-Qaeda’s pockets






To Serve and Protect has lost All it’s meaning. Why do we pay taxes to support police secretly spying on innocent people who pay their salaries???

Secret Police USA. Cell Phones Tracked, Home Privacy Invaded at Will…Shh It’s A Secret

A powerful new surveillance tool being adopted by police departments across the country comes with an unusual requirement: To buy it, law enforcement officials must sign a nondisclosure agreement preventing them from saying almost anything about the technology.

Any disclosure about the technology, which tracks cellphones and is often called StingRay, could allow criminals and terrorists to circumvent it, the F.B.I. has said in an affidavit. But the tool is adopted in such secrecy that communities are not always sure what they are buying or whether the technology could raise serious privacy concerns.

The confidentiality has elevated the stakes in a longstanding debate about the public disclosure of government practices versus law enforcement’s desire to keep its methods confidential. While companies routinely require nondisclosure agreements for technical products, legal experts say these agreements raise questions and are unusual given the privacy and even constitutional issues at stake.


Sirius founder envisions world of cyber clones

In a not-too-far-future, robotic mind-clones will accompany us to the ballot box or grocery store, sit in on business meetings we can’t make, argue with us occasionally and keep our essence alive long after we’re gone.

Rothblatt said robots and humans don’t have to choose sides – such as in the plotlines seen in popular Hollywood movies – but will live in a peaceful co-existence that will make them virtually indistinguishable from one another.

“It’s not us versus cyberspace,” she said. “We’re merging together.” She added: “We don’t want to create a new slave-versus-free motif. I’m all for merging everyone together. On the level of consciousness, we’re all one.”


Cheney’s Haliburton KBR Silenced Whistleblowers SEC says

(note this is the Stock and Exchange Commission, not Federal law..so a fine will be paid but nothing will change despite this articles conclusion)

In what is being called a landmark ruling for whistleblowers, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Wednesday that one of the nation’s largest government contractors used confidentiality agreements that had the potential to intimidate and “muzzle” workers from reporting allegations of fraud.

…and who is KBR??

Homeland Security Contracts KBR to Build FEMA Detention Camps in U.S.A


As the sheeple willing submit to their own enslavement…

Screening through biometric ID to speed fans into Major League Ballparks.



prepping for the next “Big Outbreak” Ebola II, coming this Fall.

Body mounts ‘robust’ immune response in the face of Ebola

Scientists have long assumed that Ebola’s infamously high mortality rate was due to an ability to knock out the body’s immune system and cause certain white blood cells to self-destruct, among other effects.

However, new research published Monday in the journal PNAS suggests that the human immune system doesn’t give up that easily when confronted with Ebola virus disease.

60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link To A Vaccine You Probably Had As A Child



Bill Gates: Polio Vaccine Program Causes 47,500 Deaths

From “Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on” by Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel at Medical Ethics:

“In 2011 there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Through this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.”

The Oral Polio Vaccines were given to Indian children. The CDC dropped the OPV from its vaccine schedule in the US because it was causing polio.

Mr. “Decade of Vaccines”, Bill Gates, warns on future disease epidemics and Citizen spies with technology to help report on anti-vaxxer’s


The beginning of computer based, no teacher required, education has begun.

Pencils Down as California K-12 Testing Enters Computer Age

For the first time in the history of standardized testing in California, students didn’t pick up a No. 2 pencil to show what they know. They hit the power button.

Many districts across the state, including San Francisco, kicked off computerized Common Core exams last week, and while relatively few schools opted to administer the exams the first week in a six-week testing window, no major problems were reported.

Assessment administrators, who spent many sleepless nights worrying about whether computers would crash or students would panic at a keyboard prompt, issued a preliminary sigh of relief.

Common Core; The Business Side of the New Modern Global Education System



 End of paper textbooks for digital? Got Books?

Historically, dictators have banished books or outright burned them. Now the new Dicatators are simply converting everyone to radiated digital wireless text. They will control all content from “the Cloud”. Owning real books may be a great investment to be the archivist.  Books have lasted hundreds of years and can be copied and read by many.


Fell out of the back of an unlocked door? WTF? Said there was maybe $22, 000 dollars …weighing 75 pounds??

Utah Man Returns 75-Pound Bag of Cash Found on Highway

Kennedy tried but failed to chase down the Brink’s armored truck that had lost the bag. He then drove the money to his work parking lot and called the police. The three Utah Highway Patrol troopers were “stunned” at the bag of money, Kennedy said.

Brink’s employees told police they drove over a bad bump on a highway off-ramp but didn’t notice the back latch opening or the bag falling out.


This week in Roman Catholic church pedophilia abuse and cover up….when does this end?

Chile Bishop Ordained Amid Protest Over Alleged Sex Cover-Up

SANTIAGO, Chile — A bishop was ordained in southern Chile on Saturday amid shouts and scuffles between supporters and protesters who accuse him of covering up crimes of a mentor the Vatican has sanctioned for abusing young boys.

Riot police protected the 58-year-old Rev. Juan Barros as he left the ceremony at the cathedral of San Mateo in the city of Osorno. Thousands of churchgoers dressed in the black of mourning protested outside the church and a few made their way inside, despite police efforts to keep them out. Even inside the cathedral, supporters of Barros scuffled with opponents who shouted denunciations.

Only 15 of the country’s 35 bishops and many priests from the diocese also shunned the ordination of their new bishop — a service without communion that was cut short after half an hour.


It’s a perverted, sick, sick world..and children are the continued victims of it all.

Cambridge University conference told: “Paedophilia is natural and normal for males”

“Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.


U.S. Air Force ‘Songbook” Celebrate Rape, Pedophilia and  Bestiality. 

In a lawsuit filed in a Virginia federal court, four active-duty and former service women have called for the DoD to stop using convening authorities to judge if such cases go to court-martial.

The 130-page book includes drinking toasts and songs with obscene titles, such as “Pubic Hair,” “The Kotex Song,” “Will You Suck Me Tomorrow” and “Bye Bye Cherry.”

“This is something that is used by Air Force officers today. These are the commanders who sing songs about raping women as fun,” said retired Air Force Col. Don Christensen, president of Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy group for military sex assault victims.


Northern California at center of driverless car development

Self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. With seven companies testing automated vehicles on California highways, many in the Bay Area, and others working in labs and on test tracks, the promise of leaving at least some of the driving to your car is becoming a reality.

Much as Detroit became Motor City, Northern California is becoming the center of driverless car development. Much of the American research into self-driving cars is taking place in or near Silicon Valley, and Sacramento is leading the way in regulating the vehicles.


Car Completes 99% of 3,400-Mile U.S. Road Trip in Autonomous Mode

An autonomous car’s recent 3,400-mile U.S. road trip proves there’s at least one thing computers do better than humans: Follow the speed limit.

Auto supplier Delphi Corp. fitted an Audi Q5 with radar, cameras and laser sensors to navigate the 15-state journey from San Francisco to New York, mostly traveling on highways. The car drove itself 99 percent of the time, Delphi said Thursday.

Along the way, the autonomous Audi never drove above the speed limit, even when everyone else did. As a result, other drivers subjected the car — and its human occupants — to “a few hateful gestures,” said Jeff Owens, Delphi’s chief technology officer Jeff Owens.



Your Parents Just Became The NSA With This Car Manufacturer’s Spying App

GM has a message for teenagers who want to drive its cars: even if your older sibling has left for college, Big Brother is still watching you. That’s because of Teen Driver, GM’s new safety system, which allows parents to cap your speed, see where you’ve driven, set a maximum volume for the radio and even receive a “vehicle report card” when you’ve been driving dangerously.

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