April 27, 2014

 Hope and Fear chase each other’s tails” – Buddhist Saying

It’s Just a Choice Between Fear and Love; The Big Electron


The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons And The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

Such approach to the subject of giant humanoids in Earth’s past has never been published before!

In his book “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America” Richard J. Dewhurst has collected a vast array of primary sources and presents them all to you.

You will find the substantial evidence for a former race of giants in North America and its 150-year suppression by the Smithsonian Institution and find more than 100 rare photographs and illustrations of the lost evidence.

You will learn how thousands of giant skeletons have been found, particularly in the region of Mississippi Valley, as well as the ruins of the giants’ cities and explore 400 years of giant finds, including newspaper articles, first person accounts, state historical records, and illustrated field reports.



Ancient Burial Site Destroyed By Illuminati? In Marin County, California

(in my old backyard, destruction of history for capitalist needs and suppression of inconvenient truths0

“This was a site of considerable archaeological value,” said respected archaeologist Dwight Simons. “My estimate of bones and fragments in the entire site was easily over a million, and probably more than that. It was staggering.”

After developers discovered the significance of the land in 2010, archaeologists and American Indian monitors were brought in as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. American Indian leaders were the ones who reportedly decided how the artefacts would be handled.

The developers then destroyed the geologic record by moving all of the items to an undisclosed location, and then paving them over so that they would be lost to mankind forever. Things were hushed up as quickly as possible with confidentiality agreements preventing researchers from discussing the site, until the information was leaked at a Society for California Archaeology symposium in Visalia earlier this year. However, by then- the damage was done.

They paved over hundreds of Indian artifacts from the Coast Miwok, which dated back thousands of years.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, construction on the $55 million Rose Lane development started this month. Before construction began, the American Indian burial ground and village site was closely examined, before all the artifacts were removed from the site, reburied in an undisclosed location, and apparently graded over. No artifacts were saved in the process.

Archaeologists said that completely destroys the geological record and ends any thoughts of future studies.

The artifacts date back 4,500 years, and included human burials, tools, music instruments and weapons.  The bones of grizzly and black bears were also found. The Skull and Bones society have won again.

(the U.S. Advanced Military Dept., DARPA, is 25-50 years ahead of technology we see today. They released the internet in 1995 but had the capabilities for two decades. They have Tesla’s Free Energy but refuse to release to the public and they have Zero point, Anti-Gravity devices to space travel to Mars and beyond, yet so very few are aware or believe this to be true.)

Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia, in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. Records in the Operational Archives Branch of the Naval Historical Center have been repeatedly searched, but no documents have been located which confirm the event, or any interest by the Navy in attempting such an achievement.


The Montauk Experiments; Somewhere Way Over the Rainbow

As the reader progressively discovers along with Nichols’ narrative sleuthing, this project was launched with the prodigious task of making decisive experiments in time-travel, mind control and apport/materializations! It was conducted during a period from 1971 to 1983, and Nichols came to the project in 1973.

Its point-of-departure was an exhaustive investigation into the secrets of the electromagnetic “bottle” effect generated during the ill-fated 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, in which a specially rigged ship and crew attempting to achieve radar invisibility in an autonomous envelope of coils and generators, actually disappeared for a disconcerting interval from their own harbor, and upon reappearing exhibited not only mysterious physical damage but, more incredibly, a strange “displacement” in the time-locks of the crew members which found some fading in and out of visibility, some actually embedded in the steel bulwarks, and some smoldering in a kind of slow-burning fire of flesh!

The initial “problem” was discovered to be that of a disjunction between the “spirit” or “soul” and the body of the living subject, the “essential” being having an independent electromagnetic or energy-composition distinct from that of the physical time EM frame-of-reference, which becomes coupled to that reference through birth (this indeed comprises a description of what “birth” is).

Thus did the military and U.S. intelligence become secretly introduced to the metaphysics of reality so that, unbeknownst to the general public (actually conditioned to block such recognition) the government or significant “classified” portions thereof from ’43 on had set up shop in the Spirituality Business.

The Montauk Project was not Congress approved. Its actual instigators were a “mystery” although CIA/NSA influence seemed integral; the military had been persuaded to participate and extend its facilities (the abandoned base with its coveted Sage radar antenna) because of the tremendous potentials involved in the possible achievement of mind control. Financing for the project was ultimately traced to the 50 billion dollar nazi gold shipment that disappeared in transport through France during a troop-train explosion in ’44, famously investigated by General George Patton; and to ITT through control of the Krupp family, late of WW’s I and II for which the Krupp ownership of German munitions factories brought a Nuremberg “censure”, and release on their own recognizance.

Using a 425 to 450 MegaHertz frequency as radiosonde “window” into the mind, psycho-actively enhanced by pulse-modulated frequency hopping with variable mixes and timings, the Montauk experimentors collected an enormous data-base on mental and emotional patterns, experimentally verified in their ability to entrain human psychic functioning by actually turning the transmitter on unsuspecting personnel stationed at the base, or on the vicinity’s civilian population.

This period of experimentation accounts also for the peculiar influence which compelled the environment’s animal population to converge en masse upon the Montauk streets, as well as for odd fluxes in the area’s crime rate during the designated interval.

We estimate they took 10,000 American children off the street and brought them to Montauk, New Jersey. The total number of people that they pulled off the streets for the 25 stations was about 250,000. What the actual thrust of the program was in terms of all these kids is still a mystery. We still don’t know the answers. We know they were fully programmed for something. They were subjected to programming which eventually became more “humane” using advanced electronic techniques. The original programming was Reichian in nature and was more physical. Later they worked out techniques that used computers and electronic programming with the Reichian techniques that took very fast and had little side effects.


Philadelphia and Montauk Survivor Accounts



2014: “1984″ vs. Brave New World 

While many have pointed out that the Middle-East/Far-East are drifting to a more “Orwellian” world and the West is a more “Huxleyan” environ, the merger of the two dystopias is seemingly growing each day. As The Guardian previously noted, Huxley’s dystopia is a totalitarian society, ruled by a supposedly benevolent dictatorship whose subjects have been programmed to enjoy their subjugation through conditioning and the use of a narcotic drug – the rulers of Brave New World have solved the problem of making people love their servitude. On the Orwellian front, we are doing rather well – as the revelations of Edward Snowden have recently underlined. We have constructed an architecture of state surveillance that would make Orwell gasp.

The most striking parallel of course is that both men foresaw the future as totalitarian rather than democratic and free.

Both Big Brother’s world and the Brave New World are ruled by authoritarian elites of a basically socialist/communist nature, whose only real purpose is the maintenance of their own power and privileges.

We discussed this a year ago but it seems an opportune time – with the world’s brainwashing and control accelerating – to revisit the two


“Not For Public Release” You Are Not Supposed To Know”

Frequency & vibration! Microwaves, mobiles phones, wireless devices linked to TUMOURS & CANCER IN THE BRAIN.

We are surrounded by these growing number of frequencies around us, causing illness and death to humans, birds & bees.

The proof is all around us, you can do some simple tests to see how exposed you are, then you can take some measures to protect yourself and your family, then I think we all need to start taking legal action against the owners of these towers.

Do we really need all these mobile phones, seriously lets be honest our lives are far more stressful with a mobile phone than when we did not have one, i am old enough to remember the days i was growing us, i remember playing outside with clear blue sky , i remember winter to be winter, spring to be spring, autumn to be autumn and summer was always a good time, hot and fun, we use to play out, build things, explore, friends would get together to socialise, play sports, it was fun times, now all i see are computers, kids these days have no idea what is its like in nature, we are consumed with gadgets and computers that keep us away from what is real and meaningful, i think we all need to stop and take a good look at our lives, what is important and how we can all build a better world for the sake of all children.

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WiFi; The Invisible Killing Fields


The new technologies that will change human civilization as we know it

Where are technologies heading in the next 30 years? How will they affect our lifestyle and human society?

Most adults alive today grew up without the Internet or mobile phones, let alone smartphones and tablets with voice commands and apps for everything. These new technologies have altered our lifestyle in a way few of us could have imagined a few decades ago. But have we reached the end of the line? What else could turn up that could make our lives so much more different? Faster computers? More gadgets? It is in fact so much more than that.

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The Agenda and You ~ Part III; Transhumanism and You in the Age of Transitions


BP Drags Out Payments to Victims While Oil STILL Spews from the Disaster.


The Koch Attack on Solar Energy

(It’s not just Koch Bros. When Obama took office in 2008 solar energy in the U.S. was 3%.  Today, it is still at 3%. Big OIL rules and has for 100 years, even though we have free energy technology.)

At long last, the Koch brothers and their conservative allies in state government have found a new tax they can support. Naturally it’s a tax on something the country needs: solar energy panels.

For the last few months, the Kochs and other big polluters have been spending heavily to fight incentives for renewable energy, which have been adopted by most states. They particularly dislike state laws that allow homeowners with solar panels to sell power they don’t need back to electric utilities. So they’ve been pushing legislatures to impose a surtax on this increasingly popular practice, hoping to make installing solar panels on houses less attractive.


U.S. Military Exercises to Begin in Eastern Europe

(War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strenght….)

PARIS — American military exercises in Eastern Europe are to begin Wednesday as part of a move to ease the anxieties of eastern European countries alarmed by Russia’s efforts to reassert its hegemony in the region, Western officials said.


Moving Closer To War

Anthony Freda Art

Paul Craig Roberts
Activist Post

The Obama regime, wallowing in hubris and arrogance, has recklessly escalated the Ukrainian crisis into a crisis with Russia. Whether intentionally or stupidly, Washington’s propagandistic lies are driving the crisis to war. Unwilling to listen to any more of Washington’s senseless threats, Moscow no longer accepts telephone calls from Obama and US top officials.

The crisis in Ukraine originated with Washington’s overthrow of the elected democratic government and its replacement with Washington’s hand-chosen stooges. The stooges proceeded to act in word and deed against the populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet Communist Party leaders had attached to Ukraine. The consequence of this foolish policy is agitation on the part of the Russian speaking populations to return to Russia. Crimea has already rejoined Russia, and eastern Ukraine and other parts of southern Ukraine are likely to follow.

Instead of realizing its mistake, the Obama regime has encouraged the stooges Washington installed in Kiev to use violence against those in the Russian-speaking areas who are agitating for referendums so that they can vote their return to Russia. The Obama regime has encouraged violence despite President Putin’s clear statement that the Russian military will not occupy Ukraine unless violence is used against the protesters.


Kerry’s ignorance in RT blunder unthinkable for Cold War era politician

Nevertheless, Kerry failed to mention Kiev’s military operation in the country’s east. In a surprise address on Thursday, Kerry dismissed any possibility that population of the eastern part of Ukraine might be not happy with the results of the coup that took place in earlier this year and with those who took power by force in Kiev. Kerry described pro-federalization activists as people armed with weapons “of the latest issue from the Russian arsenal and speaking in dialects that every local knows come from thousands of miles away.”

A political analyst Dmitry Babich told Voice of Russia his opinion on this subject.

So, let me please have your comments on Mr. Kerry’s remarks?

Mr. Kerry obviously speaks the language which has originated thousands of miles away from Donetsk and from Ukraine. So, to hear him differentiating the dialects of the Russian language… And the problem is that people in Donetsk speak Russian. This is a Russian-speaking region and very rarely you hear people speaking Ukrainian there. So, I think he just talks about things he doesn’t understand.

Martial law: Obama confiscates National Guard helicopters from all 50 states

As if the Obama administration’s purchase of more than 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and nearly 3,000 urban tanks, along with their unprecedented (and highly illegal) domestic spying program was not enough to convince you that the federal government is about to suspend the Constitution once and for all, the man who once vowed to run “the most transparent administration in history” has just rather inexplicably, ordered the U.S. Army to seize every Apache attack helicopter currently in use by the National Guard.

In all, the Defense Department will confiscate 192 Apaches from National Guard units around the country and give them to the active duty Army.

In exchange for the heavily armed and highly maneuverable choppers, Guard units will receive 111 UH-60 Blackhawk transport helicopters from the Army, Defense One reports.

Last week, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, claiming that the measure will save taxpayers $12 billion, over the next three years.



U.S. troops used to patrol and service heroin, opium industry which uses proceeds for Black ops and to keep citizens addicted and useless.

Heroin a Growing Threat Across USA, Police Say

(amount of heroin grown in Afghanistan in 2000 = 0.)

In other news, Afghanistan Opium Harvest at Record High:

Afghan opium cultivation has reached a record level, with more than 200,000 hectares planted with the poppy for the first time, the United Nations says.

The UNODC report said the harvest was 36% up on last year, and if fully realised would outstrip global demand.

Most of the rise was in Helmand province, where British troops are preparing to withdraw.

One of the main reasons the UK sent troops to Helmand was to cut opium production.

Via: USA Today:

“This kind of sneaked up on us,” Holder said, referring to heroin’s resurgence after its former popularity in the ’50s and ’60s.


F.B.I. Informant Is Tied to Cyberattacks Abroad

WASHINGTON — An informant working for the F.B.I. coordinated a 2012 campaign of hundreds of cyberattacks on foreign websites, including some operated by the governments of Iran, Syria, Brazil and Pakistan, according to documents and interviews with people involved in the attacks.

Exploiting a vulnerability in a popular web hosting software, the informant directed at least one hacker to extract vast amounts of data — from bank records to login information — from the government servers of a number of countries and upload it to a server monitored by the F.B.I., according to court statements.

The details of the 2012 episode have, until now, been kept largely a secret in closed sessions of a federal court in New York and heavily redacted documents. While the documents do not indicate whether the F.B.I. directly ordered the attacks, they suggest that the government may have used hackers to gather intelligence overseas even as investigators were trying to dismantle hacking groups like Anonymous and send computer activists away for lengthy prison terms.


(This is from 2013 but shows how corrupt the regulatory agencies are and owned by the banksters….and no one ever, ever, ever goes to jail.)

(Reuters) – The government is seeking $5 billion in its civil lawsuit against Standard & Poor’s, accusing the ratings service of defrauding investors, in one of the most ambitious cases yet from the Justice Department over conduct tied to the financial crisis.

The United States said S&P inflated ratings and understated risks associated with mortgage securities, driven by a desire to gain more business from the investment banks that issued those securities. S&P committed fraud by falsely claiming its ratings were objective, the lawsuit said.

“Put simply, this alleged conduct is egregious – and it goes to the very heart of the recent financial crisis,” said Attorney General Eric Holder at a news conference in Washington announcing the charges.

The 119-page lawsuit, filed late Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, is the first from the government against a ratings agency, a sector that has generally shielded itself from liability by citing First Amendment protection of free speech.


The Desperate Hustle as a Way of Life

Here is the future: nobody gets any job security. Nobody gets a fair wage while they have a job. Nobody gets a retirement fund or even any guarantee they’ll be able to eat tomorrow. And almost everyone is doing everything they can just to get by—and paying some substantial portion of their earnings to a pimp or “platform” which controls the business they are in. And ain’t life a grand adventure? Isn’t it all so fun?

Welcome to the Sharing Economy.

This is the model of the new economy, where anyone with a car ought to be a Lyft contractor (your fare pays what he or she thinks is right but the company is tweeting out “we’ve slashed prices 20 percent”) and anyone with a house or apartment is renting it out on Air BnB and crashing at their boyfriend’s parents’ place.

All of this came about by design. The world is arranged according to the people who arrange things—the people who make money by this arrangement. We’re in our fourth decade of this. The Times reported this week that the American middle class has been surpassed by Canada’s.

And it’s much worse than the New York Times imagines. As Dean Baker points out, the middle classes in most other countries have increased their incomes while getting longer vacations. In the U.S.A.? Not so much.

But this life of hustle—the idea that everything you do, every day, needs to turn a profit or you starve—is familiar to anyone who lives or grew up in an inner city. In Salon today, D. Watkins points to the junkies putting on a fight-show for crack, and the lady who runs the candy/cig shop out of her second floor window, lowering the product down in a pencil box tied to a rope of shoelaces. You’ve seen the guys moving “loosies” and the guys selling the bags from the food pantry.

They are fucked. And we are them.


The Antibiotics that Could Kill You

In 2010, Americans were prescribed 258 million courses of antibiotics, a rate of 833 per thousand people. Such massive usage, billions of doses, has been going on year after year.

We have few clues about the consequences of our cumulative exposures. We do know that widespread antibiotic treatments make us more susceptible to invaders by selecting for resistant bacteria.

These risks are now well-known, but I want to lay out a new concern: that antibiotic use over the years has been depleting the pool of our friendly bacteria — in each of us — and this is lowering our resistance to infections. In today’s hyperconnected globe, that means that we are at high risk of future plagues that could spread without natural boundaries from person to person and that we could not stop. I call this “antibiotic winter.”

To explain: In the early 1950′s, scientists conducted experiments to determine whether our resident microbes — the huge number of bacteria that live in and on our bodies, now called our “microbiome” — help in fending off invading bacteria. They fed mice a species of a typical invader, disease-causing salmonella. It took about 100,000 organisms to infect half of the normal mice. But when they first gave mice an antibiotic, which kills both good and bad bacteria, and then several days later gave them salmonella, it took only three organisms to infect them. This isn’t a 10 or 20% difference; it’s a 30,000-fold difference.

That was in mice, but what about humans?


Chemtrails/Geoengineering/Climate Modification Discussed At United Nations



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