September 30, 2014

Easter Island heads have bodies



“There is scarcely any passion without struggle.” ―Albert Camus

Dark Night Meditation


When we are on the verge of uniting with the infinite wavelength of eternal vibration, our old frequency can sometimes go through a crisis of stasis. It buckles and bends trying to adjust itself and tune into the cosmic orchestra. We tend to doubt everything we’ve known to be true. In worst (best) case scenarios we tend to fall into an existential crisis, or Dark Night of the Soul.

But, if we are able to make it through this dark time, and shed that which has weighed us down, then we will open up once again, and even wider than before. This can happen many times on our spiritual journey, and each time we tend to gain new levels of wisdom. Here are seven signs you may be experiencing a dark night of the soul.

….2) It is only when you’re alone, that you realize you’re never alone
“The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person–without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other.” –Osho


This video is key to understanding on how subliminal mind programming occurs into our subconscious to dictate our behaviors through Big Media at the direction of Big Brother.


How words are used to obfuscate, confuse and imprint images onto our brains through our language


YES on Measure S: Making History by Establishing a Mendocino Community Bill of Rights, creating a Rights of Nature Law, Banning Fracking and asserting Community Rights to Clean, Toxic Free Water, Air and Soil.

Measure S; Statements of Law — A Local Bill of Rights

(a) Right to Community Self-Government. All residents of Mendocino County possess the right to a form of governance where they live which recognizes that all power is inherent in the people and that all free governments are founded on the people’s consent. Use of the Mendocino County government by the sovereign people to make law and policy shall not be deemed, by any authority, to eliminate or reduce that self-governing authority.

(b) Right to Clean Water, Air and Soil. All residents, natural communities and ecosystems in Mendocino County possess the right to water, air and soil that is untainted by toxins, carcinogens, particulates, nucleotides, and hydrocarbons introduced into the environment through the unconventional extraction of hydrocarbons.

(c) Rights of Natural Communities and Ecosystems. Natural communities and ecosystems possess rights to exist and flourish within Mendocino County without harm resulting from the unconventional extraction of hydrocarbons.

(d) Right to be Free from Chemical Trespass. All residents, natural communities and ecosystems in Mendocino County possess the right to be free from chemical trespass resulting from the unconventional extraction of hydrocarbons.

(e) Rights as Self-Executing, Fundamental, and Unalienable. All rights delineated and secured by this Ordinance are inherent, fundamental, and unalienable; and shall be self-executing and enforceable against both private and public actors.

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Got Rights or Whats Left????  Legalize Pot, but ban you from smoking in your own home or in public.  Legal cigarettes but ban you from smoking in public or in your home…WTF?? So now you can only smoke in your car??

Santa Rosa moves toward tighter restrictions on secondhand smoke

Smoking tobacco, marijuana and even electronic cigarettes in apartments, condominiums and most public places would be banned in Santa Rosa under a sweeping expansion of the city’s anti-smoking laws supported by the City Council on Tuesday.

In its first public hearing on the issue, the council instructed planning staff to move forward with the proposed changes to city laws as a way to reduce the health impacts of secondhand smoke on residents.

Council members were strongly supportive of the changes, even going beyond some of the provisions proposed by staff, such as extending the ban to include people waiting in line at movies or a bank ATM.

The city’s existing smoking laws are limited to enclosed public spaces, outdoor dining areas, city-owned parks and recreation facilities, the downtown transit mall, and within 20 feet any area where smoking is prohibited.

The laws would now be extended to any attached multi-family dwelling unit, including apartments, duplexes, townhouses and condominiums. In essence, smoking would be prohibited in any dwelling where two units share a wall, explained planner Erin Morris.

The ban would also be expanded to all city owned properties, as well, including office buildings, parking lots and garages and bus stops. An exemption that allowed smoking in parks if no one was in the area would also be removed under the plan.


Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car

The thermometer showed a 103.5-degree fever, and her 10-year-old’s asthma was flaring up. Mary Bolender, who lives in Las Vegas, needed to get her daughter to an emergency room, but her 2005 Chrysler van would not start.

The cause was not a mechanical problem — it was her lender.

Ms. Bolender was three days behind on her monthly car payment. Her lender, C.A.G. Acceptance of Mesa, Ariz., remotely activated a device in her car’s dashboard that prevented her car from starting. Before she could get back on the road, she had to pay more than $389, money she did not have that morning in March.

“I felt absolutely helpless,” said Ms. Bolender, a single mother who stopped working to care for her daughter. It was not the only time this happened: Her car was shut down that March, once in April and again in June.

This new technology is bringing auto loans — and Wall Street’s version of Big Brother — into the lives of people with credit scores battered by the financial downturn.



US: Most new immigrant families fail to report; Instead, they have vanished into the interior of the U.S.

For nearly three months this summer, the Obama administration carefully avoided answering questions about what happened to tens of thousands of immigrant families caught illegally crossing the Mexican border and released into the United States with instructions to report back to immigration authorities.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and others said they faced deportation. But it turns out that tens of thousands of those immigrants did not follow the government’s instructions to meet with federal immigration agents within 15 days. Instead, they have vanished into the interior of the U.S.



216 Attendees Fall Ill at Food Safety Summit …from the Food They Ate!!

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released a report Thursday that says the chicken Marsala served at a buffet lunch on April 9 during the 2014 Food Safety Summit at the Baltimore Convention Center caused a gastroenteritis outbreak that sickened 216 attendees.

The report says of the 216 attendees who got sick, 157 ate the chicken. Symptoms included diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps and, in some cases, vomiting. The report says the chicken may not have been kept at the proper temperature.


Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story is Not Being Told

Autism Parents Reply to CNN: ‘Hear This Well’

Correspondent’s remark sparks grassroots video campaign in which parents tell their stories

As the confession of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson appeared to be getting corked into a bottle of sorts last week, the story took a rogue and unexpected turn, by way of an accidental citizen reporting campaign.

It began on the evening of Aug. 27, when CNN aired a segment in which three anchors sought to dismiss all concern that vaccines could be unsafe or cause autism—citing “67 studies,” that showed otherwise. The question of whether vaccines could cause autism was alive because Thompson had issued a press release on Aug. 27 confirming that he had been part of a team that had altered data for a scientific study in order to reach the conclusion that vaccines do not cause autism.

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, who has a masters degree in public health, addressed the population that media often deride as “anti-vaxxers” (though they are all parents who did vaccinate their children) in tones that sounded quite condescending: “Vaccines are safe,” she said, leaning forward. “Autism is not a side effect of vaccines or to say it another way because some people don’t hear this well, vaccines do not cause autism.”


Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped 

vaccine unvaccinated kid crop 263x164 Huge Plunge in Kindergartener’s Vaccination Rates: Officials StumpedThe number of parents deciding not to vaccinate their children is growing at an alarming rate – at least according to officials who are now nonplussed at the waking of humanity.

Considering the quite ‘heavy’ vaccination schedules proposed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), parents should be refusing vaccinations.

Since the 1950′s, the number of vaccines children under 6 are expected to obtain has grown by 414%. Apparently, at least Californian parents have had enough and are refusing to immunize their kindergarten-aged children.

Public health experts are saying that these refusals to have their children vaccinated (at a rate of half as often than just 7 years ago) is contributing to the re-emergence of measles across the state, and may lead to serious outbreaks of ‘other diseases.’ But this is nothing more than scare-mongering and the typical line of vaccination-pushers.

Actually, there are numerous studies which show that un-vaccinated children are far healthier than their vaccinated peers. Findings uncovered during one study looking at New Zealand’s children found that:

“. . . 92 percent of the children requiring a tonsillectomy operation had received the measles vaccination, indicating that the vaccination for measles may have made some of the children more susceptible to tonsillitis.”



As Wall Street sets record highs…and the country

oecd low wage paying jobs

America Is No. 1 In Low-Paying Jobs

“No Vacation Nation:” Americans are Working More and Getting Paid Less


One-Fifth of U.S. Workers Were Laid Off in Past Five Years

Remember the green shoots? and cash for clunkers??

Via: Los Angeles Times:

One in five U.S. workers was laid off in the past five years and about 22% of those who lost their jobs still haven’t found another one, according to a new survey that showed the extent Americans have struggled in the sluggish labor market since the Great Recession ended.

Those who did find work had a difficult time with their job search and the effects of unemployment, the survey by the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University found.

Nearly 40% said it took more than seven months to find employment and about one in five of laid-off workers said all they could find was a temporary position.

Almost half — 46% — of the estimated 30 million layoff victims who found new jobs said they paid less then their old ones, according to the survey of 1,153 U.S adults done over the summer.

Federally mandated maternity leave by country


If you are sane, it is said you are of normal mind but if you are in this sanity of normal mind then yo are called IN-Sane.  WTF???

U.S. Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms

Gov’t Expert: Fallout in California thousands of times higher than we expected for several days after Fukushima explosions — ‘Orders of magnitude’ above estimates at start of crisis, even though estimations based on Chernobyl


The Completely Insane Cost of Federal Regulations: $2 TRILLION

 and then add in war costs, interest rates for our massive unpaid debt and pumping up wall street with created out of thin air debt…how will this all end??

Activist PostSo this gives a whole new meaning to the Declaration of Independence’s, “…a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”The New American has released a new video breaking down The Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual “Ten Thousand Commandments” report which has concluded that federal regulations cost the economy $1.863 trillion in fiscal year 2013 alone!As New American’s William F. Jasper noted, “The average family, with an average income of $65,596, will ‘pay’ $15,000 in regulatory costs, or about a quarter of the family’s income, buried in the prices of everything they consume.”


School To Fingerprint Students To ‘Monitor Their Diets’


Galaxy-S5-Fingerprint-Scanner_xzmdrtA school is implementing a biometric system to better track what students are eating each day. The Express & Star reports students at Redhill School in Stourbridge, England will be fingerprinted in an attempt to reduce lunch lines and “monitor pupils’ diets.”

The system requires pupils to press a finger against a machine which converts the print into biometric data.

This can then be used to identify individual pupils accounts.

Headteacher Stephen Dunster wrote to parents, “We are aiming to have a cashless system throughout the school. The catering system is better for parents because they don’t have to provide children with lunch money every morning. From our perspective it is far more efficient as it reduces waiting times.

“We will also be able to monitor what children are buying to make sure they are eating a healthy diet.”



School Districts Got Military Gear from Pentagon

September 26th, 2014

Via: CBS:

A CBS News review shows campus police across the country have received millions of dollars worth of military gear from the Pentagon.

Now, there are calls to halt those transfers, even though some agencies say the weapons are necessary.

CBS News correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports from the University of Texas, Arlington, that the University of Texas System’s police protect more than a dozen campuses and 330,000 people across the state.

The director of police said those additional weapons and gear are necessary, given the type of emergencies that can happen.

When University of Texas police responded to a bomb threat in 2012, they arrived in a Humvee. It’s one of three large military vehicles the university’s police system has acquired from the Department of Defense. They recently received a mine-resistant vehicle, which was designed to withstand roadside bombs on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The turret has been removed, so there’s no weapons systems associated with it,” University of Texas System Director of Police Michael Heidingsfield said.

He says its purpose is to protect the occupants and save lives.

“That vehicle will be used solely in response to an active shooter or armed intruder events,” Heidingsfield said. “Or perhaps in anticipation of a major natural catastrophic event.”

School police departments across the country have taken advantage of free military surplus gear, stocking up on mine resistant armoured vehicles, grenade launchers and scores of M16 rifles. At least 26 school districts across the country have participated in the Pentagon’s surplus program. Federal records show schools in California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, Texas and Utah obtained surplus military gear. Nearly two dozen education and civil liberties groups sent a letter earlier this week to the Pentagon and the Justice and Education departments urging a stop to transfers of military weapons to school police. The Los Angeles Unified School District — the nation’s second-largest school district, enrolling more than 900,000 students — said in a statement this week that it would remove three grenade launchers it had acquired under the program in 2001 because they “are not essential life-saving items within the scope, duties and mission” of the district’s police force. But the district plans to keep 60 M16s and a MRAP, a military vehicle used in Iraq and Afghanistan that is built to withstand mine blasts. Los Angeles school board member Steve Zimmer said the district will likely also let go of the MRAP, too. The board was told of the specific equipment the district had received only after the protests last month in Ferguson, Zimmer said. Jill Poe, police chief in the Southern California’s Baldwin Park school district, said she’ll be returning the three M16 rifles acquired under her predecessor.


China’s Tech Factories Turn to Student Labor

CHONGQING, China—On the outskirts of this southwestern Chinese hub lie the student factories.

Schools send thousands of teenagers here to put together electronic devices for some of the world’s largest brands. Many students say they are given no choice.

Student interns have become increasingly entrenched in China’s labor force, especially among major electronics makers. At some factories, interns say they outnumber regular workers.

Some major brands like H-P and Apple Inc. AAPL -0.87% say they are working with their suppliers to make sure intern use is reasonable and complies with labor laws, but acknowledge that violations occur.

The practice has the official stamp of approval of China’s Ministry of Education, which in 2010 said vocational schools must supply students to fill labor shortages.

On a recent evening, uniformed workers streamed out of Chongqing’s major electronics factories to buy noodles or sizzling sausages. Of the roughly two dozen workers stopped at random, nearly all said they were vocational students, with majors ranging from computer science to tourism to education.

Some interns said they were paid around the same as regular workers, or around 1,300 renminbi ($212) a month before overtime, though several students, including a 16-year-old girl surnamed Yang who makes laptops at Compal, said they had to pay most of their base wages to their school.


Protesters block the main road to the financial Central district in Hong Kong September 29, 2014. (Photo: Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

Protesters block the main road to the financial Central district in Hong Kong September 29, 2014. (

Don’t you get the feeling the world is coming apart at the seams??

Hong Kong Protesters Stockpile Supplies, Prepare for Long Haul

Despite deployment of increasingly harsh tactics over the weekend aimed at forcing pro-democracy protesters off the streets of Hong Kong, by Monday it was police units forced into retreat while the number of those backing democratic reforms and promising to hold ‘central’ areas of the city appear to be growing.

Initially organized under a call to ‘Occupy Central with Peace and Love,’ the growing protest movement in Hong Kong has now also been dubbed ‘the Umbrella Revolution‘ following images of protesters using their umbrellas to shield themselves from volleys of tear gas shot by riot police over the weekend. Angered by efforts by the Chinese government to bring the once autonomous region more strictly under its control, those resisting the Communist Party’s anti-democratic policies have called for greater independence and the right to vote for representation in Hong Kong without interference from Beijing.



Entire Australian Web to be Monitored and Whistleblowers to be Jailed

September 25th, 2014

In terms of the surveillance side of this, I guess that they want to be able to have a legal framework for what has been going on for decades.

Via: Sydney Morning Herald:

Australian spies will soon have the power to monitor the entire Australian internet with just one warrant, and journalists and whistleblowers will face up to 10 years’ jail for disclosing classified information.

The government’s first tranche of tougher anti-terrorism bills, which will beef up the powers of the domestic spy agency ASIO, passed the Senate by 44 votes to 12 on Thursday night with bipartisan support from Labor.

The bill, the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014, will now be sent to the House of Representatives, where passage is all but guaranteed on Tuesday at the earliest.

Anyone – including journalists, whistleblowers and bloggers – who “recklessly” discloses “information … [that] relates to a special intelligence operation” faces up to 10 years’ jail.


California Governor Vetoes Bill Limiting Drone Surveillance

(Looks like Moonbeam Brown loves transperancy as much as O’Bomb y’all.)

Gov. Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill that would have placed strict limits on law enforcement agencies using unmanned aerial drones for surveillance.

The governor’s office announced that the bill was one of more than a dozen pieces of legislation he vetoed Sunday.

AB1327 by Republican Assemblyman Jeff Gorrell of Camarillo would have required government agencies to get warrants before conducting surveillance with drones and would have required that they publicly announce their intent to buy and use them.


Argentina Uses Drones to Spot Wealthy Tax Cheats

September 26th, 2014

Via: AP:

Argentine tax evaders beware: The government is using a drone to spot you.

The Buenos Aires province’s tax agency said Wednesday that it has used drones to identify some 200 mansions and about 100 swimming pools that haven’t been declared by their owners.


Obama: U.S. Intelligence Underestimated the Rise of ISIS

Unmasking the Five Eyes’ Global Surveillance Practices

The Five Eyes alliance – comprised of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), the United Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Canada’s Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), and New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) – is the continuation of an intelligence partnership formed in the aftermath of the Second World War. The patchwork of secret spying programmes and intelligence-sharing agreements implemented by parties to the Five Eyes arrangement constitutes an integrated global surveillance arrangement that now covers the majority of the world’s communications. Operating in the shadows and misleading the public, the Five Eyes agencies boast in secret how they “have adapted in innovative and creative ways that have led some to describe the current day as ‘the golden age of SIGINT [signals intelligence]’.”


FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets

The FBI is preparing to accelerate the collection of DNA profiles for the government’s massive new biometric identification database.

Developers of portable DNA analysis machines have been invited to a Nov. 13 presentation to learn about the bureau’s vision for incorporating their technology into the FBI’s new database.

So-called rapid DNA systems can draw up a profile in about 90 minutes.

The Next Generation Identification system, or NGI, the successor to the FBI’s criminal fingerprint database, is designed to quickly ID crooks through facial recognition, iris matching, tattoo cross-checks and vocal recordings, among other unique traits.

But critics say aggregating DNA along with all this other data makes it easier for authorities to track the general population.

Various FBI divisions “are collaborating to develop and implement foundational efforts to streamline and automate law enforcement’s DNA collection processes” including at arrest, booking and conviction, according to an Aug. 19 notice about the industry briefing. The ongoing groundwork is expected to facilitate the “integration of Rapid DNA Analysis into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index (CODIS) and Next Generation Identification (NGI) systems from the booking environment.”


Los Angeles County Planning Massive Biometric Database

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