Aplanetruth’s Social Media Links and Free Books

4 thoughts on “Aplanetruth’s Social Media Links and Free Books

  1. You Tube has deleted all of your videos. I wanted to watch a few, but all have been deleted and your account terminated. So, is there another way to view these videos???

    Thank you.

    Adrienne Carabetta


    —————————————–From: “TABU; Towards A Better Understanding” To: gatobaby@satx.rr.com Cc: Sent: Friday November 8 2019 5:10:25PM Subject: [New post] Aplanetruth’s Social Media Links and Free Books


    jwlpeace posted: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czMQafJSCfQ” [1]


  2. My name is Tony,Thanks for all the mind blowing information, everything I believed is not true but fabricated. I live in Oroville close to the damn, it has truly become an adventure living and getting prepared for anything possible. I appreciate you, your doing God’s work,


  3. May I make a suggestion, please. If you want to really be informed about what is going on in this world and how we are being manipulated, you have to do research about our history. Start with WW2 since everything we know about it has been planted into our minds. This was the war that was supposed to stop all wars, yet it is totally the opposite. We have had continuous wars in the world ever since. Start with the video Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.


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