1 thought on “Critical Info Dump 3.4.18

  1. I used to work for TSA and prisoners were escorted by FBI or ICE. This is a response to the article about illegal aliens being quietly escorted on commercial flights. So, it makes me think about all the times I witnessed these prisoners being escorted. Are they being escorted to another country , like the UK? There is an article for you about pre-crime:https://thebreakaway.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/palantir-pre-crime/
    This is going along with crime enforcement/ the cops. I am unfortunately hooked up to the AI system where the hive mind can read my thoughts. I know this is crazy, but this is a fact. I can not escape this. So, you are right in the fact we have a huge problem and it generates from the alien beings on the planet, the rockefellers. Also, I wish to say that now the 5G is for the infrastructure of flying cars and that goes hand in glove with the alien factories that they want to implement on the planet. Apple has a huge UFO style building in California. I do not remember the city, but you can probably find it if you google Apple meetings in California. I believe the city starts with a C.

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