1 thought on “Screwed! CA Fire Victims Out; Disaster Capitalists Take Over

  1. Wow thats was a shit show of information. Thanks for the breakdown. Im a Santa Barbara native, so this shall be interesting. They have already destroyed this once small quaint community into “stack em n pack ems” on every open tiny lot of land. Genius, build more when we have NO WATER. BRING in MORE residents that cannot afford the cost of living and our freeways cant accomodate an increase in population so we are now a mini LA. Traffic sucks, honelessness is a HUGE ISSUE, and water. Water is not here nor has any come and with these fires our not even up to 100% lakes that DID start to rise are back down to drought levels so yeahhhh a great time to have 90 or so new residential developments the rise. Ughhh!


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