The Fake Sandy Hook Adam Lanza Shooter Mafia Connection

…..The Lanza family are a Bavarian-Sicilian nobility and they still hold many titles through out Sicily today. Today Prince Pietro Lanza di Scalea is the head of the Sicilian Lanza family along with Prince Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea. Just as the Sicilian Adragna family run their mafia in California the Sicilian Lanza family also run their mafia there too.

The noble Lanza family set up their criminal operation in San Francisco with mafia bosses Francesco Lanza and his son James Lanza. The Sicilian Mafia are involved in human trafficking and the Lanza crime family have an human trafficking network with the Tijuana Cartel. The Hollywood movies that glorify gangsters as if they have some moral code is propaganda. The Lanza princely family are working with the Massimo princely family and they merged a branch with the Lancelotti family of Rome. Lanza means lance.

The Lanza crime family were involved with the Sandy Hook government psyop in Connecticut.

Sandy Hook was a CIA-FBI-Mafia operation and fake mass shooting. Ryan Lanza moved to New Jersey where the Italian Mafia have major influences. Jeff Lanza is a retired FBI agent from Connecticut and this suggests the Lanza family have infiltrated the FBI.

They use Church leaders to oversee society as an intelligence network. Andrew Lanza is a New York Senator and former member of the New York City Council. Cosa Nostra has become more quiet while using other criminal organizations as their proxies which take orders from them and pay them dues. I believe that a majority of the street gangs inside the United States pay dues back to the Italian Mafia which are the eldership of organized crime.

The Italian Mafia work with the Armenian Mafia which operate in Hollywood. They work with the Triads and Yakuza which have deep influences at the ports and are involved with human trafficking of Asians into the United States on the West Coast. APL Limited is a large Singapore based shipping and container company which runs ports in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, and Dutch Harbor. Yakuza and Triads operate through these ports and traffic Asians into the United States which are used for underground sex trafficking rings.

Bill Gates who is worth about 88 billion and Jeff Bezos who is worth about 100 billion both have residences in Seattle and they run Microsoft and Amazon. Recently both Amazon and Microsoft employees were caught through their work emails involved in sex trafficking in the Seattle region. What Bezos and Gates do is use their massive wealth to pay off corrupt police, businessmen, and politicians which then enable human trafficking and sex trafficking networks. Bill Gates criminally finances corruption in the California area and Jeff Bezos finances corruption in the Washington and Oregon regions. Frank Colacurcio Jr. is the head of the Seattle crime family and oversees the human trafficking and sex slavery on the West Coast.


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