British/Scottish Ownership of US Cities

British Feudalism

British Feudalism

The founding father and Freemason Alexander Hamilton who had Scottish ancestry was from the Hamilton Peerage of Scotland which is today headed by James Hamilton the 5th Duke of Abercorn and Alexander Douglas-Hamilton the 16th Duke of Hamilton. LeRoy Percy was a plantation owner and politician in Mississippi and an ancestor of the Percy dukes of Northumberland through Charles Percy. The Percy Peerage is headed today by Duke Ralph Percy.

Barbara Pierce-Bush is also a Percy. Torquhil Campbell the 13th Duke of Argyll is a Scottish Peer and does business at the City of London. Malcolm Forbes the 23rd Lord Forbes is a Scottish Peer in Aberdeenshire .

The Forbes family in the United States come from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The sons of Malcom Stevenson Forbes of the United State are Steve Forbes and Christopher Forbes and they are the owners of Forbes Media.

The City of Boston is named after Boston Lincolnshire, England where the original colonists came from. George William Eustace Boteler Irby, 11th Baron Boston is the head of the Barons of Boston today and has a portion of oversight in Boston Massachusetts. Most of the names of towns in the United Kingdom ruled by peers are also names of towns in the United States and British Commonwealths.

They are their foreign territories. They often move family branches into these regions. Through hierarchy they serve their elder bloodlines. The British Peers also run the Royal Society and its superior the Royal Institution which are secret societies involved in science. They are really involved in scientifically advancing alchemy, witchcraft, and other forms of sorcery and using them along with technologies.

The scientific occultist Francis Bacon was influential in developing these societies. These groups are ran by Freemasonic Peers and they oversee the technology and medical companies as well as the Church of Scientology. Many universities in the United States were established through English Crown Colonies and authorized and chartered by the English Crown and connected to the City of London Corporation. These universities are still owned by the British Crown and British Peerage through corporate charters.

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