1 thought on “The AntiFa Movement; A Jesuit Creation

  1. i ASSUME YOU KNOW THE ORIGIN OF THE JESUITS AS WELL. The original Jesuit were not Catholic,. As a group they were mostly Jewish Those that were in Latin America were Spanish Jewish origin but followed Jesus as missionaries by their interpretation. Only not long ago their petition to be accepted by the Church was accepted. They have to be studied as a separate entity. That also explain Pope Francis unusual position. They do have a position on Jesus, their own. I received the information from the internet as a result of my expressed position on Jesus being used as a political issue by Israel and a source of revenue. I have taken the position that given the many Christian refugees from that area and the Palestinian large umber of Jews, Jesus sacred places starting with Bethlehem should be part of Palestine and run as a Sanctuary by Christians. It is not right to have Jesus surrounded by the people who despised him and crucified him. I hope Palestine will pursue this issue..


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