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Ranchman 5 hours ago · Automatically held
I’m a father of two grown boys (both almost 30 years old) who has always believed in the necessity of law enforcement and tried to teach my kids respect for the cops. My youngest son is now hostile toward them after seeing the illegal, unethical things they do. He lives in the northeast.
My older son was jammed up big time by a state cop in the Midwest who was mad he didn’t exit his truck fast enough and beat him severely through his open window, dragging him out of his truck. The cop punched his window frame while beating my son and hurt his hand, so he got charged with assaulting a cop. It’s all on video. Major felony that we’re fighting now. My son’s life might be forever ruined. There was some serious behind the scenes activity between the lawyer, judge and “probation officer,” none of this makes any sense. We now need to hire an appellate lawyer from outside the area who is not involved in the local graft and corruption, it will cost thousands more than already spent. I have since changed my mind about cops, the [in]justice system and everything associated with it.
This is not the country we were supposed to inherit and the government we were tasked by our founders with remaining vigilant over. I feel we have failed, we have failed our kids and future generations who will not be free. We MUST figure out the best course to restore our liberty, but I have a strong, sinking feeling that it will not happen without a lot of misery and pain. Personally, my family is going through hell over this one macho, self-righteous cop, who lied even though the video evidence was plain as day.

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