Brain Mapping and Hacking

 The European Union financed and owns the Human Brain Project which developed neuro brain computer interface technologies and was founded by Henry Markram. Henry Markram is a professor at Ecole Polytechnique Federale in Switzerland and was educated at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. The President of Weizman Institute is the Belgian-Israeli Daniel Zajfman who has been a Director at Max Planck Society the reformed Nazi Kaiser Wilhelm Society and Henry Markram was also a member. The Israeli scientist Daniel Zajfman runs a renamed Nazi founded scientific institute. The electronic grid has been weaponized and programmed with the General Neural Simulation System also called GENESIS to enable frequencies to hack into the brain and physiology. Genesis was developed by the Jesuit educated James Mason Bower. On GENESIS’ website it states GENESIS was”developed to support the simulation of neural systems ranging from subcellular components and biochemical reactions to complex models of single neurons, simulations of large networks, and systems-level models.” The electronic grid and especially computers and smart phones are programmed with neuro brain interface programs that radiate electromagnetic frequencies designed to hack into the human brain and physiology. Other brain hacking systems include NEURON (software), NEST (software), and Brian (software). It is like an artificial intelligence radiated out of the electronic grid designed to covertly target the minds and physiologies of people in society. They can target individuals or target groups. Targeting can be subtle or it can be increased and extremely violent and torturous. Targeting consists of invasive and foreign thoughts and targeting of the physiology can cause pain, itching, spasms, pressure, irritation, fatigue and other attacks. The European Union which owns the Human Brain Project is based on the Treaty of Rome and the European Union was signed in Rome at Capitoline Hill. The Black Nobility of Rome are leading in this scientific terrorism and they have full access to these evil technologies.

Members of the royal and noble families have the neuro brain interface technologies where they can plug their minds into the electronic grid and target victims with this synthetic telepathy.  The Department of Defense and various universities have these brain hacking systems. There is a neuro-brain-computer-interface weapons system in Israel likely in the Kirya of Tel Aviv. I believe the Italian Mafia have an advanced brain hacking system probably located in Atlantic City. There is one in Hollywood with the Church of Scientology. There are Scientology churches all over. The Swiss-Italian-Austrian Indermaur nobility have financed Scientology with Robert Indermaur. They can run existing programs on a target or with the more advanced brain interface technologies can control the frequencies like a form of synthetic telepathy controlled by the brain that is plugged into the system. The group Anonymous and other hackers are also using these electronic weapons on society by hacking computers and smart phones and running these programs on society. The weaponized electronic grid consists of HAARP, modern electronics, wireless frequencies, electrical substations, smart phones, smart meters, and electrical transformers. These brain hackers are called harpers. HAARP is named in reference to harps which were used in ancient times for putting minds into a trance along with poems used for mind control programming. Musical instruments resonate vibrations. Some top families with harps on their coat of arms include the Windsor, Hanover, FitzJames, Guinness, and the Pallavicini family which have a statue on their palace in Vienna holding a harp. The Pallavicini family are the primary engineers of this evil. The Freemasonic Royal Institution and the Society of Jesus along with DARPA, Silicon Valley, and neuroscientists have designed electronics to emit algorithmic frequencies intended to hack the human brain and physiology. They did this so they can enhance their witchcraft with technology and persecute people covertly as they attempt a full take over of humanity

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  1. Robert Indermaur descends from a line of Indermaur that was never ennobled. The family is also not Scientologist. The Indermaur are mostly Swiss Reformed Protestant and Catholic. Robert Indermaur may be a practicing Scientologist, but that was his own conversion.


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