Quote of the Flat Earth Day

Flat Earth Quote of the Day Jupiter rising Automatically held OK, lets put this to bed. I used to work as an aircraft instrument technician! I pulled hundreds of artificial horizons apart, overhauled them, and recalibrated them, I would like a $ for everyone I have done mostly military aircraft, fighter bombers and fighter jets. IContinue reading “Quote of the Flat Earth Day”

DOG-LATIN; Language of the Illiterate

https://justiniandeception.wordpress.com/ According to the Blacks Law Dictionary 4th Edition, DOG-LATIN, is the language of the illiterate, it is the: LATIN-ALL-UPPERCASE-TEXT usurped into the English Descriptive text, appearing under the grammatical rules of Descriptive English Text, (ALL UPPERCASE SYMBOLIC TEXT without the hyphens) and not appearing under the true correct grammatical rules of Latin and done in order to deceive theContinue reading “DOG-LATIN; Language of the Illiterate”