3 thoughts on “Manmade Hurricane Harvey; FEMA says: 450,000 Homeless; FEMA Camps/Coffins at the Read

  1. Thank you for this video on this incredible evil, heinous activity going on throughout this planet. My Heart, Love and Soulful Light goes out to all of Humanity at this time. This IS an atrocity of the highest degree and the time has come for this element to be eliminated NOW! May I add at this time that we, too, here in Canada are also experiencing “weather manipulation” in the form of FIRE? Coincidence?? I think not. I reside in the Province of Alberta and although there are no fires that I am aware of at the moment going on, it seems we have been inundated with EXTREME smoke which has been unrelenting since the beginning of June. To add to this, we have had record breaking temperatures (yesterday a high of 33 degrees Celsius) with the thickest amount of smoke I have seen thus far. Where is it all coming from? In the few rare days when the smoke has abated somewhat, the sky has been filled with Chemtrails. Coincidence?? I think not. I know several people who have gone to Hospital Emergency because of respiratory problems and myself having almost lost my voice and I want to scratch my eyes out they are burning so much. Many people complaining of severe lethargy and depression. Coincidence? I think not. Today I have even thought of going to Nova Scotia ( don’t think they are getting the smoke there) however, I just read their weather report to discover that Hurricane Irma is expected to hit the Atlantic Coast soon. Coincidence?? I don’t think so. In my Heart and Soul ( my gut) I feel we (globally) are now experiencing the wrath of the last vestiges of this “thing” called the dark forces. I intend that all of humanity hold the space of Love and Light until we get through this travesty and also immense gratitude goes to all the courageous souls who have given their all in bringing the horrendous crimes of these unconscious !!xx??&# to the fore that they may stand revealed and naked before us in total shame to be dealt with the wrath of Love and Light upon them because in the end Love and Light is all there is!


  2. I stated in comment sections of a few site before the Hurricane landed, that it was HAARP – Weather Warfare which had been successfully used as long ago as VIETNAM war

    Imagine what the U.S. Government can do now with HAARP


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