Fake/Freaky Weather in SoCal; Europe’s “Heatwave Lucifer”

WW 101 shows how weather has to be manufactured AGAINST the prevailing Jet Stream, East and South to the West coast to make weather…

here in N. CA we have an artificial dome in place of a very unnatural kind where there is no fog from the coast, just a solid gray dome up high. Weird. Bottom line, is all weather has to be manufactured since we destroyed our eco systems due to polluting and 100 years of Industrial Devillution.


and now “Heatwave Lucifer”  Massive Wildfires all over…

A heatwave called ‘Lucifer’ is causing havoc in Europe with 11 countries being issued ‘danger’ warnings over rocketing temperatures. Across Italy, Spain, Croatia, Hungary and Southern Europe temperatures are higher than 40C which has led to forest fires, evacuations and safety fears for the vulnerable.

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