Neuroscience and Wireless Mind Control; Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

Neuroscience hasn’t been weaponized – it’s been a tool of war from the start


by The Conversation

What could once only be imagined in science fiction is now increasingly coming to fruition: Drones can be flown by human brains’ thoughts. Pharmaceuticals can help soldiers forget traumatic experiences or produce feelings of trust to encourage confession in interrogation. DARPA-funded research is working on everything from implanting brain chips to “neural dust” in an effort to alleviate the effects of traumatic experience in war. Invisible microwave beams produced by military contractors and tested on U.S. prisoners can produce the sensation of burning at a distance.

Bliss Blossum 2 months ago

To whom it may concern, I was forced from the state of Maryland in March 2010. I fled for my life in March 2010; on foot. After having all of my property illegally confiscated and stolen, this includes my car and everything I owned. I had been set up by a group of people; not limited to my son and also including members of a well known cult – Alcoholics Anonymous! I was illegally taken from the parking lot in Charlotte Hall Maryland. This was where I was supposed to meet my mother for a reunion my son told me was taking place. That reunion never happened. Instead I was assaulted by people who I believe where posing as police officers. I called (!! and the operator said I could not call the police on the police. These people destroyed my cell phone and broke all the windows out of my car. All of my property was stolen, including my vandalized car. This experience was a catalyst in my fleeing for my life, because I felt my life was being threatened. This was not the first time something weird involving the police had happened to me , but I have experienced a series of events that involve abuse of power, harassment, and more. I have been a targeted individual my whole life. I was routinely sexually abused by my pediatrician. I was a toddler when these illegal and amoral practices began. A large part of the trauma I have experienced in my life was psychological and physical! No one has my permission to use me as a person in psychological warfare. Since fleeing for my life in March 2010 I been “force traveled or herded” across the United States into Mexico where I had lived for the past year. I was deported from Mexico in September 2016. I did not want to leave Mexico! I was forced by the state department to return to the state of Maryland where I had been formally targeted and forced to leave in 2010. I have very traumatic and sad memories for the state of Maryland. I will never live in the state of Maryland. I have enjoyed my visit with my sister. I have no intention of imposing on my sister indefinitely. My sister has taken care of me due to extreme health care issues that I have been dealing with. I have decided that the practices I have dealt with since entering the “American health care system” are counter intuitive to my beliefs. I believe in holistic health care and naturopathic healing!!! Medicare is set up to keep people sick rather than address their health problems and concerns. I am truly horrified to see what people are dealing with in a system that is set up to keep them sick rather than making them well. A person should never be a pay check to anyone!!!Medicare makes a person a paycheck. Having experienced a series of strokes; two major strokes and several mini strokes, I have not been able to articulate to my sister or anyone my grave concerns for the future of Maryland, as well as the United States of America. I am grateful for president Trump repealing the TPP. I believe a shadow government has taken, or is attempting to take over the U.S.A. I have not had great success fighting the shadow government or exposing it!!! I went to the FBI in Corpus Christi Texas and relayed my situation and my ideas to them and the lady who took my interview told me to have a good cry. That is not the answer I needed to solve our common problems! I began thinking seriously about renouncing my citizenship when I experienced the callous disregaurd for my situation in March 2010, but my resources where limited. I intend to continue my travels and to continue to share my concerns with people who can help the disenfranchised and targeted people!!! In closing, I do not support anything but egalitarianism. I will never support a cult that has targeted me my entire life. Sincerely, Bliss Blossum

Richard Jonathan Hillier 10 months ago

I am a TI, kept alone, no job, no people just hidden voices behind walls, they are transforming me from the boy God made into the man they made. My brain is being changed, I am being changed. I am literally done for. BUT God has my life safe hidden with Christ in God, and that is my salvation, and this will also be their undoing because God has the ability to confound the NWO and the Illuminati and Satan and all that crap. But he isn’t telling how he is going to do it. All I can say is that God has already won and the manifestation of his victory will be sweet.

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