2 thoughts on “The Big Charity Scam in One Picture

  1. I hope this will be deleted because not only is it perpetuating false information, it is misleading. I like a lot of the posts here and this detracts from the site.

    False: The president of Goodwill Industries is not someone named Mark Curran. Look it up.

    Misleading: So what if Brian Gallagher has a $375K base salary? It’s a teensy fraction of what U.S. corporate executives get paid, and he has a big job in herding and holding accountable the 1800 separate nonprofit organizations around the world who are United Ways.

    Consider what the bankers and the government are raking in off of our backs in interest, taxes and true fraudulence and then consider how much of our hard-earned income is going down the toilet versus whatever comparable pittance we entrust to charity. Don’t waste your time getting PO’d about giving your old clothing and other stuff you no longer value to Goodwill and getting a tax deduction out of it.


    1. I used this to fact check
      Goodwill Industries International earns $5 billion revenue per year according to one source but is a private company, so they do not have to report. I’ll take the post down and thanks for the fact check

      Mr. Jim Gibbons
      Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
      Mr. Alexander Sanchez
      Chief Operations Officer
      Dr. James K. Hazy Ph.D.
      Treasurer and Director
      Mr. Lauren Lawson-Zilai
      Public Relations Director


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