Spiritual & Cultural Values Through the Religions

Spiritual & Cultural Values Through the Religions

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Table of Contents                                                                                                                       5

Introduction                                                                                                             6


Western Religions

Comparison of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Traditions                                                                                                                         7

Christianity                                                                                         8

Christian Science                                                                                        8

Eastern Orthodox                                                                                      9

Jehovah’s Witness                                                                                      10

Mormonism                                                                               11

Protestantism                                                                            12

Roman Catholicism                                                                                13

Seventh-day Adventism                                                                                 15

Islam (Muslim)                                                                                             16

Sunni vs. Shiite

Judaism                                                                                             19

Eastern Religions

Buddhism                                                                                         22

Hinduism                                                                                           23

Sikhism                                                                                              25

Other Religions

Bahá’í                                                                                       27

Hawaiian Spirituality                                                                              28

Native American                                                                                30

Rastafarian Movement                                                                              31

Santeria                                                                                  32

Voodoo                                                                                    32

Wicca                                                                                       33


Major American Cultures

African-American/ Black Culture                                                                                                 34

Hispanic-American Culture                                                                                                 35

Native American Culture                                                                                                 37

Native Hawaiian Culture                                                                                                 40

African Cultures

Ghanaian Culture                                                                                                 44

Kenyan Culture                                                                                                 46

South African Culture                                                                                                 48

Caribbean Cultures

Cuban Culture                                                                                                 50

Haitian Culture                                                                                                 52

Jamaican Culture                                                                                                 54

Middle Eastern/North African Cultures

Arab Culture                                                                                                 57

Egyptian Culture                                                                                                 59

Iranian Culture                                                                                                 61



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