The Jesuits and Vaccines


The Jesuits and Vaccines

No better description of the Company has ever been so simply put than that of Mr. Luigi Desanctis, who later became a Reformed pastor. When his description is applied to the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) we can easily see these three agencies as arms of the Great Jesuit Conspiracy, described by Abate Leone in his The Jesuit Conspiracy: The Secret Plan of the Order printed in 1848.

The purpose of the AMA, ADA and FDA is to destroy the American people in the name of helping them. By making the people chronically ill these agencies break any will to resist an American fascist tyranny (possibly to be led by the Jesuit-trained Knight of Malta, Patrick J. Buchanan) and the coming “New World Order” under the Jesuits’ “infallible” Pope.
The AMA, as we know it today, began in the early 1900s.

The Jesuits, through Shriner Freemasonry, the Morgans and the Rockefellers in particular, began to control the medical education of young physicians, teaching them to treat symptoms with their drugs. Later came surgery, and then radiation completing the medical “unholy trinity” of “cut, burn and poison.”

Warning us of the drug-happy doctor we read in 1912:

“ . . . for the doctor who imagines he can kill disease by his drug gatling-gun will quite as oft kill his patient. Be suspicious of the doctor who comes into the sickroom with an air of omnipotence, takes out his stethoscope as tho it was Gabriel’s Trumpet, writes a lot of Latin prescriptions and asks never a question regarding the daily habits of the patient…Beware, I say, of this class of physicians. They will sit with one hand on your pulse and the other on your pocketbook and not leave until one or the other gives out; but cure you — never! It isn’t in them. They haven’t the first conception of what a real, progressive, up-to-date physician really is able to do for his patients.” {7}

Dear truth-seeker, is this not the heart and soul of American medicine?

The massive drug companies controlled by the Knights of Malta were some of the financiers behind the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations, which in turn created and then controlled the medical inquisitors, the AMA, ADA and FDA.
Purposing to sicken White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Protestant American people, the AMA and FDA promoted mass vaccinations and immunizations.

(Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, that darling of Georgetown University and Boston College Jesuits, knowing who really murdered his brothers, recently introduced new legislation that would attempt to vaccinate all children in the American Empire, while severely limiting exemptions parents could claim. He also seeks to set up a nationwide vaccine registry to track parents who resist the injections of monkey pus, mercury and formaldehyde into their childrens’ bloodstreams.)

These slow poisons in the name of medicine contained live viruses, which would later erupt into “incurable diseases” such as “Cancer.” Dr. William Campbell Douglas tells us in his Second Opinion,

“I reported nearly 10 years ago, on the alarming finding that a monkey virus – simian virus 40 – had contaminated both the Salk and Sabin [Jesuits using Jews in the forefront] polio vaccines. It was known at the time that this virus caused brain cancer in experimental animals but, it was covered, there was no worry as it caused no problems in humans.

What the public was not told is that since SV40 is a retro virus (like AIDS), it would take 20 to 40 years before we would know what damage had been done. I noted at the time that brain tumors had increased in frequency since I was graduated from medical school. In 1950, they were rare, but by 1990 they were common — 1950 plus 40 equals 1990 (the year I made my first report on SV40 and brain tumors).

The horrifying truth came out in the February 14, 1999, London Telegraph:

‘The mass vaccination campaigns of the 50’s and 60’s may be causing hundreds of deaths a year because of a cancer-causing virus which contaminated the first polio vaccine, according to scientists. Known as SV40, the virus came from dead monkeys whose kidney cells were used to culture the first Salk Vaccines. Doctors estimate that the virus was injected into tens of millions during mass vaccination campaigns before being detected and screened out in 1963. Those born between 1941 and 1961 are thought to be most at risk of having been infected.’ . . .

‘Now a new study of the effects of SV40 points to disturbing evidence that the monkey virus causes a number of human cancers’ . . . ‘such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and prostate cancer . . . and bone cancer.’ . . . the monkey virus may be passing from those given the contaminated vaccine to their children, spreading the cancer risk still further.’ ” {8}

Additionally we read:

“Polio Vaccine: Developed in the late 1940’s from dead pig and monkey kidney pus infected with poliomyelitis, and lactalbumin hydrolysate, chemical antibiotics, and calf serum. This live-virus vaccine recently tested to harbor 149 live viruses and bacteria living in the vaccine; including the SV40 virus, also found in cancer cells. Can cause intestinal flu, autoimmune diseases, (juvenile) childhood diabetes, children’s rheumatoid arthritis, and childhood lupus.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that during 1973 to 1983, 87% of polio cases were caused by the polio vaccine injection and from 1980 to 1989 the polio vaccine shots caused 100% of all domestic polio incidences. Dr. Jonas Salk is quoted as admitting,

‘When you inoculate children with a polio vaccine you don’t sleep well for two or three weeks’ (E. McBean, The Poisoned Needle, Health Research, Mokelumne Hill, Calif., p. 144). Dr. Salk’s killed-virus vaccine proliferation resulted in polio incidence doubling nationwide, some states reporting 400-600% increases.” {9}

The Vatican, with its Sovereign Military Order of Malta, has created many viruses that have been used for the systematic annihilation of the “heretic and liberal” American people. The Knights, with their former Nazis, CIA and drug companies, created the Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) causing the present Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic. That virus is in every hepatitis B vaccine administered by the medical inquisitors, the AMA!

We read from Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, by Len Horowitz:

“Though polio vaccines are also suspected of transmitting HIV-1 and other viruses, the unique epidemiology, and concurrent outbreaks of AIDS in New York City and Central Africa, appears to coincide more closely with the administration of experimental hepatitis B vaccines than with either the Salk or Sabin vaccines.” {11}

Since the 1930s, during the tyranny of FDR, the Jesuit Conspiracy against the health of Protestant America has greatly advanced. The true cures for viral diseases were heavily suppressed. Those cures were primarily oxygen-ozone, light with color, ultra-violet blood irradiation (so ably explained by Dr. William Campbell Douglas in his Into the Light {12} and Kenneth J. Dillon’s Healing Photons: The Science and Art of Blood Irradiation Therapy {13}) and direct current frequency generators using both photons and electrons.

The Origins of Vaccines Will Shock You!

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The use of medical grade ozone, Royal Rife’s photon/frequency machine, Emmett Knott’s blood irradiator and Darius Dinshah’s light-color therapy called “Spectro-Chrome” were all violently suppressed. The use of medical grade colloidal silver was discontinued and all non-drug remedies were suppressed. And why?

Because these treatments address the true causes of chronic disease.

Of the true causes, Dr. William H. Philpott tells us:

“The oxidoreductase enzymes are necessary to produce biological life energy by oxidation phosphorylation producing ATP and oxidation remnant negative poled magnetism. The biological life energy consists of enzyme catalytic production of: (a) adenosine triphosphate (ATP), (b) oxidative remnant magnetism (a negative magnetic field). This oxidation/reduction enzymatic response is dependent upon alkalinity and molecular oxygen (alkaline-hyperoxia) . . .

This oxidoreductase family of enzymes is alkaline-hyperoxic-negative (south-seeking) magnetic field activation dependent. When these 3 physiologically normal factors are not present, then cellular ATP is made by fermentation. The 3 factors necessary for fermentation to produce ATP are: 1) acidity, 2) lack of oxygen, 3) a positive (north-seeking) static magnetic field as an enzyme energy activator. Human cells have the capacity to make ATP be either phosphorylation or fermentation . . .

ATP made by fermentation with its acid-hypoxic medium cannot maintain human biological life energy. ATP made by fermentation can maintain the life energy of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and cancer cells. The secret to reverse acute maladaptive symptom reactions, prevent and reverse microorganism infections, maintaining human biological health and providing for the reversal of degenerative diseases is to maintain a normal alkaline body pH, hyperoxia and an adequate negative (south-seeking) static magnetic field.” {14}

In these great words of wisdom lay the cures for all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and infections. Therefore by refusing all infective vaccinations and immunizations as well as amalgam fillings and root canals, by using negatively charged photons and ions to kill all anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungus and microscopic parasites (such as ultraviolet light and ozone/oxidative therapies), by keeping the body in a highly alkaline state using enzymes and alkaline minerals (as found in raw, unprocessed foods, whole food supplementation and alkaline water), by keeping a highly oxygenated state through deep breathing, exercise and oxygen therapies (such as hyperbaric oxygen and ozone steam cabinets), by keeping in negatively charged magnetic fields (such as magnetic beds, magnetic wraps, magnetic bricks and seat pads while drinking magnetized, alkaline water – all north pole – and by using laetrile and herbs). White Protestant nations would cease to be the leaders in chronic degenerative diseases!

But the licensed treatment of the AMA’s created diseases must be by means of Rome’s unholy trinitycut, burn and poison. The Church of Modern Medicine tolerates no heresy and uses the sword of government to punish those “obstinate medical heretics” who would dare to truly cure us Americans of our diseases.

And of course, the Knights of Malta control the great pharmaceutical industries such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme, as they are connected with the Order’s Central Intelligence Agency. Knight of Malta Elmer Bobst, past chairman of Warner-Lambert Company (any relation to Luce’s Time-Warner Co.?) and Knight of Malta – the Romanist and racial Jew – Louis Lehrman, whose family owns the Rite-Aid chain of drugstores, are Papal soldiers.

Indeed the Holy Scriptures are true when describing Rome, hosting Vatican City, as:

“ . . . that great city . . . that mighty city . . .
for thy merchants were the great men of the earth;
for by thy sorceries [pharmacies] were all nations deceived.”

[Thus the risen Son of God cries out to His beloved Semitic Hebrew/Jewish Race:]
“Come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins,
and that ye receive not of her plagues.”
– Revelation 18:10, 23
– Revelation 18:4

In place of proven cures, the AMA, ADA and FDA have pushed toxic, mercury-laced fillings and drugs down the throats of trusting Americans. This has resulted in the unnecessary suffering and death of millions while at this writing there are one hundred million chronically ill people in the American Empire.

Two brilliant Jews, responsible for the exposure of the American Medical and Dental Inquisitions are Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn and Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Dr. Mendelsohn, in his classic, Confessions of a Medical Heretic, likens the medical establishment to the Roman Catholic Institution, calling it “the Church of Modern Medicine.”

The doctors are priests, the birth certificate is the baptismal certificate, toxic silver nitrate applied to the eyes at birth is baptism, the nurses are inquisitors, etc. He writes:

“I do not believe in Modern Medicine. I am a medical heretic. I believe that Modern Medicine’s treatments for disease . . . are more dangerous than the diseases they are designed to treat. I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment – and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial . . . For the hospital is the Temple of the Church of Modern Medicine and thus one of the most dangerous places on earth . . . There’s plenty to be afraid of. The God that resides in the Temple of Modern Medicine is Death . . . The doctor-priest gets away with a lot because he can claim to be up against the very Forces of Evil . . . Never is he seen in his true light — as the agent of the Devil . . .

We have a Medical Inquisition. The first sign of an inquisition is the selling of indulgences . . . Medical insurance is the doctor’s version of indulgences . . . Like the communion wafer which Catholics receive on the tongue, drugs are the communion wafers of Modern Medicine. . . . Try getting from one end of life to the other without paying your dues to Modern Medicine: immunizations, fluoridated water, intravenous fluids and silver nitrate . . . When you get to the cathedrals and the little “Vaticans” of Modern Medicine, you are up against priests who have the weight of infallibility behind them. They can do no wrong, so they are most dangerous . . . ” {15}

Dr. Mendelsohn knew what he was describing. He had been a devoted medical priest and had watched the Inquisitors for years, as he was well acquainted with the Jesuits at Loyola University in Chicago while a professor in the School of Medicine at the University of Illinois. He later became a most eloquent and undefeated champion in exposing the crimes of modern medicine. His opponents in debate would not even make an appearance.

The life and message of Robert Mendelsohn was hated by the Jesuits’ Medical Inquisition controlled by the AMA, ADA and FDA through the New York Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations. Clearly this “perfidious Jew” was believable! Therefore, one day in good health at the age of sixty-three, payback time had arrived for this “obstinate heretic.” He suddenly died, a victim of “the poison cup” at the hand of another Vatican Assassin, “invisible until his stroke was felt.”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is of the same caliber as was Dr. Mendelsohn. In his fantastic book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, he connects the Vatican’s Knights of Malta to the Nazis, the drug Companies, and the AIDS/Cancer virus makers within the CIA.

“The Gehlen Org, the German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen, was even more powerful than the Merk net. The Org superseded even the Nazi SS . . . In fact, Gehlen’s organization is largely credited for giving rise to the CIA . . . to shield Gehlen and the entire German intelligence network from harm’s way. Gehlen was a ranking official in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), which maintained inconceivable financial and political influence. . . .

Somehow I wasn’t surprised to learn that financial motives . . . were at the heart of SMOM and the Nazi-American alliance . . . Soon after the war, OSS found the extensive documentation of a meeting…between representatives of the SS . . . and firms like . . . I. G. Farben [its president and Papal Knight of Malta, Herman Schmitz, being the Director of Hitler’s Deutsche Bank and a close personal friend of the Fuhrer’s ambassador to the Vatican, Knight of Malta Franz von Papen] . . .

[The] world’s masses knew nothing about the partnership, formed between John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, Germany’s I. G. Farben, and Hitler’s Third Reich. The ‘pirates of Wall Street,’ Allen and John Foster Dulles, of the [CFR’s] law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, had secretly negotiated this alliance. It was not known to allied airmen, flying bombing missions over Germany, why the I.G. Farben plants, where Hitler’s munitions were made, were exempted from attack. Likewise, when the I. G. Farben-Rockefeller Consortium used concentration camp victims as slaves to build and run their factories it never made the news [controlled by Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce].

Nor was it heralded that this same team patented and sold the gas that the Nazis used in the concentration camps to send millions to their graves. Recent headlines have asked to know where the Nazi gold went. Historians only recently recorded that the Rockefeller’s Chase Bank [manned by a high Knight of Malta, Joseph J. Larkin] was among the largest recipients . . . ” {16}

Dear truth-seeker, according to the 1993 Annual Report of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller Group, Sullivan & Cromwell and the Chase Manhattan Bank are all listed on the Corporate Member Roster of the Jesuits’ Council on Foreign Relations. Along with these are the drug giants, Dow Chemical, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, and Procter & Gamble.

Another member is the Center for Disease Control North America.{17} And guess who is one of the guiding lights overseeing the heads of these giant monopolies of murder? It is CFR member/presider and President of the Jesuit Order’s Fordham University, a Professed Jesuit of the Fourth Vow, Joseph A. O’Hare. {18}

And amidst this fraternity we find the Roman Catholic and tool of the Jesuits who developed the HIV virus and thus the AIDS epidemic, the world’s leading retrovirologist, Robert Gallo! This fiend was pardoned by the Jesuits’ Bill Clinton for scientific misconduct! Horowitz correctly concludes:

“Thus, both of this century’s worst genocides [the Jewish Holocaust and the AIDS epidemic] appear to have been determined by the same masterminds . . . ” {19}

Those masterminds, Dr. Horowitz, are the Jesuits, the monsters who, with their Knights of Malta, financed World War II, murdered millions of your Semitic Hebrew/Jewish Race, assassinated our President Kennedy and developed killer viruses. The Order, in control of the press, covered all this up and prevented the use of proven treatments that easily cure their created viral diseases. We became their victims as we were forced to go to Mexico for medical help, or herded into their “Church of Modern Medicine” to be tortured and mutilated by their medical Inquisitors.

Like the docile slaves depicted by the Jesuits’ Freemason and Fabian Socialist, H. G. Wells, in his The Time Machine, we have marched into the caves of Rome’s Medical Inquisition and have been devoured by the cannibals who cut, burn and poison us. The result has been “the final solution to the ‘heretic and liberal’ question in North America,” sentencing millions of Baptists, Protestants, Jews and “liberal” Roman Catholics to horrible, ghastly deaths initiated by the hellish, damnable, dreadful and deplorable slow poisons, deceptively called “vaccinations and immunizations,” made from the precious little bodies of aborted millions!

This mass genocide of the “heretic and liberal” American people, carried out by the Order’s American Medical Association in conjunction with its Food and Drug Administration and the CDC, has created a nation of “the walking wounded.” In the words of Abate Leone, “this secret war,” relentlessly waged against our “heretic and liberal nation” for the last one hundred years, having slowly but surely fattened, sickened, weakened, polluted, agitated, divided and disarmed us, has further enabled our unified, healthy and physically fit Russian, Moslem, Mexican, Cuban and Chinese invaders to extirpate and exterminate us from the face of the whole earth!

The Council of Trent and the Jesuit Oath continue to be fulfilled as we remember a portion of the Fourth Vow of the Professed Jesuit:

“I do further promise and declare, that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, . . . I will secretly use the poison cup . . . As I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or superior of the Brotherhood of the holy faith of the Society of Jesus.” {20}


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