Oxford PHD Katherine Horton “Intelligence Agencies Are Attacking Me With Direct Energy Weapons!”

The processes of organized gangstalking and electronic harassment now secretly being carried out worldwide against innocent civilian (“targeted individuals”) by intelligence agencies of the shadow government constitute a threat to human free will and the very existence of humankind as we know it. Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (Emeritus Professor of Geography), a researcher in this and related subjects (see his websites listed below) and a “targeted individual” himself, begins by outlining some of the processes and black technologies now being used. These range from personal harassment (stalking) wherein “targets” are tracked and harassed by community-spy networks comprised of “hired vigilante militia thugs” (aka “perpetrators”) who are recruited for this purpose- all the way up to high-tech (DOD), invisible, “slow kill/silent kill/non-lethal” electronic weapons, which include the use of “voice-to-skull” technology with which perpetrators can emplace the “voice of god” or the target’s own voice into his/her brain to drive him or her mad.

In the second hour, Dr. Karlstrom speculates as to how these programs might be related to “Secret Military Subjugation” of civilian populations, CIA mind control (MKULTRA) programs, hybrid-breeding programs, the planned fake alien invasion (“Operation Bluebeam”), and ultimately, to Satanism. Many researchers conclude that the ultimate goal of “transhumanism” is to replace God’s divine creation, humankind, with a post-human “super-man” species, comprised of a genetically-modified humans and inorganic, mechanical mechanisms. Covert gangstalking/electronic harassment are means of eliminating all domestic dissent… and free will, in general. Karlstrom emphasizes that stopping these insane and top-secret mind control/stalking/electronic harassment programs should become the most important objective of current humanity because if they continue unchecked, they could spell the elimination of our species. This must become our “Line in the sand.” NO ONE IS IMMUNE FROM THIS COVERT HARASSMENT! (not even YOU!)

6 thoughts on “Oxford PHD Katherine Horton “Intelligence Agencies Are Attacking Me With Direct Energy Weapons!”

  1. Direct targeted also comes with a device that sounds like a generator. This device is an ongoing 24/7 operation that is being used in apartment complex from State to State. The side effect of this device being used is terrible to the body. From Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, MN to Portage & Gary, Indiana, this device is being used against Civilians.


  2. Dr Ruff, Psychiatrist in a Crown Point, Indiana, Dr. Denis Citrin at the Cancer Treatment Center in Zion, IL, the FBI that attend the Kingdom Hall in Hobart, Indiana, Claudia Populous, social worker for Child Protection Services, and many others are involved with Electromagnetic Frequencies and Subliminal Static used against Civilians and how they are chosen for this INHUMANE TREATMENT. There is a device that sounds like a generator that is being used alone with a military weapon, a Laser blue beam that leaves an invasive cut in the left ear within the cells of the tissues, the inner ear. There are many others who works alone with this SECOND SECRET TEAM OF CROOKED CRIMES. From the cable contractor, landlords, maintenance men down to ex cons who are under MK ULTRA, voice to Skull that are helping these Crooks in their Programs of using Civilians. They also use Jim Crow Mental illness to COVER UP THEIR CRIMES. I HAVE PROOF OF IT ALL.


  3. The way they are using those in the neighborhood is by allow them to sell drugs, knowingly using a device that sounds like a generator. This generator is turned on 24/7. Powered up by the socket for the refrigerator and AC. The vents are used and the pipes in the wall for water. In Gary, Indiana, one of the code enforcer is a part of this team to help cover up this device that is being used off of 2050 Carolina Court and Street. Many of these guys have come out of prison, mental institutions and from Chicago Black Site in Chicago, IL. These device that sounds like a machine is being used in apt 228 upstairs apartment. Many of the Young Police Enforcers in Gary, Indiana and Firemen are protecting these guys and allowing them to run this machine within the complex.


  4. Hello I am a medical doctor Helen Tsigounis and a Targeted individual in Australia which then followed me to Europe when I tried to get away from it. I have published a book. The Red Back Web which i am giving to people in free pdf copy once i have your email. My email is:helentsigounis@gmail.com. I have been targeted over 20 years.


  5. Reblogged this on Ultimate Prosperity 02 and commented:
    I know Katherine’s story to be true because I experienced the affects of these DEW’s and have scares to substantiate my experience. If you are constantly attacked with these weapons, you can get nerve and tissue damage. This must be stopped, but I am afraid that they are just getting started. Thank you for your story and keep up the fight, research and appeals against terrorism on citizens.


  6. In Los Angeles, California this is a big problem, but very little is being done about it. A lot of people coming from the military that are now law enforcement officers, have been afforded this technology. There are handheld Directed Energy Weapons that are sold on the internet. If nothing is done about this, I’m afraid that Targeted Individuals will resort to forming groups to do these same covert surveillance black opts strategies to their attackers. This will mean more people being assaulted , and no human being should go through this. You might say that some PERPS deserve it to know how this can destroy a persons everything, but you really have to be mentally challenged to carry out doing this to another human being. This is going to lead to anarchy, so it must be stopped and those approving these programs or groups or however they categorize it , must be held accountable for their actions. Peace&Love, R.


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