Predictive Programming from 1990 and The Donald

Simply understood, all is theater and we are merely the players, The Donald, startiing race riots, building immigration walls, etc. in 1990!!!

Predictive Programming; 9/11, Greece Bailout, Robin Williams “Suicided” Sell Out 3 Years Ago


One thought on “Predictive Programming from 1990 and The Donald

  1. Predictive programming does exist within some occult circles, but what you see here is a latent psychic ability. The artist picks up on basic concepts like a wall, Trump representing the working class, Wikileaks covering the establishment plan to keep the masses poor & unemployed. Then they flesh out these glimpses of the future with their own artistic interpretation. As the saying goes, they see through a glass darkly.

    The US government remote viewing program was an attempt to standardize and exploit this phenomenon by identifying & training more reliable clairvoyants. Contrary to official reports, Project Stargate did produce useful results and its closure was likely just a cover story. There are several competing civilian spinoff projects which promote their own variations on the basic technique. Major Dames is a charlatan / wanna-be psychic who took more credit than he deserves, but the underlying science behind the project is real.


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