Free Speech in Public Schools? Ha Ha Ha

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Retro: When people cared enough to protest. There is NO anti war movement today. Trillions spent on killing millions of brown people.

Amerika and Ameri-cannots, stay and remain silent.The bread and Circus of inane banter chimes louder; “Billary or Trumped”

They’d rather celebrate dark history Halloween with sickly candy for all to kids who are the most sickly ever in modern times. While endless war, endless murder, now by drone strikes called for from Las Vegas.

Shame on me, shame on thee for not doing what must be done to stop the killing..with our tax dollars, in our name

Mario Savio and his history

  “Likewise, we’ll do something — we’ll do something which hasn’t occurred at this University in a good long time! We’re going to have real classes up there! They’re gonna be freedom schools conducted up there! We’re going to have classes on [the] 1st and 14th amendments!! We’re gonna spend our time learning about the things this University is afraid that we know! We’re going to learn about freedom up there, and we’re going to learn by doing”!!


NYU Professor Says He Was Suspended For Bashing PC Culture

The trigger warning, safe spaces and bias hotline reporting is not politically correct. It is insane,” Rictenwald said in the interview. “This stuff is producing a culture of hypervigilance, self-surveillance and panopticism … Identity politics on campus have made an infirmary of the whole, damn campus.”

Now, Rictenwald says his dissent has gotten him in trouble with administrators and his fellow faculty members.

Fired professor, James Tracy, sues his University | Memory Hole

James Tracy, a tenured professor at Florida Atlantic University, was fired because he dared to express his contrarian views and lay out his research about the Sandy Hook shooting.

rappoportTracy did so as a private citizen on his blog. He made that clear.

But the University didn’t care. They ripped away his tenure and job.

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