Iraq, DU and America’s Sad, Sad Legacy of Non-Caring

Consider this:

There is NO anti-war movement of consequence in the very nation responsible for the most violence to others in the past decades. NONE.

Over 2 million brown people have murdered under false lies of WMD…and no one in the US speaks to this.

Over 1 million brown people have been killed in the War against Terror in Afghanistan, going on for over a decade where, now, 95% of all opium sales to make heroin are now grown whereas in 2000, when the Taliban ruled, opium sales were ZERO!

Over 3 Trillion dollars has been spent of US taxpayer dollars for these murders.

….and no in the US wants to talk about it… No one seems to want to take responsibility or begin to say

I’M SORRY! to those we’ve killed and bombed out of their homes and for the legacy of death our weapons of mass destruction have left behind.

….or talk about making reparations to the millions that have been murdered by lies and ommissions for our “leaders”.  WTFU People and Speak out. Be heard if you are consciously awake.

…or talk about the DU that sold-to-die Soldiers with “Dog tags” return cancer laden as well from handling the radiated toxic killing ordinances.

New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah

TOXIC ZONES IN IRAQ: High risk areas contaminated with depleted uranium and other toxins from 30 years of war have left large areas of environmental ruin. The largest towns and cities account for 25% of the contaminated areas. Higher rates of cancer and birth defects have been reported at these sites. Contaminated agricultural lands in southern Iraq have caused a decline in the health of the poorest people living in those parts of the country.

Recently a severe drought has decreased the water flowing in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers by 70%, causing additional unprecedented environmental disaster. In October 2010, news sources in Baghdad Province reported 1 billion cubic tons of garbage had been dumped into the Tigris River and was increasing every day. [Sources: Chulov, M., “Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds”, Guardian, January 22, 2010. Kamal, F. “One million cubic tons of garbage dumped in Tigris River”, AZZAMAN.COM, Oct. 28, 2010]

And so there was evidently some other cause in order to answer to the fact that the levels of cancer were higher than had been reported following Hiroshima. So we’re talking about some sort of agent which causes massive genetic damage in a population. And of course everyone said ‘well it must be depleted uranium.’ But of course this was an epidemiological study so we didn’t we couldn’t say anything about depleted uranium or what it was.



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