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Torture R US? Does Anyone Care?

Remember 8 years ago, when the 2nd round of atrocious abuse and degradation of human life was set to go on display about US torture practices in secret rendition centers yet Obama blocked the released of damning indictments against how the US treats prisoners?

Remember Obama, set to close Gitmo, as his main platform? NOTHING HAS HAPPENED 8 years on and these innocent people are being tortured daily with your and my tax dollars? Are you okay with that?

Amerika is the most ingorant country in the world, where we kill more people than anyone else, we incarcerate more than anyone else, we are #38th in quality of healthcare, yet mandatory coverage for all, we have the most obese people and are in $20 Trillion in current debt and hundred trillion in obligated debt.

WE are allowing forced vaccinations on all, police abuse and “citizen asset forfeiture” laws that make stealing by cops of citizens a business practice.

WE invade countries, we install puppet dictators around the world, spending trillions, yet there is no viable anti-war movement in this country…or trilateral (city of london, Vatican, wash D.C. corporation holding company).

We invade Afghanistan, and now control all the opium trade, which is now infiltrated throughout many cities and towns in the US, yet the war on drugs, some hundred billion spent so far, only enriches the drug dealers and corrupt officials.

The black market drugs is used to fuel the Geoengineering of our skies, where they are spraying us like bugs daily with aluminum, Smart Dust, nanoparticulate matter, barium, lithium, formaldehyde, etc. and no one cares, we just go on our day like its all going to be okay.

There is such a thing as karma. What we do to others, when we stay silent while others are tortured under the US flag, with our tax dollars, we are all responsible and their will be return Karma for our collective silence.

This is Cosmic Law.

Know this.


US Media Ignores CIA Cover-up on Torture. How the CIA Tried to Block the U.S. Senate’s Torture Investigation


A group of U.S. intelligence veterans chastises the mainstream U.S. media for virtually ignoring a British newspaper’s account of the gripping inside story on how the CIA tried to block the U.S. Senate’s torture investigation.


MEMORANDUM FOR: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: U.S. Media Mum On How Your Committee Faced Down Both CIA and Obama

We write to thank you for your unwavering support for your extraordinarily courageous and tenacious staff in (1) investigating CIA torture under the Bush/Cheney administration and (2) resisting CIA/White House attempts under the Obama administration to cover up heinous torture crimes like waterboarding.

The CIA seal in the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The CIA seal in the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

We confess to having been shocked at the torture detailed in the version of the executive summary your Committee released on December 9, 2014.  We found ourselves wondering what additional behavior could have been deemed so repugnant that the White House and CIA insisted it be redacted; and if the entire 6,700-page investigation – with whatever redaction might be truly necessary – would ever see the light of day. We think you could take steps now to make it less likely that the full report be deep-sixed, and we will make some suggestions below toward that end.

With well over 400 years of intelligence experience under our collective belt, we wondered how you managed to get the investigation finished and the executive summary up and out (though redacted). We now know the backstory – thanks to the unstinting courage of the committee’s principal investigator Daniel Jones, who has been interviewed by Spencer Ackerman, an investigative reporter for The (UK) Guardian newspaper. The titanic struggle depicted by Ackerman reads like a crime novel; sadly, the four-part series is nonfiction:

I. “Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA’s ‘failed coverup’ of torture report

II. “Inside the fight to reveal the CIA’s torture secrets

III. ” ‘A constitutional crisis’: the CIA turns on the Senate

IV. “No looking back:  the CIA torture report’s aftermath

The U.S. War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%


Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality

Free Internet Porn for all

Children with access to internet as early as age 5.

Does anyone see a problem here? Do you remember when Al Gore’s wife, Tipper, went after evil lyrics on a song after the Columbine H.S.  shooting in Colorado? Now free porn for all.

Now we have Bruce Jenner, greatest decathalon champ going girl, Transsgender bathrooms in publick schools (pecker checker for hire?

Free Porn For All; The Amorality Agenda to Mess Up our Children

Pornography and the Deliberate Manipulation of Human Sexuality

Hilary Dying/Dead?? Obama not to Abdicate?!?

hillary 66814-reaganwsherman hweinerholder2016


Been calling this one for awhile…

Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy
In Secret Med Facility


Note – We received this from an unverified source.  That said, it closely mirrors the general conclusions Dr. James Fetzer and I arrived at Thursday, 9-14-16.  Given all the observable data, we believe Hillary Clinton is either deceased or is likely and logically in a secret medical facility located in the rear half of Chelsea’s condominium on the fourth floor she owns in a New York residential building.  Hillary was most likely taken straight there, right past Bellevue Hospital, after her full body seizure and total collapse at the 9/11 memorial last Sunday.  Meanwhile, the NWO will continue to push Hillary’s body double as if Hillary had made an astonishing recovery, lost 20-30 pounds, looks far younger and has suddenly never been more eloquent and articulate giving a campaign speech (in North Carolina). We also note the absence of her long-time top aide, Huma Abedin – Jeff Rense

Again, this is an unverified report…

—————————— —————————- — —————
Mental status rapidly declined over past 24 hours. Arousable by loud voice commands, but immediately lapses into stupor without further response.

MAP failed to improve with further increase in norepinephrine.
CPP < 50 despite increase of ventilatory rate in an effort to decrease ICP.
Cererbal perfusion disturbances were observed on repeated TCDs.
Diffusion-weighted imaging – cytotoxic and vasogenic edema as well as neuronal damage
EEG – not utilized due to continued benzodiazepine infusion
Global Irreversible Brain Damage caused by Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy.

—————————— —————————— —————
Hillary Clinton talks to CNN’s Andersoon Cooper via phone politics/hillary-clinton- health-transparency/index.html

Audio is the spoken voice of Hillary Rodham Clinton. However the quick chat with Anderson Cooper was scripted and rehearsed which is why it sounds canned.

Remember, “This is CNN.”

Hillary Clinton is in a high-security, secluded and private, intensive care unit with 4:1 nursing 24/7. She also has a team of physicians representing practically every medical specialty. There are no other patients anywhere near her secure care setting.

She is dying of Sepsis. She is on broad-spectrum “big-gun” antibiotics to treat the pneumonia. However she is still severely immunocompromised and the antibiotics are not anticipated to be curative. The pneumonia has continued to worsen and cause further damage to her lungs.

She has been trach’d and PEG’d. She is on ventilator support with high FiO2 at low tidal volume. She is receiving nutritional feeds through her PEG tube. She was able to speak and spoke over the phone with Mr. Cooper with the aid of a Passy-Muir valve.

Aggressive fluid resuscitation in combination with vasopressor support were successful in making her hemodynamically stable for the time being. She is conscious and partially oriented. However, vasopressor support is now maxed out and fluid resuscitation is already leading to third-spacing. APACHE scores indicate extremely high mortality.

Efforts to keep her oxygenated with mechanical ventilation is causing further damage

to her lungs. ECMO is not an option. Her acute lung injury is expected to progress to ARDS, to multisystem organ failure, and then to clinical death.

Palliative measures have been recommended but have not been accepted. Advance healthcare directive stands. Designated agent for medical decisions (Chelsea?) refuses DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) status. Agent demands full code and complete and total heroic measures.

She will never be allowed to be seen in the public eye again, even on television. Expect a closed casket ceremony due to the third-spacing.

– See more at:

Why did Donald Trump mysteriously change his position on Obama’s foreign birth place? Did he also change his mind on the birth certificate?

Amerika 9/15/16

bar-pissWhat game is on?


The U.S. War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%

Rule 41’ change allows FBI ‘mass surveillance’ if Congress does nothing (VIDEO)

The deadline is December 1. If Congress fails to act, the FBI gains the power to hack and surveil an unlimited number of computers, based on just one warrant from any federal judge. “Rule 41” marks a new line drawn in the cybersecurity-privacy battle. The US court system has a process through which the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure are amended, and because these decisions are not made by elected officials, they are not supposed to deal with changes in the law or enacting policy.

Milplex: Big US Military Aid Package to Israel has Strings Attached

After months of negotiating, the United States and Israel have signed a huge, $38 billion deal for military aid to the Jewish state — with some changes from previous pacts between the countries. The 10-year agreement is the largest in U.S. history, with a significant portion of the money expected to be used to upgrade Israel’s air force to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter aircraft.

DARPA announces Aerial Dragnet urban drone monitoring program

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced this week it is seeking proposals for its Aerial Dragnet program, a new initiative that seeks to monitor drones flying below 1,000 feet in large cities. The program seeks to map small drones in urban terrain using innovative technologies that would provide persistent, wide-area surveillance, the agency said in a statement.

Bill Gates Doubles His Bet on Wiping Out Mosquitoes with Gene Editing

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to double the sum it is spending to create a mosquito-killing technology that relies on CRISPR gene editing. The technique, called a gene drive, is a way to spread traits through wild populations of animals, but its ability to alter nature is drawing opposition from some environmental groups.

I can’t even come up with a title for this post…..

The Heroin Task Force formed by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and King County Executive Dow Constantine has endorsed the creation of safe-consumption sites for addicts, which would be a first in the U.S.

A majority of the task-force members support a place or places for addicts to use heroin and other drugs besides public restrooms, alleys or homeless encampments such as The Jungle, said Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, task force co-chair. The idea is that users could visit a supervised facility where they could get clean needles and anti-overdose medications as well as medical attention as needed and treatment opportunities.

U.S. Among Most Depressed Countries in the World

September 15th, 2016

Via: U.S. News and World Report:

The U.S. is one of the most depressed countries in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

In terms of quality years of life lost due to disability or death – a widely adopted public health metric that measures the overall burden of disease – the U.S. ranked third for unipolar depressive disorders, just after India and China.


Wells Fargo Exec Who Oversaw Fake Customer Accounts Scam Gets $125 Million Golden Parachute

Wouldn’t it be nice to be axed from your job because you helped your employer get smacked with a massive $185 million fine — and still walk away with a payday of $125 million?Fortune reports that Carrie Tolstedt, the executive in charge of the Wells Fargo unit that opened more than 2 million phony customer accounts, leaves the bank with a $125 million golden parachute.

Tolstedt left the bank back in July, and the bank’s official announcement of her departure made no mention of an impending settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The CFPB last week fined Wells Fargo $185 million after its employees opened up more than 2 million deposit and credit card accounts without consumers’ permission. The employees did this because it helped them meet their sales targets and receive bigger bonuses, the CFPB found.

Pittsburgh: Fears of Uber’s Human Drivers Become a Reality

hillary 66814-reagan

wsherman hweinerholder2016

Mandatory Vaccines For All Coming Very Soon

~ Less than 2% of the US population of children are unvaccinated,. yet all gov’t agencies are hell bent on making sure all get the toxic vaccines. Why? is there more to this than just vaccines? Yes. If you do not know what they are putting in the vaccines you cannot understand the why, how and need for Big Brother to get all shot up with aborted female stem cells, chicken embryo’s, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc…There are over 300 NEW GMO vaccines in the pipeline and once all are innoculated the dark aspects of why all must be shot up will be known. (think mass mind control). 

Falling Off the Cliff of Health Freedom into the Pit of Mandatory Vaccination

The CDC published an 88 page set of proposed regulations on August 15, 2016, which would give them the power to apprehend, detain, and quarantine anyone they think might have a communicable disease and to force them to be vaccinated. [1]

These proposed rules would dramatically expand their authority, even though they claim the proposed regulations are mostly about providing updated language to describe their existing powers. These new regulations would give the CDC, and those who must comply with these regulations, the right to invade our privacy whenever they wish. They would have the right to involuntarily apprehend and confine anyone they believe might have a communicable disease. They would have the right to force people to accept vaccinations even when individuals object.

With the new powers granted by the proposed regulations, it won’t be long until “public health” nurses armed with vaccine loaded syringes, and “Homeland Security” officers armed with guns and tasers, go door to door to force vaccinate the United States population for a list of preapproved communicable diseases.

Let’s look at how the CDC is already intruding into the homes of Americans and consider the steps you can take to help protect yourself from receiving forced “medical care” based on what Big Pharma and the United States government wants you to receive. Please take this call for action seriously — total healthcare dictatorship in the United States may only be a couple of months away.

Dictators Always Use Fear to Expand Their Power


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie forced a nurse returning from Africa where she was treating Ebola patients to be quarantined like a prisoner for 21 days back in 2014, even though she had no symptoms and posed no danger to the public according to medical experts. She lived in a tent with no running water. Story here.

The mainstream media propaganda agents began calling the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami “ground zero” for the spread of Zika in the United States. [2] Apparently, they want us to build a connection between Zika and the feelings of shock and terror that Americans felt when we helplessly watched terrorists fly commercial aircraft into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001.

They want us to experience fear, dread, and horror whenever we hear the word “Zika,” and to emotionally react to Zika as if it was a terrorist threat that only the strength of our government can stop.

One of my previous articles described how fear has been used to develop the Zika public mind control program that has been unfolding since the spring of 2015. This current article will expose even deeper levels of deception and describe how the August events of the Zika mind control campaign are about to place the entire United States under a federal healthcare dictatorship.

Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control

Door to Door Urine Collection is an Invasion of Privacy

When the governor of Florida called in federal agents from the CDC’s Emergency Response Team [3] to go door to door in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami to find people with Zika, he set in motion a new standard of government invasion into our health privacy.

Most people would not know how to respond when someone comes to their door and says, “I am from the public health service. We are collecting urine samples to find out if you have Zika.” What would you do when they hand you a urine collection container and tell you that you are to, “Put your sample in here.”

Would you passively follow their instructions or would you object because you consider this to be an invasion of your Constitutional rights and privacy? Would you think of it as an unlawful search of your body and an unlawful seizure of personal and private information about your health status? Or would you just do as requested?

Apparently most people in Wynwood did what they were asked to do. They peed into the cup, and then gave their name, address, and other personal identifying information to the agent at the door.

What did the Government do with the Urine Samples?

When we give a specimen of urine, blood, or any other kind of tissue to the government, we really don’t know what they will do with it. We shouldn’t assume they will do the prescribed test and then immediately destroy the sample.

What happened to the urine samples after they were tested for Zika? Were they discarded? Were they saved for additional testing? If they were saved, then what other tests were performed? Did they do genetic testing? Did they test for the presence of illegal substances?

Lab technicians could gather DNA from a urine sample and produce a complete genetic profile for the person who gave the sample. Based on this genetic information, government agents could develop a health profile for each person.

They might look at your genetic information and make an assessment of the illnesses that you might develop. They might use this information to determine whether your genetic profile will predispose you to become a high cost burden on society when you become older. They might put you on a list of people with genetic abnormalities, which will be used when healthcare rationing begins. They could give your contact information to Big Pharma for participation in experimental medical procedures if you have unusual conditions that would be of interest for drug development. They also might even put your name on a list of people who should be euthanized when the healthcare system financially fails.

In addition, urine samples could be used to determine whether you have been using illegal drugs, or whether you have been using dietary supplements that are unavailable or illegal in the U.S.

It seems to me that the use of a specimen that was given exclusively for Zika screening should never be used for any other purpose. Any form of testing that went beyond Zika identification, would be an unlawful search of a person’s body. This type of search would be a level deeper than a strip search, which includes exploration of hidden body orifices.

The Search for Zika in Wynwood was not about Containing the Disease

Zika mosquito vector. Zika virus alert. Zika virus concept. Zika virus mosquito bite. Mosquito logo. Aedes Aegypti isolated on white background.

The Zika situation in Florida is not an epidemic. It is not a crisis. It is not an out of control situation.

Based on the lack of a true emergency and the lack of any potential endangerment to unborn babies – (Zika does not cause microcephaly) — there was no health related reason for public health workers to go door to door to find cases of Zika.

The door to door urine collection wasn’t really about Zika; it was a trial run to test the power and authority of the government to see how people would react to an invasive call to give specimens. In the future such door to door campaigns may include nurses wielding syringes of vaccines.

If people are willing to freely give their urine, then they may be just as willing to roll up their sleeve and give their arm to Big Pharma and its government representatives for the injection of vaccines.

Many people may avoid vaccinations because they have a vague sense that they are not a good idea, but when confronted by a nurse and an armed officer standing at their door, how will they react? Will they have the strength and confidence to say, “You have no right to come into my home, and you have no right to force me to be vaccinated?” Or will they be intimidated, and passively submit and obey the government regardless of their beliefs?

These are tough questions, which should cause all of us to pause and consider them before public health agents knock on our doors – and as will be explained later in this article — they may be knocking soon unless we object to the newly proposed CDC regulations.

(Editor’s note: door to door vaccinations have already occurred in the U.S. In the video below, the Natomas California school district tried to go door to door one year and find independent study school children – homeschoolers – who had not received the whooping cough vaccine. It is now widely known that the whooping cough outbreaks in California in recent years were primarily among vaccinated children, because the vaccine is ineffective and wears off quickly. Watch how one homeschool mother, at first very courteous, reacted when they told her they were there to vaccinate her child. )

The Bozo Circus Presidential Selections. Sick and Sicko


Trump Would Spend Hundreds of Billions More on Military

September 11th, 2016

Via: Reuters:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s U.S. military buildup plan would cost hundreds of billions of dollars – but with no apparent strategy, defense experts from across the political spectrum said on Thursday.

“I haven’t seen any kind of strategy,” said William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy. “He (Trump) says nobody is going to challenge us because we will be so strong. But that’s not a strategy. It’s just a kind of wish-fulfillment.”

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, a top Trump backer who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said the proposal was based on recommendations from groups such as the National Defense Panel and served as a statement of Trump’s commitment to build the military.

“I believe this lays out a framework for rebuilding the military, and it represents a commitment by Donald Trump to make this a priority,” Sessions said in an interview. “If you don’t have presidential leadership really defending the need for a robust national defense, you’re not going to maintain the defense budget.”

Trump’s proposal, unveiled in a speech on Wednesday, did not spell out how he would accommodate the additional manpower and hardware as the United States shutters military bases, or where and for what purposes the larger forces would be employed. There were no cost estimates and Trump proposed revenue-raising steps that budget experts called insufficient.




Hillary Clinton Collapses, Carried Away from 9/11 Ceremony

September 11th, 2016

More like dragged. Watch her feet. Wow. That was a bad one.


Phyllis Schlafly, Dame of Malta.On 10 September 2016, Donald Trump attended the funeral of one of his top allies Phyllis Schlafly.Phyllis Schlafly strongly endorsed Donald Trump‘s candidacy for president.[45]

Phyllis Schlafly was born Phyllis McAlpin Stewart.

In 1946, Schlafly became a researcher for the American Enterprise Institute.

The funeral of Phyllis Schlafly, a Dame of Malta.

Schlafly was opposed to gay rights.

In 1992, Schlafly’s son, John, was outed as homosexual.[13]

Schlafly acknowledged that John is gay.[13][63]

Trump at Schlafly’s funeral

Schlafly was the chief opponent of the Equal Rights (for women) Amendment.

Yet, Trump praised Schlafly as ‘a champion for women.’



Wells Fargo Exec Who Oversaw Fake Customer Accounts Scam Gets $125 Million Golden Parachute

Wells Fargo Exec Who Oversaw Fake Customer Accounts Scam Gets $125 Million Golden Parachute

: Raw Story:

Wouldn’t it be nice to be axed from your job because you helped your employer get smacked with a massive $185 million fine — and still walk away with a payday of $125 million?

Fortune reports that Carrie Tolstedt, the executive in charge of the Wells Fargo unit that opened more than 2 million phony customer accounts, leaves the bank with a $125 million golden parachute.

Tolstedt left the bank back in July, and the bank’s official announcement of her departure made no mention of an impending settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The CFPB last week fined Wells Fargo $185 million after its employees opened up more than 2 million deposit and credit card accounts without consumers’ permission. The employees did this because it helped them meet their sales targets and receive bigger bonuses, the CFPB found.

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

September 12th, 2016

Via: New York Times:

The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to downplay the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show.

The internal sugar industry documents, recently discovered by a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, and published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggest that five decades of research into the role of nutrition and heart disease — including many of today’s dietary recommendations — may have been largely shaped by the sugar industry.

“They were able to derail the discussion about sugar for decades,” said Stanton Glantz, a professor of medicine at U.C.S.F. and an author of the new JAMA paper.

The documents show that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, known today as the Sugar Association, paid three Harvard scientists the equivalent of about $50,000 in today’s dollars to publish a 1967 review of sugar, fat and heart research. The studies used in the review were handpicked by the sugar group, and the article, which was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, minimized the link between sugar and heart health and cast aspersions on the role of saturated fat.

The Harvard scientists and the sugar executives with whom they collaborated are no longer alive. One of the scientists who was paid by the sugar industry was D. Mark Hegsted, who went on to become the head of nutrition at the United States Department of Agriculture, where in 1977 he helped draft the forerunner to the federal government’s dietary guidelines. Another scientist was Fredrick J. Stare, the chairman of Harvard’s nutrition department.

In a statement responding to the JAMA report, the Sugar Association said that the 1967 review was published at a time when medical journals didn’t typically require researchers to disclose funding sources or potential financial conflicts of interest. The New England Journal of Medicine did not begin to require financial disclosures until 1984.

Revisionist History # 11; Rethink 9/11 ’cause it’s right on the money!

So, you’re starting to rethink 9/11 and the official story. Great!

Now for absolute proof, that anyone should do themselves with a couple folds, here is absolute positive proof that 9.11 was a long term, preplanned,  Inside Job.

It is RIGHT ON THE MONEY, folks, all dressed up like little airplanes!!!  How cute:)(:

Please watch the excellent you tube showing that some of this american currency was put into circulation in 1996 five years before the towers fell  as well as how Washington Square was ‘remodeled’ against great protest so the arch would frame the towers so perfectly and are reflected in the arch surrounding the u.s. currency
Also note that the two companies planes that hit the towers were American and United Airlines…again right on the fold and right on the money.


View from Washington Square Monument of the Twin Towers also framed on the new $ 5, $ 10, $20 and two $50 bills.


9/11: A Conspiracy Theory; Must View

Everything you need to ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.


9/11 And Flight 175

After extensive investigation and research, many of us soon began to realize that our government, along with some other countries and alphabet soup agencies, may have been not been telling us the truth about this horrific event.

In addition, we soon came to the conclusion that these entities, mentioned above, were ultimately responsible for this terrible and shocking tragedy which would be just another example of a false flag operation. The video below is more evidence of the questionable story doled out by the controlled corporate media and government in regards to the 9/11 “terror” attacks.

Flight 175 is the point of focus and therefore, you must really see this video in order to believe it


Further evidence is the employment of crisis actors, the same ones that were eye witness’ on 9/11 were also first person eyewitness’ at the Boston Bombing…..what a coincidence!


“Fear paints pictures of ghosts and hangs them in the gallery of ignorance.”

On this, the 12 year anniversary of the greatest attack on the United States, the evidence is overwhelming that the official story makes no sense on its own merit.

After Pearl Harbor there were no less than 7 official commissions to understand what happen, who was responsible and what actions were needed to prevent another attack.

After 9/11/01, the Bush Administration initially refused to begin an investigation until widows from New Jersey shamed them into an investigation. Then, and only then, the Bush Administration allocated only $3 million dollars and put a short time limit for a conclusion. In comparison over $100 million was spent on the Clinton ‘Depends on what ‘is’ Is’ grand jury trial.  (for an excellent movie watch “911 Press for Truth”).

Up until this evening, September 10th, 2013, no main stream news would even ‘go there’ to suggest that 9/11 could of been an inside job….until the Ms. Abby Martin on Russian TV (Russia is getting to be quite the hero these days!) interviews Kevin Ryan and calls out the powers that be and the incredible lies and inconsistencies in the official story.  Huge cajones and kudos to Abby Martin for speaking truth to power.
The official story and the only story that most people know is that 19 men of  Arab descent (15 from Saudi Arabia) overwhelmed the greatest military/defense system the world has ever known by a factor of beyond huge and completely, without any opposition was able to hijack 4 commercial jet planes with nothing more than simple box cutters and used the planes as weapons to implant themselves in towers and the Penatagon.

Incredibly cell phones were used (though cell phones on planes still cannot be used on planes today) to call loved ones and report on the in air struggle, while our military F-16’s were unable to go after the hijacked airliners for over an hour because, on this exact day, there were 46 live drills simulating air attacks were being conducted on three different areas on the Eastern Seaboard.

Furthermore, the military F-18’s that were finally scrambled, were erroneously sent out to sea rather than to defend the Pentagon, only 12 miles from the AFB in Wash. D.C.

Twin towers One and Two collapsed neatly on their own footprints at free fall speed (10 seconds) even though both structures had extensive additional super structure built in the center to house the internal elevator systems. The chief architect just happened to be in the WTC 1 at the time and died. ( A baseball dropped from the top would of hit the ground at the same time as the towers that  ‘collapsed’.)

Andrea Mitchel of ABC news, wife of Alan Greenspan, former Fed Chairman, was the first to report less than two hours after the first attack that it was most likely an attack by one Osama Bin Laden.   Months later, Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice, told Congress that President Bush had received a President Briefing memo titled, ‘Bin Laden Determined to Attack the U.S.’ a full month before the attacks, yet no precautions were taken by the President.  Continue reading Revisionist History # 11; Rethink 9/11 ’cause it’s right on the money!

CDC Given Dictatorial Powers To Vaccinate Anyone At Anytime

Zika, Mandatory Vaccinations, REAL ID to fly….all coming down this Fall/Winter 2016/17.  Soon you will not fly, go to a bank or even a sporting event unless your REALID says you’ve obeyed those that have control over your life, unless you get shot up with harmful vaccines.  NO opt outs. No choice. Just take it!


CDC Given Dictatorial Powers To Vaccinate Anyone At Anytime

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention literally has overstepped its authority in proposing to grant itself powers that obviously negate any rights U.S. citizens thought they had by issuing the Proposed Rule “Control of Communicable Diseases” on August 15, 2016 wherein CDC will self-invest itself with the power to apprehend healthy people en masse and detain them indefinitely with NO process of appeal!

That mammoth proposed rule is published in the Federal Register [Federal Register Number: 2016-18103] online at this website. Before you read it, I suggest taking a very stiff shot of vodka or scotch, because you won’t believe what you read that is being proposed for what is supposed to be a non-communist country and its people, the USA!

But, the CDC wants to hear your comments about the proposed rule, as if it really cares. Citizens should file your comments at this website before October 14, 2016! Officially, it’s Comment No. CDC-2016-0068-0001.

This proposed CDC rule, in my opinion, is an “end run” or a “Hail Mary pass” around what’s become a nightmare situation in the USA regarding Big Pharma’s ‘sacred cows’—vaccines and vaccinations—which many more healthcare consumers are waking up to being what they actually are: neurotoxic injections damaging children, adults and pets!

In essence, the CDC is creating a police healthcare state, something that was tried in the 1980s when Representative Claude Pepper introduced three infamous bills that got me involved in organizing the country to defeat them, which we did, only now to be facing another round of excessive medical and federal agency over-reach, in my opinion.

What the CDC proposes defies the U.S. Constitution and states Constitutional rights with absolutely NO appeal process. Where is the U.S. Congress, who has oversight of the CDC? However, what should we expect from a do-nothing Congress? Why doesn’t Congress investigate the CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD epidemiologist, confession of fraud, deceit and collusion he participated in? Good question?

If this oppressive totalitarian-like proposed rule giving CDC police powers becomes law, kiss your kids goodbye; kiss what you thought you had in life goodbye—your body, which will not belong to you any longer but to the USA via CDC ‘edict’; and expect to be interred in U.S. FEMA camps—something the shadow government and others apparently have been planning for some time.

Just the other day I got notice of FEMA putting out a purchase order request for five million bottles of liter and half-liter size bottle water! What are they ‘expecting’?

 ‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

 ‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes

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Anti-Zika Toxin Decimates Bees

September 5th, 2016

Huddled around their hives, beekeepers around the south-eastern US fear a new threat to their livelihood: a fine mist beaded with neurotoxin, sprayed from the sky by officials at war with mosquitos that carry the Zika virus.

Earlier this week, South Carolina beekeepers found millions of dead honey bees carpeting their apiaries, killed by an insecticide. Video posted by a beekeeper to Facebook showed thousands of dead insects heaped around hives, while a few survivors struggled to move the bodies of fellow bees.

“This is what’s left of Flowertown Bees,” a despondent keeper says in the video. Company co-owner Juanita Stanley told the Associated Press her farm looked “like it’s been nuked” and estimated 2.5 million bees were killed.

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Welcome to Amerika,

Amerika home of the sheeple and obedient. No one protests, There are no anti-war movements, we pay our slavery in taxes, we have the highest crime rates, highest imprisonment, greatest debt per capita, outsource all our labor, bring in the best and brightest from India, China, etc. to train at our schools and not one person can tell me when the US Federal gov’t was created?

The Fed gov’t that holds the President, Congress and highest law makers. And no one even knows when the USA corporation was formed that rules us all. Rules as in having a Ruler.

We are told that ignorance of law is no excuse, yet there are over 16 million laws, codes, statutes, violations, infractions, regulations, etc…..yet we are never taught a single law in school or anywhere else. So how are we to know the laws? 

This is why everyone is allowed to drive 10 mph over the speed limit, so we all break the laws everyday, that no one even knows, so we are all guilty in this “Law and Order” debt subservience to the overlords who rule and control all. When you use force to make someone do work for you, this is called slavery.

When you are threatened with force to pay taxes for your work and labor to a government you cannot touch, speak to or see, except on TV or in miles away “protest zones”, this is called normal but in actuality paying taxes is also slavery as everyone “volunteers”, or go to jail, to pay their “fair share” so the wealthy can create more war against those that did nothing to us and run up massive debt loads our children will be in debt servitude to.