Torture R US? Does Anyone Care?

Remember 8 years ago, when the 2nd round of atrocious abuse and degradation of human life was set to go on display about US torture practices in secret rendition centers yet Obama blocked the released of damning indictments against how the US treats prisoners?

Remember Obama, set to close Gitmo, as his main platform? NOTHING HAS HAPPENED 8 years on and these innocent people are being tortured daily with your and my tax dollars? Are you okay with that?

Amerika is the most ingorant country in the world, where we kill more people than anyone else, we incarcerate more than anyone else, we are #38th in quality of healthcare, yet mandatory coverage for all, we have the most obese people and are in $20 Trillion in current debt and hundred trillion in obligated debt.

WE are allowing forced vaccinations on all, police abuse and “citizen asset forfeiture” laws that make stealing by cops of citizens a business practice.

WE invade countries, we install puppet dictators around the world, spending trillions, yet there is no viable anti-war movement in this country…or trilateral (city of london, Vatican, wash D.C. corporation holding company).

We invade Afghanistan, and now control all the opium trade, which is now infiltrated throughout many cities and towns in the US, yet the war on drugs, some hundred billion spent so far, only enriches the drug dealers and corrupt officials.

The black market drugs is used to fuel the Geoengineering of our skies, where they are spraying us like bugs daily with aluminum, Smart Dust, nanoparticulate matter, barium, lithium, formaldehyde, etc. and no one cares, we just go on our day like its all going to be okay.

There is such a thing as karma. What we do to others, when we stay silent while others are tortured under the US flag, with our tax dollars, we are all responsible and their will be return Karma for our collective silence.

This is Cosmic Law.

Know this.


US Media Ignores CIA Cover-up on Torture. How the CIA Tried to Block the U.S. Senate’s Torture Investigation


A group of U.S. intelligence veterans chastises the mainstream U.S. media for virtually ignoring a British newspaper’s account of the gripping inside story on how the CIA tried to block the U.S. Senate’s torture investigation.


MEMORANDUM FOR: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Vice Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: U.S. Media Mum On How Your Committee Faced Down Both CIA and Obama

We write to thank you for your unwavering support for your extraordinarily courageous and tenacious staff in (1) investigating CIA torture under the Bush/Cheney administration and (2) resisting CIA/White House attempts under the Obama administration to cover up heinous torture crimes like waterboarding.

The CIA seal in the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

The CIA seal in the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

We confess to having been shocked at the torture detailed in the version of the executive summary your Committee released on December 9, 2014.  We found ourselves wondering what additional behavior could have been deemed so repugnant that the White House and CIA insisted it be redacted; and if the entire 6,700-page investigation – with whatever redaction might be truly necessary – would ever see the light of day. We think you could take steps now to make it less likely that the full report be deep-sixed, and we will make some suggestions below toward that end.

With well over 400 years of intelligence experience under our collective belt, we wondered how you managed to get the investigation finished and the executive summary up and out (though redacted). We now know the backstory – thanks to the unstinting courage of the committee’s principal investigator Daniel Jones, who has been interviewed by Spencer Ackerman, an investigative reporter for The (UK) Guardian newspaper. The titanic struggle depicted by Ackerman reads like a crime novel; sadly, the four-part series is nonfiction:

I. “Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA’s ‘failed coverup’ of torture report

II. “Inside the fight to reveal the CIA’s torture secrets

III. ” ‘A constitutional crisis’: the CIA turns on the Senate

IV. “No looking back:  the CIA torture report’s aftermath

The U.S. War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%


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