Mandatory Vaccines For All Coming Very Soon

~ Less than 2% of the US population of children are unvaccinated,. yet all gov’t agencies are hell bent on making sure all get the toxic vaccines. Why? is there more to this than just vaccines? Yes. If you do not know what they are putting in the vaccines you cannot understand the why, how and need for Big Brother to get all shot up with aborted female stem cells, chicken embryo’s, formaldehyde, aluminum, etc…There are over 300 NEW GMO vaccines in the pipeline and once all are innoculated the dark aspects of why all must be shot up will be known. (think mass mind control). 

Falling Off the Cliff of Health Freedom into the Pit of Mandatory Vaccination

The CDC published an 88 page set of proposed regulations on August 15, 2016, which would give them the power to apprehend, detain, and quarantine anyone they think might have a communicable disease and to force them to be vaccinated. [1]

These proposed rules would dramatically expand their authority, even though they claim the proposed regulations are mostly about providing updated language to describe their existing powers. These new regulations would give the CDC, and those who must comply with these regulations, the right to invade our privacy whenever they wish. They would have the right to involuntarily apprehend and confine anyone they believe might have a communicable disease. They would have the right to force people to accept vaccinations even when individuals object.

With the new powers granted by the proposed regulations, it won’t be long until “public health” nurses armed with vaccine loaded syringes, and “Homeland Security” officers armed with guns and tasers, go door to door to force vaccinate the United States population for a list of preapproved communicable diseases.

Let’s look at how the CDC is already intruding into the homes of Americans and consider the steps you can take to help protect yourself from receiving forced “medical care” based on what Big Pharma and the United States government wants you to receive. Please take this call for action seriously — total healthcare dictatorship in the United States may only be a couple of months away.

Dictators Always Use Fear to Expand Their Power


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie forced a nurse returning from Africa where she was treating Ebola patients to be quarantined like a prisoner for 21 days back in 2014, even though she had no symptoms and posed no danger to the public according to medical experts. She lived in a tent with no running water. Story here.

The mainstream media propaganda agents began calling the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami “ground zero” for the spread of Zika in the United States. [2] Apparently, they want us to build a connection between Zika and the feelings of shock and terror that Americans felt when we helplessly watched terrorists fly commercial aircraft into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001.

They want us to experience fear, dread, and horror whenever we hear the word “Zika,” and to emotionally react to Zika as if it was a terrorist threat that only the strength of our government can stop.

One of my previous articles described how fear has been used to develop the Zika public mind control program that has been unfolding since the spring of 2015. This current article will expose even deeper levels of deception and describe how the August events of the Zika mind control campaign are about to place the entire United States under a federal healthcare dictatorship.

Zika: A Masterpiece of Public Mind Control

Door to Door Urine Collection is an Invasion of Privacy

When the governor of Florida called in federal agents from the CDC’s Emergency Response Team [3] to go door to door in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami to find people with Zika, he set in motion a new standard of government invasion into our health privacy.

Most people would not know how to respond when someone comes to their door and says, “I am from the public health service. We are collecting urine samples to find out if you have Zika.” What would you do when they hand you a urine collection container and tell you that you are to, “Put your sample in here.”

Would you passively follow their instructions or would you object because you consider this to be an invasion of your Constitutional rights and privacy? Would you think of it as an unlawful search of your body and an unlawful seizure of personal and private information about your health status? Or would you just do as requested?

Apparently most people in Wynwood did what they were asked to do. They peed into the cup, and then gave their name, address, and other personal identifying information to the agent at the door.

What did the Government do with the Urine Samples?

When we give a specimen of urine, blood, or any other kind of tissue to the government, we really don’t know what they will do with it. We shouldn’t assume they will do the prescribed test and then immediately destroy the sample.

What happened to the urine samples after they were tested for Zika? Were they discarded? Were they saved for additional testing? If they were saved, then what other tests were performed? Did they do genetic testing? Did they test for the presence of illegal substances?

Lab technicians could gather DNA from a urine sample and produce a complete genetic profile for the person who gave the sample. Based on this genetic information, government agents could develop a health profile for each person.

They might look at your genetic information and make an assessment of the illnesses that you might develop. They might use this information to determine whether your genetic profile will predispose you to become a high cost burden on society when you become older. They might put you on a list of people with genetic abnormalities, which will be used when healthcare rationing begins. They could give your contact information to Big Pharma for participation in experimental medical procedures if you have unusual conditions that would be of interest for drug development. They also might even put your name on a list of people who should be euthanized when the healthcare system financially fails.

In addition, urine samples could be used to determine whether you have been using illegal drugs, or whether you have been using dietary supplements that are unavailable or illegal in the U.S.

It seems to me that the use of a specimen that was given exclusively for Zika screening should never be used for any other purpose. Any form of testing that went beyond Zika identification, would be an unlawful search of a person’s body. This type of search would be a level deeper than a strip search, which includes exploration of hidden body orifices.

The Search for Zika in Wynwood was not about Containing the Disease

Zika mosquito vector. Zika virus alert. Zika virus concept. Zika virus mosquito bite. Mosquito logo. Aedes Aegypti isolated on white background.

The Zika situation in Florida is not an epidemic. It is not a crisis. It is not an out of control situation.

Based on the lack of a true emergency and the lack of any potential endangerment to unborn babies – (Zika does not cause microcephaly) — there was no health related reason for public health workers to go door to door to find cases of Zika.

The door to door urine collection wasn’t really about Zika; it was a trial run to test the power and authority of the government to see how people would react to an invasive call to give specimens. In the future such door to door campaigns may include nurses wielding syringes of vaccines.

If people are willing to freely give their urine, then they may be just as willing to roll up their sleeve and give their arm to Big Pharma and its government representatives for the injection of vaccines.

Many people may avoid vaccinations because they have a vague sense that they are not a good idea, but when confronted by a nurse and an armed officer standing at their door, how will they react? Will they have the strength and confidence to say, “You have no right to come into my home, and you have no right to force me to be vaccinated?” Or will they be intimidated, and passively submit and obey the government regardless of their beliefs?

These are tough questions, which should cause all of us to pause and consider them before public health agents knock on our doors – and as will be explained later in this article — they may be knocking soon unless we object to the newly proposed CDC regulations.

(Editor’s note: door to door vaccinations have already occurred in the U.S. In the video below, the Natomas California school district tried to go door to door one year and find independent study school children – homeschoolers – who had not received the whooping cough vaccine. It is now widely known that the whooping cough outbreaks in California in recent years were primarily among vaccinated children, because the vaccine is ineffective and wears off quickly. Watch how one homeschool mother, at first very courteous, reacted when they told her they were there to vaccinate her child. )

1 thought on “Mandatory Vaccines For All Coming Very Soon

  1. There just is an overwhelming amount of hatred for humanity on this planet. Why would normal regular awakened and conscious earthlings consent to aborted fetal cells and metal being injected into their bodies? Uh- they wouldn’t. Those beings “pushing” and insisting that human beings be vaccinated are insane and need to go straight to jail for being 51-50. I fell over laughing when that parent closed her door with graphic language. Even if this clip was scripted, that should be the reaction of every parent who is awake and aware that humanity is truly hated and despised on planet earth.


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