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Social Security’s looming $32 trillion shortfall, You’re “Security” you Paid Into is Gone!

Social Security’s looming $32 trillion shortfall (That’s right 32 TRILLION)

But hey, who cares? I mean I’ll be dead by the time Social Security implodes. I paid into it. I want my money. That most people take out far more in Social Security than they put in in a lifetime means nothing to me. I was promised Social Security and darn it I am going to get my check.

Florida Spraying Residents with Neurotoxic Pesticide Banned in Other Countries to Combat Zika

Florida Spraying Residents with Neurotoxic Pesticide Banned in Other Countries to Combat Zika

Areas of Miami, Florida, are now being sprayed with the insecticide naled in an attempt to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito — carrier of the zika virus. Naled, a potent neurotoxin that kills mosquitoes on contact, is perfectly safe, or so the Environmental Protection Agency insists, despite Puerto Rico’s rejection of its use to combat the spread of zika there — due to concerns about its safety. To keep naled airborne where it would be most effective, the agent is sprayed in very fine aerosol droplets — about two tablespoons can be dispersed to cover an area the equivalent of two football fields, a local CBS affiliate reported.

Google Employees Have Enjoyed Revolving Door During Obama Administration

Google Employees Have Enjoyed Revolving Door During Obama Administration

August 10th, 2016


More than 250 people have moved from Google and related firms to the federal government or vice versa since President Barack Obama took office.

The Google Transparency Project, the work of Campaign for Accountability, poured over reams of data to find 258 instances of “revolving door activity” between Google or its associated companies and the federal government, national political campaigns and Congress since 2009.

Much of that revolving door activity took place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where 22 former White House officials went to work for Google and 31 executives from Google and related firms went to work at the White House or were appointed to federal advisory boards by Obama. Those boards include the President’s Council on Science and Technology and the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Die-Off Watch 2016; The Incredible Dying Forests

Die Off Watch 2016; Chronicling the End Times One Species at a Time

These are the lungs of Earth which help maintain our ecosystem as well as provide oxygen for humans. To think we will be immune is ultimate hubris…that’s if anyone notices….until it is way too late.

Home of the “Free” Ha, Ha, Ha

Meet IDI: The Company That Has “Weaponized” Profiles On Every American Adult;

(Smart phones for them, enlsavement mark of the beast devices for all us ‘dumbass’ sheeple.

If the government’s all-seeing eye was not worrying enough for the privacy-deprived American citizenry, ‘profiling’ has now gone mainstream as IDI, a year-old company in the so-called data-fusion business, is the first to centralize and weaponize all that information for its customers. As Bloomberg explains,

For more than a decade, professional snoops have been able to search troves of public and nonpublic records—known addresses, DMV records, photographs of a person’s car—and condense them into comprehensive reports costing as little as $10.


Now they can combine that information with the kinds of things marketers know about you, such as which politicians you donate to, what you spend on groceries, and whether it’s weird that you ate in last night, to create a portrait of your life and predict your behavior.

The Boca Raton, Fla., company’s database service, idiCORE, combines public records with purchasing, demographic, and behavioral data… (Bloomberg continues)

Chief Executive Officer Derek Dubner says the system isn’t waiting for requests from clients – it’s already built a profile on every American adult, including young people who wouldn’t be swept up in conventional databases, which only index transactions.


“We have data on that 21-year-old who’s living at home with mom and dad,” he says.


…these personal profiles include all known addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses; every piece of property ever bought or sold, plus related mortgages; past and present vehicles owned; criminal citations, from speeding tickets on up; voter registration; hunting permits; and names and phone numbers of neighbors.


The reports also include photos of cars taken by private companies using automated license plate readers—billions of snapshots tagged with GPS coordinates and time stamps to help PIs surveil people or bust alibis.

Dubner says most Americans have little to fear…

As examples, he cites idiCORE uses such as locating a missing person and nabbing a fraud or terrorism suspect.


Steve Rambam, a PI who hosts Nowhere to Hide on the Investigation Discovery channel, says marketing data remains a niche monitoring tool compared with social media, but its power can be unparalleled.


“You may not know what you do on a regular basis, but I know,” Rambam says. “I know it’s Thursday, you haven’t eaten Chinese food in two weeks, and I know you’re due.”

We leave it to Roger Kay, president of Endpoint Technologies Associates, a consulting firm, to conclude…

“The cloud never forgets, and imperfect pictures of you composed from your data profile are carefully filled in over time… We’re like bugs in amber, completely trapped in the web of our own data.”

We are sure none of this will ever be used for pre-crime analysis or is anything the average honest patriotic American should worry about… remember, it’s for your own good… and your own security. Besides what’s a little personal liberty when the fate of the world is at stake?

Faux Money; Real Losses; Bitcoin bites the Used Lusers

Bitcoin was a Wall Street creation to get an all digital “currency’ where cash is no longer used, that way there is NO accountability and debt can go on an on to its eventual massive collapse as the NWO proceeds with One World Government, with 94% less people, as prophesized in the granite monuments of Elberton County, called the Georgia Guidestones.

The First “Bitcoin Bail-In”: All Bitfinex Users To Lose 36% In “Shared Loss” After Historic Hack

Last week’s sharp, 30% plunge in the price of bitcoin (and its latest competitor, ether), after news hit that 119,756 bitcoins, or about $70 million, had been stolen from the Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex, demonstrated once again the biggest risk with digital currencies: despite claims to the contrary, outside hacks remain a key threat and risk to anyone holding (obviously, we use the term loosely) digital currencies.

R.I.P. Cash 2016 Pt. IV; Japan Going Bitcoin?; A Goldman Sachs Creation

Calling All Catholics to the Aid of All Children vs. the Vatican Pedo’s

The Vatican Has Paid Over $3 BILLION in Child Sex Abuse Law Suits

[Source] Can you put a price on the innocence of a child?

No, of course you cannot, but you can put a price on how much the Roman Catholic Church (more popularly known as the Vatican) has paid out in lawsuits for the epidemic of child sex abuse that is rampant in its ranks.

Jack and Diane Ruhl of the National Catholic Reporter, decided to research this particular topic and what they found is disgusting. Since 1950, the Vatican has spent  did.

According to their research, since 1950, the Vatican has spent a mind numbing $3,994,797,060.10! Nearly $4 billion. And this is a conservative figure because we will never actually know for sure what was agreed upon “under the table”.

According to Patheos Insider who summarizes the disturbing findings;

That figure is based on a three-month investigation of data, including a review of more than 7,800 articles gleaned from LexisNexis Academic and NCR databases, as well as information from and from reports from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Up until now, “nearly $3 billion” has been the most widely cited figure by media, academics and activists for the cost to the U.S. church for clergy sex abuse and its cover-up. NCR research shows that figure is too low, probably by as much as a billion dollars — and perhaps much more.

As a way of illustrating the magnitude of the costs to the U.S. church, if that amount were divided evenly among the nation’s 197 dioceses, each would receive nearly $20 million.

This is sick on so many levels. Innocent hard working people are giving their hard earned cash to the Church out of good faith and intentions which is then being used for law suits to pay for the crimes of sick “priests” that are sexually abusing little boys! It is beyond insane.

Which Pedophile President Are You Voting For?



Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty

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Part II; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the Vatican

For the first time in this country, a report into child sexual abuse exposes an attempt by the Holy See to frustrate an inquiry in a sovereign, democratic republic as little as three years ago, not three decades ago. And in doing so, [we excavate] the dysfunction, the disconnection, the elitism that dominate the culture …

Part I; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents

  Part I     Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents Part II    Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the Vatican Part III   Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty Part IV   Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the U.S. Military & Boy Scouts (TBD) Part V    Pedophiles, Sex Slaves, Hollywood, Music Industry and Big Time Sports (TBD)   Excellent Summary …

Mass Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases Reported in NYTimes

Flurry Of Roman Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cases Reported In NY Times Jesuit Psyop Piece See Also: Jesuits; Rulers of Evil Part I; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents Part II; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the Vatican Part III; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty

When Will Whorporate Media Begin to Report on Mass Presidential Sexual Abuse over the Decades?

Every President, since the Reagan days, has been implicated by many women who claim they were “Presidential Models”, or sex slaves to the President(s).  Carter, Reagan, the really sick Ford and onto the Clinton’s and rumors of Obama’s ‘gayness” and Michelle (Michael’s) “manliness” are all proven more likely than not. Women who have been ritually …


Next Presidents Partner & His Pedophillia Pleasuring

Tbere’s no other way to say it folks. The President of the U.S. is a whore, male/female or whaterver, to  their puppet master owner (think Jesuits!) and more than 99 % of the U.S. is absolutely clueless, yet the evidence is beyond overwhelming and you will never see this reported on whoporate news, at your …

Before America Wanted to Eradicate Them, the U.S. Military was Weaponizing the Zika Mosquito

When!, the “deadly outbreak” of the Gates Zika virus goes mainstream, coinciding with back to school and mandatory vaccine laws, please send this article around far and wide.  There are 300 GMO vaccines in the pipeline that Big Pharma plans to ‘sell’ to the public to counter newly created (AI mosquito carried) virus to fit sales needed.

Before America Wanted to Eradicate Them, the U.S. Military was Weaponizing the Zika Mosquito

‘Predictive policing’ isn’t in science fiction, it’s in Sacramento

A custom-built police observation device, or POD, sits on a traffic light above the intersection of Fruitridge Road and Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento, Calif. The three cameras feed live video of license plates to computers at the Sacramento Police Department.Jessica Mendoza/The Christian Science Monitor

‘Predictive policing’ isn’t in science fiction, it’s in Sacramento

It’s called predictive policing, and law enforcement agencies in other cities are already making it happen. In New York City, home to the oldest and arguably most sophisticated real-time crime center in the country, police can use surveillance and data analysis technology to identify suspected criminals or terrorists based on anything from a birthmark to a limp.

The idea is that people who have a record get their identifying marks loaded into a database. So if police need to identify someone they see, they can type in the visible characteristics and then get that person’s name and information.

With terrorism, “it’s so hard to find those few [radicals] that really are serious about it,” says Professor Lonergan at USC. “The only way you find them is by doing the kind of data collection and data mining that we’re talking about.”

The technology can also be used for more routine policing, such as addressing stalking claims. If complainants have a license plate number and are able to give at least three places where they might have seen the stalker, the POD system can be queried to see if the vehicle was there, McPhail says.

“Now I might have a stronger case to substantiate a stalking claim in advance of something potentially much more serious happening to our victim,” he says. “And it has been used to that effect.”

More policing not the answer?

For some privacy and civil liberties advocates, such predictive strategies in routine police work is a problem, not a solution.

“There’s a shift in the primary modality of policing, where it’s not just the old investigating methods being employed, but preemptive policing based on hunches,” says Hamid Khan, a coordinator with the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, an alliance of community groups that aims to prevent undue surveillance of marginalized communities in Los Angeles. “It’s become part of a larger architecture of surveillance.”

He and other critics say that sort of predictive policing reinforces racial profiling and violates civil liberties, with little accountability on the part of the officers who employ such methods. Worse, the strategy fails to address the underlying reasons for which people often commit crimes.

“[T]he deepest flaw in the logic of predictive policing is the assumption that … what the model predicts is the need for policing, as opposed to the need for any other less coercive social tools to deal with the trauma of economic distress, family dislocation, mental illness, environmental stress and racial discrimination that often masquerade as criminal behavior,” writes Aderson Francois, a professor of law at Howard University in Washington, in an op-ed for The New York Times.

Law enforcement should stay out of the surveillance and data collection business, critics say – at least, until lawmakers are able to develop clear policies that regulate their use.

“Technology can be liberating or it can be a tool for control,” notes Shahid Buttar, director of grassroots advocacy at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a civil liberties nonprofit based in San Francisco. Conscientiously developing and implementing policy to govern that technology and its use, he says, could spell the difference between the two.

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s Big Marijuana Entry

scotts-miracle-gro-general-hydro (1)

The big boys are moving in position to co-opt and control the exploding cannabis market. Get ready for K-Mart GMO cannabis and Certified Organic cannabis….kinda sounds like food doesn’t it?

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s bold plans to bolster its presence in marijuana has divided industry professionals, the latest sign that Corporate America is poised to reshape cannabis. Some see it as a promising development that will push the cannabis industry forward, while others fear it represents the start of the eventual corporatization of marijuana.

Scotts Miracle-Gro’s Big Marijuana Plunge Exposes Industry Fault Lines

Many growers are also opposed to the company’s chemical-based products, saying they have no place in the marijuana industry. The iconic lawn and garden company’s CEO, Jim Hagedorn, last week disclosed his desire to pump half a billion dollars into the cannabis sector. His comments follow on the heels of news that software giant Microsoft Corp. and Arrow Electronics, another Fortune 150 company, have teamed with marijuana-related firms to provide services and products. Signs have also emerged recently that tech titan Google is eyeing the marijuana industry as well.

Those in Favor

James Lowe – president of cultivation at MJardin, a Denver consultancy specializing in cannabis cultivation – contends that Scotts Miracle-Gro’s presence will give the industry a shot in the arm. He and others view it as another sign that marijuana is gaining legitimacy, believing the company could help improve the industry’s overall standards through research and testing. “Any time a large, well-known company gets involved with any business, but especially cannabis, you see more tested and legitimate products come into the market,” Lowe said.

“That’s been a problem in the cannabis industry,” he added. “You get unlabeled or mislabeled fertilizers. You get people that are making false claims and claims that can’t be verified. When the Miracle-Gros of the world come into the industry, they stay away from the snake oil. They will help set standards for the industry.”

Lowe added he is certain that Scotts Miracle-Gro also has the resources to do “high-end research and testing,” which if carried out would help promote industry legitimacy.

Those Against

Another camp is critical, however. These cannabis professionals say that Scotts Miracle-Gro – an Ohio-based supplier of grass seed, fertilizers, pesticides and dirt dating back nearly 150 years – is just a big company with mediocre products that won’t usher in any special benefits to the industry.

They also single out the company’s chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which include the Osmocote and Ortho brands, saying they violate the spirit and soul of cannabis cultivation. “I don’t believe there to be any added legitimacy to cultivators due to Scotts Miracle-Gro jumping into the industry,” said Tim Shaw, a marijuana cultivation expert and senior vice president at MariMed Advisors, a Massachusetts cannabis consulting firm.

“Most cannabis cultivators would agree they would never use a Miracle-Gro-type product on their crop.  It is another sign that big corporations are beginning to get involved in the cannabis industry.” Scotts Miracle-Gro didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment.

Fertile Ground?

In 2011, the company’s Hagedorn told the Wall Street Journal he intended to invest in the medical marijuana market, making him the first CEO of a major publicly traded company to say that he planned to capitalize on opportunities in the medical marijuana market. Last year, Scotts Miracle-Gro subsidiary Hawthorne Gardening acquired General Hydroponics in California and a sister company for $135 million, and this year dropped $120 million for a 75% stake in an undisclosed hydroponics equipment company in Amsterdam.

Hagedorn told Forbes he plans to spend another $150 million on the cannabis space before the end of the year. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve seen in lawn and garden,” Hagedorn said of marijuana. His intention, he told Forbes: “Invest, like, half a billion dollars.”

Shaw of MariMed Advisors, who also owns Green Matters, a chain of three garden stores in Massachusetts that specialize in hydroponics equipment, clearly isn’t the only industry official dubious about Scotts Miracle-Gro’s cannabis investments. The company’s affiliation with chemical fertilizers and pesticides is a red flag for some.

“Once Scotts bought General Hydroponics, my customer base that was using their products decided to switch to a different nutrient company,” Shaw said. “I think this is due to the perception of Miracle Gro being a chemical fertilizer, and the vast majority of people involved in this industry are more aware of what they consume, and look for a more natural alternative. This could have negative effects to the companies that partner with Scotts.”

According to Forbes, General Hydroponics and its sister company Vermicrop have increased their sales by 20% since being bought by Hawthorne Gardening – about quadruple the growth rate of the rest of Scotts.

Raking It In

On the question of what motivated Hagedorn’s big wager on the industry, Shaw and Lowe share similar views. “Scotts sees a huge opportunity for a new revenue stream with this growing industry,” Shaw said. “Knowing that the federal laws keep the major money out of the industry, this is prime time for them to capitalize.”

Lowe chalks it up to “the slow legalization” of cannabis. “They won’t be the last. I hope we’ll see more investments that are far larger than $500 million,” he added.