Faux Money; Real Losses; Bitcoin bites the Used Lusers

Bitcoin was a Wall Street creation to get an all digital “currency’ where cash is no longer used, that way there is NO accountability and debt can go on an on to its eventual massive collapse as the NWO proceeds with One World Government, with 94% less people, as prophesized in the granite monuments of Elberton County, called the Georgia Guidestones.

The First “Bitcoin Bail-In”: All Bitfinex Users To Lose 36% In “Shared Loss” After Historic Hack

Last week’s sharp, 30% plunge in the price of bitcoin (and its latest competitor, ether), after news hit that 119,756 bitcoins, or about $70 million, had been stolen from the Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange Bitfinex, demonstrated once again the biggest risk with digital currencies: despite claims to the contrary, outside hacks remain a key threat and risk to anyone holding (obviously, we use the term loosely) digital currencies.

R.I.P. Cash 2016 Pt. IV; Japan Going Bitcoin?; A Goldman Sachs Creation

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