Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind

Most cannot fathom how advanced AI is. Recently, we’ve seen mass media promoting AI, Elon Musk, being the latest. Here is a, hot off the press, look at the scary agenda planned for a “hive mind” existence for all.

IF only a rapidly heating Earth would allow humanity to fulfill their objectives….

Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind

My point with this is not to show the current success rate, despite many people’s excitement about this, but to expose where science in general is heading these days, which is toward robotic solutions to human problems.
Nanotechnology is the cornerstone of what will become the Singularity in
about thirty years, if Kurzweil’s prediction is correct. Kurzweil claims that
the Singularity will be accomplished by 2045.
In the meantime, they have to put hope in the general population for
the future of this generation and the next. People in general want a world
without disease, with vitality and a long life (some would even vote for
immortality, if possible)
. I know this, the reader knows this, and of course,the Overlords know this. An imperative part of the propaganda machine is to convince people that science has the answers to their problems.
Although spokespersons for the AI Movement (Kurzweil being my example of choice out of many other spokespersons) suggest a balanced discussion, fear of death and long-term painful diseases will make many people blind to the negative side of the Singularity and embrace an eternal,vital life in the physical plane to avoid death and not being sure what is going to happen afterward—
if anything. The Controllers want the population to believe that the Utopia that has almost forever been the Holy Grail of the oppressed masses will now come true. To make people believe
that we are about to achieve health and eternal life, a huge propaganda machine needs to be set up, while the real planning is taking place in secret….

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