Back Burner Zika Virus

Every day there are Zika Virus stories so that when they wish to bring in the Big Scare, it will still be in the background minds of all. Zika virus will be combined with the mandatory Real ID to fly in the US being implemented in 5 states that require biometric ID or no fly U. Meanwhile, conscious parents in CA are panicking because their child will not be allowed in public school this next school year who aren’t vaccinated by Big Pharma chemicals made in China.

Amerika! Amerika!

Researchers To Test DNA-Based Zika Vaccine On Volunteers

CDC says 157 pregnant women in U.S. test positive for Zika

Some 157 pregnant women in the United States and another 122 in U.S. territories have tested positive for infection with the Zika virus, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday.

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